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hey can u rec me some good musicals? ive just recently gotten into them and ive seen hamilton, heathers and dear even hansen aka pretty well known ones already and im lookin for something diff!

yeahyeah sure!!!

les miserables - A CLASSIC YOU HAVE OF COURSE HEARD OF. its good. about revolution and whatnot as you must know. based off of the book by victor hugo. i dont really know abt the movie i dont usually prefer movies over stage versions and i dont with this one but like, the movie isnt awful if thats what youre gonna watch u know. its a very different style than hamilton/heathers/deh though.

bring it on - musical based off of the ICONIC 2000s movie of the same name. made me want to become a cheerleader. what more can i say

spring awakening - aka my main shit!!! based off of an old ass play by frank wedekind, who was a fairly cool dude all things considered. (all things = hes old as BALLS) (also the play is a nice read too but idk not many people like reading plays) its about coming of age in the opressive 1890s germany and also like sex and masturbation and stuff? so. fun. theres a rape scene in it though, but the musical really waters it down from the play so be warned

fun home - SO GOOD. based off of the comics by alison bechdel who u might recognize because she made the bechdel test. its about alison and her growing up and her relationship with her sexuality and all that jazz, and also her relationship with her father who was gay and killed himself and her dysfunctional family and yada yada, theres a lot. it translates VERY well on stage imo

natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812 - objectively the best musical playing on broadway rn tbqh. its based off of war and peace, yeah, THAT war and peace. dave malloy has condensed some of the classic into a musical with some pretty funky tunes. (its an “electropop opera”, reminds me of hamilton in the sense that it is very innovative&new music-wise)

bare a pop opera - my favorite musical ever but be warned there is some sad shit, like really sad, i dont want to spoil stuff because i watched it with no idea waht it was about and uh great experience but, its very gay angst. peter and jason are Gays™ at a catholic boarding school. 

falsettos - also one of my favorites, its gay and jewish and also a genius comedy. its comprised of two one-act musicals and tells the story of marvin, who is frankly a bit of an ass, who is gay and cheating on his wife when his affair is Revealed and then his wife falls in love w his therapist and his son is like whats goin on and its a wild ride. 

rent - another iconic musical very much the one you listen to on repeat when youre going through your emo phase but youre a theatre kid. about some pals in nyc who really arent the most fortunate bunch in the whole world. 

american idiot - this is also an emo musical..based off of the album by green day which is also good as hell. i prefer a lot of the music from the musical to the album because im a fake fan but whatever. tells the story of johnny and his pals. tw for drugs and war and some oher stuff probably. its…sort of hard to understand? maybe?

waitress - real good stuff!!!!! based on the indie movief rom like, 2009 i think. sarah bareilles wrote the music n shes currently playing jenna so u know its quality… basically about jenna whos a waitress and she finds out shes pregnant. she struggles with what she wants to do with her future and how her babies future fits into that. tw for abuse (tho overall its pretty comedic, not the abuse just the overall show)

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More people are offended shanes being labelled as a racist.. and not the fact he was actually being racist.. Its nice hes apologized, but it doesn't take from the fact his mind led him to do the video in the first place.. thats the issue here.. not that he might feel bad or that he can apologize cause he did wrong.. but how the world sees these things as acceptable only to realize afterwards they are mistaken

And that he’s normalized these ideas so much that his fans are calling me the n-word and telling me to kill myself but I’m “spreading hate”. It’s so backwards. I’m pretty sure his “apology” is 100% for himself and his movie publicity and has nothing to do with me or the actual harm he’s done. I specifically asked him to leave my name out of his video and he didn’t. He knows what he’s doing and I’m not here for it. I’m seriously disturbed by how these children are behaving. What’s worse is some of them are POC and a few are even adults. This world is terrifying and this “YouTube community” is a joke.

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this is not a confession, I just think you shouldn't let your personal opinions step in on this blog... this is about confessions, you may have another HP blog to express your opinion but it's not fair you do this here.. you often indirectly or subtly make your preferences clear and this is not fair. I've seen it in the rumous page, in some of the posts you recently reblogged, etc. You're generous doing a service to all the fans, but because of this reason, you should be impartial here.

absolutely not. I am not going to lie to you followers, I am a person. I have opinions and I have feelings just like all of you. I post all confessions whether I agree with them or not, I do not show bias in that respect in any way. I do not treat people who think differently than me any different (if for some reason you think I am or see that I do PLEASE call me out on it. I am human. I err. sometimes i get a little peeved at anon messages that are really mean for no reason and snap at them in reply =\) so I don’t quite understand how this is not fair. If I post something pertaining to me then I say so, usually with the key words ‘in my opinion’ which you are all obviously free to disagree with.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t have personal opinions on here,

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In the name of all that's Tolkien & Jackson, TAG POSTS & REBLOGS for spoilers

I am begging you with every atom of my being, Please tag your BOFA spoilers.  I just read a quote on the bottom of some trailer screen caps which I am pretty sure is an extremely important line from the movie and  if it is what I think it is, THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!

When you get to see the movie is not an indicator of worth, status, value, deservedness, etc. It is no one’s fault that they don’t get to see BOFA as soon as it releases in one country.  DO NOT GLOAT THAT YOU’VE RECEIVED THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING ABLE TO SEE IT ALREADY OR PUNISH THOSE WHO HAVE TO WAIT.

Only those who’ve seen it know what PJ has done.  The rest of us deserve the same awe and experience that you had.  DO NOT SELFISHLY RUIN THAT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE TO WAIT.i’

It’s EASY.  Just use the simple word “spoilers” or any of the other easy tags that have been asked for in the last two months.  How frickety fracking hard can that be????  If you can’t do it, don’t bloody well re-blog … or save it in your queue or something a decent human being would do.

I’m normally a pretty live & let live person but I swear, if one more person doesn’t tag their spoilers, I’m going to hunt you down and let my disgust be known to your selfish, inconsiderate, entitled personage.

EDIT:  PS - I am really happy and excited for the people who have been able to see it.  I’m not as much of a bitter crone as this rant may indicate.  The rant is about spoilers, not the 99.9999999% of those who’ve seen it and are dying inside needing to talk about it but are still being respectful to those who are still waiting.