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Resting Bitch Face
  • Liam: Hey, Ryder!
  • Ryder: What?
  • Liam: You're on my sofa.
  • Ryder: And you are on my ship, your point?
  • Liam: Touche. What are you doing here?
  • Ryder: Hiding.
  • Liam: From?
  • Ryder: Jaal.
  • Liam: Why? He's only been here 5 minutes.
  • Ryder: He keeps staring at me, and scowling. It's fucking terrifying. I'm pretty sure I've heard him growl at one point.
  • Liam: Maybe that's just his face?
  • Ryder: Liam, he is an angara, I am not sure they are capable of resting bitch face. Besides he keeps following me around the room with those huge predatory eyes. Ugh.
  • Liam: Well, you are the boss, maybe he is assessing you?
  • Ryder: Or figuring out the fastest, most painful way to dismantle me.
  • Liam: Could be. Seems unlikely though, he seems cool.
  • Ryder: Oh god, not you too.
  • Liam: What do you mean not me too?
  • Ryder: If I have to listen to PeeBee sigh wistfully about his thighs one more time so help me, I will turn this ship around and dump you all on Eos.
  • Liam: What can I say, the guy has style.
  • Ryder: I am aware. Then again it could all be a ploy to enthrall you all, overthrow me, and pirate the Tempest back to Aya. I saw how he looked at it, no one should have that kind of reaction to a pile of metal. It's unnatural.
  • Liam: A bit extream, he could just knock us all out. You have seen the size of him right?
  • Ryder: I want to see him try.
  • Liam: Wait. Is this about him blowing off your piss poor attempt at being friendly?
  • Ryder: How do you even know about that?!
  • Liam: I have my sources.
  • Ryder: Just fuck off Kosta.

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So that gif set where H + L make eye contact and smile at each other then look away... the source video is hard to hear over the German translator. BUT I'm pretty sure that's when Liam's answering a question about people asking selfies, right? Meaning, they saw the #LouistakeaselfiewithHarry trend and smiled at each other over when selfies were brought up. RIGHT?! I'm okay, really.