pretty sure someone's already giffed this


so i’m pretty sure @bioluminescentwriting tagged me in this! for FF Harry! So let’s do this thingy :) 

rules: choose a couple of fave photos/gifs of your character! copy and paste the questions down below! answer as if you’re the character that’s been tagged! then tag some of your fave characters/authors to answer next! (btw you’re also allowed to tag an author again if they have more than one character you want to answer these questions!)

I tag harry from lyo @team-styles , gosh darn who hasn’t done this yet? ummm did someone already do jane / harry from G&K @fromherlips (if not pick one)  harry from SO @bioluminescentwriting um truthfully if you wanna do it…go for it it’s super fun! 

1. If it’s 1am and you’re still awake and wanting to talk to someone, who do you call and what do you talk about?

Probably Gemma, and that’s only because if I’m still up at 1AM she’s most likely to be awake. Lucy likes to fall asleep early. Well she claims she falls asleep late but more often than not she’s falling asleep by 11 because she’s been binging / writing since early in the morning. If she were awake I’d talk to her. But if I talked to Gemma I’d talk to her about how cute Lucy’s snore is. 

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and i try, oh my god do i try…
                                                                                              i try all the time.


Na na na na na na na na~ Opening clips of KnB S3

I taught myself how to make gifs today so it maybe a little rough around the edges. Please be easy on me. And I’m pretty sure someone did this already. Also why isn’t the first gif moving?