pretty sure someone's already giffed this

John is whispering?

Hello, i don’t know if someone has pointed at this already or not but:

At the end of this scene, after John blames Sherlock for Mary’s death he leans in to Mary’s body and whispers something (im sorry i couldn’t make gifs but if anybody else can or did, thank you) to her. At first i heard/read “Mary” but from there on i can’t actually pick on what he says. Im pretty sure i can see him moving his lips and saying something but… what?


and i try, oh my god do i try…
                                                                                              i try all the time.


Na na na na na na na na~ Opening clips of KnB S3

I taught myself how to make gifs today so it maybe a little rough around the edges. Please be easy on me. And I’m pretty sure someone did this already. Also why isn’t the first gif moving?