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So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  


Because You’ll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas

Oliver, what if people apart from you could see me as something, someone, deserving of happiness? Not as a hero, mind. Just as “any other boy.”

The idea frightens me. Coward that I am. Me, born of science and ambition gone wrong. I felt that wrongness every day, until you wrote to me. Until you infected me with wondrous, hopeful nonsense.

Frau Pruwitt has given me a book about a certain blind superhero. And now I am feeling something other than despicable.

What have you done to me, Oliver Paulot?

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Since Partheno came out can you do krioff, taux, and Partheno reaction when someone injury mc? Take as much time needed, no rush

thanks love! I just finished his main story and oh my what a story it was lol.

He was absolutely furious, and he let it show not holding back. he demanded answers not wanting her to leave any part out of what happened. Being a demon before turning into a God didn’t take away his terrible faults of what he could do to someone, being a punishment God didn’t help in this situation. He searches the rest of her body and makes sure he looks everywhere. He holds her tight cussing to himself thinking how he should have been there to protect her, but she knew it couldn’t be helped when they both have to work. But he will make this guy pay, smirking to himself thinking of the worse punishment he could come up with for someone hurting her or even laying a finger on her. No one touches his woman but him and he will make it known to the heavens and earth if that’s what it took. Even though he cant say that no one should never mess with a demon anymore, he is now a very powerful God of the Department of Punishments and you never mess with a strong God.

He would just held her close so he could comfort her and would make sure nothing else hurts or bothers her, he would ask about what the guy looks like but not to much of what happened because he was already pretty pissed someone even touched her but he was trying not to let him being mad show. But in the back of his mind he knew he would make this guy pay for the damage he has done to the one he loves. You are everything to him so even seeing a tiny mark on your body and knowing someone else had touched you doesn’t sit right with him and he would take care of it right away. This guy will get back everything he deserves and truthfully Krioff couldn’t wait to get his hands dirty against someone who harmed her. 

He tried staying calm as usual, but inside he was pissed. How dare someone harm someone so important to him? He would ask her for every single little detail, calmly  where it took place and a full description on this guy. He would find him of course, kind at first but make sure this guy begs for mercy. Even a calm laid back God would lose his cool for hurting someone he loves, he would also feel bad because he wasn’t there to protect her but at the end of the day he would protect the one he loves by getting sweet revenge and he didn’t take it lightly when someone was out to harm her, he wasn’t so laid back when it comes to her.

Kylo Ren/Rey Novelization Quotes

So yesterday I saw The Force Awakens again and finished the novelization. Just another day in the life of a hopeless nerd/trashy shipper. 

I’m sure someone else has done this already, but I gathered all of the Kylo Ren/Rey quotes from the novelization in order to share. I included only what I thought contained insight into their relationship and the way they felt about each other/thought about each other, but that ended up being almost everything. What I excluded was pretty much just clear-cut descriptions of physical actions.

A quick note about the novelization: it’s clear that a lot of last-minute changes were made to the script (maybe during filming) and that A LOT was cut/deleted. So the novelization made for a very interesting read. With the exception of just a couple of things, the changes were definitely for the best. In the quotes below you’ll see a few things that it would have been nice for us shippers if they kept - Snoke accusing Ren of having compassion for Rey, Ren reacting after he leaves Rey’s interrogation, Leia and Rey having a brief discussion of Ren at the very end (which probably would have been the last dialogue exchange of the entire movie though obviously not the last scene, and the novelization’s description of how Leia feels towards Rey during that part is VERY interesting), and other things too. The one thing I didn’t include in the quotes is Ren falling to his knees after he kills Han (but before Chewie shoots him). The novelization makes it pretty clear that Ren has an “Oh f—k what did I just do” moment, and instead of feeling better like he had hoped - having clarity - he feels worse than ever before. 

Without further ado:

Without the slightest hesitation, the cloaked figure of Kylo Ren emerged and strode forward to join the battle. A stunned Rey could only track him with her eyes. She had seen this man before, in a daydream. In a nightmare.

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The types and their 3 most common sins? (Stereotypes are fine)

Pretty sure someone else has already done this before, so I’m gonna put a Tumblr twist on this.

Rambling in tags - ISTJ, INFJ

Oversharing about their lives - ESFJ, ESFP

Emo poetry overload - ISFJ, ISFP, INFP, ENFJ

Too much shitposting - ISTP, INTP, ESTP, ENTP, ENFP

Getting into flame wars - INTJ, ESTJ, ENTJ

Plagiarism and Cosplay

There’s an issue that has been on my mind for some time now, and it’s a very complex one with many sides and factors involved, which makes it a difficult one to address. (Yes, this is a long post, consider yourself warned.)

Cosplay is becoming bigger and the community is growing, and I think that’s great! However, when something becomes bigger, there will inevitably be more issues popping up that we haven’t got any answers for yet.

One of them is plagiarism. Now cosplay as a concept is based on the concept of copying other people’s work, and that’s generally ok because everyone knows who the original artist is and the cosplay becomes a homage and tribute to said artist. However, there is also a lot of creative and original work happening in cosplay as people make original designs for characters that have not been visualized through film, television, graphic novels or other types of visual media. There are people who create their own characters and bring them to life through costume and makeup and acting. And not to mention, there are people who use both original and non-original cosplays (non-original cosplays = traditional cosplays based on characters as they are already visualised in their source content) to produce original content like competition performances, YouTube videos and cosplay photography. These are things that, in my opinion, contribute to making cosplay an even more enjoyable hobby (or occupation for those who do that) and also make it accessible and enjoyable for people who don’t cosplay themselves.

However, there are also, inevitably, people who take this original work and use it themselves, without crediting the original artist. Now, crediting, or rather the lack thereof, has already been a longstanding issue in the art and photography community where people use intellectual property without asking for permission and without crediting the owner of said intellectual property. I’m not going to go into speculation on why people do this, but the fact remains that it happens. And now, it’s happening in cosplay. The issue around the use of cosplay pictures has already been well covered by way more knowledgeable individuals than me, so I will let that lie, and focus on parts of this practice that haven’t. In no specific order and numbered for reference purpose only:

1) The act of taking someone else’s originally created cosplay design and using it yourself without asking permission of or crediting the original artist/cosplayer

2) The act of taking someone else’s originally created cosplay performance and using it yourself without asking permission of or crediting the original artist/cosplayer

3) The act of taking someone else’s originally created cosplay photo shoot or video idea and using it yourself without asking permission of or crediting the original artist/cosplayer

Now, first off, when I say “originally created”, I mean material that is not already part of the source material from which the character is from, so for example:

- An intricate original costume design for a Tudor Princess Leia 

 - A performance for an 11th Doctor where an original scene between him and Amy Pond has been written by the cosplayers themselves

- A Lord of the Rings photo shoot where the photographer and cosplayers have planned a very specific narrative through the use of very specific locations, props and poses

-  A Supernatural cosplay YouTube video of the main characters, plus sidekicks, do a lipsync rendition of a famous Broadway musical number

So, I’m talking original ideas that are not already used in the source material, not the use of concept art from a game or a movie, not that important scene from that anime, not the iconic poses and typical backgrounds/locations for specific characters, and so on, but those awesome original ideas, those that are so good and so cool you catch yourself thinking “darn, I wish I had thought of that”. That’s what I’m talking about.

Now, doing any of those three acts described in 1), 2) and 3) is, in my honest opinion, rude at best, because someone else put their heart and soul and their blood, sweat and tears into creating it, and if you can’t even be bothered to ask for permission from, let alone credit that person, then you have not earned the right to do so. Because unless that person is a celebrity, they will never get any credit for their hard work, that piece of their soul, if you take it without permission and present it as your own (which is basically what you do if you don’t credit).

Now, that’s bad enough. Enter the competitive and commercial side of cosplay. Here’s where it gets worse. Because if you do any of the three acts described in 1), 2) and 3)in a setting or context where you may be in the position to earn something on it, be that exposure, recognition, money, a paid trip somewhere or some physical object like a trophy or a piece of cool merchandise, you are basically capitalizing on someone else’s hard work, and literally stealing what should rightfully be theirs. That is beyond rude.

Now, cosplay is a young and growing community and culture, and there will be lots of bumps in the road, but as with all young things, it is necessary to put down firm rules and nurture good and heathy attitudes at an early stage. I think these should be among them:

If you see someone else’s original work and would really like to use it yourself; ask for permission. Chances are that you might get a yes from a very delighted artist. There is also a chance that you get a no; respect that, it’s their baby, not yours. Use it as inspiration to fuel your own creativity and force yourself to be original instead. Yes, it’s hard work. That’s exactly what they did: hard work.

If you are afraid that something has already been done and/or you want to make sure that you’re not accidentally using an idea that’s already been done by someone else; Google it. And if Googling it feels like too much work, then you had better learn to get used to it, because it’s the most important tool of pretty much every single cosplayer alive.

I want to see the community grow! I want to see wonderful, original content that makes me gasp with delight and grumble with envy that I didn’t think of it first! I want to see creators blush with pride when they get praise for the things they’ve created! And I want to see people being inspired by them and in turn go on to create their own wonderful things! So, please! Let the foundation that we build this community on be one that is filled with respect for those who create original content. A foundation where it’s considered a bad thing to take without permission or credit. A foundation where we encourage people to work hard by rewarding them for their hard work with praise and credit where it is due. 


By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Rating: PG

Original Idea:  “ my-f***ing-world-13 said: imagine Bucky remembers that he cares about the reader and hydra sends him to kill the reader/you in a car accident but in the end he will not let the reader die. Fluffy/angst”

Notes: (Masterlist) I hope this lived up to expectations! There’s a bit of POV-shifting but I don’t like make obvious notes of it like, “Reader’s POV” or, “So-and-So’s POV” because that’s freaking annoying when I read. Instead it will just be marked with my usual, “^^^^^”. And trust me, it’ll be pretty obvious whose POV you’re reading.


The Asset had pulled a similar job before. The only details he could remember, though, were names. Howard. Maria. Stark. That was all.

It was simple, really. A well-timed interruption in the flow of traffic and bam, job done.

Target eliminated.

But, according to his handlers, this was a special mission. This mission could turn the tide of power.

The target was an enemy agent. Not even a particularly pivotal enemy agent. Just one who worked at a desk all day and like most people dreamed of being somewhere else. Somewhere important—so his handlers said anyway. And who was he to not believe them? They’d never lied to him before. The target was, however, related to a pivotal enemy agent. And her elimination would be essential in tipping the balance of power.

A terrifying smirk tugged up the corners of the Asset’s face. She was near. It was time.

He stepped off the curb and into the road, taking measured steps until he was in the lane she’d be in when she got near him. It was in no way clear—cars whizzed past on either side—but that was no concern of his. He knew what he was doing.


You listen to your favorite song as you drive home from work. Normally you probably wouldn’t have chosen your favorite, but today hadn’t been the best. Your boss was usually a very mild-mannered, kind man with a wife and three kids. But today one of those kids must have spit on his bacon because he’d been in a bad mood. And he’d taken it out on you.

So you need a pick-me-up. So you listen to your favorite song.

Your fingers tap on the steering wheel of your car along to the beat as you sing and hum along. It feels good to be out of the office and away from your desk. Relaxing. Even if you don’t like driving, you have to admit there’s something calming about constantly being on alert for stray deer or children who may run into your path. Okay, maybe not, but anything was better than putting up with your boss’ bad mood. He had no right to take out his bitterness on you, since you hadn’t done anything wrong, but you understand that everyone has bad days and some people haven’t learned how to cope with that.

You’re a decent driver, at worst. At best you’re pretty dang good. At the very least you can function on the road without running over something or rear-ending someone else. Despite your song playing you’re pretty vigilant, making sure nothing runs out in front of you.

You just weren’t expecting someone to already be there.

The figure was waiting for you in the road. Tall, overlong dark hair, icy blue eyes surrounded by smeared black face paint. He is in head-to-toe black, but even with the smudged paint around his eyes you know who he is.

The Winter Soldier.

How you know was something of a mystery. You have some vague memories of that face—those eyes. But you can’t explain why.

You think all this in the brief second before your car is practically on top of him and you have to either swerve out of the way or run him over. You choose the former, jerking the steering wheel.

The front of your car slams into something heavy.

Despite the fact that you’re wearing your seatbelt, you fly out the windshield.


As soon as the Asset saw the girl’s face, he knew his handlers had lied to him. He knew her. A long time ago. She was the girl he’d trained. Worked with. Ended up caring for. She was the other Asset. Until SHIELD got too close to finding her—until the agent she was related to got too close. Then their handlers decided she was a liability. They wiped her memories, implanted new ones, took away all of the skills he’d taught her, and sent her to the wolves—to SHIELD.

They must have changed their minds.

When the horror filled her face as she seemed to recognize him, he knew he couldn’t carry out the rest of the mission as they’d told him to. As she swerved to avoid hitting him, he moved with her car, lightning fast. Almost inhumanly so.


A pair of powerful arms close around your shoulders, slowing down your forward momentum. Those arms hold you as you and your rescuer hit the ground and slide. As your skin burns you realize you must have road rash.

But it’s better than being dead.

Your head is fuzzy. You can’t think straight. You feel hands holding you to a powerful chest. When your eyes finally focus you see a pair of ice blue ones.

Your brain—uselessly—can only supply two words.

Winter Soldier.

You know to fear him. You are one of the few in the intelligence community that believes he exists—though you’re still not sure why. You just do. You want to stand up, to push him away, to run, to save yourself—

But he isn’t attacking. He’s not trying to kill you.

Not anymore, at least.

You suspect the car crash was supposed to be a cover for when he put a bullet through your head.

Instead, he strokes the side of your face, eyes full of concern. You want to be indignant, confused, shocked, but the only emotion your useless brain is coming up with is relief. Something in you—your instincts maybe?—whispers that since he’s got you in his arms, you’re safe. That is, of course, a ludicrous thing for your brain to be telling you. This is the Winter Soldier for crying out loud! The deadliest assassin in history!

“I’m so sorry,” he whispers, wiping blood off your face. “I… I can’t.”

“Can’t what?” your useless brain shoots out your mouth before you can stop it. Your thoughts are muddled from getting a face full of glass from being thrown out a windshield.

“I can’t let you die.” His eyes water.

“Can’t or won’t?”

He shrugs with the arm that’s made of metal. “You can take your pick. They both apply.”

For some reason, him speaking to you strikes you as odd. He never spoke much before, that befuddled brain of yours tells you frankly. Another ridiculous thought, obviously. When was “before”? You’d never seen the assassin prior to this moment—he was just the ghost story you believed in because there was too much evidence for him to be a work of fiction.


You stare silently at him for several moments, trying to get your mind to cooperate. Flashes and images crop up in your head. His face, that overlong hair, a gleaming knife in your hand. None of them make sense. They connect to nothing that has happened in your life.

Sure you were kidnapped a few years back, but the Winter Soldier wasn’t there.

Police sirens start wailing. Someone must have seen the accident and called 911. Those frigid blue eyes glance up as red and blue lights flicker over his face. He turns back down to look at you. “You’re going to be fine. Your wounds are not fatal and the authorities will take care of you. Do not tell them about me,” he says. Again your mind whispers that him speaking so much in such a short time is unusual. An ambulance pulls up beside the two of you. The Winter Soldier brushes some blood off of your face and kisses your forehead as two EMTs pick you up and set you on a gurney. When they turn to where he was last—

The Winter Soldier is gone.

Your eyes widen in the ambulance as it speeds to the hospital. The crash must have done something to your mind. Because suddenly you remember things you never knew happened.

You see the Winter Soldier—the Asset—fighting against you. Teaching you. Training you. Holding you close in a darkened chamber full of handlers with guns pointed directly at your faces. You remember his prosthetic arm holding all of your weight as he carried you to an infirmary after a training session that resulted in a laceration to your left side.

“We have to go back!” you croak to an EMT. “The man who saved me—”

“He vanished before we could talk to him. We have to get you taken care of. He looked completely unharmed,” another EMT cut in. “Now relax. You have glass in your face and probably a few hairline fractures in your skull.”

I’ll recover quickly, your mind comments silently. I’m an Asset of HYDRA. We don’t do injured.

You don’t know why your brain thinks that—apart from those fuzzy flashes that you aren’t sure aren’t hallucinations, you’ve never been apart of HYDRA.


The girl was sleeping on a hospital bed, patched up but bloody. The Asset slipped into her room before any doctors or nurses could notice he was there. He wasn’t exactly inconspicuous. He sat in the armchair next to her bed and took her hand in both of his.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” he whispered.


You wake up as a flash of black and silver disappears out your hospital room window. If your instincts are correct, your redheaded aunt will be here any moment, scared but relieved. You sit up with difficulty just in time to see the last vestige of the Winter Solder vanish down the road, his last words to you hissing through the air. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

You forgive him.

You’ll always forgive him.