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New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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Flower Prince Fred//Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader Imagine

Fred Weasley’s POV

Y/N was almost always in the library. She was a Ravenclaw, but she was different. I knew there was something different about her from the moment I laid eyes on her. One Saturday morning, I saw her sitting at the Ravenclaw table eating her breakfast and reading her book. For some reason, I couldn’t look away. I guess that’s how I ended up where I was at the moment. Sitting in the library, pretending to read a book, when really, I was watching her. Not in a creepy way, I was just trying to fathom her out. George told me to just be honest with her, and ask her to Hogsmede, but my Gryffindor confidence faltered when I was around her. On this particular day, I felt like it was going to go right. I felt as though I had to talk to her. So I decided to get up, and do it.

I felt someone sit down in the seat next to me. I looked up from my book and felt a look of surprise spread across my face. It was Fred, one of the Weasley twins, and I was confused to say the least. He was the the complete opposite of me, and I had no idea why he was sitting next to me.

“Hi. I’m Fred.” He said with an adorable smile.
“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you?”
“Is it? You don’t sound so sure.”
I laughed quietly at his last comment.
“Yes, it is nice to meet you, but I’m just confused as to why I have the pleasure.”
“I’m going to be honest with you.”
“First of all,” Fred started with a smirk, “You looked loney sitting here all by yourself, and I must admit, you also looked pretty.”
“Well, I could say the same about you. I didn’t know a trouble-making Gryffindor such as yourself liked to read.”
“I don’t. I was pretending because I was watching you. Not like a stalker, that would be creepy.”
I let out another breathy laugh before Fred continued.
“I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmede with me tomorrow?”
“I would love to.”
“Meet me outside the great hall after breakfast.”
“Okay. Oh, and by the way, when you’re stalking someone in the library, make sure your book is the right way up.”

Fred blushed and laughed, then walked away.
I decided to go back to the Ravenclaw common room and tell my friends. I couldn’t wait. I also couldn’t believe someone like Fred Weasley liked me.

Fred Weasley’s POV
I ran the rest of the way back to the Gryffindor Common Room, and when I walked in, I saw George sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

“George! Guess what just happened?!”
“What? Did you get another detention from Fitch?”
“No! I asked Y/N to Hogsmede and she only went and said yes!”
George high-fived me.
“Yes Fred! I told you that would happen if you asked her.”
“She’s so beautiful, I can’t believe she said yes to me!”
“I’m happy for you Fred.”
“Thanks George.”

I woke up early the next morning with a feeling of excitement that wouldn’t let me rest. I decided that trying to go back to sleep would be more pointless than reading a book with pages missing. Quietly, in order not to wake my friends, I went into the bathroom and started to get ready. I kept my makeup minimal, because I didn’t want to make it look like I had tried too hard. I then I had to decide what to wear. As it was spring, I basically had free reign on my outfit. I decided to go with light blue jeans, a baby pink, short sleeved button-down, white DM’s, and a flower crown to top it all off, which looked really nice against my curled hair. By the time I was happy with my outfit, everyone else was up and ready too. My friends and I headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast, but I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep any food down.

I downed a cup of coffee and headed over to the Gryffindor table to where the Weasley twins were sitting.
“Morning Fred.” I said with a smile.
“Morning Y/N, you ready to go?”
“Okay, let’s go. See you, George.”
“You kids have fun.” He said with a smirk and an eyebrow raise.

We headed out of the Great Hall and made our way to Hogsmede.
The whole day was amazing. We went in most of the shops, and had a butterbear in The Three Broomsticks. Fred and I talked about nothing and everything at the same time. When we went back to the castle at the end of the day, Fred asked me if I wanted to go back to the Gryffindor Common Room for a bit since it was still quite early. I agreed.

“Fred, are you sure I’m allowed to come back to your Common Room.”
“I’m sure it’ll be okay.”

We went inside, and as soon as I did so, I felt warm. The Gryffindor Common Room was cozy and decorated in reds and maroons. It was lovely, but very different from the Ravenclaw Common Room. It was empty apart from us, probably because everyone was down at dinner. Fred and I sat on a sofa close to the fire.

“I had a really nice time today Fred. Thank you.”
“I did too Y/N.”
I took the flower crown off of my head and placed it on his. He looked adorable let me tell you.
“Flower Prince Fred. You look perfect.” I said with a giggle.
Fred smiled at me. I saw a twinkle in his eyes and he thought something over in his head. He leaned in slowly, and stopped just millimetres from my face.
“I think it’s safe to say that I like you a bit more than I originally planned to.”
“Me too.”

Our lips collided, and it felt perfect. Fred tasted like butterbeer and sunny mornings. The kiss was passionate, and just how I expected it to be and more. The flower crown fell to the floor, but I hardly noticed. I was just about to move onto his lap when George came bursting in.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” He said with another smirk.
I looked at Fred and gave him another kiss.
“I’m going to go back to my own Common Room now, but I’ll see you tomorrow Flower Prince Fred.”

I said that for the soul purpose of knowing that George would tease him about it when I was gone. I still wasn’t over the fact that someone like Fred chose someone like me, but I wasn’t going to complain. I liked him as much as he liked me, and he made me feel like someone more than a shy Ravenclaw who read books.

I’m sorry for this it’s trash, and sorry if it’s nothing like what you wanted but I did my best. I’ve never written a Fred Weasley imagine, but it was really fun. I might write a part two to this.. Enjoyyy! Also, this isn’t edited.

On A Break~Michael Clifford

You could feel it coming. The break up. You thought he was going to break up with you a while back and then he never did. It wasn’t that you weren’t happy with Michael, you were. He made you the happiest you had ever been. It was the fact that it was the same old fight over and over. 

He would rather hang out with Crystal than hang out with you. And you understood, you did. They were friends and they were getting to know each other but sometimes she got a little too close for comfort. 

“You don’t want to hang out with me?” You asked Michael over the phone. He had spent the whole weekend partying with the boys and you figured he would eventually want to hang out with you. 

“Crystal wants me to help her move furniture. I can hang after.” He commented. 

“I have work. It’s okay.” You mumbled. “Bye.” You hung up before he could say anything else. You got ready for work and headed in early. Usually you would be able to stop for a coffee or something before heading to the department where you worked. 

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Photography has Nothing to do with Cameras

Summary: Based on the above prompt.  Dan gets transferred into Phil’s photo class and while asking Dan about how to use photoshop, Phil realises that Dan knows sign language. (cute, fluffy flirting and getting together stuff)

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I resisted making so many editing tips jokes in this fic.

When Phil went to photo class a few weeks after the school year had started, he didn’t expect to see someone new.  He would have thought that all the schedule changes had long been sorted out.  Only today there was a boy with brown eyes wide and confused.  Phil had seen him around school before.  His name was Dan he thought.  And he would have liked to approach the boy who he was deciding was extremely cute.  But everyone seemed to be getting into their seats and Phil figured he probably should too.  Maybe he had missed the teacher saying something.

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Arranged Marriage: Sehun edition. Part 2

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

Originally posted by wooyoung

So when I wrote part 1, I thought everyone would kill me, because it’s so bad. But it turned out to be the most popular thing I’ve ever written, so here’s part 2. 

I still don’t know where I’m going with this story. 


There I am, standing in my kitchen. Making dinner for my husband. I’ve been married for a month and I can say that nothing ever changes in my everyday life.

Wake up. Make breakfast. Find something to do during the day. Make dinner. Wash the dishes. Go to bed. 

There are things that make my life more pleasurable. My favorite books, watching sunsets, meeting up with friends on weekends. And there are things that I’d rather not see everyday. For example his face. 

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Heart Sutra-Part 1

Title: Heart Sutra-Part 1

Pairing: Single!Jared x Reader

Warnings: none (yet)

Word Count: 1357

A/N: This is my very first RPF! Thanks to @impalaimagining for encouraging me to do it in the first place. Then being my beta and keeping me inspired! This of course is a work of fiction and no disrespect is meant towards Gen (let’s imagine she is happily married with another amazing guy for the sake of this story). Additionally, this first part is fulfilling my challenge for @atc74 and @mamaredd123 and their Fabulous 300 challenge: Ladies my 3 items are in bold through the story. As always feedback is incredibly appreciated and helpful!  Happy reading my loves xoxo

*edit by @strictlyncisconfessions*

Life so far had felt like a dream for Y/N Y/L/N. Here she was, 25 years old and living in Austin, TX with the yoga teaching job of her dreams. None of it had been explicitly planned out, it’s just where her path had taken her since she made the decision to pursue yoga as a career three years earlier in her hometown of Y/HT.

She’d been living here for the last year and had settled in well. The yoga community was just as welcoming as it had been back home, fostering many close friendships. Between fellow yoga teachers and students, there was never a shortage of someone to spend time with or talk to when you needed an ear.

Some of these relationships were very casual and the most interaction happened in the studio or maybe over a cup of coffee after class. But, there were a select few that the bond was closer and extended to a much more intimate friendship. There were nights out, cookouts, shopping, phone calls, and even nights in over glasses of wine.

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Sooooo this is a small clip I’ve extracted from my own copy of the bonus DVD featuring the voice actors of Sloth Pair, Terashima Takuma & Kaji Yuki, and Melancholy Team, Suzuki Tatsuhisa & Matsuoka Yoshitsugu from the anime SERVAMP.

I still have no idea how to sub videos plus I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that too so here’s a short clip and translation albeit loose and not 100% accurate instead. I know it might be a little troublesome to watch a video while referring to translations but please bear with it! ;w;

Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes and I’ll gladly edit them!
Also, please do not take out anything –be it the video or even the translations. Thank you.

It’s probably going to get pretty long so I’ll place them under a cut.

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anonymous asked:

au where the four are long distance internet friends! :D

listen….. yes. 

i didn’t edit this i’m sorry

i’m not sure what this turned into but it sure wasn’t my Plan. also. i apologize for the egregious french. a big shoutout to @megatraven for helping me out with one of the phrases before i threw proper french and caution to the wind. i was not teaching myself french at midnight. one day

for reference because it’s not mentioned until the end: mari is still in paris, alya is in martinique, nino is in morocco, and adrien is in nyc bc why not 

Marinette lifts her head from her desk in surprise as a chime interrupts the music.

Ayyyy, here he is!” Alya cheers.

Took you long enough,” Nino mumbles.

Marinette rubs her eyes. She doesn’t know if she was actually conscious before they started talking again. “Huh?”

Adrien laughs. “Morning, Marinette.

She groans and puts her head back down. “Nino, what time is it?”


Chop chop, Nino,” Alya says.

Shut up I had a video open full screen. It’s 10:36 for me, so it’s 11 for Mari.

Marinette sighs and sits up straighter. “Well. I’ll regret this in the morning.”

Sorry, Mar,” Adrien apologizes. “I had fencing.”

“I know you did,” she says quickly. “I didn’t have to stay up.”

Alya snorts.

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Ryan and the Nude Beach

My wife and I were reaching the last of our eight days in The Philippines and debating what to do. It had been a beautiful trip. River rafting through waterfalls in a monkey-filled forest, sitting under palm trees and drinking from coconuts, sunset sailing, all marred only by a touch of food poisoning. 

She had negotiated a great rate on a grand finale island hopping tour, but I confessed I just wasn’t feeling it. The whole trip had been beautiful, but meticulously planned. Which is not the way I roll. There had been none of the surprises, mistakes, or unplanned activities that make travel worthwhile for me. I didn’t want to do anything that came with an itinerary. I wanted to do something unexpected and unplannable. 

I thought about all the places I’ve gone and all the stupid things I’ve done and tried to think of something that was still outside my comfort zone. And on a whim, I Googled “Boracay Nude Beach.“ 

I found what I was looking for immediately. Trip Advisor directed me to a clothing-optional resort just 30 minutes away that reviews called “the best place for European nudists!” And for ten bucks, non-guests could enjoy the nude beach as well! My wife agreed to go, with the understanding that whatever weirdness I was getting up to, she would stay in her suit. I told her that was totally cool, pointing out the reviews that mentioned how one might bump into “textile visitors” but that they would be welcoming and happy to be both understanding of their textile ways and willing to explain nudism culture. I was proud that I was ALREADY discovering nudism culture by learning the word “textile visitor.” We cleared our schedule and went. 

I was still a little nervous. First of all, since I had just gotten over the projectile-everything of food poisoning, I was scared of a sudden relapse that might cause disturbing things to happen. Secondly, in the car there, the driver took a moment at a traffic stop to calmly turn to me and say “You are overweight” unprompted. I am not a man with body issues, but on the way to a nude beach is not the best time to be told that you’re too fat to be one of three people in a vehicle made for eight. 

But then, we arrived. It was very secluded. A long walk from the main road, then a big gate with a security guard. He let us through to where we could pay the fee and walk through a long winding path lined with privacy-offering palm trees. Finally, we reached the beach. And it was beautiful. Like a postcard. A gorgeous little cove rimmed with caves and coral. Crystal clear turquoise waters. Tiny blue tang and clownfish swimming together like a Pixar movie. Multicolored crabs scurrying over rock formations. There were only 6 or 7 other people there. Everyone still in swimsuits. I had wanted to ease myself into it, but if everyone was waiting for someone else to be the first one on the dance floor, it was going to be a long day. I figured I was gonna have to be the one to go first, even if I was a noob. I stripped naked, and dove in. 

And it was beautiful. Like, one-with-nature, caveman kinda stuff. I forgot all of the awkwardness and just moved through the sea. Floating in the sun. Diving down to see the coral. But after a bit I realized that there were less and less people in the water. However, there were more and more people showing up on the beach. Families. Children. Korean tour groups. Everyone in clothing ranging from swim trunks to full wetsuits, scarves and sun hats. I was the only one without any clothes on. There sure were a lot of textile visitors. The awkwardness returned pretty quickly. 

Then, a uniformed resort employee came running to the beach, flailing his arms, calling me to the shore. Wanting to know why I didn’t have any clothes on.

“Is this… not a nude beach?” I asked.

“No!” he exclaimed, as I uncomfortably covered myself with my hands. No longer feeling one with nature, but rather like a giant hairy naked pervert creeping out a beach full of people.

“Why does your website say this is a nude beach?!?!?!?!?”

“Where did you see that? In a review? We can’t control the content of reviews, but you show me on our website where it says you can skinny dip on the beach.” He held out his phone, with the website open. I awkwardly readjusted my left hand so I could use my right hand to point at the very clear part at the very top of the webpage that said “skinny dipping beach.”

“Oh, I hadn’t seen that.” he commented. “They must have meant something else.”

“So when they said skinnydipping beach they meant something besides skinny dipping beach?” As I put some shorts on, he got on the phone with the owner and awkwardly tried to explain why I still couldn’t skinny dip because it was super illegal. I completely failed to explain that I absolutely didn’t want to skinny dip anymore but just wanted to know why his resort had set up the perfect public humiliation machine and why I had been Punk’d with it. 

Since we had already paid 20 bucks (and felt too awkward to demand a refund) we decided to just stick around for the entire day, ignoring the uncomfortable looks from the other guests wondering what my deal was. At least until a couple of hours later when everyone who had witnessed the incident had cleared off. Then, we just enjoyed the beautiful cove. 

My wife told me she was sorry that the trip had turned into such a horrifying mistake. “Are you kidding?” I exclaimed. “A horrifying travel mistake is everything I was hoping for!" 

We never did figure out the mystery of what the hell happened, but we enjoyed the day, enjoyed the sunset, the resort employee ended up being kind and wonderful. and all the awkwardness disappeared. That is, until I was taking a shower in the sole bathroom (with a door that doesn’t lock) and an old lady burst in without knocking, saw my penis and screamed. 


Okay, so here are the two posting that lead me to believe this was a nude beach.

But @le_woodman on Twitter discovered this posting from the same user…

And it has since been confirmed by management that the website was designed by someone who had no idea what the phrase “skinny dipping” mean. That mistake  lured in some nudist proselytes, who since it was the off-season and the beach was empty were allowed to go on with their business but they were so convinced that they had TURNED the resort into a nudist haven that they just started posting all over the internet as though it WAS one. I saw their review, the original mistake in the official site seemingly confirmed it, and boom. Public humiliation.

// Whipped - Liam Dunbar Smut. //

Relationship: Liam Dunbar x Reader.

Request: A cross between these two: 

Anon - hey, could you please make a Liam imagine based on the song Imagination by Shawn Mendes and Obvious by Westlife? They’re kinda similar and btw can u also make it in his POV? love ur writing

Anon - I don’t have a number from the prompt to go with this so it’s cool if you don’t do this but my idea is to do with Liam. The pack all start teasing him and calling him whipped (either because your dating and he just wants to treat you well or because he has a MAJOR crush on you?) so he starts like avoiding you and won’t give you a reason until you corner him and he confesses. Maybe some smut at the end? Dom!Liam is a plus

Special shout out to @dylpicklesprays for feed back. love ya girl.

Warnings: M on F oral, a bit of dirty talk, sex

Rating: 18+, NSFW

Word count: 5,218 (I guess got a little carried away)

I made an edit to go with this which you can find here!

** Characters who are underage in my stories are aged up because underage sex is bad and stuff so yeah. **

Hand in hand they walked down the long stretch of practically white sand, soft enough for your feet to sink into, gaining colour the closer to shore the specs were meeting the dark bluish-tannic ocean with white caps as far as the eye. In the other direction are mounds of sand dunes dotted with sea oats. It was a calm summer night, the waves are small now and the wind is on it; a constant light roar blowing in with the cool sea breeze. The sun was beginning to set, leaving an orange-pink colour filling the sky and reflecting onto the ocean next to them.

Hands intertwined, sending a rush of energy through his body, it was a feeling he couldn’t describe but to put it simply; it felt right. They walked for what seemed like hours talking about anything and everything until it felt like no word was left unspoken, and they just remained in a comfortable silence. Liam watched as she playfully kicked her way through, studying the girl next to him. Her eyes bright, plump lips curled to a smile, hair tucked behind her ears so it wouldn’t obstruct her view.

He smiled at how his jacket hung off her shoulders; she hadn’t wanted it earlier worrying that he’d be cold until he’d reminded her of what he was and she took it. It wasn’t a total lie, when shifted his body temperature would rise, and sure the harshening wind was getting to him right now but at the end of the day, Liam loved to see her in his clothes. Besides, it suited her better than it did himself anyway; then again she could wear a potato sack and he’d still see her as the most beautiful girl in the world.

Another thing that made him smile was her tendency to swing her arm attached to him, not a lot but just enough for their arms to sway slightly. It was a habit he had noticed a while ago and it never seized to make him smile.

He couldn’t believe he was spending his time with someone so beautiful. Her eyes averted to him.

“What?” She stopped in her tracks, eyebrow raised at him slightly.

“Why’s it so bad that I’m looking at you?” He laughed.

“Do I have something in my teeth?” She quizzed, quickly becoming embarrassed as she tried to guess.

“No no no, it’s just… You look really beautiful tonight.” He confessed. A smile planted firmly on her lips and cheeks flushed. His slipped up the back of her thin cotton shirt, hands rested on the small of her back. He brought his lips to hers and she smiled as they connected. Her hands finding their way to his hair as he moved from her lips, planting sloppy kisses along her jaw and down her neck.

“Liam…” She breathed, as his hands moved to her ass. “Liam.”

“Baby,” He grunted in response as one of her hands moved from his hair and under the band of his underwear.

“Liam,” she repeated. This time louder, followed by a bright flash of light.

Liam opened his eyes to the sight of his stepfather in his bedroom; the thick curtains now open and light pouring through them.

“Liam, you up kid? Finally. Get ready, school starts in a half hour.” His stepfather stated. Liam merely nodded his head and forced himself up and out of bed. He yawned and stretched, his head bowed facing the floor as he wiped his eyes waking himself up.  “Do you need a ride to school?” His stepfather stated and he shook his head.

“If I’m up and out quick enough I’ll make it to the bus in time.” Liam shrugged, the more awake he became the more aware he became of how tight his sweatpants were. His eyes widened and he crammed his hands in the pockets pushing nonchalantly, mentally cursing at himself for not realizing before he stood up. “I’m gonna take a shower.” He stated and excused himself to the bathroom.


“So you were late to school because you had a-” Mason started.


“and you couldn’t-” Mason continued, trying not to laugh at his friend.

“It’s not like I didn’t try! It just… took a couple of minutes longer than expected” Liam whispered the

last part, hoping no one else could hear this conversation.

“It’s simple really Liam, just think about Y/N. That’s what got you into that mess right?”

“Shut up! What if someone hears you.” You were in a crowded locker room getting ready for Lacrosse practice.

“Oh come on man. It’s so obvious you’re into her. Everyone probably already knows.” He chuckled.

“It isn’t that obvious.” He muttered, pulling the jersey over his head.

“If I could weigh in here?” Stiles appeared opposite the two boys. “Yes, yes it is. You’re so into Y/N, the only person that hasn’t noticed is her. It’s quite sweet how whipped you are really. ”  

Liam let out a groan as Scott came around the corner and joined in and before he knew it Liam was being followed to the field by pretty much most of the male members of the pack… and Mason.

“I’m not whipped.” Liam groaned, surprised to not get bombarded with comments.

“Liam you might want to quieten down dude, she’s coming this way.” Theo muttered.

His face lit up involuntarily as he looked back, only to turn back and scowl at his friends. “You guys are assholes.”

“And you my friend are whipped.” Scott laughed, slapping the shorter guy on the back before scattering on the field.

“That was hilarious.” Liam stated, sarcastically. Practice continued with a couple minutes of break in between and Coach Finstock shouting at him to hurry up and stop playing like he’d never held a lacrosse stick in his life.

“Excuse him Coach, he’s a little distracted today. Right, Liam?” Mason laughed. Coach muttered something under his breath as Liam walked to the bleachers and sat down, his friend following him shortly after. “What’s up with you today, man?” Mason asked him with a sigh.

“I’m just a little distracted.” He stated.

“Y/N?”  He enquired, earning a mere nod from Liam in return. “You like her, that’s gonna happen you just have to try and focus on other things, like not getting kicked off the team because you had a dream about the girl you like. It’s not like you haven’t had a dream like that again.”

“It was weird man, this was different.” He said, leaning to put his face into his hands.

“What was different?” A voice much too high to be Mason’s spoke up.

“Oh, hey Y/N.” Mason laughed, knowing if she had sat down a few minutes later she would have heard exactly what goes through Liam’s hormonal teenage mind when faced with a pretty girl who he hadn’t stopped thinking about since he first saw her. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, just need to talk to Lee.” Y/N smiled back sweetly. God Liam loved her smile. And the nickname, she was one of the only people that shortened his name, but considering it only had 4 characters he was hardly surprised.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Mason excused himself as Liam shot him daggers. The thing about crushes, you could be as calm, cool and collected as much as you want but being one-to-one with them was bound to be difficult. For Liam, he stuttered and could barely get a sentence out and, as much as he denied it, this girl could turn his brain to mush in seconds and she could get him to do absolutely anything with just the bat of an eyelash. Liam was whipped. It hadn’t bothered him, he hadn’t given the situation much thought before. Yet now that his friends had teased him about it he saw it as a negative thing and he hated being the butt of the joke.

“So, um, what’s- I mean, did you need something? I’m kind of busy here.” He didn’t mean to snap. And he definitely hadn’t meant for it to sound as rude as it did, and he hoped she didn’t notice. She did, evidently her entire face dropped, her bright and happy eyes confused at why her best friend now acted like speaking to her was an inconvenience, her lip caught in between her teeth.

“Sorry, I was going to come on here to study with Lydia but we can go somewhere else if it’s in your way?” She replied sheepishly, her voice much quieter than usual. He wanted to apologize instantly, to hug her and tell her that’s not what he meant at all before the words from the pack (and Mason) replayed in his head.

“You literally apologize for everything, most of the time it’s nothing to do with you! You’re so quick to jump to her rescue man, you need to calm down.” They laughed.

“I just don’t like seeing her upset.” Liam had replied earning a small laugh from the group.

“It’s so cute man, you’re so whipped and you don’t even know it.”

Liam sighed. “It’s just, we’re trying to practice you know.”

It was as if his words physically hurt her and he hated it.

“Okay I’ll tell Lydia we need to find somewhere else.” She murmured. “I’m still giving you a ride to Lydia’s party right?”

It was somewhat of a tradition of theirs. Whenever Lydia had a party, Y/N would get ready, pick Liam up in the way since he lived close, he would tell her how beautiful she looked and she would smile and say thank you and they would sit together in the 20 minute journey as they joke around and he would shamelessly try to flirt with her as she noticed none of his advances. Liam thought about how much his friends would probably laugh at the fact she was driving him around.

“I think I’m gonna get a ride with Stiles or something.”

“This is like a tradition, Lee.”

“Don’t call me that.” He snapped, not even being able to bring himself to look at her. They had made fun of the nickname earlier on.

“What’s going on with you? You weren’t like this yesterday.” Her voice trailed off. “You can talk to me Lee.” Her hand on his shoulder as he shrugged it off and stood up.

“I told you not to call me that. Anyway I’m supposed to be practicing. I’ll see you around.” He said walked back to the field. Looking back as she connected with Lydia, tears filling her eyes, breaking his heart.

He turned and hurried his pace, Scott stopping him in his tracks. “What the fuck? Why did you speak to her like that?” Theo snarled, clearly angry.

“It’s nothing Theo, back off.” He attempted to push past the older boy, failing as he did so.

“You like the girl and you’ve just made her cry. What kind of asshole logic is that?”

“First I’m whipped and now I’m an asshole? How does that work?” Liam snapped trying to move out of Theo’s grasp, the rest of the team and coach watching the pair. “All I tried to do was prove I’m not and now you’re pissed off with me.”

“You did this to prove you’re not whipped? We were kidding around with you Liam! You made the poor girl cry.” Stiles’ voice chiming in from a few metres away. Disapproving and angry glares set on Liam.


4 days.

It had been 4 days since Liam and Y/N had last spoke. 4 days of Liam avoiding her, dodging her calls, and even finding excuses as to why he couldn’t go to the classes they shared. What had gone from being Liam not wanting to seem “whipped” as his friends had said, quickly became him not wanting to upset her further. Besides, Lydia had told him she hadn’t wanted to speak with him anyway.

96 hours.

When you go from spending so much time with someone, usually spending nothing but a few hours not in each other’s contact, taking time to sleep. Be it spending time together one and one, with the pack or texting, they had never gone more than a day without talking.

5,760 minutes

After a day or two he didn’t feel much, he missed talking to her a little but as the school week went on and by Friday he missed her, constantly. It was like a dull ache that wouldn’t leave him in peace. He wanted to apologise to her for everything. He wanted to tell her everything. Tell her how she was the last thing he thought about before he slept and the first thing when he woke up. How she made him feel, making him truly happy yet nervous that he’d say something wrong and mess it up. How he realised that that’s what he’d done probably had already.

Y/N had been spending a lot of time with Theo, a thought that made his blood boil. She would stand with him, Theo’s arm effortlessly slung around her shoulder.

Liam recalled when a few months before, during an argument between Liam and Y/N, Theo had pulled him aside during a match.

“Why do you even care Raeken? Move out of my fucking way.” He snarled, Theo’s grip tightening instead. He came in close so only Liam could hear him.

“All I’m saying, you better treat her better before you lose her to someone who will.” He snarled, his statement full of warning.

He had to get her back. He had to tell her. Tonight.


The thumping music, drunken attempts at dancing and alcohol laced good moods confirmed that they were definitely in the right place. Lydia Martin’s party. It was still a little odd for him to be there, he was a little younger than Scott and the majority of the guests and regardless of who he walked in with, he would get the odd look, as if asking why he was there. Shaking any potentially negative thoughts out of his head he turned to look at Scott as they walked in, looking for Lydia and the rest of the pack.

Greeting them on the couch, a couple bottles of beer on the table, Lydia stood up with a smile. The members of the pack that had arrived already were Kira, Y/N, Theo and Scott, who you had arrived with. There was a faint smell of marijuana smoke that seemed to have seeped in from the back garden and hung above people’s heads. Lydia was complaining about the smell yet Liam simply laughed and greeted them all until his eyes landed on Theo and Y/N. His arm wrapped around her waist as his other hand gently moving a bit of hair out of the was as he whispered something to her, earning a smile. God how he had missed that smile.

“Hey, Y/N, can I speak to you?” He shouted over the music. She seemed to think for a moment before telling Theo to save her seat and that she’d be back in a few minutes. She stood up, wobbling on the small platform heels, flattening out her pine coloured dress as she stood up. It was tight, accentuating her figure, fitting in all the right places. Lydia stopped him before they walked away, pulling him in to whisper.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if it’s anything less of a fantastic apology and you make my best friend cry again that will be the last time you can speak in general, never mind talking to her again.” Lydia threatened.

He nodded quickly. “I love her Lydia and I’m not going to risk losing her. I’m going to tell her that. Tonight.”

Lydia’s face lit up and Y/N’s seemed bored waiting for Liam to say whatever he wanted to say so she could go back to her friends. Lydia handed him a key. “I lock my bedroom during parties, it will be too loud for you to tell her downstairs. Do anything other than talk in that room and I swear.”

He thanked lydia and took the key, a small smile on his face as he did. Gaining Y/N’s attention back as she had turned back around to talk to Theo. She turned back to him, he told her Lydia had offered her room to talk and she nodded. He watched how Theo’s eyes wandered her body, lingering on her ass as Liam clenched his jaw. Taking Y/N’s hand, he lead her through the crowd of bodies leading up the stairs. Some were dancing, others just talking and some couples looked like they were literally going to have sex then and there.

The landing had a few kids, intoxicated ones, either asleep or yet again making out as one guy sat on the banister singing to himself.

Reaching Lydia’s room he fumbled around with the key in his hands eventually getting it in the lock, twisting, and opening the door. He took the key back out and closed the door behind him. Y/N found her way to the end of Lydia’s bed and sat, legs crossed over one another.

Here it was, his opportunity to tell all, say everything that he’d repeated to himself over and over again and he choked.

“What is it then Lee? Sorry, I’m not allowed  to call you that am I?”

Okay, yep. She was mad.

“I- um I. I just wanted to tell you that- we um- I-” he stuttered, not being able to get a sentence out. What was wrong with him? Oh god, maybe this was a bad idea.

Eyebrow raised, looking a little impatient, she sat in front of him as he stuttered. She wasn’t necessarily mad, just upset. However Theo had told her that she shouldn’t forgive him at the bat of an eyelid like she was planning on doing. He had also told her that when she didn’t give in Liam would spout out lies and empty apologies to get her to forgive him. That he’d tell her he was sorry and say something along the lines of he was having a bad day, or not thinking straight even going as far to blame it on others. Maybe Theo was right, he did only have her best interest in mind after all. Right?

“Are you planning on composing a sentence anytime soon?” She didn’t want to be alone with Liam because she knew that this kid knew how to make her putty in his hands, regardless of how hard she tried.

“Look I had this whole speech planned out of what I was going to say and it was going to be so sweet and now that you’re actually sat in front on me I feel like nothing I say will be good enough. I’m just so sorry ok? I don’t know what came over me. It’s just all day the guys were all saying that -”

She sighed slightly, almost laughing, as she shook her head and stood up, Liam stopped talking instantly.

“What? Where are you going?” Liam asked as she walked to the door.

“What’s the point? It’s just bullshit you’re feeding me so that I’ll forgive you straight away for all the shit that’s happened this week.” Y/N laughs, sadly. “I guess Theo was right.”

“What? What do you mean ‘Theo was right’.” Liam said, his head snapping in her direction. “What did he say?”

“That you’d apologise and say something to blame other people. Or say you were just having a bad day.”

“I was! It’s the truth Y/N, I promise it is.” He pleaded, hoping that she would believe him. “Why’ve you been spending so much time with him anyway?”

“If you must know, he’s been there for my Le-Liam. He’s a good guy, and he’s been there when I needed to talk to someone about all of this shit that’s going on lately.”

“Like what?” He queried.

“Well, there’s all this stuff happening with my parents, I’m falling behind in the majority of my classes, I haven’t been able to sleep because this whole freaking town seems to be supernatural and/or trying to kill my best friends and the one person I usually rely on when I need to talk has been ignoring me for no apparent reason after shouting at me when I went to talk to him.” She rambled, her eyes meeting his at the last moment, obvious sadness filling them. Her hand lingered on the door handle. “Why’d you shut me out Liam. What did I do that was so horrible you couldn’t even stand to be in the same class with me, or return my calls or texts.”

“You didn’t do anything, Y/N.” He breathed. This entire time she’d put herself down, driven herself crazy over what she might have done.

“Then why.” She wasn’t even looking at him now, like it was too hard for her to get the words out if she faced him.

“Just let me explain it ok? Let me everything.” She agreed and shuffled back over to Lydia’s bed.

“Talk. No lies.” She said simply as she sat down in front of him, her legs crossing once again.

He stood, looking down at the girl in front of him and deciding to sit down himself, considering if he stood up his eyes would wander down her dress and then they’d be sat her all night as he struggled to concentrate. His back against the wall as she waited for him to start.

Now’s the chance. He thought. Just say it!

So he did. He told her what the guys had said to him and why that made him feel the need to prove he wasn’t. He apologised for everything he had done to upset her and that he truely didn’t mean to hurt her. As he went on a smile fell to Y/N’s lips. Sure, she wasn’t happy that he’d treat her like this but at least she had an explanation now. Besides, there’s only so long she could stay mad at him have you seen how cute he was?

“So yeah, that’s why.” He finished. “Wanna’ ask me anything about it or are we good? I kind of have something else to tell you.”

“Why were you late?” She quizzed, remembering seeing him walk into History a few minutes late that day..

“Oh. I um… slept in.” He blurted, How was he supposed to tell her it was because he had a dream about her fucking her in the locker room - wait that was Wednesday. Yeah, it happens a lot.

“Thought we agreed no lies, Liam?” She smiled slightly, this could get interesting.

“There was something I needed to take care of that took longer than expected.” He muttered.

“Like what?” She smirked, knowing full well what she was talking about since Mason had already told her. She had gone to ask him later in the day that Monday why Liam was acting so weird. The response she gained was… Unexpected to say the least.

“He uhh - well I’m not going to beat around the bush here. He had a particularly sexual dream that involved you which put him in a tough situation when he woke up. That probably has something to do with it.”

He noticed the smirk at her lips. “You’re having fun with this aren’t you?” She nodded and he shook his head with a smile, this was the Y/N he knew and loved. “I- Fuck it. Morning wood.”

“Wet dream kind of thing?” She smiled innocently. She fucking knew.

“Who told you?” Liam laughed, embarrassed.

“Mason.” She giggled. “He told me all about it.”

“Well it’s not like they’re everyday. Just a few lately.” He shrugged. When her eyes widened at his answer. “He only told you about monday, didn’t he?”

“Yup.” She answered and he groaned putting his head in his hands. “You got a little crush on me Lee?”

He pulled his head from his hands after he heard her laugh and his smile grew. His eyes raked her body. That dress was a blessing, it was fairly low cut exposing some cleavage, but not a lot. A long zip down the back, stopping at the curve of her ass. As lovely as it was, he’d wanted to rip that dress off of her since he walked into the house.“How can you look like that and expect me not to?” He replied cheekily, a smirk planted at his lips.

“You flirting with me there Dunbar?” She loved this confidence he had.

“Have been for a year and a half but thanks for noticing.” His eyes moving back to the figure and the way the dress clinged to it.

“You seem to like this dress.” She smiled.

“No, I was just thinking how green really isn’t your colour, you should take it off.”

“How about you do it for me?” She winked again, standing up and walking towards him and he rose to his feet.

He attached his lips on hers hungrily, his tongue gliding across her bottom lip. Opening her mouth slightly he pushed his tongue in, instantly gaining dominance. Liam’s hands moved to her ass and squeezed it gently before positioning both hands underneath at the top of her thighs. “Jump.” he groaned, his lips attaching at her neck. She obliged, wrapping her legs around his hips as he turned pushing her back up against the wall.

She tugged at the thin material of his shirt until he pulled back slightly, allowing her to pull it off of him before his lips at her skin once again.

Liam found a sweet spot underneath her ear and sucking and nibbling at it, being sure it would leave a purple mark earning a moan. Moving down her neck to by her collarbone and letting his lips attach there sucking at the patch of skin.

“Liam.” She moaned out, a sound he could definitely get used to. “Bed.”

He walked to Lydia’s bed and sat her down, his fingers moving to the zip of her dress. He fumbled around a little, growing more and more impatient. “Fuck it, he mumbled before ripping the dress, a distinct tearing sound filling the air but right now she didn’t care. She just wanted him. He pulled the dress off, leaving her only in black panties.

“No bra?” He teased and before she could answer he was planting small kisses in the dip between her breasts. He continued down slowly, reaching her underwear with a smirk as he slides down her thighs slowly, the feeling making her desperation for him to grow. He hooked his fingers around the waistband and smiled at the sight of her wet core, kneeling in front of her. Y/N laid back as Liam kissed the inside of her thigh gradually getting sloppier the closer he got to her.

“Already wet for me baby?” his breath hot against her core sending a shudder through her body before he flattens his tongue against her clit. His tongue swirls around it as two of his long fingers teases her opening before he slips them inside of her slowly pumping in and out. Taking her moans as encouragement he continues, his tongue working expertly at her clit.

“Lee,” Y/N moans. “I-I’m close baby.”

Listening, he curls his fingers inside of her, hitting a spot she didn’t even know was there. Pleasure rippling through her body as he flicks his tongue over her clit, prolonging her orgasm as much as he could.

“You taste sweet, baby.” He says after slipping his fingers out of his mouth.

Y/N sits up after riding the orgasm out just as Liam stands and unbuttons this jeans. Pulling back the band on his underwear, allowing his erection to hit his stomach, the end already wet with precum. “Want me to return the favour?” She smirks as he looks down at her.

“Not tonight, tonight’s all about you.” He says, his blue eyes full of lust. “What do you want, princess?”

“I want you to fuck me.” Y/N says without hesitation.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to-”

“I want you, baby.” She confirms, knowing what he was worried about, Y/N makes her way over to the draws next to Lydia’s bed, rummaging around until she pulls out the silver square and throws it to him. Laying back on the bed, Liam opens the packet, pulling the thin layer over his dick before climbing onto the bed and hovering over her.

He slides his cock against her entrance teasingly, before he slides into her and she can’t help out a moan, his thrusts quickening..

“You’re so fucking tight.” He groans as he pulls out slightly and thrusts back into her. Y/N’s moans are cut off when his lips meet hers, one of his hands moving to her clit drawing figure of eights, the other used to support himself..

“Liam,” She whimpers, feeling herself growing close for the second time.

“I know, so am I.” He grunts as he quickens his pace pounding into her, as if eager to get as many in as possible. His mouth found its way to her bare chest and her back arch against him as he takes a hardened peak into his mouth, moving to the skin around it, sucking harshly onto her sensitive skin, leaving more and more purple marks dotted on her body.

She involuntarily clenches around him again as her second orgasm slams into her. Y/N couldn’t help but scream his name so loud that they’re lucky the music was playing so loud, if not the whole house would know what they were doing, however on such a high, at this point she didn’t think she cared anymore. His thrusts began getting sloppier until she can feel him twitch inside of her as he finds his release.

He finally pulls out, falling next to her. Both of them left panting heavily coming down from their highs. Y/N sits up leaning to get Liam’s white t-shirt and pulling it over her head, before laying back next to him.

“What? It’s comfortable,” She says watching his grin.

“I always said you looked better in my clothes than I do anyway.”

Liam had no idea how long they just laid there as he looking down at the now barely clothed beauty, entangled in his arms with a smile on his face. He sighed, kissing the top of her forehead when he heard someone attempt to open the locked bedroom door. Lydia’s voice on the other end asking them to open up. They glanced at each other and Liam groaned slightly.  

“I guess that means we have to get dressed.” He laughed and stood up. He leaned over to hand her her dress and laughed. “How are you going to explain how your dress is kind of… Broke.”

Y/N laughed. “I’m more worried about how we’re going to explain that we just had sex in her bed.”

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Because it isn’t Always Love at First Sight

Summary:It takes six years for Phil to have a moment where he realises he’s fallen in love with Dan. (Or where Phil is demisexual)

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: handjobs, bath smut, swearing

A/N: Hey, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted a fic and rn I’m just trying to get back into it :)  This kinda feels like two oneshots that maybe shouldn’t be connected but I really wanted to write fluffy bath smut so this happened.  Also, I hope the ppl that prompted these things enjoy!! (this was supposed to be like 1k words rip me)

Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  Their world is exactly the way it’s supposed to be, the way they want it to be, when all of a sudden it hits Phil like a load of bricks and he can’t stop himself from stumbling.  Because Phil realises that he’s fallen in love, fallen deeply into a lake where he’s drowning in the most wonderful feeling, and he’s absolutely and completely fucked.

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I’m a lazy little shit, so I haven’t edited this yet.There might be some typos, I’m sorry ;)

You can still send me prompts for percico positivity week. ;)

Words: 2.4k
Rating: Mature 

“Percy..” Nico tries to push the other boy back, but with every kiss against his neck, Nico’s resolve crumbles a little. “Annabeth is right outside.”

The fact that his girlfriend is just on the other side of the half-closed door, reading on the couch, doesn’t seem to bother Percy in the slightest. Nico knows Percy told her, and that there is more to it than they told him, but he still isn’t sure he’s quite comfortable with rubbing it into her face like this.

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press start, part 1

pairing: adrienette

notes: behold! my first ml fic! youtuber!au. grossly unbeta-ed. i’ve been watching a lot of let’s plays because i’m too chicken to play things like slender: the arrival and friday nights at freddy’s myself. it’s p obvious who inspired adrien’s channel, but whatevs lol.

this is gonna be a hella short multichap fic. hopefully.

[AO3 Link]



On days when Marinette wasn’t scheduled to shoot or concept new ideas for videos, she either invested her free time in playing video games or watching people play video games. Horror Let’s Plays had quickly become her favorite thing to watch.

Hello everybody, my name is Chat Noir and welcome back to Slender: The Arrival!”

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It’s A Match - Jon/Sansa Modern AU 

For @lyannas-loves​ who talked about wanting a fic where Jon poses as Sansa’s boyfriend at a bar to get a creepy dude to leave her alone. // (Around 4K On AO3)

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Oh happy Sundays

Request from: I’M SO SORRY! Don’t remember who requested this (probably bc it’s been waaaay too long since i wrote://). It may be a comment/request from my Wattpad though… Oh well: here it is;)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen x reader
BTW:Don’t know exactly when this is set, but I’m writing 1st POV, and I don’t think I nailed that

Category: Falling in love
017: “A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face.”

A/N: So this will be in 1st POV, pretty much because I haven’t done that in AGES! Just: before you start to read, I want to tell you that everything I post is un-edited! (random much?)

I was late – again. My backpack grew heavy as I and my bicycle turned the corner towards a familiar path to the library. The dark clouds over me slowly began to leak, and cooperating with the strong wind, my hair would soon get way worse than it already was. Once I reached my destination, I rapidly locked my transportation outside among the others and jogged into the majestic building before I could catch a cold.

“Running late again, dear?” My eldest friend, Fanny, said as I rushed into the staff’s room.
“Yes Mrs. F, who’s arrived?” I asked while pulling off my coat and hung it over the sofa. 
“Oh, I’m sure the parents remember your punctuality, hun,” she went over and took my coat to its right place, as I misplaced my gloves and beanie at the table, which she soon corrected for me.
“Great, so everyone’s here then?” I ask, my feet moving towards the door.
“I believe so, now don’t forget your backpack!” She saved me, and I bolted back to her and then out the door, throwing a ‘Thanks!’ over my shoulder to her.

“Last time we finished reading “Peter Pan”, I told you guys to pick your favorite part of the book until next time – which is today,” I told the little gang of six-year-olds, whom all looked up at me with concentrated looks. To my statement, their little heads nodded in agreement, and small smiles broke on some of the faces.
“I also asked you to come up with ideas for a new book. Anyone who want to share?” I saw nine out of nine hands shoot up in the air, and smiled to them all.

“So until next time, little ones: read chapter two with your parents and be prepared to talk a bit about it. I can’t wait to see you again next Sunday!” Once the words were out there, all the kids ran off to their waiting parents. I got some ‘Good bye’s from both adults and children until the only ones left were Mrs. F, some regulars, little Tony and myself.

“Hi Tony, who’s picking you up today?” I asked the little Latino.
“My uncle Cisco, miss Y/N. Daddy and mommy are away for a week,” he answered briefly. His tone made me sympathise with him, which was the reason of my next sentence.
“Well, how do you feel like joining me to get something good to eat while we wait?” I asked with a playful smile. 
“Yes!” he made a little jump before we walked over to the place I made him promise to keep secret. 

“My uncle is smart, and funny, and make really cool stuff!” After his third cookie, Tony had opened up to the fullest and was now telling me about his late uncle.
“Oh, well what-” Before I can finish my sentence, the boy next to me bounce up from the staircase we sit on.
“Uncle Cisco! Uncle Cisco! Why are you late, why didn’t you come when I was done?” The boy jumped up and down, his energy at level 200.
“Sorry, my brother didn’t tell me I was picking him up,” he ignored Tony and gave me an apologetic smile.
“Stuff like that happens, bye Tony! Remember read a chapter unti next time,” I smiled at the little guy.
“Bye miss Y/N!”

Later that week, assignments made my life so much more stressful that the book club on Sunday got harder to imagine. This would be my finishing year with Biology, and my grades had to be top notch. So when I read my clock 4:53, my heart almost stopped. I jumped out of my seat from my notes and ran out the door – quickly taking my computer with me. 

“I’m so sorry I’m late, guys!” I excused myself when I got to the reading circle. Lucky me, six-year-olds are easy to win over with tasty cookies.
“Let’s start reading alright? But first, we have to see if anyone want to tell me what happened in the last chapter!” 
“Didn’t you read miss Y/N?” One of the girls asked.
“Why yes I did, but you know… maybe someone else forgot…” I tried to hide the truth behind my lie, which just made the youngsters laugh. 

“Hey Tony, your uncle going to pick you up again?” I asked him when all the others were gone. The little boy grinned at me.
“Yes, he’s really funny to be around,”
“He is?” I was so grateful Tony was a chatty kid, if there’s something I’m bad at it’s small talk. 
“Yes, and he taught me how to make a car! And he let me use his spin-chair, and he is really cool, because he let me use his hammer. And then he didn’t get mad when I broke his- uncle Cisco!” He interrupted his own ramble and took off to his latino uncle, leaving me to my Biology. 

Throughout the next week, I spent all my days at the library – working both on my studies and with Fanny. In spite of that, I still managed to arrive in my circle of little friends late. I put on my backpack, and jogged towards the noise, though it only took my clumsy feet ten seconds before I bumped into someone.
“Oh, I’m sorry!” I blurt out over my shoulder, and continued to run, not getting to see the handsome guy’s face, nor his longing stare after me and my running body.

For some odd reason, I did not have anything bad to say about Monday mornings. Unlike every other human body on Earth, I enjoyed them. The peaceful walk over to school with nothing else but myself to worry about. It was also the time of the day where my daydreams caught up with me. That may have been the reason I didn’t hear the man’s warning voice.
“Coming through, coming through!” I turned the corner and didn’t get to take another step before my butt hit the pavement. All my books scattered around me and a shadow blocked the morning sun.

“I’m so sorry, didn’t hear you,” I said at the same time the man apologized for running into me. Deciding to look into his eyes, I lifted my head as I rose up from the ground. When I met his warm, welcoming, green eyes, my knees weakened and for the second time that day, my butt greeted the ground with a thud.
“Oh let me help you with that!” His words stumbled from his lips and he put down his briefcase.

“Uh, th-thank you,” I manage to stutter after he helped me up and gave me my books. Through all of the five seconds he had squatted down to my level and picked up my books, all I could do was to stare at him. He was just so cute, so handsome, and oddly familiar – as if I had seen him for a split second a long time ago. 
“Oh, uh it was the least I could do,” he said, scrathing the back of his head, his hands going through his brown hair. “I mean, I kind of ran you over,” I smile at him once he said that. As if I had poured a bucket of ice cold water over his head, the green eyes widened, and looked at his watch.
“Shoot, I’m late to the scene,”
“Scene? As in crime scene?” I wanted to ask. I wanted to just stop all time, stop the earth from spinning, I wanted to talk to this stunning, adorable man all day. 
“Oh, well see you around!” I said, and he nodded with a smile before he took off. 

The rest of the day, my words kept haunting me. ‘See you around’! That was the absolute weirdest thing to say! I didn’t even know his name! Something else that I didn’t know, was that the nameless man kept thinking about me the rest of the day as well.

Though eventually, we did see each other around. It was Wednesday, about a month since my meet with Mr. Green – as I decided to call him. Finals were coming, and I had spent both days and nights at the library, Mrs. F even brought me dinner and breakfast at times. 

I was so concentrated on my notes that I didn’t notice the chair next to me getting occupied.
“So you study biology…” When I heard Green’s voice, my head snapped up. When I didn’t say anything, a nervous chuckle escaped his mouth. To avoid the soon-to-be awkward tension, I let my lips improvise.
“So, you come here often?” Would I transform into an idiot each time I talked to him? Though the ice-breaker did it’s job, and he smiled at me.
“Not really,”
“So just to talk to girls, then,” I mentally slapped myself. What kind of emotional roller coaster was I on? How could my personality change that fast? Though it did make him laugh. I think my heart melted.
“Not really, no,”
“Well, if you are looking for some time to kill, I lead a book club for kindergarteners at Sundays 5pm, we’re soon at the last chapter of Matilda” at that moment, I swore to never ever let my mouth take control ever again. Oh how much I wanted that awkward tension right now.

That Sunday, I didn’t know if I wanted Green to come or not. Half of me wanted to see him again, I wanted to get to know him better, I wanted us to become something – I just didn’t want to lose him, which was weird because I only talked to him twice. The other half of me wanted him to forget me and hoped for him to just disappear. I didn’t want him to remember me as the weird girl. If he thought bad of me, all I would want was for him to forget me completely, and for me to forget him. And one couldn’t forget a guy one saw too much.

Oddly enough for me, I arrived at the circle, ready and steady, 4:55. I felt my heart quicken its pace and my body stiffen each time I heard footsteps get closer to me. And when the familiar, young faces came over and sat down on each of their spots, I began to lose hope. My heart took a break and my shoulders fell down to their comfortable height. 
“Who’s ready for the end of Matilda today?” I asked with a grin.

’Matilda leapt into Miss Honey’s arms and hugged her, and Miss Honey hugged her back, and then the mother and father and brother were inside the car and the car was pulling away with the tyres screaming. The brother gave a wave through the rear window, but the other two didn’t even look back. Miss Honey was still hugging the tiny girl in her arms and neither of them said a word as they stood there watching the big black car tearing round the corner at the end of the road and disappearing for ever into the distance.’” I closed the book and saw all of the toothless smiles around me. Right when I was about to ask what they thought, a certain someone beat me to it.
“I don’t know about you guys, but a fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face,.” My eyes wandered over to where the sound came from. And right in front of me, about six meters away, sat the green eyed man with a copy in his hands.

“Barry! Barry, can we leave soon? Barry, please?” Tony jumped up and down next to Green, which I soon figured out was barry Allen, ‘uncle Cisco’s friend/colleague and CSI forensic scientist.
“Yeah, Tony I just have to talk to Y/N,” Y/N? He knew my name? Attempting to hide my confuse and red cheeks, I smiled at the boy.
“Why don’t you go check if Mrs. F have any of those delicious cookies?” When he heard the word ‘cookie’, Tony ran over to my old friend.

“So you know my name?” I asked once little T was out of range. Like my own cheeks, Barry’s ears turned slightly pink, and his eyes darted down to my shoes.
“Uhm… yeah,” seeing him nervous made my confidence rise a bit. Just knowing that he also might feel a bit shy was reassuring. 
“Well, I find that very cute, Barry Allen,” his face lifted, and the warm eyes met my welcoming ones.
“Good, uhm, you know that happy ending kind of made me want one too. Uh… are you free next Friday? Maybe we could go grab something to eat, or..?” His left hand reached his neck and he gave me a questioning look, waiting for my answer.
“Yes! Yeah, that would be great!”
“Cool. I’ll call you?” He asked, and I nodded, forgetting that we hadn’t exchanged numbers.

“Wait!” I called after my Friday-date as he and Tony were halfway out the door. They both turned around, and I managed to stop centimeters from Barry’s face. I quickly gave him a piece of paper followed up by a boldly kiss on the cheek.
“See you around,” I bit my lip and marched back to my books. Now it was just to sit back down and take in and cope with my own happy ending. To understand what just happened.

A/N: OK, so I don’t like writing in this POV. AND I’m sorry if I got a bit carried away, there’s just sometimes in here when I could relate too much to the character (which I don’t like authors doing) so… Well, it’s very late, so i’m just going to post this and maybe do some SMALL editing tomorrow. NIGHT GUYS!

as most people may know, yesterday a fancam from jonghyun’s concert vcr went up, a part of which showed him doing a “bollywood” style dance to impress a girl he likes. after fans pointed out to him that the segment was, unintentionally or not, essentially mocking south asian culture, jonghyun tweeted an apology and said it would be removed from the upcoming concerts. he was really prompt with his apology, which people like me, who are indian, really appreciated. 

because i had a very strong reaction to the vcr, a few people messaged me asking why exactly i found it so offensive. there were several things in it that i could not condone, or pretend were not based off harmful stereotypes about my culture. this post is an explanation of different elements of the vcr that made it a problematic, and a reductive parody of south asian culture. 

this post is not a discussion of jonghyun’s character, or personality, or intent. we raised a point. he acknowledged it. he apologized, and we acknowledge that. the segment will be removed. let’s call it a day. 

this post is not a discussion of my reaction. this post is not me trying to stir up shit, or a discussion that is over and a matter that has been respectfully resolved. and this post is not me justifying my reaction, i feel no need to do so. it is only for the benefit of the people who reached out to me, and anyone who else may be interested to learn why that part of the vcr had to go. 

if that is alright with you, please go ahead and read more. if it’s not or you feel like you’d like to question my motives for it or my reaction to the incident, feel free to scroll on.

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Yes, I’m sure you’re all looking at this as one of the most pointless guides ever made. After all, how hard can plotting be? You just send a message, right? Unfortunately, plotting isn’t easy for everyone especially if you’re shy and/or new to Tumblr rping. After all, how many times have you said you’re willing to plot in the OOC but never sent a message out of fear? Therefore, this guide is designed to help you with that. It contains actual steps, explanations, and do’s/dont’s. (Mostly designed for group roleplayers but it might help with indie and 1x1).

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a short piece on meeting thomas sanders

EDIT: this is not really a short piece.
today, sunday, april 24, 2016, i met thomas sanders at playlist live, and today has been one of the most amazing days of my life. i came to playlist live this year with one of my best friends for her 16th birthday. i’d been to vidcon before, i’d met famous creators before, but i’d never had such a touching, special experience with a creator.
i got to the hotel nearly two hours before the meetup was set to start, got my starbucks, and made my way to the room. already, the environment was positive and everyone was excited and happy and bubbly. my socially-anxious self felt incredibly comfortable with this large group of his fans, to the point where i even went up twice to perform some songs from hamilton for the group whilst we were waiting (cabinet battle #1 and aaron burr, sir, in case you were wondering). granted, other people had gone up to perform before. but everyone was given the same support and applause, despite whether or not you sounded like adele. then someone hollered that they should do hamilton, and the girl sitting behind me agreed, so we went and we did it, and we slayed. this fun, accepting group of people (very reflective of thomas himself) even devised a plan to stay completely silent when he came in, and then after about five seconds, start shout-singing the happy birthday song. he seemed taken aback at first but then, once we started singing, seemed touched. which just goes to show how there’s a more special bond between thomas and his followers, that he has an effect on us and us on him, in return.
as i was waiting, i remembered that i’d wanted to write a letter, so i pulled a piece of scrap paper and dumped out my feelings about his videos, his acceptance of all sorts of genders, and his body positivity onto the page. (that’s just a vague description, i’m going to keep the details of what i said between him and i). when i got through the line to give it to him, he told me how much he loves letters, and asked if i’d included my twitter handle.
to know that you’re going to reply to someone’s letter before you even read it, especially as a prominent creator who most likely has lots of internet traffic around him, is something else. thomas cares so much for all of his followers and fans, and that kind of love and respect inspires me. someone in the row in front of me commented on how bubbly and happy and positive he was, and how he made everyone’s meetup experience special.
right off the bat, he complimented me, told me he thought my (kinda shaggy blondeish pink pixie cut) hair was cute and how he liked the strawberry-esque color. he even told me (and this is where my inner YA writer was awakened) that he noticed it across the room and was going to make a point to tell me how cute it was!! i was lucky enough to get three tight, long hugs, which just goes to show that he knew how much they meant to the people who needed it, and seemed to genuinely happy to be embracing the people who support him, and who he supports. i also got a good number of cute selfies, and, if you’ve seen it going around, a video of us singing a part of the shuyler sisters together. this, and what followed, might possibly be one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me.
i was originally thinking of a part which was out of my range but i was too nervous to think straight, so when i shakily suggested that we do a short duet, he seemed elated at the idea! it was so so so relieving and i felt safe instantly. he suggested an easier part, and a certain way to do it that i ran with easily and i had an amazing time and my result was an amazing experience with an amazing video as proof (not to mention an amazing amount of bragging rights!! a duet with thomas sanders!! can u believe!!) he told me to post it on tumblr and tag him, and that he’d definitely reblog it, which he definitely did, with the sweetest caption of “I am in love with this (and you)!!!!”. the post lowkey blew up (at least on my terms, i don’t know what’s considered “blowing up” for someone with 7.6 million followers on vine and almost 6 billion loops). as of right now, at 11:35pm, the post has 2500 notes, which is, i’m pretty sure, more than i’ve ever had, especially in such a short time. the continuous acknowledgement and following up and just, again, how genuine of a person thomas is gives me so much hope. his personality and his energy and how much he’s willing to give gives me hope.
this meetup with thomas at playlist this year was one of a lifetime, and i am so so so so so so so so so so so sooo grateful to have had this experience. thank you for making my day special, and thank you so much for all you do. 

 💕💕 @thatsthat24 💕💕

a recap of the kings rising fan event with c.s. pacat

HI CAPTIVE PRINCE FANDOM!!! tonight i was lucky enough to attend the kings rising q&a and book signing event in melbourne and it was such an exciting and special night, i’m so happy i went! 

thought i’d try and recap some of the things c.s. pacat talked about in case anyone was interested, i’m sure i’m missing a bunch of points because i was SO SWEATY WITH NERVES AND ANTICIPATION and my heart was pounding the whole time she was talking, so do message me if you remember anything i’ve forgotten to mention!

without further ado~~~ 

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