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|4 september 2017|

it’s finally back to school time for most of us and, at least for me, it’s also time to start good habits, crack down on the bad ones, and just begin to prepare for the year ahead. i’ve been in school for a couple of weeks now and, so far, i’m doing pretty good. below, i’ve compiled some simple tips that help me in day to day life that i would love to share. so let’s get cracking:

  1. prepare outfits and pack your backpack on sunday instead of in the morning. i know for a fact you have more time on sunday to prepare your outfits and pack your backpack than on monday morning so planning in advance will most definitely benefit you. instead of running around in circles trying to find that shirt, hang them up in the front of your closet or place them in the top of a drawer on sunday. and instead of throwing random pens in a bag, pack your backpack and put it in front of your door. it’ll save you time to do other things such as eating and washing your face.
  2. prepare and eat a breakfast. whether it’s some cherrios in a bag on the way to class or eggs and bacon cooked that morning, eating will definitely benefit you. you’ll have more focus in class and it’ll get your metabolism going. if it’s easier for you, think about preparing your food the night before and packing it in bags or tupperware.
  3. have a tray by the door to put small things in. oh, how many times have i forgotten my earbuds or keys. keep yourself organized and not calling your roommate to get an extra set of keys by just having a tray on which you can put smaller things you don’t put in your backpack. then, just grab them before you leave and voilà! you aren’t locked out.
  4. on sunday, do your meal preps, weekly spread, and clean your room and workspace. i am such a procrastinator during the weekends and there have been so many days that because of that, i am trudging through knee high messes in my room because i just won’t pick up. i also commonly forget to plan the week and prep my meals and then boom, it’s monday and i’m a mess. so don’t be a mess like me, do it all on sunday.
  5. have a letter tray to put class handouts and old assessments so you can put them in binders later. using a letter tray to collect handouts and assessments can be so beneficial to keeping your desk clean. and without it, i tend to throw out old graded assessments i could study instead of putting them in binders. keeping all those papers in one binder is super helpful, so put them in a binder and finals won’t be your doom.
  6. have a bedtime routine. having a bedtime routine can increase your productivity and sleep time because, one, it can help you stay organized and, two, it helps put you to sleep. the more your brain associates doing certain tasks with sleep, the faster you’ll be able to drift off. so be smart and enjoy an extra hour of sleep.
  7. have one journal for in class notes and one to retake and organize your notes at home. in class you do not have time to keep your thoughts organized. with tangents from your teachers and questionable notes, its best to just use a pencil, pen, and highlighter to make scratch notes in class and then come home and organize it into something that you can study from. this idea has kept me afloat time and time again.
  8. talk to your teachers. do yourself a favor, ask and answer questions in class and go to your teachers’ office hours if they have them. if you do this, your teachers are more likely to recognize you and will be more lenient with your grade (since it shows you’re engaged and involved). you don’t necessarily need to like the teacher, just pretend you care. smile and nod along as you ask about their lives, questions about the content, and for advice that you are never going to take. this is a pretty slytherin thing i’ve been doing for years and it has got me so many half points back, especially in math and science.
  9. use quizzes and tests to study for finals. as i stated earlier, it’s important to save your assessments to study, and that is especially true during finals. teachers commonly use similar questions on the final as unit tests and quizzes. think of how many more points you can score on that final if you just study your tests.
  10. make a study group. find friends and people in your classes that you would like to study with and meet up! they’ll definitely be able to help you understand topics and it’ll be more fun than holing yourself up in your room. also, explaining concepts to others will help you better understand them and answer those questions on your tests.
  11. make a weekly to-do list. some of you may already do this in your weekly spreads, but it’s important to make to-do lists of goals and tasks you need to complete. this isn’t necessarily studying and notes but things such as cleaning your room, watering your plants, or going grocery shopping. make lists, organize yourself, don’t be a mess like me.
  12. reward yourself for doing well. whether it’s talking to your teacher or scoring straight a’s, we all work hard. so why not treat yourself to a nice dinner or relaxing bath? have fun, relax, and don’t let yourself get too stressed. remember to unwind.
  13. sit up front in class. i know, i know, you don’t really want to, but think about it. if you’re up front, you are going to be 100% more engaged and paying more attention. and this will make your teacher remember you, which you now know the benefits of. you will also be able to see the board easier, get your questions answered, and hear what is going on.
  14. talk to the people around you in your classes. jeremy from physics sneezes on you and suddenly, you’ve got the flu and can’t make it to your lit lecture. what are you going to do? text that new friend you made from lit that sits next to in the lecture hall of course. simply talking to people on your first day can help you stay on top of class in case you miss or can help you study before the test. never doubt the benefits of knowing people.
  15. if there’s an opportunity for extra credit, take it. i don’t care how good you are in that class or how perfect your grades are, take the extra credit. those few extra points could be the ones that take you from a b to an a. just do it and don’t question it, you may need them. 
  16. outline all papers and presentations. you have a draft due for your class in a few hours and you open you computer and prepare to type. but where to begin? what are you writing? how do you want to phrase it? well, you could already know that if you had outlined it. take the time to research, write a thesis, and fully understand your prompt before you write. especially if this is a persuasive essay. do this as well for presentations and visual assignments so you say every fact and point you want to.
  17. keep your test dates by you at all times. no matter who you are, you need to know when tests are coming up. and, as someone who tends to leave things at home sometimes, i may not have my planner with those tests dates next to me when i need them. but what do i have? my phone. i use the app My Study Life to keep track of those dates. i explain that beautiful app in this post.
  18. have a ‘school survival kit.’ by now i think you’ve caught on to the fact i can be a bit forgetful. so i like to have a little bag with me that has things i may need that i could have forgotten. this includes a pen, pencil, highlighter, a few pads, some mints, pain medicine, allergy medicine, tissues, band-aids, hand sanitizer, tide-to-go (stain remover), and other such items. i may make a list of these items at another time.
  19. if you have a question, ask. i’ve already gone over the benefits of talking in class but it’s also extremely important to understand your content. it’s better to ask than not know, even if you think the question is dumb. there’s a good chance someone else has that exact question. it’s also better to look stupid than have that count against you during assessments.
  20. if your university, college, or high school has a writing center, use it. i work in a writing center and we are here to help. we do nothing so much of the time and you coming in makes our day. contrary to the popular opinion, we aren’t going to judge your writing or insult you (unless you ask for it). but we also aren’t going to correct your entire paper, we want to help you learn how to edit your papers and make sure you’re fitting the requirements. and this goes for all tutoring centers; if they’re an option, use them. 
New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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Fandom event etiquette

Suggestions for both organizers and participants for a smooth and fun experience

Events are some of the most fun things in fandom. They bring people together for a common project, foster a great sense of community, and produce lots of amazing content for the fandom. As long as they’re run responsibly. As people who are quite active in the fandom events scene for the Voltron fandom a few things have been brought to our attention recently and we’d like to address them. Sheer event volume, poor management, and disorganized events are starting to turn people off from signing up/participating, and it’s really upsetting to see these things that are supposed to be fun turning into sources of stress and anxiety instead

Please know that this isn’t about pointing fingers at any single event or individual, rather this is advice we’d like to share based on our experience as both event organizers and participants. We welcome comments and further discussion, but if you’d like to add to this post please don’t namedrop any people or events. Don’t turn this post into a call-out, that’s not what it’s about. Finally, this post is written specifically about the Voltron fandom, but I’m sure it could apply to pretty much any fandom, so anyone who finds it useful feel free to reblog!

- @ace-pidge​ and @bosstoaster


  • Check the state of the fandom before starting a new event. This is absolutely crucial. For the Voltron fandom, I maintain an entire set of calendars with the schedules of all ongoing and upcoming events, please take advantage of it. Your idea is probably super cool! But if there are already a couple dozen other projects going on it may be wise to hold off on it. If you’re worried about someone else coming along and stealing your idea, you can make a blog/post to signal your intent to run your event in the future, and wait a while for things to calm down a bit before actually running it. I’ve been getting many messages from people saying they feel burnt out or overwhelmed with the sheer number of events, and that’s not a situation anyone wants. [Edit (14/09): After hearing the thoughts of a Zine mod on this topic I now find this next statement unfair and in poor taste, as it lowkey implies (falsely) that Zine mods don’t know what they’re doing. I’ll leave my original comments in for posterity, but let it be known that really at this point my issue with Zines is more instances of lackluster management rather than Zine volume in itself. This is especially worrying for Zines, because actual money is involved. The market has been flooded with Zines over the summer, which results in fewer people buying them overall. Fandom people aren’t made of money, and it’s important to consider this when planning a Zine]     
  • Make sure you’re able to commit entirely to the project, both time-wise and mentally/physically. Fandom events are BIG JOBS, especially the ones that span several months like Big Bangs and Zines. But even smaller events like Weeks or Exchanges require a certain amount of work put into them. That’s months of advertising, of making posts, of answering questions, of sorting people out and keeping tabs on them, of troubleshooting. Look at your school/work situation not just in the near future but also several months down the line: will you have the time to dedicate to this. Look at why you’re doing this event: are you just doing it because you want in on the fun. Look at your mental/physical health situation: will you have the capacity to see this through. If you know that given your history there’s a possibility something might happen that will prevent you from keeping on top of the project (like a depressive episode or a hospitalization) make sure to account for that (for example bring on a team of mods who will be able to carry on without you should you need to step back for a while)       
    • Make sure your fellow mods are up to the task. Smaller events can be comfortably run by a single person, but bigger events like Zines and Big Bangs really should be run by at least 2 people, if not a team of 3-5*. This will ensure the workload is shared and there’s less chance of burning out before the project reaches completion. And they must all be people who are equally invested in the project. Having 1 very enthusiastic mod and 2 wishy-washy tag-along mods is a recipe for a project to fall apart     
    • If your friend is asking you to co-mod an event with them and you’re not sure you can/want to commit to it, say no! Don’t feel like you have to accept just because it’s your friend asking. It’s better to be upfront and honest than to start something you won’t be able to finish
  • The above goes DOUBLE if you plan to run more than 1 event at a time. I’m not here to say you can’t run more than 1 event at the same time, but if you plan to do that you better make EXTRA sure you have the time and resources to commit to all of them
  • Get advice from someone who has run this kind of event in the past, especially if it’s your first time as an organizer. Talking to someone who has gone through this already will likely prove invaluable for running a smooth event and dealing with problems that may arise. Look through the notes on this post if you need to find someone to contact     
  • Communication is key, be transparent! It is extremely important to stay in contact with your participants. This will both remind them that the event is ongoing (you’d be surprised how often people sign up for something then forget about it entirely) and show that you are responsible and on top of things. Also, don’t forget about your public page. With most events having dedicated Discord servers these days, it’s easy to forget about updating the event blog/Twitter page. Putting up a post every now and then to update the public on the event’s progress lets people know it’s not dead and keeps their interest up while your participants work behind the scenes
    • Stay on schedule, and if you can’t, let people know. Be clear and upfront about the event’s timeline and the different milestones, and if you can’t keep to the schedule say so. People will generally be very understanding. If you’re dealing with a Real Life situation, or if there are circumstances outside your control like printing/manufacturing delays on a Zine, tell your participants and your audience. This will avoid people getting disgruntled and frustrated and bitter because they feel left in the dark     
    • If for whatever reason you can no longer see the project through, tell people instead of just disappearing off the face of the Earth. It’s really upsetting from a participant’s perspective to be left with no news for weeks or months on end without a clue what happened to the event. Sometimes things come up or stuff happens, it’s understandable, but if that’s the case you need to let people know. It may be very upsetting to make that post, but trust me, people will appreciate the knowing     
  • Be VERY CAREFUL if you’re going to be handling money (as with Zines for example). Handling people’s money is a huge responsibility. If you’re going to be taking money you have to make sure you’re able to deliver on what you promised. The absolute worst time for a project to stall out is after preorders and before products are shipped out. If your project stalls at this stage and you don’t keep your buyers appraised of the situation you may get accused of scamming people or people may start demanding refunds, which is a mess no one wants to deal with     
  • Don’t air your dirty laundry publicly. We get it, sometimes running an event is frustrating. Participants drop out, or disappear and can’t be contacted, or butt heads with you or each other. Don’t complain about it anywhere public; know that stuff you say will reflect on you as an organizer as well as on your event. Vent to friends or on private accounts if you must, but you want to appear professional and in control in public. If you appear messy, your event will also appear messy, and it may make people think twice about staying in it or participating in stuff you do in the future 
    • Related: Try and keep your tone upbeat and positive and professional in your promo posts and answers to questions, even if you’re answering the same question for the umpteenth time. Giving off a frustrated or negative vibe may turn people off your event    
  •  If you’re a minor who wants to run an event make sure it’s appropriate for your age. Honestly, kudos to you if you’re 15-17 and running (or helping to run) an event, it’s great that you’re so involved! But for the love of all things good don’t get involved in an event where NSFW content is likely to appear. No amount of “I’m mature enough” or “I act older” constitutes a valid excuse, and you’re putting your (adult) participants in a very dangerous situation if you do that. ESPECIALLY if they don’t know you’re underage

*This isn’t to say you can’t run a bigger event if you’re alone, because people can and have done it and quite successfully at that. But in that case you must be absolutely all in


  • When you sign up for something, take the commitment seriously. Only sign up for things you know you’ll have the time/energy to deliver on, and do your best to do it
    • Stay on task. Keep to the schedule on your own, don’t make the organizers run after you
    • If you need an extension, ask for it, and don’t wait for the last minute. Sometimes you just need those few extra days or that week to complete your piece. Very often organizers will be understanding if you approach them asking for an extension, but don’t wait till the deadline to do so. Ask for the extension the moment you realize you’ll need extra time. Also ask even if you’re not 100% sure you’ll need it. Better to get the extension but still hand your stuff in on time than to show up the day of the deadline with an incomplete work and asking for more time. In the event that the organizers can’t give you an extension, either sort yourself out to have your stuff done on time or drop out of the event
    • If you need to drop out, do it sooner rather than later. Sometimes things come up, or your muse goes on vacation, or something else happens that’ll make you unable to participate. That’s ok! It happens to everyone. But in that case, tell the organizers ASAP so they can readjust their plans around you. Don’t just disappear off the face of the Earth without letting them know what your status is
  • Pace yourself. I know it’s tempting to sign up for everything. But the more you’re in the more strain you put on yourself, and the more likely you are to cause a domino effect if something goes wrong
  • Don’t air your dirty laundry publicly. If you have an issue with another participant or the organizer(s), or the way the event is being managed, or whatever else, take it up privately first. If it can’t be resolved, maybe just quietly drop out of the event and go on your way 
the idea of you; peter parker

summary: reader is overly-dramatic about being in love with peter parker and someone has to do something about it.

word count: 3,700 yo 

warnings: the overuse of the name peter parker, an unnecessarily long fic, terrible writing, some swearing, and the fact that i didn’t bother editing this.

a/n: inspired by the song idea of you by mxmtoon! i wrote half of this at midnight and the other half is just me trying to come up with a decent ending. the last part is so rushed i’m sorry. lmk if i need to fix anything or smth. i don’t even know how to write peter parker. this is the first thing i’ve written in a year.

Your name: submit What is this?

You stared at the back of Peter Parker’s head as you probably missed really important information about your next biology project. Being in love is so uncomfortable.

Or, at least you think it’s love. Maybe? It’s been a few weeks and you still don’t know.

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Professor Scamander and the Slytherin Prefect



A/n: this is the second last chapter, but probably the most important one of the series. In this chapter, you’ll finally find out who the reader ends up with. Thanks for sticking around for this long, wild ride, and I hope you all feel satisfied with the route I’ve chosen to end the story with :) 

Tags: @notgreengrass @just-another-teen01 @apareciumimagines @rebeccamaximoff @deaths-maiden @percivalcraves @pharaohkiller @fckingstorytime @fortisfiliae @rose4958 @jackdawsonsgrl @johnmurphys-sass @running-outta-time @cvvxsquez (sorry if I couldn’t tag you)

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The Teddy Bear Onesie

Jughead Jones just wants to celebrate Betty Cooper’s birthday, but it’s hard to do that when you have no cash. When the opportunity arises to make some money in time for her birthday, he jumps at it, even if he might face some verbal (and physical) retaliation.

A/N: this was a prompt (x).

Pairing: Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper

warning: angst below, mentions of blood, swearing.

also, keep reading cut — sorry mobile users!

So this is the first prompt I’ve ever received, and I’m super excited to finally be able to post it! Major thanks to @diokomen, @itstenafterfour, @ariquitecontrary, and @crawledoutofthesea for giving me ideas, editing, giving me honest opinions, and occasionally throwing little sentences in. Without you guys, this fic would be nothing. <3333

P.S. this probably still needs some editing, but I was too tired to even try. Sorry.

~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~

The world was laughing at him. No, really. Every step he took, every wince he made was followed sharply by a loud clap of thunder or the strike of a lightning bolt a couple miles away. He couldn’t even take a shaky breath without the rain pouring a little harder. So, yeah, the world was laughing at him.

He shuffled forward slowly, ignoring the pain in his, well, his everywhere. He was just trying to be a good boyfriend for Christ sakes. It was Betty Cooper’s birthday. The love of his life’s birthday. Yeah, he hated celebrating his birthday, but that’s because it was his birthday. There was no point in celebrating another shitty year of his life, but Betty’s birthday was different.

Betty was the light in a dark room. Which, yeah, sounds cliche and kind of puts way too much responsibility on her, but it was true. She was one of the few good things left in Riverdale, and she deserved to be celebrated. So, he was going to celebrate damn well.

But he kind of needed money for that.

So this was definitely his fault.

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Not a Damsel in Distress Part II (Bucky x Reader)

Okay guys, this is the second part of Not a Damsel in distress that I had saved in my google. Next I’ll post The Raid, which is a Dean x Reader I’m super proud of. I based it on 12.14 of Supernatural and it’s sort of my thoughts toward Mary during that episode channeled through the reader. 

Without further ado, Happy Reading!

Words: 4332

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Excerpt: After the usual morning rush, you stood bent over the materials on the counter, pen between teeth, and apron messy. Bucky wouldn’t realize it until later, but it was the exact same way he found you when he brought you that grilled cheese a little over a five months ago.  When he’d decided you were the girl for him.  Now, he only saw you tinted in red. There was no one in the shop, so now was his chance to confront you.  

Tags: @langinator @beccaanne814-blog @bovaria

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Five Years Ago:

Bucky sat in his dorm room waiting for Dot to come back from her last class of the night.  This was it, he was going to do it now.  He had to do it now or he knew he never would.  Doing this, it was either going to rip him apart or be the best thing for him.  

Dolores was the love of his life, but recently things had changed and Bucky knew it.  He knew what this change was, Steve had told him what it was and Steve had also told him what to do about it.  However, Bucky was still hesitant. Could you blame the guy? As soon as Dot walked into his room, she’d see him, and she’d ask him what was happening and he’d have to do it.  

It was now or never.  

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Flower Prince Fred//Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader Imagine

Fred Weasley’s POV

Y/N was almost always in the library. She was a Ravenclaw, but she was different. I knew there was something different about her from the moment I laid eyes on her. One Saturday morning, I saw her sitting at the Ravenclaw table eating her breakfast and reading her book. For some reason, I couldn’t look away. I guess that’s how I ended up where I was at the moment. Sitting in the library, pretending to read a book, when really, I was watching her. Not in a creepy way, I was just trying to fathom her out. George told me to just be honest with her, and ask her to Hogsmede, but my Gryffindor confidence faltered when I was around her. On this particular day, I felt like it was going to go right. I felt as though I had to talk to her. So I decided to get up, and do it.

I felt someone sit down in the seat next to me. I looked up from my book and felt a look of surprise spread across my face. It was Fred, one of the Weasley twins, and I was confused to say the least. He was the the complete opposite of me, and I had no idea why he was sitting next to me.

“Hi. I’m Fred.” He said with an adorable smile.
“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you?”
“Is it? You don’t sound so sure.”
I laughed quietly at his last comment.
“Yes, it is nice to meet you, but I’m just confused as to why I have the pleasure.”
“I’m going to be honest with you.”
“First of all,” Fred started with a smirk, “You looked loney sitting here all by yourself, and I must admit, you also looked pretty.”
“Well, I could say the same about you. I didn’t know a trouble-making Gryffindor such as yourself liked to read.”
“I don’t. I was pretending because I was watching you. Not like a stalker, that would be creepy.”
I let out another breathy laugh before Fred continued.
“I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmede with me tomorrow?”
“I would love to.”
“Meet me outside the great hall after breakfast.”
“Okay. Oh, and by the way, when you’re stalking someone in the library, make sure your book is the right way up.”

Fred blushed and laughed, then walked away.
I decided to go back to the Ravenclaw common room and tell my friends. I couldn’t wait. I also couldn’t believe someone like Fred Weasley liked me.

Fred Weasley’s POV
I ran the rest of the way back to the Gryffindor Common Room, and when I walked in, I saw George sitting on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

“George! Guess what just happened?!”
“What? Did you get another detention from Fitch?”
“No! I asked Y/N to Hogsmede and she only went and said yes!”
George high-fived me.
“Yes Fred! I told you that would happen if you asked her.”
“She’s so beautiful, I can’t believe she said yes to me!”
“I’m happy for you Fred.”
“Thanks George.”

I woke up early the next morning with a feeling of excitement that wouldn’t let me rest. I decided that trying to go back to sleep would be more pointless than reading a book with pages missing. Quietly, in order not to wake my friends, I went into the bathroom and started to get ready. I kept my makeup minimal, because I didn’t want to make it look like I had tried too hard. I then I had to decide what to wear. As it was spring, I basically had free reign on my outfit. I decided to go with light blue jeans, a baby pink, short sleeved button-down, white DM’s, and a flower crown to top it all off, which looked really nice against my curled hair. By the time I was happy with my outfit, everyone else was up and ready too. My friends and I headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast, but I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep any food down.

I downed a cup of coffee and headed over to the Gryffindor table to where the Weasley twins were sitting.
“Morning Fred.” I said with a smile.
“Morning Y/N, you ready to go?”
“Okay, let’s go. See you, George.”
“You kids have fun.” He said with a smirk and an eyebrow raise.

We headed out of the Great Hall and made our way to Hogsmede.
The whole day was amazing. We went in most of the shops, and had a butterbear in The Three Broomsticks. Fred and I talked about nothing and everything at the same time. When we went back to the castle at the end of the day, Fred asked me if I wanted to go back to the Gryffindor Common Room for a bit since it was still quite early. I agreed.

“Fred, are you sure I’m allowed to come back to your Common Room.”
“I’m sure it’ll be okay.”

We went inside, and as soon as I did so, I felt warm. The Gryffindor Common Room was cozy and decorated in reds and maroons. It was lovely, but very different from the Ravenclaw Common Room. It was empty apart from us, probably because everyone was down at dinner. Fred and I sat on a sofa close to the fire.

“I had a really nice time today Fred. Thank you.”
“I did too Y/N.”
I took the flower crown off of my head and placed it on his. He looked adorable let me tell you.
“Flower Prince Fred. You look perfect.” I said with a giggle.
Fred smiled at me. I saw a twinkle in his eyes and he thought something over in his head. He leaned in slowly, and stopped just millimetres from my face.
“I think it’s safe to say that I like you a bit more than I originally planned to.”
“Me too.”

Our lips collided, and it felt perfect. Fred tasted like butterbeer and sunny mornings. The kiss was passionate, and just how I expected it to be and more. The flower crown fell to the floor, but I hardly noticed. I was just about to move onto his lap when George came bursting in.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” He said with another smirk.
I looked at Fred and gave him another kiss.
“I’m going to go back to my own Common Room now, but I’ll see you tomorrow Flower Prince Fred.”

I said that for the soul purpose of knowing that George would tease him about it when I was gone. I still wasn’t over the fact that someone like Fred chose someone like me, but I wasn’t going to complain. I liked him as much as he liked me, and he made me feel like someone more than a shy Ravenclaw who read books.

I’m sorry for this it’s trash, and sorry if it’s nothing like what you wanted but I did my best. I’ve never written a Fred Weasley imagine, but it was really fun. I might write a part two to this.. Enjoyyy! Also, this isn’t edited.

On A Break~Michael Clifford

You could feel it coming. The break up. You thought he was going to break up with you a while back and then he never did. It wasn’t that you weren’t happy with Michael, you were. He made you the happiest you had ever been. It was the fact that it was the same old fight over and over. 

He would rather hang out with Crystal than hang out with you. And you understood, you did. They were friends and they were getting to know each other but sometimes she got a little too close for comfort. 

“You don’t want to hang out with me?” You asked Michael over the phone. He had spent the whole weekend partying with the boys and you figured he would eventually want to hang out with you. 

“Crystal wants me to help her move furniture. I can hang after.” He commented. 

“I have work. It’s okay.” You mumbled. “Bye.” You hung up before he could say anything else. You got ready for work and headed in early. Usually you would be able to stop for a coffee or something before heading to the department where you worked. 

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Photography has Nothing to do with Cameras

Summary: Based on the above prompt.  Dan gets transferred into Phil’s photo class and while asking Dan about how to use photoshop, Phil realises that Dan knows sign language. (cute, fluffy flirting and getting together stuff)

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I resisted making so many editing tips jokes in this fic.

When Phil went to photo class a few weeks after the school year had started, he didn’t expect to see someone new.  He would have thought that all the schedule changes had long been sorted out.  Only today there was a boy with brown eyes wide and confused.  Phil had seen him around school before.  His name was Dan he thought.  And he would have liked to approach the boy who he was deciding was extremely cute.  But everyone seemed to be getting into their seats and Phil figured he probably should too.  Maybe he had missed the teacher saying something.

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crownfang  asked:

I need your professional opinion good sir. I'm not sure whonto cosidee the "sixth" ranger of Kyuranger. The wiki says it's Ryu Commander, but Ho-oh Soldier is hitting more of those sixth ranger beats in my opinion. Any thoughts?

Ok, here’s my opinion. I don’t really count wikis as reliable sources of information* on anything beyond bare facts.  Who or what counts as a ‘sixth’ hero in a show with as many characters and surprise additions to the roster as Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger is highly subjective.

Let’s take a look at the sixth hero archetype and what makes one.  

The sixth hero was an idea toyed with in the 1980s with characters like Magne Warrior from 1984′s Choudenshi Bioman (who actually first appeared in an episode entitled The Sixth Man (6番目の男)).

And X-1 Mask from 1987′s Hikari Sentai Maskman:

The thing about these characters though is that they were not lasting additions to the team, only appearing in one or two episodes and then never being seen again.  The sixth hero proper wouldn’t be seen until 1992′s Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger and the addition of Burai/Dragon Ranger in episode 17, The Sixth Hero ( (六人目の英雄).

After him, it was tradition to add another hero to the roster and very few post-Zyuranger series skipped this trope (the only exception I can think of off the top of my head would be 1999′s KyuuKyuu Sentai GoGo Five). It became something fans anticipated once the series reached a certain point, which was about the late teens or early 20s in episode count.

That’s our first hint that Houou Soldier should be counted for the sixth hero archetype, where he shows up in the story. He’s at the point where we’ve established our core characters (with two additions) and he’s coming in at the right point in the episode count.  There have, of course, been exceptions to this most notably Starninger from 2015′s Shurken Sentai Ninninger:

and Kyoryu Gold from 2013′s Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger:

They both first appeared around episode 10 of their respective series. Then again, Kyoryuger was a series that broke a lot of rules and had so many heroes I never thought it would ever get beat until Kyuranger came along and basically said, “Hold my Beer and Watch This.” I also feel that Starninger saved Ninninger by showing up early. I, personally, had almost given up on the series until his arrival and he stole the show both figuratively and narratively from that point on.

Another factor of the sixth hero idea is that they are an outsider, not part of the group itself who joins later. Ryu Commander doesn’t count there because he was part of the group pretty early on. Go back to Burai or even KibaRanger from Gosei Sentai Dairanger, they were both outsiders to the team who were added later.  If we were to use this as our sole judge of a sixth man then Kotaro/Koguma Skyblue should count more as the sixth hero than Ryu Commander.

Here’s a big hint though, the sixth man is the only one allowed to share a color with our focus character, Red. This has been done before with TimeFire from Mirai Sentai Timeranger, who was just as Red as Time Red.

Lastly, his transformation device is radically different from the other heroes. He does not have the Seiza Blaster armlet the others do instead his Kyutama seems to be installed in his sword. A different device to change is often a hallmark of a sixth hero as seen in the aforementioned Starninger with his Ninja Star Burger, Kyoryu Gold and his lack of a GabuRevolver and Time Fire’s V-Commander. Of course, Ryu Commander also has a different transformation device but let’s look at Houou Solderi’s trope qualifications:

1) Added around the 20 episode mark- Check

2) An Outsider to the Grouup- Check

3) Duplicated an Already Established Color- Check

4) Has a different Transformation Device from the Others- Check

By these qualifications, I would say Houou Soldier qualifies on all counts to be the archetypal sixth hero more than any of the other characters who have been added past the original 9. 

Thanks for the question!

*I am NOT saying wikis are not valuable, I use them often for episode titles and proper names but when it comes to matters of opinion, their very shared and editable nature leaves them unreliable as changes can be made to fit whatever someone else thinks at any given time.

Arranged Marriage: Sehun edition. Part 2

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 ongoing…

Originally posted by wooyoung

So when I wrote part 1, I thought everyone would kill me, because it’s so bad. But it turned out to be the most popular thing I’ve ever written, so here’s part 2. 

I still don’t know where I’m going with this story. 


There I am, standing in my kitchen. Making dinner for my husband. I’ve been married for a month and I can say that nothing ever changes in my everyday life.

Wake up. Make breakfast. Find something to do during the day. Make dinner. Wash the dishes. Go to bed. 

There are things that make my life more pleasurable. My favorite books, watching sunsets, meeting up with friends on weekends. And there are things that I’d rather not see everyday. For example his face. 

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// Whipped - Liam Dunbar Smut. //

Relationship: Liam Dunbar x Reader.

Request: A cross between these two: 

Anon - hey, could you please make a Liam imagine based on the song Imagination by Shawn Mendes and Obvious by Westlife? They’re kinda similar and btw can u also make it in his POV? love ur writing

Anon - I don’t have a number from the prompt to go with this so it’s cool if you don’t do this but my idea is to do with Liam. The pack all start teasing him and calling him whipped (either because your dating and he just wants to treat you well or because he has a MAJOR crush on you?) so he starts like avoiding you and won’t give you a reason until you corner him and he confesses. Maybe some smut at the end? Dom!Liam is a plus

Special shout out to @dylpicklesprays for feed back. love ya girl.

Warnings: M on F oral, a bit of dirty talk, sex

Rating: 18+, NSFW

Word count: 5,218 (I guess got a little carried away)

I made an edit to go with this which you can find here!

** Characters who are underage in my stories are aged up because underage sex is bad and stuff so yeah. **

Hand in hand they walked down the long stretch of practically white sand, soft enough for your feet to sink into, gaining colour the closer to shore the specs were meeting the dark bluish-tannic ocean with white caps as far as the eye. In the other direction are mounds of sand dunes dotted with sea oats. It was a calm summer night, the waves are small now and the wind is on it; a constant light roar blowing in with the cool sea breeze. The sun was beginning to set, leaving an orange-pink colour filling the sky and reflecting onto the ocean next to them.

Hands intertwined, sending a rush of energy through his body, it was a feeling he couldn’t describe but to put it simply; it felt right. They walked for what seemed like hours talking about anything and everything until it felt like no word was left unspoken, and they just remained in a comfortable silence. Liam watched as she playfully kicked her way through, studying the girl next to him. Her eyes bright, plump lips curled to a smile, hair tucked behind her ears so it wouldn’t obstruct her view.

He smiled at how his jacket hung off her shoulders; she hadn’t wanted it earlier worrying that he’d be cold until he’d reminded her of what he was and she took it. It wasn’t a total lie, when shifted his body temperature would rise, and sure the harshening wind was getting to him right now but at the end of the day, Liam loved to see her in his clothes. Besides, it suited her better than it did himself anyway; then again she could wear a potato sack and he’d still see her as the most beautiful girl in the world.

Another thing that made him smile was her tendency to swing her arm attached to him, not a lot but just enough for their arms to sway slightly. It was a habit he had noticed a while ago and it never seized to make him smile.

He couldn’t believe he was spending his time with someone so beautiful. Her eyes averted to him.

“What?” She stopped in her tracks, eyebrow raised at him slightly.

“Why’s it so bad that I’m looking at you?” He laughed.

“Do I have something in my teeth?” She quizzed, quickly becoming embarrassed as she tried to guess.

“No no no, it’s just… You look really beautiful tonight.” He confessed. A smile planted firmly on her lips and cheeks flushed. His slipped up the back of her thin cotton shirt, hands rested on the small of her back. He brought his lips to hers and she smiled as they connected. Her hands finding their way to his hair as he moved from her lips, planting sloppy kisses along her jaw and down her neck.

“Liam…” She breathed, as his hands moved to her ass. “Liam.”

“Baby,” He grunted in response as one of her hands moved from his hair and under the band of his underwear.

“Liam,” she repeated. This time louder, followed by a bright flash of light.

Liam opened his eyes to the sight of his stepfather in his bedroom; the thick curtains now open and light pouring through them.

“Liam, you up kid? Finally. Get ready, school starts in a half hour.” His stepfather stated. Liam merely nodded his head and forced himself up and out of bed. He yawned and stretched, his head bowed facing the floor as he wiped his eyes waking himself up.  “Do you need a ride to school?” His stepfather stated and he shook his head.

“If I’m up and out quick enough I’ll make it to the bus in time.” Liam shrugged, the more awake he became the more aware he became of how tight his sweatpants were. His eyes widened and he crammed his hands in the pockets pushing nonchalantly, mentally cursing at himself for not realizing before he stood up. “I’m gonna take a shower.” He stated and excused himself to the bathroom.


“So you were late to school because you had a-” Mason started.


“and you couldn’t-” Mason continued, trying not to laugh at his friend.

“It’s not like I didn’t try! It just… took a couple of minutes longer than expected” Liam whispered the

last part, hoping no one else could hear this conversation.

“It’s simple really Liam, just think about Y/N. That’s what got you into that mess right?”

“Shut up! What if someone hears you.” You were in a crowded locker room getting ready for Lacrosse practice.

“Oh come on man. It’s so obvious you’re into her. Everyone probably already knows.” He chuckled.

“It isn’t that obvious.” He muttered, pulling the jersey over his head.

“If I could weigh in here?” Stiles appeared opposite the two boys. “Yes, yes it is. You’re so into Y/N, the only person that hasn’t noticed is her. It’s quite sweet how whipped you are really. ”  

Liam let out a groan as Scott came around the corner and joined in and before he knew it Liam was being followed to the field by pretty much most of the male members of the pack… and Mason.

“I’m not whipped.” Liam groaned, surprised to not get bombarded with comments.

“Liam you might want to quieten down dude, she’s coming this way.” Theo muttered.

His face lit up involuntarily as he looked back, only to turn back and scowl at his friends. “You guys are assholes.”

“And you my friend are whipped.” Scott laughed, slapping the shorter guy on the back before scattering on the field.

“That was hilarious.” Liam stated, sarcastically. Practice continued with a couple minutes of break in between and Coach Finstock shouting at him to hurry up and stop playing like he’d never held a lacrosse stick in his life.

“Excuse him Coach, he’s a little distracted today. Right, Liam?” Mason laughed. Coach muttered something under his breath as Liam walked to the bleachers and sat down, his friend following him shortly after. “What’s up with you today, man?” Mason asked him with a sigh.

“I’m just a little distracted.” He stated.

“Y/N?”  He enquired, earning a mere nod from Liam in return. “You like her, that’s gonna happen you just have to try and focus on other things, like not getting kicked off the team because you had a dream about the girl you like. It’s not like you haven’t had a dream like that again.”

“It was weird man, this was different.” He said, leaning to put his face into his hands.

“What was different?” A voice much too high to be Mason’s spoke up.

“Oh, hey Y/N.” Mason laughed, knowing if she had sat down a few minutes later she would have heard exactly what goes through Liam’s hormonal teenage mind when faced with a pretty girl who he hadn’t stopped thinking about since he first saw her. “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, just need to talk to Lee.” Y/N smiled back sweetly. God Liam loved her smile. And the nickname, she was one of the only people that shortened his name, but considering it only had 4 characters he was hardly surprised.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Mason excused himself as Liam shot him daggers. The thing about crushes, you could be as calm, cool and collected as much as you want but being one-to-one with them was bound to be difficult. For Liam, he stuttered and could barely get a sentence out and, as much as he denied it, this girl could turn his brain to mush in seconds and she could get him to do absolutely anything with just the bat of an eyelash. Liam was whipped. It hadn’t bothered him, he hadn’t given the situation much thought before. Yet now that his friends had teased him about it he saw it as a negative thing and he hated being the butt of the joke.

“So, um, what’s- I mean, did you need something? I’m kind of busy here.” He didn’t mean to snap. And he definitely hadn’t meant for it to sound as rude as it did, and he hoped she didn’t notice. She did, evidently her entire face dropped, her bright and happy eyes confused at why her best friend now acted like speaking to her was an inconvenience, her lip caught in between her teeth.

“Sorry, I was going to come on here to study with Lydia but we can go somewhere else if it’s in your way?” She replied sheepishly, her voice much quieter than usual. He wanted to apologize instantly, to hug her and tell her that’s not what he meant at all before the words from the pack (and Mason) replayed in his head.

“You literally apologize for everything, most of the time it’s nothing to do with you! You’re so quick to jump to her rescue man, you need to calm down.” They laughed.

“I just don’t like seeing her upset.” Liam had replied earning a small laugh from the group.

“It’s so cute man, you’re so whipped and you don’t even know it.”

Liam sighed. “It’s just, we’re trying to practice you know.”

It was as if his words physically hurt her and he hated it.

“Okay I’ll tell Lydia we need to find somewhere else.” She murmured. “I’m still giving you a ride to Lydia’s party right?”

It was somewhat of a tradition of theirs. Whenever Lydia had a party, Y/N would get ready, pick Liam up in the way since he lived close, he would tell her how beautiful she looked and she would smile and say thank you and they would sit together in the 20 minute journey as they joke around and he would shamelessly try to flirt with her as she noticed none of his advances. Liam thought about how much his friends would probably laugh at the fact she was driving him around.

“I think I’m gonna get a ride with Stiles or something.”

“This is like a tradition, Lee.”

“Don’t call me that.” He snapped, not even being able to bring himself to look at her. They had made fun of the nickname earlier on.

“What’s going on with you? You weren’t like this yesterday.” Her voice trailed off. “You can talk to me Lee.” Her hand on his shoulder as he shrugged it off and stood up.

“I told you not to call me that. Anyway I’m supposed to be practicing. I’ll see you around.” He said walked back to the field. Looking back as she connected with Lydia, tears filling her eyes, breaking his heart.

He turned and hurried his pace, Scott stopping him in his tracks. “What the fuck? Why did you speak to her like that?” Theo snarled, clearly angry.

“It’s nothing Theo, back off.” He attempted to push past the older boy, failing as he did so.

“You like the girl and you’ve just made her cry. What kind of asshole logic is that?”

“First I’m whipped and now I’m an asshole? How does that work?” Liam snapped trying to move out of Theo’s grasp, the rest of the team and coach watching the pair. “All I tried to do was prove I’m not and now you’re pissed off with me.”

“You did this to prove you’re not whipped? We were kidding around with you Liam! You made the poor girl cry.” Stiles’ voice chiming in from a few metres away. Disapproving and angry glares set on Liam.


4 days.

It had been 4 days since Liam and Y/N had last spoke. 4 days of Liam avoiding her, dodging her calls, and even finding excuses as to why he couldn’t go to the classes they shared. What had gone from being Liam not wanting to seem “whipped” as his friends had said, quickly became him not wanting to upset her further. Besides, Lydia had told him she hadn’t wanted to speak with him anyway.

96 hours.

When you go from spending so much time with someone, usually spending nothing but a few hours not in each other’s contact, taking time to sleep. Be it spending time together one and one, with the pack or texting, they had never gone more than a day without talking.

5,760 minutes

After a day or two he didn’t feel much, he missed talking to her a little but as the school week went on and by Friday he missed her, constantly. It was like a dull ache that wouldn’t leave him in peace. He wanted to apologise to her for everything. He wanted to tell her everything. Tell her how she was the last thing he thought about before he slept and the first thing when he woke up. How she made him feel, making him truly happy yet nervous that he’d say something wrong and mess it up. How he realised that that’s what he’d done probably had already.

Y/N had been spending a lot of time with Theo, a thought that made his blood boil. She would stand with him, Theo’s arm effortlessly slung around her shoulder.

Liam recalled when a few months before, during an argument between Liam and Y/N, Theo had pulled him aside during a match.

“Why do you even care Raeken? Move out of my fucking way.” He snarled, Theo’s grip tightening instead. He came in close so only Liam could hear him.

“All I’m saying, you better treat her better before you lose her to someone who will.” He snarled, his statement full of warning.

He had to get her back. He had to tell her. Tonight.


The thumping music, drunken attempts at dancing and alcohol laced good moods confirmed that they were definitely in the right place. Lydia Martin’s party. It was still a little odd for him to be there, he was a little younger than Scott and the majority of the guests and regardless of who he walked in with, he would get the odd look, as if asking why he was there. Shaking any potentially negative thoughts out of his head he turned to look at Scott as they walked in, looking for Lydia and the rest of the pack.

Greeting them on the couch, a couple bottles of beer on the table, Lydia stood up with a smile. The members of the pack that had arrived already were Kira, Y/N, Theo and Scott, who you had arrived with. There was a faint smell of marijuana smoke that seemed to have seeped in from the back garden and hung above people’s heads. Lydia was complaining about the smell yet Liam simply laughed and greeted them all until his eyes landed on Theo and Y/N. His arm wrapped around her waist as his other hand gently moving a bit of hair out of the was as he whispered something to her, earning a smile. God how he had missed that smile.

“Hey, Y/N, can I speak to you?” He shouted over the music. She seemed to think for a moment before telling Theo to save her seat and that she’d be back in a few minutes. She stood up, wobbling on the small platform heels, flattening out her pine coloured dress as she stood up. It was tight, accentuating her figure, fitting in all the right places. Lydia stopped him before they walked away, pulling him in to whisper.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if it’s anything less of a fantastic apology and you make my best friend cry again that will be the last time you can speak in general, never mind talking to her again.” Lydia threatened.

He nodded quickly. “I love her Lydia and I’m not going to risk losing her. I’m going to tell her that. Tonight.”

Lydia’s face lit up and Y/N’s seemed bored waiting for Liam to say whatever he wanted to say so she could go back to her friends. Lydia handed him a key. “I lock my bedroom during parties, it will be too loud for you to tell her downstairs. Do anything other than talk in that room and I swear.”

He thanked lydia and took the key, a small smile on his face as he did. Gaining Y/N’s attention back as she had turned back around to talk to Theo. She turned back to him, he told her Lydia had offered her room to talk and she nodded. He watched how Theo’s eyes wandered her body, lingering on her ass as Liam clenched his jaw. Taking Y/N’s hand, he lead her through the crowd of bodies leading up the stairs. Some were dancing, others just talking and some couples looked like they were literally going to have sex then and there.

The landing had a few kids, intoxicated ones, either asleep or yet again making out as one guy sat on the banister singing to himself.

Reaching Lydia’s room he fumbled around with the key in his hands eventually getting it in the lock, twisting, and opening the door. He took the key back out and closed the door behind him. Y/N found her way to the end of Lydia’s bed and sat, legs crossed over one another.

Here it was, his opportunity to tell all, say everything that he’d repeated to himself over and over again and he choked.

“What is it then Lee? Sorry, I’m not allowed  to call you that am I?”

Okay, yep. She was mad.

“I- um I. I just wanted to tell you that- we um- I-” he stuttered, not being able to get a sentence out. What was wrong with him? Oh god, maybe this was a bad idea.

Eyebrow raised, looking a little impatient, she sat in front of him as he stuttered. She wasn’t necessarily mad, just upset. However Theo had told her that she shouldn’t forgive him at the bat of an eyelid like she was planning on doing. He had also told her that when she didn’t give in Liam would spout out lies and empty apologies to get her to forgive him. That he’d tell her he was sorry and say something along the lines of he was having a bad day, or not thinking straight even going as far to blame it on others. Maybe Theo was right, he did only have her best interest in mind after all. Right?

“Are you planning on composing a sentence anytime soon?” She didn’t want to be alone with Liam because she knew that this kid knew how to make her putty in his hands, regardless of how hard she tried.

“Look I had this whole speech planned out of what I was going to say and it was going to be so sweet and now that you’re actually sat in front on me I feel like nothing I say will be good enough. I’m just so sorry ok? I don’t know what came over me. It’s just all day the guys were all saying that -”

She sighed slightly, almost laughing, as she shook her head and stood up, Liam stopped talking instantly.

“What? Where are you going?” Liam asked as she walked to the door.

“What’s the point? It’s just bullshit you’re feeding me so that I’ll forgive you straight away for all the shit that’s happened this week.” Y/N laughs, sadly. “I guess Theo was right.”

“What? What do you mean ‘Theo was right’.” Liam said, his head snapping in her direction. “What did he say?”

“That you’d apologise and say something to blame other people. Or say you were just having a bad day.”

“I was! It’s the truth Y/N, I promise it is.” He pleaded, hoping that she would believe him. “Why’ve you been spending so much time with him anyway?”

“If you must know, he’s been there for my Le-Liam. He’s a good guy, and he’s been there when I needed to talk to someone about all of this shit that’s going on lately.”

“Like what?” He queried.

“Well, there’s all this stuff happening with my parents, I’m falling behind in the majority of my classes, I haven’t been able to sleep because this whole freaking town seems to be supernatural and/or trying to kill my best friends and the one person I usually rely on when I need to talk has been ignoring me for no apparent reason after shouting at me when I went to talk to him.” She rambled, her eyes meeting his at the last moment, obvious sadness filling them. Her hand lingered on the door handle. “Why’d you shut me out Liam. What did I do that was so horrible you couldn’t even stand to be in the same class with me, or return my calls or texts.”

“You didn’t do anything, Y/N.” He breathed. This entire time she’d put herself down, driven herself crazy over what she might have done.

“Then why.” She wasn’t even looking at him now, like it was too hard for her to get the words out if she faced him.

“Just let me explain it ok? Let me everything.” She agreed and shuffled back over to Lydia’s bed.

“Talk. No lies.” She said simply as she sat down in front of him, her legs crossing once again.

He stood, looking down at the girl in front of him and deciding to sit down himself, considering if he stood up his eyes would wander down her dress and then they’d be sat her all night as he struggled to concentrate. His back against the wall as she waited for him to start.

Now’s the chance. He thought. Just say it!

So he did. He told her what the guys had said to him and why that made him feel the need to prove he wasn’t. He apologised for everything he had done to upset her and that he truely didn’t mean to hurt her. As he went on a smile fell to Y/N’s lips. Sure, she wasn’t happy that he’d treat her like this but at least she had an explanation now. Besides, there’s only so long she could stay mad at him have you seen how cute he was?

“So yeah, that’s why.” He finished. “Wanna’ ask me anything about it or are we good? I kind of have something else to tell you.”

“Why were you late?” She quizzed, remembering seeing him walk into History a few minutes late that day..

“Oh. I um… slept in.” He blurted, How was he supposed to tell her it was because he had a dream about her fucking her in the locker room - wait that was Wednesday. Yeah, it happens a lot.

“Thought we agreed no lies, Liam?” She smiled slightly, this could get interesting.

“There was something I needed to take care of that took longer than expected.” He muttered.

“Like what?” She smirked, knowing full well what she was talking about since Mason had already told her. She had gone to ask him later in the day that Monday why Liam was acting so weird. The response she gained was… Unexpected to say the least.

“He uhh - well I’m not going to beat around the bush here. He had a particularly sexual dream that involved you which put him in a tough situation when he woke up. That probably has something to do with it.”

He noticed the smirk at her lips. “You’re having fun with this aren’t you?” She nodded and he shook his head with a smile, this was the Y/N he knew and loved. “I- Fuck it. Morning wood.”

“Wet dream kind of thing?” She smiled innocently. She fucking knew.

“Who told you?” Liam laughed, embarrassed.

“Mason.” She giggled. “He told me all about it.”

“Well it’s not like they’re everyday. Just a few lately.” He shrugged. When her eyes widened at his answer. “He only told you about monday, didn’t he?”

“Yup.” She answered and he groaned putting his head in his hands. “You got a little crush on me Lee?”

He pulled his head from his hands after he heard her laugh and his smile grew. His eyes raked her body. That dress was a blessing, it was fairly low cut exposing some cleavage, but not a lot. A long zip down the back, stopping at the curve of her ass. As lovely as it was, he’d wanted to rip that dress off of her since he walked into the house.“How can you look like that and expect me not to?” He replied cheekily, a smirk planted at his lips.

“You flirting with me there Dunbar?” She loved this confidence he had.

“Have been for a year and a half but thanks for noticing.” His eyes moving back to the figure and the way the dress clinged to it.

“You seem to like this dress.” She smiled.

“No, I was just thinking how green really isn’t your colour, you should take it off.”

“How about you do it for me?” She winked again, standing up and walking towards him and he rose to his feet.

He attached his lips on hers hungrily, his tongue gliding across her bottom lip. Opening her mouth slightly he pushed his tongue in, instantly gaining dominance. Liam’s hands moved to her ass and squeezed it gently before positioning both hands underneath at the top of her thighs. “Jump.” he groaned, his lips attaching at her neck. She obliged, wrapping her legs around his hips as he turned pushing her back up against the wall.

She tugged at the thin material of his shirt until he pulled back slightly, allowing her to pull it off of him before his lips at her skin once again.

Liam found a sweet spot underneath her ear and sucking and nibbling at it, being sure it would leave a purple mark earning a moan. Moving down her neck to by her collarbone and letting his lips attach there sucking at the patch of skin.

“Liam.” She moaned out, a sound he could definitely get used to. “Bed.”

He walked to Lydia’s bed and sat her down, his fingers moving to the zip of her dress. He fumbled around a little, growing more and more impatient. “Fuck it, he mumbled before ripping the dress, a distinct tearing sound filling the air but right now she didn’t care. She just wanted him. He pulled the dress off, leaving her only in black panties.

“No bra?” He teased and before she could answer he was planting small kisses in the dip between her breasts. He continued down slowly, reaching her underwear with a smirk as he slides down her thighs slowly, the feeling making her desperation for him to grow. He hooked his fingers around the waistband and smiled at the sight of her wet core, kneeling in front of her. Y/N laid back as Liam kissed the inside of her thigh gradually getting sloppier the closer he got to her.

“Already wet for me baby?” his breath hot against her core sending a shudder through her body before he flattens his tongue against her clit. His tongue swirls around it as two of his long fingers teases her opening before he slips them inside of her slowly pumping in and out. Taking her moans as encouragement he continues, his tongue working expertly at her clit.

“Lee,” Y/N moans. “I-I’m close baby.”

Listening, he curls his fingers inside of her, hitting a spot she didn’t even know was there. Pleasure rippling through her body as he flicks his tongue over her clit, prolonging her orgasm as much as he could.

“You taste sweet, baby.” He says after slipping his fingers out of his mouth.

Y/N sits up after riding the orgasm out just as Liam stands and unbuttons this jeans. Pulling back the band on his underwear, allowing his erection to hit his stomach, the end already wet with precum. “Want me to return the favour?” She smirks as he looks down at her.

“Not tonight, tonight’s all about you.” He says, his blue eyes full of lust. “What do you want, princess?”

“I want you to fuck me.” Y/N says without hesitation.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to-”

“I want you, baby.” She confirms, knowing what he was worried about, Y/N makes her way over to the draws next to Lydia’s bed, rummaging around until she pulls out the silver square and throws it to him. Laying back on the bed, Liam opens the packet, pulling the thin layer over his dick before climbing onto the bed and hovering over her.

He slides his cock against her entrance teasingly, before he slides into her and she can’t help out a moan, his thrusts quickening..

“You’re so fucking tight.” He groans as he pulls out slightly and thrusts back into her. Y/N’s moans are cut off when his lips meet hers, one of his hands moving to her clit drawing figure of eights, the other used to support himself..

“Liam,” She whimpers, feeling herself growing close for the second time.

“I know, so am I.” He grunts as he quickens his pace pounding into her, as if eager to get as many in as possible. His mouth found its way to her bare chest and her back arch against him as he takes a hardened peak into his mouth, moving to the skin around it, sucking harshly onto her sensitive skin, leaving more and more purple marks dotted on her body.

She involuntarily clenches around him again as her second orgasm slams into her. Y/N couldn’t help but scream his name so loud that they’re lucky the music was playing so loud, if not the whole house would know what they were doing, however on such a high, at this point she didn’t think she cared anymore. His thrusts began getting sloppier until she can feel him twitch inside of her as he finds his release.

He finally pulls out, falling next to her. Both of them left panting heavily coming down from their highs. Y/N sits up leaning to get Liam’s white t-shirt and pulling it over her head, before laying back next to him.

“What? It’s comfortable,” She says watching his grin.

“I always said you looked better in my clothes than I do anyway.”

Liam had no idea how long they just laid there as he looking down at the now barely clothed beauty, entangled in his arms with a smile on his face. He sighed, kissing the top of her forehead when he heard someone attempt to open the locked bedroom door. Lydia’s voice on the other end asking them to open up. They glanced at each other and Liam groaned slightly.  

“I guess that means we have to get dressed.” He laughed and stood up. He leaned over to hand her her dress and laughed. “How are you going to explain how your dress is kind of… Broke.”

Y/N laughed. “I’m more worried about how we’re going to explain that we just had sex in her bed.”

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Wynonna Earp S3 Theory #1
  • On what Waverly is and why Bobo lied (and potentially falsified DNA results, who knows) and if Dolls & Jeremy are involved and BBD and lots of other stuff.
  • There's no mistaking the very obvious cinematic choices in that end sequence within Mama Earp's voice layover speech during the demon portion of when she talks about men vs. demons vs. Clootie/Balthasar and it's a (deceptively, I think) sweet shot of Dolls walking up to Wave & Jeremy with coffee.
  • Clearly, it's already been established that Black Badge did /something/ to Dolls to make him the 'demon' he is, whatever that may be.
  • There was clear point in making the connection that Bobo can bend/manipulate metal and that Jeremy has metal inside his body. Also there were so many references to the importance of metal while everyone was discussing Peacemaker, metal plates, metal bullets...
  • Metal is a theme, clearly.
  • Waverly being fire Peacemaker? Yes, it was making a point about Earpness but perhaps not entirely? More hints on the importance of metal?
  • If Bobo can bend metal, Jeremy has metal in his body and it was implied that has /something/ to do with his recruitment to Black Badge and Waverly handled Peacemaker (special kind of metal, as it would seem and it immediately afterword tried to burn her.)
  • Side-note: Why did Peacemaker try to burn Waverly if she's not a Revenant? Even if it allowed her to use it at a particular moment of duress under the orders and permission of the heir?
  • I think there's a clear line between Bobo's relationship with Waverly (and /especially/ the comment about 'Never said she's my daughter, she's my kin'), Bobo's abilities to manipulate metal, Waverly's ability to use Peacemaker in this episode under Wy's instruction even though it tried to burn her immediately afterwards as well as Jeremy's obviously important comments on the metal in his body being a factor for his BBD recruitment.
  • ALSO: I'm editing this right now, but something else just occurred to me that I'm not sure at all why I missed. Mikshun was having Waverly collect metal and it was going to try to use it to infuse /into Waverly's body/. Could it have /only/ done that in Waverly's body? Would it have attempted that in Wy's? Mikshun did make the comment when Waverly took it back, 'No /we'll/ be together forever possibly denoting that would've have been possible with Wy. Would it only have been possible because whatever Waves is has a correlation to metal? 'I'm starting to think yes.
  • Also, an idea about the comment and wording and possible meaning of 'kin': Bobo clearly cares about Waverly, he even said so straight up in this episode, but that was never really much of a surprise to me. What /was/ a surprise to me was how insanely quickly (as in barely thirty seconds) Jeremy was willing and even eager to help Waverly at the possible risk of death and definite risk of career suicide was odd. Sure, the Earp sisters are charming as all hell and everyone loves them, but /that/ was ridiculous even without Jeremy being a logical person and we all know it.
  • Also, what about Waves' reaction towards Jeremy? That might have been even weirder. Sure, she was in a tight spot, but she told him /the entire story/. She didn't even give an abridged version, she just spilled the whole thing to someone she knew /nothing/ about and asked for help no sane person had any reason to give. Waverly's smarter than that, and to be honest, so is Jeremy.
  • So what if it wasn't entirely conscious? What if Jeremy is also a part of whatever this 'kin' is that may or may not have something to do with metal weapons/abilities/affinities, etc. and he and Waves' immediate reaction to each other was instinctual (and probably subconscious) trust and familiarity? Because it seemed like it to me, and without something underlying like that, it didn't make a damn lick of sense.
  • And Bobo could sense the metal in Jeremy, right? They were talking for a pretty long time before anyone made a move, Bobo could've killed him two seconds flat. But he didn't.
  • Also kin, whatever that means?
  • If so, who is the Master of this 'kin' that Bobo was probably referring to? Balthasar, someone else?
  • Is Dolls involved? Was there some kind of plot hatched by BBD to create whatever beings Jeremy & Wave (and possibly Bobo) might naturally be and it failed?
  • Was Jeremy recruited for the use of his body and possibly his entire genetic makeup in general?
  • Am I asking too many questions?
  • (Probably.)
  • Please hit me with your questions, or expansions on mine. Seriously, all the theories guys, I'd love them. Let's get Waverly Earp kinda determined in breaking this research down, somebody get some popcorn. ;)

froggydarren  asked:

♥ wonderwall

For the Sterek Valentines meme

“Stop him!” Stiles hissed, grabbing at the empty air his best friend had just vacated. He was half standing, half sprawling over Derek’s stupid, firm, immovable bulk. Ordinarily, he would’ve lingered to fully appreciate the experience of having so much of that warm body pressed against his, but his attention was - to the dismay of some far off corner of his brain that was always dedicated to Derek - too focused on the fact that his way out of the booth was obstructed. Sadly, friendship sometimes took precedence over the pangs of his loveless life, and this was - “an emergency,” he panted, elbowing Derek in the ribs as he tried to scramble over him.

Derek’s only response was to carefully shift his beer away from Stiles’s flailing limbs. He didn’t even grunt in discomfort, the bastard, and Stiles made sure to elbow him once more for good measure. At least that finally made him grasp Stiles by the arm, effectively freezing him in place, and raise an eyebrow in question.

From his other side, Boyd contributed in a slow, sedate, unhurried, goddamn infuriating tone, “Define emergency.”

“When someone yells fire in a crowded room, you don’t stop to ask them what kind,” he retorted, then shot a quick glance at Derek’s face. “Sorry,” he added, and Derek shrugged but let go of his arm, his fingers clenching in a quick spasm that he tried to hide by wrapping both hands back around the sweating beer bottle.

He would deal with that later, Stiles decided. Or - more likely, considering their track record - they’d both pretend it had never happened and that Derek didn’t still get weirdly sensitive about things Stiles sometimes said in the heat of the moment. Shit. He needed to focus.

“This is not a drill!” he said, barely keeping his voice at an acceptable volume for the crowded bar. “It’s Code Alpha…Tango…Delta…fuck, forget codes, he’s going to ruin everything, why aren’t you listening to me?”

“He’s just going to sing karaoke,” Erica said. “His voice can’t possibly be that bad. Or if it is, that’s part of the fun.”

Stiles exhaled sharply through his nose. “He’s really fucking drunk, which means he’s going to sing Wonderwall.” He looked pointedly around the table, but other than a slight furrow on Isaac’s forehead, everyone’s faces remained blank. “To Allison?“

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Sooooo this is a small clip I’ve extracted from my own copy of the bonus DVD featuring the voice actors of Sloth Pair, Terashima Takuma & Kaji Yuki, and Melancholy Team, Suzuki Tatsuhisa & Matsuoka Yoshitsugu from the anime SERVAMP.

I still have no idea how to sub videos plus I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that too so here’s a short clip and translation albeit loose and not 100% accurate instead. I know it might be a little troublesome to watch a video while referring to translations but please bear with it! ;w;

Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes and I’ll gladly edit them!
Also, please do not take out anything –be it the video or even the translations. Thank you.

It’s probably going to get pretty long so I’ll place them under a cut.

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dryraindrops  asked:

So, first of all, I am super excited to have found somebody as excited about the clone as I am. I've been thinking about it a lot since Butch posted his video. But, I'm confused, because I thought this was ten years into the future? Wouldn't original Danny be older? Like 24 I think? Aside from that, you guys got some really good ideas about this character, and I've been laughing at some of the comments for a good few minutes.

AHHHH someone else who likes the clone! Welcome friend!!! 8) lmao, I was browsing the Phantom tag yesterday was was so disheartened by how many people were irritable at all of the designs or downright kicking them to the curb. Which, is understandable, everyone has their tastes, and I agree that most of them are just…..Put Them Back embodiments, but it was still sad to see so little interest in the Clone.

Because its such a good idea ripe with potential, both for TUE levels of darkness and for hilarious scenarios. For once (ONCE) Butch has done okay by me.

And now to actually answer your question, lmao: Yes, you are correct, the original concept was Vlad for ten years into the future, with a teenage Danny clone (I do admit that’s super squick, like Vlad do you have no other hobbies besides being fucking creepy? Go outside and play some tennis my dude.) since the video was a part 2 to the original Phantom concepts for the ten year anniversary. However, at least in the ideas and concepts I’ve been talking about and personally throwing around, I’ve gotten rid of the ten year span.

Because it literally doesn’t make sense.

I have contempt for the official Phantom timeline bc its so inconsistent, but a majority of people have it taking place over a two year time span, based on the two summer episodes. (This is something I personally don’t agree with, but I have no evidence to argue it so I’m stuck like a petulant child grumbling in the corner) and Vlad gives Valerie her gear in S1 Ep10, Shades of Grey. I cannot recall if it was specifically stated in canon Vlad was using her to get Danny’s DNA, but I’m trusting the wiki bc I really don’t want to endure re-watching Kindred Spirits and D-Stabalized. If we assume that this had been Vlad’s goal from the start (something I disagree with and will touch more about below), that means that he’s been gathering Danny’s DNA for about a year to two years if we estimate heavily with the nonsense time between the episodes.

In that time span, he figured out how to do the cloning, built the equipment, went through countless prototypes to figure out all the bumps and snags, made several decently “functional” clones (Dani and the one he fucking murders as a display), made the “perfect” one, and figured out exactly what he needed to stabilize an artificial hybrid of ghost and human origin.

In two years max.

It would not take him ten fuckin years to recreate a successful perfect clone. Even if everything was destroyed twice and he lost Valerie’s “assistance”. And the reason for that is because he already knows how. The hard part is done. Once you know how to do something through so much trial and error, you know what not to do and what you should do the next time around. Vlad doesn’t need to re-figure out how to make a stable, perfect clone again, he can just get the equipment, the DNA, whatever and just do it.

Which he was most likely attempting to already do in D-stabilized.

[Edit: I neglected to look on the wiki before writing this entire thing bc I was confident I know the material and apparently I need to get a reality check on my ego bc I was completely misremembering D-Stabalized. The fallowing should be taken with gratuitous lumps of salt bc I’m salty at this discovery and also I haven’t changed anything in it.]

Why do you think he was going after Dani? Why would he want that information of “Why are you so stable?” if he wasn’t trying again? If he wasn’t at the point that he NEEDED to stabilize something? For future knowledge? Please. If Vlad was truly going to make another perfect clone, he would not wait several months after loosing the first doing literally nothing but tormenting Danny and being an ass, nor until after he’s figured out Dani. He was working on the Clone project for a long time under everyone’s noses in the first place, so who’s to say he wasn’t again?

I’m saying Vlad was literally within inches of succeeding in D-stabalized. That he already had a second Clone ready to stabilize.

[Edit: I was incorrect in thinking Vlad only wanted Dani to learn why she’s stable, he wanted to use her to make another perfect clone. I was close, but not close enough. I am still standing by my theory, however, canon can suck it. It’s still at least feasible.]

Hartman suggested in the video, as I’m sure you know, that the Clone (I call him Daniel bc there’s literally no way he’s not named Daniel.) has some of Vlad in him. And this, my friend, melds so well with where canon dropped off.

Vlad wanted and attempted to stabilize the clones with Danny’s full DNA, probably so it would be 100% Danny, enough to the point he was willing to murder Dani to figure her out/use her. However, after failing to get the mid-morph from Danny (failure 1) and failing to get anything from Dani (failure 2), Vlad would be unlikely to try the same things again. I would also like to think he’d also be unlikely to continuing to announce “OI I’M CLONEING YOU” to Danny, but it’s Vlad so you never know.

He would be forced to think of something else.

There is nothing in canon suggesting that Vlad couldn’t use his own mid-morph to stabalize a clone. He never brings it up, never explains why the mid-morph is the critical link aside from the fact that it just is. There’s very little info about just how these clones are made, so there’s no known rules to what could work and what wouldn’t. A possible reason this might not work is that it could function like body parts or blood types, where you need a match in order for it to be properly accepted. In that case, however, its just figuring out what you need to tweak in order to force an acceptance, something probably made easier to do when you’re in control of the entire genetic sequence you’re fiddling with.

This would not take ten years to do. None of it would. It would take at most, I think a year. Maybe two, but that’s pushing it. I also have a theory that Vlad was being so obtuse in Season 3 was to purposefully distract Danny, but take that as you will.

This is all of my fancy way of explaining why my personal ideas are set so close to the actual canon and kicking that gross ten years to the curb.

As for my forgotten notion about why I don’t think Vlad started cloning from Valerie’s beginning was because Vlad was still mostly focused on Maddie up until Maternal Instincts, which occurs 6 episodes after Shades of Grey. Shades of Grey is only three episodes from Bitter Reunions as well. That’s a pretty small amount of time for someone still (reasonably) sane to go “I liked that kid, I want him to be my son. I should clone him.”

I’d also like to state that in the four episodes Vlad appears in before Kindred Spirits (not including TUE) but after Maternal Instincts, not once is his main goal Danny. Nor is it ever Maddie, either. Danny becomes a factor in Million Dollar Ghost, however his main goal is still stealing the portal. In Reign Storm, he’s more inclined to use Danny than to try to make him his son, bc again: his goal is the artifacts. In Secret Weapons, Vlad isn’t even interested in Danny when he’s dropped in the middle of his lab. Tbh, I can’t for the life of me figure out what Vlad’s goal was in the whole sibling battle thing, he really just fucked his plans up himself in that one. In Masters of All Time, his goal was the cure, and again, had no problems using Danny as a pawn.

Kindred Spirits is the first place in the entire series where we see the extent of how far he’s willing to go to get Danny to be his son. The first episode where it’s his maingoal.

I just realized how close MaoT and KinSpirits are, I wonder if Vlad triggered the Ectoacne flare working with the ectoplasm for the clones? Hmmm, interesting.

Anyway, the point is: Vlad kept his cloning stuff a secret, but for how long remains a mystery. Mostly because there’s no point in time where it becomes obvious just how desperate he is to have Danny. Is it when he saw an opportunity with Valerie? Or is it after Danny ruins his attempts to get the Ring of Rage back from Pariah by blowing up the ectosuit so he was just like “Well fuck, now what do I do to keep myself busy?”

Getting back onto the topic of Clone and Original Danny, there’s a second, lesser reason I’ve personally bumped the time skip, and that’s because there would be literally Zero conflict between a 14 year old and a 24 year old.

OlderDanny would kick his ass, training from Vlad be damned.

OlderDanny would also not be fazed as much as a younger Danny as his identity being perverted by a clone. This is because the age gap would automatically render them as being two different people. OlderDanny would not see the clone as himself, at least not fully, because he’s already a mature adult. The clone could not torment Danny with the fact that he’s him, that he’s stealing anything, that he’s threatening his notion of being and sense of self. Because OlderDanny has nothing to fear about a younger version of himself; he’s stronger, wiser, and different enough. The dynamic simply doesn’t work. This is why Danny could be okay with Dani: he doesn’t see himself in her. He doesn’t think of her as a clone, as the doppelganger. Because she’s a girl, she’s younger, she’s different. She isn’t him in his eyes.

With an identical copy, that’s not something you can avoid or ignore. Can’t deny that its not your face twisting into that evil smirk that looks so wrong because its familiar but not. Its you, but its not, and its uncomfortable, its an invasion of privacy, the ultimate identity theft. Its a person that wears your face, sees with your eyes, speaks with your voice, thinks with your brain, and bleeds with your blood. And yet its not you.

The closest thing Danny had to this was Dan. But Dan could be defeated. Dan could be made so that he never existed in the first place, completely avoided.

Daniel could not.

Daniel’s creation is out of Danny’s control, his existence never takes into account what Danny wants or cares, because its done at Vlad’s whims. And that’s the worst part: the lack of control. To know that an identical yet completely wrong version of yourself exists against your will and you have absolutely no control over it is torture, especially for someone who already had cause to fear himself once before. Sure, Danny can fight Daniel, suck him up into a thermos, and maybe kick it into the ghost zone to try to be rid of him forever, but he would still exist and he could always come back. Unlike Dan.  And there’s nothing Danny could do about it.

What even could be do? Try to destabilize him? Ask clockwork to erase him from existence? Lock him in a thermos and bury him deep in the ice caps? Kill him?

Would Danny truly be the person to try any of those?

In other words, the closer Daniel is to being like Danny, the worse effect it would have. So its all about maximizing that to get the full potential of the conflict. Danny needs a reason to see Daniel’s creation as the ultimate line crossed, the “This has gone too far” moment. Danny needs a reason to not only despise, but fear his clone.

There are some….problems, with this, and I’ve already used them in my argument: the fact that it an other you is too different, you stop seeing it as yourself. And Daniel is not an identical copy. He has aspects of Vlad in him. There’s a very fine line to be walked, between Daniel being similar enough that it hurts Danny while being different enough to count as a different character. The design alone might already doom it. But fuck it, you people can pry my inverted skunk haired baby from my cold dead hands.

I realize that this is a very long response, and very little of it pertains to what you asked. However, I hope you enjoyed my analysis and my explanation of my personal reasoning. This was a lot of fun to talk about (I can’t remember if I got into some of the things in other asks or if I’m recalling them from a thing I was gonna post but hasn’t gotten to yet. If there are repeat things, I’m sorry! My memory is v bad.) and I thank you for the ask!

I also realize that a majority of this ask talks about making Daniel Danny’s worst enemy, which goes against the “They slowly become bed buds” ask I got earlier. I received that ask before I really had any ideas of what to do with Daniel, and since I’m loving this worst enemy idea, the conflict is understandable. The friend idea is still on the table tho! All it needs now is a climax, a trigger, a turning point. Something that changes the dynamic to start that “I hate you, but not as much as I did, and I kinda sorta enjoy your company a little bit.” ball a’ rollin.

Fuck if I know what that is tho lmao

The Best Gift [A Komahina Fic]

GAH! I’m late to post this on Komaeda’s actual birthday, but I figure better now than never! (Editing took longer and I ended up having to cut the original beginning) So have some belated fluff!

The Best Gift

The morning of his birthday, Nagito immediately took every precaution and holed himself up in his cabin. He made sure he had everything to survive the day and stay inside: a stockpile of books and a mini-fridge full of food and drinks. 

 He did this every year. It was sort of his tradition ever since his parents died. Even by his own admission, it was a little sad, but he thought it was necessary. After all, what better day for his luck to screw him and everyone else over than his own birthday? 

Although, there was one thing he wanted for his birthday. But why risk his luck for it? 

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Heart Sutra-Part 1

Title: Heart Sutra-Part 1

Pairing: Single!Jared x Reader

Warnings: none (yet)

Word Count: 1357

A/N: This is my very first RPF! Thanks to @impalaimagining for encouraging me to do it in the first place. Then being my beta and keeping me inspired! This of course is a work of fiction and no disrespect is meant towards Gen (let’s imagine she is happily married with another amazing guy for the sake of this story). Additionally, this first part is fulfilling my challenge for @atc74 and @mamaredd123 and their Fabulous 300 challenge: Ladies my 3 items are in bold through the story. As always feedback is incredibly appreciated and helpful!  Happy reading my loves xoxo

*edit by @strictlyncisconfessions*

Life so far had felt like a dream for Y/N Y/L/N. Here she was, 25 years old and living in Austin, TX with the yoga teaching job of her dreams. None of it had been explicitly planned out, it’s just where her path had taken her since she made the decision to pursue yoga as a career three years earlier in her hometown of Y/HT.

She’d been living here for the last year and had settled in well. The yoga community was just as welcoming as it had been back home, fostering many close friendships. Between fellow yoga teachers and students, there was never a shortage of someone to spend time with or talk to when you needed an ear.

Some of these relationships were very casual and the most interaction happened in the studio or maybe over a cup of coffee after class. But, there were a select few that the bond was closer and extended to a much more intimate friendship. There were nights out, cookouts, shopping, phone calls, and even nights in over glasses of wine.

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