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Hi! :D is that okay if I ask for a little scenarios where MC brought two dragon plushies (one for her(of them I don't mind neutral pronouns!) and one for V? he need love :'3) please? ^^ PS: I'm pretty sure you probably know who I am XD

hey, hun💛 I think I know who you are too haha(ゝ∀・)

I hope you like it! and take it as my attempt to make up for all the V angst..well the first attempt

  • mc was out shopping for new party outfits
  • they refused to let jihyun wear his typical cardigan and shirt, last time was the second time jfc
  • side note: did yall notice i use ‘jihyun’ more often? idk why i do but i do. and i mostly use ‘v’ when it gets Sad idk why but anyways
  • so mc was looking for Fancy Clothes, and even a little something for themselves
  • and while they were at it, grocery shopping
  • well…might as well go through the whole store lol
  • mc was walking towards the stationary when they noticed a box
  • it was a clearance box! and in them were some Cool Looking Things
  • they were blankets. mc just wanted to look pfft
  • but what’s this? There were plushies in the box too?
  • they were…dragons?! 
  • ok mc, you’re not going to impulse buy this dragon plushie, you came here on Business
  • wait wait, this one matches Jihyun’s hair color 
  • now they had to get it 
  • Jihyun had taken an interest in dragons lately - he saw a painting at this little museum they visited 
  • so they could totally..get this for him
  • or they could buy it for themselves and have a little jihyun dragon
  • decisions, decisions 
  • or - third option: buy two. mc started digging through the box again
  • bonus: this one matched mc’s eyes. they could keep the jihyun dragon and jihyun could keep the mc dragon
  • now they were really excited to go home!
  • “jihyun!” mc called after walking through the door. “I have a surprise for you!”
  • “Angel, an outfit isn’t a surprise - you’ve been pestering me for a while now” he said, smiling while walking up to them
  • “no no no, close your eyes. right now!” they put the bags down for a sec, too excited to put things away first 
  • “alright, alright!” he laughs before closing his eyes, putting his hands over them for Emphasis
  • mc digs out the plushies and holds the two on either side of them
  • “open!”
  • jihyun uncovers his eyes and sees mc holding the dragons and gasps
  • he’s so cute smh
  • “mc!! those are adorable!” mc nods and hands him the dark green one 
  • “this one’s for you! this one is for me~ it’s a jihyun dragon!’
  • “because it matches my hair?” he laughs again while mc nods
  • “so is this one an angel dragon?” “jihyunnnn” “but you’re my angel!” 
  • they have too much fun with those dragons oh my god
  • you bet that they go to sleep with them
  • sleeping arrangement: jihyun dragon hugged by mc, mc dragon in the middle being hugged by jihyun while he also reaches for mc
  • they talk to the plushies, fight me 
  • it also comes in handy when jihyun travels!
  • you know those flat stanley things?? that but with the plushies
  • it becomes a cameo in jihyun’s exhibitions
  • there’s always at least one photo that features the mc dragon in it somewhere
  • some people think there’s a big extensive reason
  • the real reason is that he just likes to put it in the background of what he knows will be his favorite
  • so that mc is also there, making it his Ultimate Favorite 

I hope Alec and Magnus cuddling in bed (in the promo vid) is a make up love for their fight. if Malec Allience rune is going to happen and there are going to be some fight scenes in the last two episodes…then they need to make up for their fight sooner…I also want them to have conversation about their fight cause I’m pretty sure they’re going to face this kind of situation again in the future. they can set some rules? my gf and I promised that when we fight, no one storms out in the middle of the fight. we fight and try to calm down together and talk about it. and I’m telling you… it’s not easy…

Matthew’s interview about the Azazel banishment scene was funny! I didn’t know he was tempted to call Magnus “baby” to comfort him XD “ohh oh baby, you’re fine”. now I really really want to see Alec calling Magnus “babe”

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How do you make your gifs? I have photoshop but can't seem to figure it out

Hey there! Photoshop can look pretty daunting when you’re first trying to work it out, mainly because it is. If you get used to how things work you’ll be more comfortable ^>^

Here are a couple of links to tutorials you can try out - [one] [two]
Hopefully they are basic enough to follow, it doesn’t hurt to look for a general photoshop tutorial as well so you can be familiar with layers and where all the tools are. Remember to make sure your final gifs are under 3mb (not 2mb) otherwise they will just not work on tumblr.

If you have any specific questions on places where you’re stuck at please send them in because we’d be happy to do small tutorials :) 

- BPN Admins

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Tbh i cant finish watching their interviews nowadays. It feels too awkward or cringey for me. Im pretty sure the girls are happy but why do they have to keep validating it and keep saying "we're happy yada yada" every two seconds. Okay you girls are happy you dont have to mention it every interview

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What about if Zarya, Dva, Mercy and Symmetra see their s/o cosplaying as them?


She was patiently waiting for you outside the bathroom, back against the wall, casually checking herself out. Classy suit? Check. Perfectly dyed and combed pink hair? Check. Loved one? In the bathroom, taking forever to get ready.

“My dearest love, I am aching to see you, I /beg/ you to hurry.” Sighed the Russian.

You fastened the belts of your outfit hurriedly, made sure that your hair was just as pink as Aleksandra’s, before opening the door.

“Waiting for someone?” You chuckled, trying to imitate her thick accent.

She looked up, and the two of you burst into a fit of laughter, barely containing your tears.

Once the two of you managed to calm down, Zarya kissed you before complimenting your cosplay. The two of you left for the soirée, and pretty much caused Reinhardt a small heart attack.


She was waiting in her lodge, at yet another convention. It wasn’t a bad one, really, but you weren’t here with her; and that fact alone was enough to make the whole convention a lot less fun. No one to play the arcade with, no one to cuddle with but her giant bunny plush, the one you got her for her birthday.

She checked her phone again, no new message from you. She threw the phone on her bed, before jumping on the couch.

“Ugh, better take a nap. Not like there’s much to do anyways.” Hana curled up on the sofa, and fell asleep.

She woke up to someone knocking on her door. She groaned, wiped away the drool on her chin and opened the door.

“Missed me?” You asked, cockily.

Her jaw dropped, her eyes were big as saucers, you stood in all of your glory, dressed in her usual bodysuit, complete with pink whiskers, and a bag of doritos.

“You’re cosplaying… as me !?” You nodded with a grin, before getting tackled to the ground by an ecstatic Korean pro gamer.

She hugged you and smooched you all over your face, making sure not to smudge your “war paint”.

“Yep. Do I look good ?”

“You look absolutely great! You even brought Doritos? You are SO staying with me during the panel, the fans will go absolutely wild.” You chuckled at that, before kissing her fully on the lips.

“As long as I’m with you.”


You knew Angela had a bad day when she slammed the door. You hid in the closet, you weren’t quite ready to show off your cosplay of your beloved yet, you hurriedly put on the finishing touches, while a very pissed off medic cursed in German.

She was pacing furiously, a cup of black coffee in her hands.

“Liebling? Where are you ?” She finally asked, once her rant was over.

You stood in the doorway, and tried in your best imitation of your lover’s sweet voice and accent:

“Did somebody call a doctor?”

Doctor Angela Ziegler looked at you as if she had finally gone mad, before smiling widely.

“My dear, that is a perfect replica of my suit! Congratulations!” She asked you to turn around, flattered that you chose to cosplay her, of all people.

“You could’ve chosen to be a dashing German knight, a supersoldier, an actual cowboy, a notorious hacker, but you chose to be a medic, who spends all of her time babysitting reckless imbeciles ? You never cease to amaze me.” She chuckled, pressing a kiss to your temple.

“Well, none of ‘em are half as good looking as you are.” You giggled as you saw the blonde blush slightly.

“Remind me to let me take care of Genji when he-“



“Dare I ask what you are doing in the living room that requires you to lock the door, my love?” Patiently asked Satya, slightly worried that spending so much time with the junkers on missions gave you a few ideas about pipe bombs.

“It’s a secret project, don’t ya worry.”

“Do not take offense, but when I see a pair of scissors, a saw, several electronics parts and you in the same room, I do tend to worry.” She shook her head, silently hoping that you hadn’t ruined the carpet.

“Alright, I’m done. Close your eyes, please.” You asked, as you unlocked the door. You took Satya’s hand, guiding her to the centre of the living room, before taking your place on your replica of her stool, taking the same stance, and trying to imitate her usual ‘I probably hate you glare’.

“You can open your eyes, babe.”

She couldn’t find words. She was struck with how beautiful you looked, overcome with how gorgeous you were, with thigh highs that made her mad, how the fabric hugged your body, how elegant you were.

“Seen something you like, Mrs Vaswani ?”

“Quite certainly, Mrs Vaswani.” With her finger, she gently asked you to stand, as she embraced you tightly, her hands roaming over your body.

“Isn’t it dinner time?” You asked, between a few heated kisses.

“Yes, it is, but I am afraid we are going to be late. Let me assure you it will be quite worth it.”

“I’d never doubt you, Satya.”

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I know my vote won't count here but I still need to throw my two cents in: I'm going to fight - either if you write it or in my mind if you don't - because I started this adventure by kicking and screaming and fighting, and I'll be damned if I don't end it the same way

Pretty sure we started this adventure pondering how difficult making choices was and how much we like music.


We passed the halfway point of the year a few weeks ago, so we’re now officially on the build-up to the winter holidays! (Or my birthday, but I’m pretty sure no one else here celebrates that.)

For the last two years, I’ve been doing custom Christmas Cards for my parents, and I’ve decided to finally offer these as a commission option!
While I’ve previously only done Christmas Cards, there’s no limit on what occasion you could order these for!

The image itself will be a flat rate of £35 for up to 3 SLFPs + background. Additional SLFPs £10 each
Printing will be charged at cost, if you want me to get them printed for you, or I can provide whatever filetypes your preferred printers want or need. (I use MOO for all my printing - average cost of about 80p/card)

Lead Time
For these in particular, I’m enforcing a strict lead time of at least 4 weeks - the best option for postage with MOO is 7 days, and I only work on Saturdays at the moment.

For the Winter Holidays, the deadline to order custom cards is 1st October.

To order, please email

Please Read!

If you’re in the MC:SM fandom and interested in different ships I am sure you’re aware of that stupid ‘war’ between Jetra and Luktra. Personally, I’m sick of this childish situation and want to create an awareness about that in the fandom.

Now, we’re all different people and we all have different perspectives, wishes and likes. If you ask me, I ship Jetra with all my heart and think these two FICTIONAL CHARACTERS are adorable together.

Yeah, fictional characters.

Pretty much all Luktra shippers hate us Jetra shippers because some of the Jetra fans keep roasting their ship. Now, no matter how much these games and characters are important to me, I still have to say that they are just fictional characters. Some of you even say the other person to kill themselves for shipping the couple you don’t prefer.

Are you serious mate? How stupid a person have to be to say something like that?

Dear shippers, please be aware that everyone doesn’t have to be thinking the same as you. If you can’t agree with that sentence even in a game, the world will be full of stupid people.

Dear Jetra shippers; I ship these two and believe me I’m a strong shipper. But for God sake, isn’t that a bit much to roast Luktra shippers? Like, who do you think you are? Lukas and Petra is actually a high quality ship, and it’s pretty possible. I know Jetra shippers are too much if we compare to the Luktra shippers,but that doesn’t mean you’re any better.

Dear Luktra shippers; Please don’t think every Jetra shipper is your rival. We support you and your ship, and you need to be aware of what you’re saying too. You don’t have the rights to hate us or our ship also.

Please reblog this and help me create an awareness to stop that ridiculous ‘war’ between the two ships. I want a happy fandom.

This will sound petty. It is a little bit.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure the biggest reason no one killed you was because of me.

Like, at least two of the people most likely to kill you first chance they got refrained from doing so on account of your association with me.

But okay, he can have the credit I guess. He is your moirail and all.

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Also regarding Jeremy and Melissa saying it was "brave" to debunk Supercorp, they said that because they know what a toxic fan base Supercorp is, what with them sending death threats to cast members and erasing characters to make room for their crackship, berating other members of the fandom who don't ship Supercorp etc so yeah if you ask me it was brave of them to do so because Supercorp fans are so toxic and rude

Im pretty sure they said it bc of the white het pairing, though. Their attitude tells me they weren’t thinking of how super corp fans can hurt karolsen/james olsen fans, or the whitewashing of maggie sawyer (as if), they were just propping up the white cis het ship by making fun of a f/f one. No matter the fanbase or the fact that it’s two white chicks, that’s plain wrong.

Mod A.

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Could I ask for Zoro and Sanji HC for if their crush asked them out? Not even some big spectacular thing just like, they're sitting there relaxing with their crush then she goes "Hey, Sanji/Zoro I was wondering would you like to go out with me?"

Of course ! Sometimes saying things without a warning is the best


  • Actually it’s better that way as he is always flirting with girls you don’t really know if he’s serious the day he asks you out
  • “Hey Sanji, I was wondering, would you like to go out with me ?“
  • His heart probably skipped a beat or two
  • Not really sure if he heard what you said very well but still answer pretty quickly 
  • "Who wouldn’t date you Y/n-chan ?!”
  • He feel like he is in heaven, he is so happy
  • He’s not thinking about if you’re joking or serious
  • If you say you’re joking he will be really hurt. Not only on his pride but also on his heart. You’re his (real) crush
  • He’ll tell you he loves you and how beautiful you are and how happy he is
  • He get closer to you and take you in his arms
  • In the begining he’s a little hesitant but he’ll end by kissing your forehead softly
  • He’s in a good mood for a full week


  • He could have done it himself but you’d have to wait way much longer
  • "Hey Zoro, I was wondering, would you like to go out with me ?“
  • Like Sanji his heart skipped a beat or two
  • It’s better if you don’t ask during a training session (like he may slip, a sword will fall, someone will get hurt)
  • You can hear a "yeah I’d love to” lost in his mumbling 
  • He’s a blushing mess until you act like “cool” and move on. He won’t move a inch until then
  • He don’t quit you of his eyes
  • Later that day he come at you and put an arm around your neck while saying he loves you
  • He’s not really used to talk about feelings so he’ll try to look at you but he can’t stop from looking away
  • Of course the other will saw it and tease him
  • When he’ll feel comfortable he’ll have a little smile

If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

@oquiznakitznary @spacedorksandlions this is the thing I was talking about HAHAHAHA 

this is still a rough WIP btw 

The new school year is slowly but surely approaching, so I wanted to make a list of some things that could help you to prepare for the new school year and make going back to school easier. 

1. Start fixing your sleep schedule early
We all love to sleep in late during the summer, but once school starts we cannot really stay up until 3am and still be in bed at 11am. Try to start fixing your sleep schedule at least two weeks before school starts. Start with going to bed 30 minutes earlier or sleep with the blinds open. 

2. Finish all summer homework
Please, please, pretty please, finish your summer homework as early as possible. You will be so happy and feel so relaxed when you don’t have to rush finishing your summer homework and pull an all-nighter during the first week.

3. Buy new school supplies
No matter how much you hate school, getting new school supplies just feels so good! You don’t need to get anything fancy (or expensive), even something as little as a new pen or a notebook can make you feel so ready for school.

4. Clean your room/study space
By cleaning, I don’t mean pushing your papers and notebooks to the back of the closet. Go through every single box and drawer and throw away everything that you don’t need. You will feel so much better when your room and/or study space is clean and not full of old papers and pens that don’t even work. 

5. Do some pre-reading
You don’t have to read the whole textbook before your class starts or do anything crazy like that. Something as simple as reading the titles and subtitles, or summaries of the chapters will help you to get an idea of what you will study during the year. 


“Yeah. I’m fine”
“You seem pretty down lately", Ginny persisted.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry turned out to be my favorite character from the Harry Potter books. It took me ten years and a lot of readings to want to explore the main character as fanartist. I’m so glad all was well in the end. He deserves it. 

Also, the last two panels are from my favorite canon Hinny scene. We might have this idea Harry felt in love with Ginny in his sixth year, but I’m pretty sure that happened in this scene from Order of the Phoenix (Chapter: Careers Advice). She talked to him when he was feeling bad and she made him feel hopeful.

[instagram @potterbyblvnk]

Normal Horoscope:

Aires: The night has a thousand eyes, be very careful not to poke any of them. What did the night ever do to you?

Taurus: Be on the lookout for something that looks like its made of driftwood and light. He trades bad memories for fast food cupons.

Gemini: If you come across a library of forbidden knowledge tended by the dead dont try to check anything out. You can only get a card if you’re a legal citizen of an afterlife plane and it would be very embarrassing if you weren’t.

Cancer: Not every day will be one of triumph. You will fail, you will be lost, you will be scared. Fertilizer is made from plants whose time has passed.

Leo: You must be brave enough to produce terrible things. The key is discipline, fuck standards.

Virgo: The internet has made it possible to be scared to talk to girls that are thousands of miles away. 

Libra: Make sure to empty your dream catcher into a wastebasket every couple days. Otherwise you might attract things that try to eat the dreams suck there.

Scorpio: If you’re gonna break rules, for the love of god do it with some style.

Ophiuchus: Hiding under the covers actually works with some things. It is technically a threshold and so some things do actually have to be invited.

Sagittarius: “two birds one stone” Is a misleading proverb. Meteorites hit pretty hard.

Capricorn: Most armor is not resistant to funk based weaponry. 

Aquarius: Harvest from the rich and give to the poor. They wont need the blood for much longer anyway.

Pisces: Make up your own constellations, pray to your own gods, command unknown forces of your own divination. Steal from everything. This is real magic.

oh, being queer in a world that wants us to be straight. we are innocent until we pull out our guilty words, lay out the poker hand proving we’ve hid that fifth ace up our sleeve. but first, in here, in this space we occupy, uncomfortable, sweating out the wrong skin, weighing the word girlfriend on our tongues: we hear what they say about us.

i am told often homophobia “isn’t that bad anymore”, can we stop it with the singing and the slam poetry and the constant making things about us. how not everything needs to be gay or it wasn’t because you’re gay or we get it you’re gay. they say it like that. they say it with this tone, with this particular heft to it.

do they forget how they talked when they thought “this girl is one of us”? do they forget how they called the boy in pink shorts slurs. how they giggled behind their hands about boys in makeup but still made some “this is great!” comment for likes while promising us they’d never have a son that grew up in glitter. did you forget what you said when you talked about them being bi, how you spat and hissed and tutted about pronouns and how we should just give up and how people are so full of themselves now they won’t even take one of two options, they need a third to feel full.

remember once i told you about my friend. how she might be a lesbian. how she isn’t sure but she’s pretty sure and how the word scares her because it’s dirty. you waved it away and said she’d get over it, it’s just a phase, she needed the right man and she’d be happy.

no, there’s no homophobia though. it’s just that “my friend” was me. it’s just that we hear what you say and swallow our tongues and you tell us the bruise heals before the pain is even done.

Just a thought...

So one of the things that I love about this season of Camp Camp, is that while it’s still pretty whimsical and hilarious, it’s shown some real character development in Max and David.


Let’s face it, this kid was a die hard troublemaker and a fucking asshole all stuffed inside a tiny ten year old’s body.

Before now, you couldn’t pay him enough to enjoy anything, especially any of David’s crazy camp activities. Hell, he spent a majority of the first season either trying to escape, or trying to figure out how to destroy the camp from the inside. And he got close sometimes, it all could’ve been over when the FBI tried to arrest David for the stuff Max was looking up on his phone. But the small part of him that said what he was doing was going too far made him speak up and exonerate David. And when he thought he had gone to far in his mischievous act that David actually wanted to kill him, he was legitimately afraid and wanted to take back his actions, unlike when he was in the forest with the Quartermaster where it was more likely for him to be murdered and just accepted his fate.

And more importantly, Max was unwilling to accept that people like David existed anymore, and was willing to go to great lengths to break him. And he did. It took twelve episodes but in the end, Max won. David was utterly defeated.

And then Max had to learn the harsh lesson that sure, while life can sometimes be a piece of shit, people can choose too not look past it, but to live with it and still find the good in what’s left. Max was just too jaded by things we know not of, and so was David, and he still found the strength to be himself every day because if he didn’t, Camp Campbell would be even more miserable than Max already thought it was. And because of that, Max decided to help him just for the sake of preserving this optimism.

And now, Max has learned to kind of go with the flow. He’s no longer trying to escape or sabotage David’s every action, he’s just kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying the show.

More so, when Daniel invaded the camp, Max actually sought out David’s help rather than trying to figure out how to get rid of him on his own. And when nothing he did convinced David of Daniel’s murderous intentions, he entered the Purification Sauna, knowing full well he’d be hypnotized into loving Daniel, but had enough faith in David to remove his rose tinted glasses, finally see the truth, and save all the campers from certain death.

And when David got his heart broken by Bonquisha, he and the rest of the children went to great lengths to try and get them back together so he would stop being so depressed all the time.

That’s a lot of character development for a kid.


As for David, his transition has been a lot more subtle.

This happy go-lucky camp counselor is still pretty much the same, while at the same time completely different. The David of first season was optimistic to a fault. He out right refused to see the bad in people, especially Cameron Campbell, got bullied by the kids into leaving the camp for a day, had no clue how to discipline children, and had an unhealthy obsession with being the best camp counselor. And it killed him every day when he couldn’t figure out why none of the kids loved Camp Camp(bell) as much as he did.

There were even some points in the show where his mask slipped and he looked actually angry for once before going back to Happy David.

Until he was pushed to the edge by Max in the season finale of season one and he finally laid all of his cards on the table. He knew perfectly well that not everything was sunshine and roses all the time, but he had a choice. He could be like Max, pessimistic and down right bitter about the world, or he could try to see the good in the world every day and be the best version of himself he could be.

But he also learned a valuable lesson that day. It was okay to not be himself all the time. Sure, he could still be overly enthusiastic about everything, but he could still let go every now and again. Be it wanting to kick out the psycho cult leader you almost hired and may or may not have been after your job-

or sometimes fucking up and saying the wrong thing-

or being openly disappointed in the decisions other people make-

or admitting that you made a mistake that started off with good intentions-

or getting your heart broken-

needing to cry for days on end (even when it’s super awkward)-

and beating the shit out of some guy for something that wasn’t really their fault but only because you’re insanely jealous because they’re banging your babe now.


So in the end, sure, they’re still pretty similar to how they started off in the show.

But the two of them have grown so much, I can’t wait to see where this show is going to take us next.

Uh. Guys.

Something just dawned on me, with the reveal that Damien and Hugo have an ending of their own, where they hook up if you don’t date either of them. (Here, to those who wants to know where the info is from.)

Guys. We know the Cult Ending exists. We aren’t sure how to get it, we aren’t sure if it’s glitched or DLC, we aren’t sure if it was scrapped altogether. But we do know it exists. We do know it implies something very dark about the game’s setting.

But guys. Do we actually know if the game ends at the Cult End? Like, is it its own separate thing, where it cuts to credits right after we meet Saul? Or do we have the Graduation party with Amanda still, but this time with no Joseph in the picture?

Guys. I think Damien and Hugo hooking up may be linked to the Cult End, if the Graduation Party is still a thing.

With Joseph gone, his hold over the other dads is gone. No longer compelling them to remain single. With Joseph gone, the dads are able to find love again. And it first shows in the form of Damien and Hugo, being seen together as a couple.

But then there’s an interesting line… Damien mentions that it looks like you found love yourself. But if you were romancing Joseph, and he’s gone now, that couldn’t be right. So that is a pretty poignant point in how the two ends aren’t connected.

But… It could mean something else.

Joseph’s Cult End involves romancing another dad for the first two dates, in order to get an item that helps you later on. It may also involve dating another dad, but no one is sure right now. But we definitely need one dad in particular. And you know who it is?


If Cult End is indeed canon, and a definite end to the game itself…

Is Robert the true dad you hook up with at the end? Is Robert actually the “canon dad?”

I’m probably grasping at straws right now, especially considering Robert is my favorite dad. But I just thought I’d share my thoughts again.