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tbh if Magge walked in on Alex and Supergirl hugging, sharing feels etc before finding out Kara is Supergirl she wouldn't get mad I think. I think she'd either not talk about it or pretty much wish Alex the best, while burying her own pain, until Alex is like nonononono u see, we're sisters, I wanna be with you and with you ONLY

The hug is full-bodied and the kiss on the cheek lingers, and Supergirl caresses Alex’s hair, tucks it behind her ear.

An intimacy Maggie had been stupid enough to think was only theirs. 

Except maybe for Kara.

But Supergirl? 

Alex looking at Supergirl like that, the leggy blonde with the superhero cape that can literally hold up against bomb blasts, with tears in her ears and a lilt in her voice and intimacy – intimacy, intimacy that Alex had said she was never comfortable with, that Alex said she never liked – all over her movements, her touches, her expressions.

Maggie sighs and she shakes her head and she wonders what else she expected.

She’d known they were running buddies.

She’d known she only liked Maggie because she was bright and shiny, like coming out.

She’d known it would only be a matter of time before Alex wanted something different, something… more.

It figured that that more would be Supergirl.

So she sighs and she shakes her head and she walks away from the scene – which she’d only rushed to, off shift, anyway to make sure that Alex was okay, but clearly she was, and clearly she was in the arms she wanted to be in – and texts Alex that maybe tonight isn’t the best idea, that she’s tired, that it’s been a long day.

Certainly the last few minutes have been very, very long.

She’s surprised at how quickly Alex texts her back, talking about wanting to see her and missing her and it’s completely okay if she wants to cancel, but if she just wants company to be quiet with, Alex would be happy to come over and just be… just be.

She’s confused but she says yes, because she doesn’t want to admit it, but god does she just want to be in her arms.

She might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

But when she kisses her hello, she doesn’t stop. 

When she kisses her hello, she holds her face between her hands and she parts her lips and she whimpers when Alex accepts the invitation for her tongue. She whimpers and she shudders because she won’t cry, damnit, she won’t, she won’t, she –

“Maggie, what is it? I’m so sorry, did you not want – “

“No, no, Alex, you didn’t do anything wrong, I… you know what, you said we can be quiet, can we just… can we just do that?”

Alex has questions – questions about the way she’d kissed her, about the way she’d started to cry, about the way her eyes look pretty red, about the way there’s something so defeated about her posture – but she doesn’t ask any of them, because if Maggie is asking for quiet, then that’s what she’ll get.

So Alex nods and she cracks open two bottles of beer and she hands one to Maggie and she settles on the opposite end of the couch and she watches SVU reruns in silence, their feet touching occasionally as they shift where they lay.

“You can talk to me if you want to,” Alex says, just once, an episode and a half into their silence.

Maggie pulls at her beer and shrugs. “It’s whatever.”

Alex sits up, her eyes a map of pain.

“It’s not whatever, Maggie. Something’s hurting you, and I want to help, I – “

“No, Danvers, really, you’re not obligated to do that. You don’t have to, really – “

“Maggie, you’re my girlfriend, I want to – “

“Yeah, and how does Supergirl feel about that?” she asks.

She asks because she’s cheated when she’s been scared, when she’s been terrified, when she hadn’t been able to handle a relationship, or, more specifically, handle a breakup.

She asks because if that’s what Alex wants, she’s the last to be able to judge.

She asks because she just wants Alex to have her full, happy life, and she asks because she’s raw and she’s vulnerable and dammit, she didn’t want to be, but she’s pretty sure she’s in love.

“Superg – Maggie, what – “ Realization slowly replaces confusion on Alex’s face, and – to Maggie’s horror – Alex laughs.

“Maggie, did you come by the crime scene this afternoon?”

“Why’s that funny?” Maggie wants to know, and Alex sobers immediately.

“It’s not, I’m so sorry, I just – she said I could tell you, she said I should, and I was going to, but you wanted to be quiet tonight – “

“Just tell me, Alex, it’s okay, I can handle it – “

“No, Maggie, you don’t – no no no no no, it’s not like that, Maggie. She’s my sister. Supergirl. It’s Kara, we’re sisters, and I – I want to be with you, Maggie. I only want to be with you. Just you. She’s my sister, Maggie, we’re not… I only want you.”

Alex’s next breath is breathed in Maggie’s mouth, against Maggie’s lips, because Maggie is kissing her and Maggie is crying and Maggie is murmuring how brave Alex is, how strong, how perfect, because god, everything makes sense now.

Her intimacy with Supergirl.

Her desperate need to be perfect.

Her feverish feeling of having the weight of the world squarely on her shoulders.

Her intimacy with Supergirl.

“Only me?” Maggie asks in a small voice when she puts her forehead to Alex’s, needing to breathe her in.

“Only you,” Alex confirms, just as breathless, just as needy.

“You know those glasses are kind of ridiculous, now I’m thinking about it,” Maggie starts to grin.

“Let’s um… let’s stop talking about my sister now, hm?” Alex suggests, because she’s looking at Maggie’s lips again, and she wants to show Maggie exactly how much she only wants to be hers.

Maggie glances up at her, and heat shudders through her entire body, because there’s a lot to talk about, but later, later, later.

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Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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hi! i keep seeing you reblog stuff about women and fic and i just want to say: i was that 14 year old girl who read gay fic and swore up and fucking down i was as straight as they come because i was fucking TERRIFIED like i dreamt about kissing a girl once and i basically refused to sleep because if i didn't sleep i wouldn't think about kissing girls and i'd still be normal. fanfiction literally helped me come to terms with myself and i'm pretty sure i'd still be in denial if i'd never found it

Oh anon, let me tell you, I was that 14 year old girl too. Though I was … haha, I had a longer way to go.

I used to be the most homophobic, vile little piece of shit. I’d make posts on fanficrants (once I got a livejournal, which was, uh, when I was 17-18) about how characters weren’t GAY what was WRONG with fangirls? I’d complain to my friends about how not everything had to be gay. I would watch shows (mostly anime) as a teenager and muse about how I didn’t GET why people made the stuff between Male Character 1 and Male Character 2 gay. 

And yet.

The first completed original piece of fiction I wrote, which I finished when I was 16, was incredibly fucking gay – I still have it, all 236 handwritten pages of it, and good lord. None of the characters in it act even remotely straight. I had an assignment as a 12 year old in art class to design a cartoon character and I basically designed an incredibly butch lizard. Pitching it to myself as “trying to understand why people ship gay stuff,” I wrote an uncompleted piece of original fiction (before the first completed one) that just involved literally everybody being gay. My mother and I had a small tiff about it without talking directly about it, just her saying she knew the sort of stuff I wrote in my spare time. My gayness was always there. I just didn’t know it.

By the time I was 17 I was aware that maybe I wasn’t really … completely … straight, but as a deep-set Mormon in the middle of “the Mormon corridor” (Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada) I shoved it out of my mind and tried not to think about it, until my first girlfriend confessed to me once during a sleepover and I confessed back. 

A lot of my self discovery process at that time was through fanfic. I’d been really noisy and annoying about how much I didn’t ship one (canon-intended) gay ship in my fandom of the time, Fire Emblem, and I wrote a 2000-ish word piece about that ship just using it to explore my own sexuality, my conflicted feelings about it. The deeper I dug into fandom to try and work out my feelings, the more comfortable with myself I became. It didn’t matter if it was m/m or f/f. I tinkered with both. I realized that I’d always kind of shipped Rei/Usagi from Sailor Moon, and just sold it to myself as caring a lot about their friendship. My first girlfriend and I, long before we confessed to each other, had shyly admitted we were both sort of interested in Kurama/Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. I ran a fanfic competition (back when those were a thing) in one of my main fandoms and the winning fic made me cry with feelings I hadn’t understood at the time, but did now. 

I’m never going to buy into the purity discourse about what women – straight, gay, bi, whatever – should or shouldn’t ship, what characters are “healthy” for them to identify with, what fiction they are or aren’t supposed to consume, because in those years of my life, fandom was my only outlet. I still remember being 19 and making a terrified post on my livejournal about being bi (which I thought I was, at the time). How unhappy and uncomfortable I was with myself. How for years I told myself I hadn’t really loved my first girlfriend and, for a long time, even refused to call her my first girlfriend or my ex. How fandom is where I found other women like me, writing gay stuff like the stuff I was getting more and more interested in. Fiction is an important tool to help us discover ourselves. That doesn’t end when you get to fanfiction just because it’s based on already-existing work. (If anything, doesn’t that make it even more of a tool to discover ourselves?) 

So yeah. I’ve been there. And because I’ve been there and it was what made me discover who I was, I’m always going to support women getting to have that same experience. I often think of myself as a late bloomer in terms of my gayness, but the fact is there are people discovering themselves out there every moment of every day. Some younger than me. Some older than me. And they should all have that chance. 

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Sorry for the confusion on the request I made for the Prompto x Reader in the tent! Same scenario that the Iggy x Reader was in, where they had to be quiet when they got funky so they wouldn't wake the others xD Haha, I'm a perv... Thank you! Your writing is amazing <3

No, it’s no problem! Thank you so much for requesting, I’m so happy you like my stuff! ☺❤ I hope this is satisfactory! ☺ (excuse me while I go fan my face!) 

Prompto x Reader - sex in the tent. 
WC: 2223


It was quiet in the tent, the only sounds were the soft breathing coming from three boys fast asleep in their sleeping bags, and the quiet hushed whispers of you and your boyfriend Prompto. It was often that you two were the last to go to sleep, and you were pretty sure the rest of the group were used to your hushed whispers by now.

And it was also the reason they put the both of you in the same sleeping bag, as far away from them as the little tent would allow. You had pretended to be annoyed by this, but was actually thankful for it when the night came. It was like you and Prompto had your own little private corner of the tent, which is where you were laid now.

Prompto’s eyes went wide.

“Wow, just like that… damn [Name], that’s so good.”

“It is?” You bit your lip, pleased with his praise.

“Yeah, you should do it like that more often.”

“Hmm, maybe I will.”

“You really should. Hey, who knew that you’d be so good at King’s Knight?” Prompto marvelled, his chin on your shoulder as he watched you kick ass on your tiny mobile screen in awe. He had finally convinced you to start playing it, and to both of your surprise you were really good at it, especially the fighting element.

“Pfft, I knew, obviously. Why do you think I didn’t play it for so long? Just to spare the rest of you the pain of my skills.” You grinned at your boyfriend, who rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out. He was secretly so proud of you though, and it made a nice change to see someone give Noctis a run for his money. Even if that did mean he lost to you often, like earlier that day.

“I think that’s enough for tonight though, everyone else went to sleep hours ago.” You tapped the screen to close the game and locked your phone before putting it away, the absence of the glow making it suddenly seem really dark in the tent.

Prompto yawned and stretched in your shared sleeping bag, snuggling down under the covers.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” He mumbled, pulling you close so your head laid on his arm, his hand resting on your shoulder. He was so warm, and so cuddly. You enjoyed the nights with Prompto, feeling safe and loved in his arms. He felt the same about you, his free hand stroking up and down your arm, lightly tracing his fingers along your skin. Little goosebumps rose on your skin at his light touches, and you snuggled in closer to him for warmth. Prompto stifled a chuckle. She was so cute. And he still couldn’t get over the fact she was all his. She loved him, took an interest in his hobbies, looked after him in battle, confided in him, and best of all made him feel worth something.

“I am so lucky…” He breathed, his blue eyes watching her peaceful face. Her eyelids fluttered shut, her soft cheeks, the hair framing her face, her delicate lips slightly parted as she breathed softly.

He loved her so much.

Before he could stop himself, he’d leaned forward to kiss her. As their lips touched her eyes opened wide again, shocked at the surprise contact. But soon she was kissing him back, running her tongue along his bottom lip in the way that he liked, her fingers gripping at his hip, running through his hair…

He broke away, panting from the heated make out session. You smiled coyly at him, no longer tired.

“What was that for?”

By now Prompto’s actions had caught up to his brain, causing him to blush at his forwardness. His fingers played with your hair nervously, as the red deepened and spread across his cute freckled face. His sapphire eyes couldn’t keep their gaze as he answered you.

“I don’t know it’s just… you look so cute laid there and I just… I really wanted to kiss you.”

You ran a hand through his blonde hair, struggling not to giggle. He was adorable when he was flushed, and his words had really made you smile.

“Kiss me then.” You told him, his blue eyes finally meeting your gaze.

She is so beautiful

He gulped – and then brought your lips to his once more, his mouth open and hungry for your kisses. His fingers wound into your hair, holding you to him while his free hand rested on the small of your back. He let his tongue slip into your hot mouth, running along yours as he groaned softly at the contact. Eagerly you pushed yourself flush against his body, earning another moan of satisfaction. It was a heady feeling, hearing his whines of appreciation and you wanted more. Through two pairs of underwear you could feel Prompto’s growing arousal – he wanted you so badly. He was getting so worked up at your kissing, at the feeling of your body wrapped in his arms, pushed against his own. It made you feel alive.

You decided to crank the teasing up a notch and rock your hips into his. His fingers tightened in your hair as he moaned right into your mouth, his hips thrusting back into yours automatically, searching for any kind of friction.

“A..Ah…” He broke the kiss once more his forehead pressed against yours, breathing heavily. His eyes searched for yours, and you could see the lust reflected in them.

“[Name], we… I mean, you want to do this here?” He whispered, referring to the soft snores coming from the rest of the tent. It was a hard choice – you wanted him badly, and he definitely wanted you. But Prompto… he wasn’t the best at keeping quiet during intimate times. But as one hand brushed over the skin of your waist, and you looked at his needy, lustful face, you knew you couldn’t refuse. You had to have him.

“I have no objections.” You told him, watching with delight as his eyes widened and his teeth bit his bottom lip.

Holy fuck.

He could barely contain himself. He needed her so badly, wanted her right freaking now, and here she was offering herself to him. Fuck. He felt the painful throbbing of his arousal, straining against the fabric of his underwear and he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her.

To hell with the guys!

He sealed his lips around your collar bone, kissing and sucking at your skin, creating a trail from your throat along your jawline up until he reached your ear.

“You’re such a bad girl.” He whispered, shaking his head slightly in disbelief.

“Mmhmm, I know.” You smiled and trailed one hand along his perfect chest, down his stomach until you reached his cock. Smiling, you palmed him through the thin fabric, watching as his eyes rolled back and closed, his hips thrusting into your touch.

“Shit, [Name]!” He hissed and rocked into your every stroke. The boy was like putty in your hands, completely receptive to your every touch.

“Prom, you have to keep it down.” You hushed, and kissed at his neck. You loved how loud he was, but right now was not the best time for that.

“S-sorry, please don’t stop…” He whined, the want in his voice so clear and so delicious. The hand on the small of your back drifted downwards, his fingers dipping into your underwear to cup your ass.

“Gods Prom, I’ve been wanting you for ages.” You whispered in his ear, achieving the desired reaction of a soft moan and a swift squeeze of your ass. You knew he loved it when you told him exactly how much you wanted him, and you could feel his cock twitch at your words.

“I’ve been thinking about that time you dragged me away from camp and pinned me against a tree, how your cock filled me up…”

Holy fucking hell. It took all Prompto had not to blow his load right there and then. That would have been embarrassing, but he loved it so much when you poured your sinful words right down his ear. Why were you so good at it? His thrusts became more desperate, wanting to feel your hands on him so bad, spurred on by your words.

Please…” His beg came out almost as a strangled cry, but you understood immediately what he wanted. And so you granted him it, ducking under the covers to pull his underwear down to his ankles, freeing his erection. Instead of coming back up, you stayed under the covers, frustrating Prompto.

“[Name]? Are you ok- oh my god!” Prompto threw his head back into his pillow, his eyes squeezing shut at the feel of your tongue sliding all the way up from the bottom of his shaft to his tip. His heart was racing, his breathing quick as the pleasure rolled over him.

She’s going to be the death of me.

“Prom, shhh!” You warned him again, listening for any signs of stirring from the boys. Luckily there were none.

“I’m sorry! You’re just so fucking good with your mouth.” He panted, his fingers gripping at the sleeping bag. Pleased, you opened your mouth and took him in again, loving the feel of him writhing beneath you, swirling your tongue along his cock.

Fuck.” He hissed as you bobbed your head up and down his length. Teasingly, you let go with a soft pop, looking up at Prompto as he looked down at you, lifting the covers to see you. His blue eyes were hooded with lust, his cheeks flushed. His lips were parted as he breathed heavily, his chest rising and falling with each ragged breath. His blonde hair was a ruffled mess from where you had touched it… he looked divine.

“I want you.” He whispered, his hands reaching for your shoulders to pull you up and out of the covers. You were driving him crazy, and he couldn’t take it much longer.

“I want you now.” His hands were ridding you of your underwear before you could say anything, causing you to gasp now. It was so forward and rarely was Prompto ever so dominating, but when he was… a spiral of pleasure shot straight down to your core. It was the hottest thing.

Gentle hands pushed you back against the pillows as Prompto rolled on top of you, looking down at you with a smile.

“I really want you [Name].”

“I’m all yours.” You told him, loving how his face lit up at the words. In no time Prompto was aligning himself with you, teasingly rubbing the head of his cock against your entrance. You moaned softly at the contact, and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He thrust forward into you, relishing the feel as he filled you up.

“Fuck, Prompto.” It was your turn to gasp, and he couldn’t help but grin in satisfaction.

“Put your legs around me.” You did as he asked and he closed the space between you, leaning down so his chest covered yours, drawing your lips in for another kiss as he drew back his hips and thrust into you. He ate all your whimpers and moans as he kissed you, rocking in and out of you at a slow pace. He loved to be close to you like this as he fucked you, loved to feel every inch of your body he could pressed against his.

God he just loved her.

“Prom…” She whimpered, and he sped up his pace, sliding in and out of her with ease. His kisses were urgent, desperate, matching his thrusts. Her fingers wound in his soft blonde hair, eager to find purchase. Soon your hips were meeting up with his, and both of you had long since forgotten to be extra quiet.

“Prom, you’re going to make me come.” She uttered, her lustful voice sending him over the edge.

“Me… too…” He breathed, his blue eyes watching you eagerly as you unravelled beneath him, biting your hand to stop yourself from calling his name. The sight of you coming around him with pure pleasure proved too much, and he followed with his own orgasm, his last few desperate thrusts riding it out as he buried his face in your neck.

He finally collapsed on top of you, easing out of you and laying back down by your side. Both of you were silent for a while, catching your breath and slowing your heart rate, staring up at the quiet tent ceiling.

“I’m seeing stars.” Prompto whispered after a while, making you giggle and cuddle him close.

“You’re not so bad yourself you know.”

“I can’t believe we just did that.”

“Do you think the others heard?” Both of you froze for a second to listen, but upon hearing the still steady snoring, relaxed.

“I don’t know how they didn’t, you were pretty loud.” You teased your boyfriend, who as predicted, turned beetroot red.

“M-me? What about you miss dirty talk.” He accused.

“Fine, I won’t do it anymore.”

“Well, l-let’s not be hasty…”

You laughed again, and Prompto brought you in close for another cuddle. He kissed you on your forehead, before whispering in your ear again.

“I love you [Name].”

“I love you too Prompto.”

ways to face the ace discourse

Because I’ve been following it for the past year (yes, they’ve been harassing us for a whole year! Imagine being that pathetic and desperate for bullying a minority!) and I’ve found out that:

  • Don’t
  • Let me elaborate:
  • The “ace discourse” (but a better way to put it would be: ace bullying, because the term “discourse” implies a conversation and there’s no conversation here, there’s only harassing, suicide baiting and psychological abuse) is basically non-existent in real life LGBT spaces. Which isn’t to say aphobia isn’t real (it is), but LGBT spaces in the real world, aka spaces for supporting marginalized orientations and trans people, pretty much all include and welcome us! So this whole clusterfuck is happening exclusively on tumblr, and a bit on other online communities, but basically it’s all pretty much irrelevant and you should know the large majority of LGBT people welcome us. 
  • Don’t engage. However, there are Discord servers for ace support and conversations with ace people. Go there. Do not engage with the discourse on tumblr. It’s useless, counter-productive and it won’t make the conversation end any time soon (it’ll only make you feel like shit and the aphobes thrive on that because they have no humanity, no empathy and nothing to make them human and they’ll probably try to make you commit suicide for shits n’ giggles the same way TERFs absolutely love trying to induce trans women to commit suicide and triggering dysphoria in them). Believe me, I’ve been watching for a whole year and the arguments literally never changed, even when we brought sources and proof for our claims and no exclusionist ever did once the whole time, yet they’ve always acted like their opinion mattered.
  • But here’s the good news: it doesn’t. 
  • It literally never did. Real LGBT people accept us. Aphobes are just pathetic mono-neuron life forms who thrive off harassing others for no valid reason. They are, for all intents and purposes, abusers. Get away from them, live your life proudly and if you ever interact with them make sure to stay safe. If you’re suicidal, please stay away from the discourse tags. If you see negativity in the positivity tags, block the op without thinking too much about their posts’ contents. 
  • Do not give aphobes a platform. Do not make yourself read what they say. They are abusers using every single abuser tactic in the book and if you engage with them you’ll allow them to get to you, so don’t. 
  • Really. 
  • They’re irrelevant, they lost the argument 6 months ago, they’re just not willing to let go because their whole existence is about abusing and harassing a minority. It’s blatant from the way they operate. 
  • Their rhetoric is virtually indistinguishable from TERF rhetoric. And that says it all. 
  • Shut down TERFS and aphobes and biphobes and all kinds of exclusionists. They don’t deserve a platform and they don’t deserve the common courtesy of being talked to. 
  • Be happy and yourself, loudly, proclaim just how ace/aro you are, and do it in spite of them, block their voices and don’t allow them to get to you. It works wonders. 
  • The discourse is dead and we killed it, everything that remains are just echoes of invalid arguments and people still clinging to a chance to get under someone’s skin. Just don’t let them, because you’re right and they’re wrong and your life is worth more than their fake arguments about “feeling safe”. 
  • I love you. 

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Hello! I was hoping to take advantage of you being awesome and offering to take sidgeno drabble prompts, if that's cool? I was thinking like, something about sid's sleeptalking habit (AKA when he shamelessly gushes over how hot/talented/perfect G is while he sleeps) and like flower and his road roommates are familiar with this but then Geno hears once and just like. Melts. Pls, if you wouldn't mind writing this tooth-rotting fluff, I would melt. Thank you again for your time!!! :)))))))

!!!!! ohhh my god i cannot express to you how much i love sid’s sleeptalking involved in fic alsjdfa (hit me up with sidgeno prompts y’all)

Geno, if you asked him, would say he was a connoisseur of Sidney Crosby trivia. 

Of course, no one ever asked him- but, if you did, Geno would say that. He’d say it jokingly, with a toothy grin and just enough of a wink that you’d know (think) he was kidding, but in reality, he really wasn’t. He knew a lot of things about Sid. 

Most of it just came with the territory of knowing him for any extended period of time, because Sid was an easy person to get to know, on the surface. He had predictable routines, and rituals Geno could time down to the second- and, since he’d started being involved in at least part of them, often had. He knew exactly the amount of time he needed to take getting ready and getting through his own routine to be ready just in time for his and Sid’s handshake, to make it look like he wasn’t waiting for it like some kind of eager child waiting for his crush to pass him in the hallway at school. 

(Except, that’s exactly what Geno was, and he knew it.) 

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Speaking of Julian! I need a fic/drabble of him crushing on Isak? Bc that boy was so busy having a crush on Jonas, he probably wouldn't have noticed?? But we all saw Isak in s1. How could Julian NOT have had a crush on him?

things julian dahl notices about isak first:

  • his instagram name is a stupid pun
  • his hair can probably house a family of birds
  • his smile makes the flash on the pictures he takes of himself obsolete
  • his girlfriend is pretty, objectively, and she looks enamored with him

things julian dahl notices about isak after they start talking:

  • he absolutely believes he can rap
  • he can make conversation about any subject you put forth, even if it’s a half-assed one
  • he doesn’t notice when he’s being flirted with, but he sure giggles like he’s aware
  • he thinks ‘me gusta’ memes are still funny, and will defend them by reminding julian they’re the reason memes even exist today with a fiery passion
  • he has a crush on his best friend, though julian can’t tell you if he knows that yet

things julian dahl notices about isak too late:

  • he stops crushing on jonas somewhere at the beginning of second year
  • when julian makes a joke, he doesn’t laugh as hard anymore, his gaze often locked somewhere over julian’s shoulder
  • his eyes flit around the hallway desperately some days, as if looking for something (someone?)
  • he starts missing all the pregames and parties his friends are going to, and they never know what to tell julian when he asks after him
  • he’s quieter at school, keeps his head down more often, is only loud when he’s fighting with his locker
  • he looks tired, and sometimes worried, but sometimes he’ll stop to gaze at a group of tall third years sitting across the yard and look okay, maybe relieved, for just a second, then go back to looking tired and worried again

things julian dahl notices about isak post even bech næsheim:

  • if his smile could make camera flashes obsolete before, now they could put the sun to shame
  • when he thinks no one’s looking, he’ll brush his fingertips against even’s, and they’ll both share a quiet, tender look that goes unnoticed by mostly everyone around them
  • he rarely looks tired anymore, and he’ll laugh at the things julian has to say again, maybe just not as hard as before
  • he stops pretending to care about the things he doesn’t care about, and julian hasn’t seen him so much as look at a skateboard since even came into his life
  • when he’s walking beside even, his posture is comfortable and relaxed, and sometimes he’ll laugh so loud he throws his head back and even’s eyes will shine with what julian can only define as wonder
  • (and he knows it’s wonder, because julian knows firsthand what it’s like to be mesmerized by isak valtersen)
  • and now, when he and julian talk, he’s always paying attention – his gaze is never locked over julian’s shoulder, and it takes julian a couple of days to realize that it’s not because of julian, nothing’s ever because of julian anymore; it’s because isak now knows exactly where even is, at all times, he never has to look, and when he does look, he never has to worry–
  • now, he knows even is always looking back
Poe Party Word Count Statistics

I really love words, numbers, and Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, so I’ve spent most of this weekend putting them together by analyzing the word counts of the Poe Party characters. Also I have no life. And I’m pretty sure no one cares. But just in case…

The (approximate) total word counts are as follows:

  1. Edgar: 2303
  2. Ernest: 1430
  3. Charlotte: 1422
  4. Lenore: 1180
  5. HG: 1015
  6. Oscar: 1014
  7. Eddie: 811
  8. Annabel: 708
  9. Constable Jim: 580
  10. George: 578
  11. Mary: 338
  12. Constable Jimmy: 328
  13. Emily: 218
  14. Fyodor: 189
  15. Anne: 185
  16. Krishanti: 165
  17. Louisa: 136
  18. Guy: 61
  19. Jane: 52
  20. Constable Wesley: 11

Note: Screams were never counted as words, but I wasn’t super consistent on how I counted some of the noises certain characters (cough, Oscar, cough) make that are sort of but not exactly words, or how I counted stammering (if someone - cough, HG, cough - says “I, I, I” should that count as 3 words? Or just one?), but I figure for all intents and purposes this is pretty close.  I did not count the Epilogue or any bonus videos, or the little Oscar bit after the credits.

The character who talks the most in each chapter is:

  • Chapter 1: Edgar
  • Chapter 2: Edgar
  • Chapter 3: Mary
  • Chapter 4: HG
  • Chapter 5: George
  • Chapter 6: Krishanti
  • Chapter 7: Edgar
  • Chapter 8: Constable Jim
  • Chapter 9: Edgar
  • Chapter 10: Charlotte
  • Chapter 11: Eddie

The characters’ word counts by chapter are tracked in the following super-hard-to-read graph:

So Eddie’s ridiculously long villain monologue means he talks almost twice as much in chapter 11 as anyone else does in a single chapter.

I felt like it was kind of unfair to compare the word counts of characters who died early on to those who survived to the end, so I also made this chart taking into account how many chapters each character appeared in:

Chapters in which a character appears only as a corpse (or fake corpse), or in a flashback from earlier that evening, do not count; chapters in which a character appears only as a ghost, or in a flashback from before that evening, do. Example: George counts as being in chapter 6 but not 7; Eddie counts as being in chapter 10 (even though he doesn’t say anything) but not 2 or 3; etc.

Okay, this post is getting too long, but stay tuned for more charts and analysis coming soon!

anonymous asked:

Sooooo you said in your tags that chris wouldn't know what to do if yuuri said yes to his advances... could we maybe get a drabble about that, if you're still taking requests? :)

Anonymous said:I think we need some drunk drabble! Take your pick on who’s gonna be

It had been a day.  A horrible day and the only thing that made it better was that it wasn’t a competition day, so maybe, just maybe, Yuuri could turn it around and make it a not bad day.  How he didn’t know, but hopefully, something would just click.

“Yuuri!  How was practice?”

Yuuri gave Chris a look but moved his bag off the seat next to him.

“That bad?”

“Just a series of not quite horrible things that culminated in my lace snapping on a triple axel during practice so I fell hard on the landing.  All told it just sucked.”

Chris signalled to the wait staff that he was ready to order.  “That’s unfortunate, but there are things we can do to fix that!  Have some fun!”


“Hmm.”  At the server’s approach, Chris grinned.  “I have just the thing.”  He smiled and turned to the young woman.  “Two vespers.”  She nodded and headed off to the bar.  “Time to teach you about martinis.  And there is no better way than with Bond’s.”

“This is because you’re skating to the Bond soundtrack, isn’t it?”

Chris just shrugged.  “Doesn’t matter!  First martinis and then something that will make you laugh.”


Two and a half martinis later and Yuuri was slightly stumbling into Chris’s room and the only thing that made it better was that Chris was no better off than he was.

“Martinis learned.  Now you said you’d make me laugh?”  Yuuri groaned.  “But my coach can never hear of this.  He’ll kill me!”

Chris snickered.  “Mine too.  Secret musketeer pact!”

Yuuri giggled and fell down into the chair while Chris fell down onto his bed and reached for the controller.

“I bet there’s something on TV.”

“I don’t speak French.”

Chris paused.  “That… makes it more difficult. Oh, wait, I know!”  He rolled to his side and pulled out his phone.  “I, uh, I have just the thing that will make you laugh!”  Chris started messing around and Yuuri let his head tilt back up to look at the ceiling.

Yuuri’s head was just a little buzzy, like he was floating.  He wasn’t completely an innocent when it came to drinking, it just wasn’t something that he allowed himself to do often, though this point, where he was still all there but just kind of loose was the best.  Didn’t think it would only take two and a half martinis though.  Didn’t know that martinis tasted like that.  Not bad.

Chris’s voice broke Yuuri’s chain of thought.  

“Chris laughs as he approaches the pool.  “And here I wanted to go skinny dipping,” he says as he slides down to sit on the side of the pool letting his legs dangle in the water. “What are you two doing here?”

““Nothing much,” Viktor says.  He’s floating in the pool, his hair looking like a silver halo around his head.

““Waiting for you.”  Yuuri lifts himself out of the water next to him and Chis catches his breath as the rivulets of water run down his well-toned stomach and arms.”

“STOP!  Chris, oh my god, please stop.  What is that?”

Chris tossed Yuuri his phone and laughed.  “It’s one of the Explicit Three Musketeer fics.  It’s not too bad.”

Yuuri dropped the phone like it was cursed or poisoned.  “Why would you read one of them?!  Don’t do that!”

“But they’re funny and sometimes even hot.  Seriously, skinny dipping in December?”

Yuuri just raised an eyebrow.  “Didn’t someone start something a couple of years ago during the Olympics… something involving swimsuits.”

Chris laughed.  “All right, you got me, but really, it is funny, and there’s this position and sometimes I wonder if they know the limits of the human body.”

The bad thing about alcohol – and Yuuri could admit this to himself only because he was a little tipsy – is that it made him curious.  Or rather, it let him give in to his curiosity.  So he picked the phone back up and skimmed, his face getting more and more red as he read.

He swallowed.  “That’s totally possible, if you stretch before trying it.”

Chris just stared at him for a minute.  “No.  Really?  You want to try?”  His voice was teasing and obviously not serious.

“Sure.  Why not.”  Yuuri stood up, his fingers playing with the hem of his shirt.  “I’m still pretty limber from practice.”

He’d never seen Chris move so far so fast when he wasn’t on the ice.  Chris was always languid. Like liquid sex.  Or what Yuuri thought liquid sex would look like as a person, but the deer in headlights look on his face was as far from sexy as Chris could get.

Yuuri fell back into his chair with a laugh.  “Bit off more than you could handle, Chris?”

“You… you weren’t serious.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “No, but I wanted to see what you’d do.  You’re right, you did find a way to make me laugh.  Thanks.” 

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In a world where deities are known to actually exist (some people doubt their existence, but most at least acknowledge them, even if they don't follow any), do you think that religion would change significantly? A lot of religions are about a relationship with a being based on conviction, but less so on actual interaction or evidence. Do you see this being significantly different, or would what people want from it be the same, and therefore religions wouldn't differ much?

DISCLAIMER: These replies are only writing advice and intended for entertainment purposes only.  Your personal experiences may vary.  The author accepts no liability stemming from improper use of any material presented here.  I am not here to be your pastor; I am here to help you write better pastors.  If you need real life spiritual advice or are experiencing a spiritual crisis, please search for local resources related to your specific crisis as these will be best equipped to assist you. If the first resource doesn’t work out, try the next one. You matter.

So I’ve given this some thought, and my answer is: No, I think religion probably wouldn’t differ all that much.

I’ll start by mentioning that humanity is incredibly predisposed to religion.  We can engage in all kinds of speculation why, but suffice to say that we do.  Long ago, we worshipped emperors and kings; more recently, we worship the economy and certain beauty ideals.  People argue about whether or Dumbledore’s sexual orientation is “canon,” given that JK Rowling revealed that detail in an interview and not in the text of the books (scripture) themselves.  It’s controversial when a professional athlete chooses whether or not to stand for the national anthem, which is a ritual designed to reinforce feelings of loyalty and pride in the fictive state.

I’m working with a very broad definition of “religion,” here.  For my purposes, religion is something that gives narrative structure to one’s life and environment.  Religion uses sacred story and ritual to represent this narrative.  Religion posits an “ideal state” that we are meant to strive toward or return to.

It sounds like in this world you’re building, deities are “known to exist” because there is evidence of them.  I don’t know what kind of evidence there is; maybe that means deities are walking around on the surface of the planet as we speak, waving their multiple arms and performing miracles, or maybe Real Miracles happened fifty years ago but no miracles have happened lately so people are starting to forget.  

In the latter case, I don’t see this as being particularly different from, say, people who absolutely believe in the existence of angels.  You might say, “well, that’s not evidence-based,” but that would depend on what you mean by evidence.  She prayed for her tumor to shrink, and it did, and she says it’s because her guardian angel was listening.  Her doctor says it’s because the medicine worked.  Who’s right?  Maybe her guardian angel made sure the medicine worked.

In the former case, where you have basically X-Men running around the place, controlling the weather and firing lasers out of their faces, I can only think that it might make the ordinary populace more demanding of their deities.  XD  People can always make up reasons for why something didn’t happen.  If the aforementioned woman’s tumor had not shrunk, she might shrug and say, well, it must be my time to go, the guardian angel knows best.  But if you performed the correct ritual for rain and it didn’t rain?  Hey, somebody’s not holding up their end of the bargain!  Or, hey, maybe not: maybe I didn’t perform the ritual correctly.  Must have missed something.  Maybe I’d better go back and do that again.

Which can make things pretty interesting for your deities!  Like, holy cow, people are hanging all kinds of responsibilities on me; I didn’t ask for any of this!  I was just born this way!  So on and so forth.

It’s also worth noting that this idea of religion being based on some kind of belief and/or conviction is a relatively new one, and a particularly Western notion at that.  Nearly 80% of the Japanese population engages in Shinto practices, but ask any one of them if they were “religious” and they would probably say no, even if you’d stopped them to ask this question in front of the shrine where they’d just made an offering for a good grade on their final exams.  What, that?  That’s not religion.  Same with many Hindus and Buddhists.  For thousands of years–and in much of the world today–religion was not something we believed; it was something we did.  They were and are a set of cultural practices that had nothing to do with whether or not you actually believed in a supernatural deity out there, somewhere.

about a quarter to nine, 1/3

or, the one where Wylan is struggling to pay his rent and plays music on the streets, Jesper dances and has no restraint and may or may not dance along to a cute street musician, and everyone is embarrassed at what these dorks get up to. {ao3}

It was February, another snowstorm had just hit, Wylan Hendriks was behind on his rent again, and apparently no one on this street had ever learned the values of tipping.

For all intents and purposes, the day should have gone well. He’d set up near a museum that was usually filled with tourists, but today it was curiously empty. Wylan had also started off with playing the violin, which usually worked in more “cultured” areas, but there was hardly anyone around to even hear him. The most attention he’d gotten was a few vaguely dirty looks and a disapproving glance from a police officer. However, the worst part of the day was the man who had walked up when Wylan pulled out his guitar and started singing, seemingly enjoying his performance… and then walked away.

All in all, he made a whopping three dollars.

Cutting ties with your rich father is, unsurprisingly, costly.

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I think that anon may have misinterpreted something. From any articles about b*rchie and bughead, they never explicitly say b*rchie will not happen nor that bughead will be endgame. But isn't that what any writer with half a brain would do? Confirming things like couples that a lot of fans are invested in may bring in viewers & lose many as well. Shipping is also a will they/won't they thing and confirming a couple will be endgame makes people feel less invested. Anyways wouldn't worry about RAS

that’s true. writers (on any show) typically avoid ruling out any ships, even if they have no plans to go there. i’m pretty sure when asked about b*ronica at wondercon, RAS said something like “anything could happen.” i think after everything that’s happened, it’s pretty clear that romantic b&v isn’t ever going to be canon; and yet he still didn’t fully shut it down 

i also like to look past just what RAS is saying. i mean, obviously he’s the one with the most knowledge about where they’re going– but it sounds like the actors are pretty informed too. it’s been said by a few of them that the writers (especially RAS) really collaborate with them and listen to their ideas and opinions. maybe a lot more so than other shows. a few examples: bringing hot dog on the show (and cole insisting he needed to be a sheep dog), lili suggesting jughead kiss betty’s hands in ep 10, lili and cole coming to the director and fighting for the bughead walking through the cemetery scene not be cut from the finale, lili telling RAS she wanted to address betty’s mental health issues more in season 2, and lili and cole wanting to add conflict to betty and jughead’s relationship to make it more realistic and keep it from being one dimensional. lili and cole have both mentioned meeting with RAS a couple times to discuss betty and jughead’s relationship; lili also said that while she didn’t know that bughead’s first kiss was going to be in episode 6, she had known that they were going to be love interests. i also know that the actors have all met with the writers to discuss their characters’ storylines for season 2. so while they obviously don’t know specifics since they haven’t started filming yet, i feel like they might have a general idea of what’s coming. with that in mind


  • said she once believed that b*rchie was going to be endgame, but now isn’t so sure
  • when told kj said he thought betty and archie were going to be endgame replied with she thinks kj was told b&a were endgame when he first signed on and has clung to that and he thinks that’s what’s right 
  • stated that she believes bughead and varchie can co-exist, and almost seemed offended when somebody implied betty had to be jealous 
  • said “i think betty is smooth sailing with jughead and isn’t confused about her feelings” 
  • wants betty and jughead to pull through as long as they keep making each other happy; also said she wants betty to end up with whoever makes her happiest 


  • said she thought the BAV triangle was always going to be there, maybe not as a focus, but as a nod to the comics 
  • this is a change from an interview i read by her a few months ago where she said she thought they were building to the BAV triangle 


  • has in the past said he thought that b*rchie was endgame 
  • several times said the triangle was coming back in certain episodes (which it then didn’t); he said the JBA triangle was a romantic one when everybody else said it was a friendship triangle (which it did turn out to be a friendship one) 
  • but there seemed to be a slight shift in his answers at paleyfest (which was after they’d met with the writers to discuss season 2) 
  • he said that veronica has been it for archie since their first meeting
  • when asked who he thought had the most potential to get archie settled down, he said veronica 
  • when asked about if he thought fans were still rooting for romantic b*rchie, he said that he thought they were the most iconic type of relationship– but then also went on to say, “It seems like the fans are loving what’s going on between Betty and Jughead and Archie and Veronica. I think there’s definitely potential for those relationships to last quite a long time.” 


  • for me, his shift was the most remarkable. i’ve said it before, but i’ve always gotten the feeling that he wasn’t huge on bughead. he’s a comic purest, so he liked b*rchie and woman hating jughead. i mean, he’s said nice things about them in the past, but i still always got the vibe that it wasn’t really what he wanted. even if he could see the beauty in their relationship and respected that 
  • it didn’t quite feel like that at paleyfest, though. he did say he thought they were going to return to the BAV triangle because it’s such a huge part of the comics– but he also said that he wanted bughead to end up together. “I want them to have a happily ever after if it’s honest and real. If they can comfort each other in a storm of shit that seems to be hitting them at light-speed, that’s what I want.“ 
  • he was also asked what his favorite part of playing jughead was and he gave two reasons; one of which was his dynamic with betty. that really surprised me. 
  • i don’t really know why, but his answers and attitude at paleyfest (which, again, was after he’d met with RAS to talk about season 2) made me feel like he knew they were still very much going to be a thing in season 2 

but these are just loose observations. for all i know the actors have no idea what’s going to happen to bughead and varchie or if the writers plan on sticking with them 

Star Wars Rebels fanfic - Connection (2/2)

Little by Little AU Masterpost

part 1

It had gotten worse since the last time he had been outside, as though a new wave of dokma had descended on the base over the past few hours.  Ezra stepped carefully over one and around another, staring at the ground before him as he did.  They weren’t evenly spaced; standing around in small clusters, or wandering around alone, some patches of ground were filled with the creatures, while some areas were almost entirely clear.

Ezra tried to stick to the clear patches, stepping over the dokma only when necessary; he had learned the hard way that they liked to move unexpectedly, getting underfoot as he carefully stepped to avoid them.  He didn’t think they were doing it on purpose, but they were definitely doing it.

He glanced over at Kanan, stopping walking as he did — to try to keep moving without watching his step would have been hazardous.  The Jedi faced straight ahead, setting him apart from the people around them, all of whom very obviously kept their focus on the ground.  He was sure that it was taking concentration, probably a lot of concentration, for Kanan to avoid the dokma, but he was able to hide it more easily.  He stepped amongst them in a way that appeared entirely casual.

“So, I guess you weren’t kidding when you said there were more of them,” Ezra said  He turned to avoid a cluster of the creatures.  Over to his left, two people were picking up the dokma one at a time and loading them into a hover crate, presumably with the intention of transporting them off of the base.  They were very obviously fighting a losing battle, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the dokma were causing so much trouble, it might even have been funny.

Actually, no.  It was still funny.

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Companion piece to Two Prompt Tuesday #16
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1270
Warnings: Smut. No methods of birth control mentioned – doesn’t mean y’all shouldn’t be practicing safe sex. Little bit of language. 

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  • Scene: Altair as the Beast, Malik is Beauty (very fetching in a gown...not really). Kadar as the plot device that brings Malik to Altair's castle to be prisoner forever.
  • Malik: I honestly expected you to be so much scarier what with your frighteningly bad manners.
  • Kadar: how about we not make him angry.
  • Malik: let my brother go.
  • Altair: if you take his place.
  • Malik: about I kill you and then just take my brother?
  • Altair: ...
  • Kadar: ...Malik don't make him angry he has razor sharp teeth and claws like knives. I mean, you're good in a fight and all but he could take you. He's seven foot tall.
  • Malik: fine. I'll stay if you let Kadar go.
  • Altair: Fine.
  • Altair: no, you have to go to the fabulous room in my castle
  • Malik: fuck you no i don't.
  • Altair: I WILL MAKE YOU
  • Malik: I cannot believe that bastard is holding me prisoner in this lap of luxury.
  • Malik: I can't believe you won't feed me just because I find your company literally repulsive. Why the hell do you even need me here to begin with? Were you getting lonely with nothing but the furniture to watch you throw your temper tantrums?
  • Malik: Bitch, whatever, your furniture already likes me best.
  • (Furniture: Dude we are never, ever getting this curse broken, ever.
  • Furniture 2: I miss my arms and legs. Do you think if we drug them and lock them in a room together and they have sex it'll break the spell?
  • Furniture: ...I think if we tried they'd kill one another.)
  • Altair: I don't need books I can climb walls with my CLAWS.
  • Malik: I can feel myself growing stupider every day in you company.
  • Malik: ...I think you just insulted yourself.
  • Altair: No I didn't.
  • (Furniture: how about a song? we can just sing them into falling in love.
  • Furniture 2: no we have to put one of them in mortal danger so the other one realizes they secretly have feelings for the one in danger.
  • Furniture: just want an excuse to light something on fire.)
  • Altair: I'm covered in fur, dickwad
  • Malik: I cannot believe my life right now. I am literally rubbing snow on your giant naked body while your fur blows smoke up my nose.
  • Altair: Well, if you'd done something besides stand there and LAUGH we wouldn't be in this situation, would we?
  • (Furniture: oh my god.
  • Furniture 2: song or drugs. these are our choices now.)
  • Malik: did you put something in my food?
  • Altair: What is happening to my penis? Why is this happening?
  • Malik: ...are you kidding me right now?
  • Altair: I GOT CURSED AT LIKE AGE 11 OKAY. IT'S NOT LIKE SOMEONE TOOK THE TIME TO EXPLAIN A THING. Seriously though, it like wants to get closer to you.
  • Malik: you are a seven foot tall creature with three inch knives at the end of his fingers I don't think your mammoth dick will be getting anywhere near me.
  • Altair: but it wants you!
  • Malik:
  • Furniture 2: *hums a tune*)
  • Altair: So, uh, when I got cursed the lady told me that I had to find someone to love me or I'd die at age twenty one.
  • Malik: When do you turn twenty one?
  • Altair: like tomorrow.
  • Malik: ..............................................
  • Altair: I'm only telling you because the lamps have been following me around aggressively singing about it all night.
  • Malik: at least it wasn't a feather duster with a lonely solo. What kind of love are we talking about here? Like forever or I'd do you for a night kind of love?
  • Altair: I'm not really sure. It happened pretty fast, I opened the door there was this hag and I was like ew no but she got all offended, killed my parents, took my kingdom, turned my servants into objects and abandoned me here as an eleven year old beast-child.
  • Malik: ...I did not think it was possible to feel sympathy for you but I think that's what's happening.
  • Altair: yeah, you'd think she'd be all like: look here child, there's more to life than how things look, or something. I mean I was a child. Also you're really good looking so I'm not sure what the ultimate moral of the story is.
  • Malik: *shrugs*
  • (Furniture: ok, new plan. We're going to storm the village, kidnap the brother and hold him as ransom until Malik declares his true and undying love for Altair.
  • Furniture 2: *takes all the knives* I'm ready.)
  • Altair: not responsible for this.
  • Malik: I cannot believe I'm being forced into a shotgun wedding by a candelabra and a clock. OH ALTAIR THE LOVE THAT I FEEL FOR YOU IN MY HEART KNOWS NO MORTAL BOUNDS.
  • Altair: You could at least try to sound sincere.
  • Malik: whatever. get down here so I can kiss you.
  • Altair: at least I won't die without this final indignity.
  • Malik: ...*smooches Altair*
  • Altair: ...what's happening? *explodes into light, dramatically, entire castle is suddenly sparkling and pretty again, everything is awesome*
  • Malik: ...
  • Kadar: dude! kiss me!
  • Malik: what? No.
  • Kadar: you kissed him and he turned into a handsome prince with a house full of servants and an entire kingdom to obey him. Kiss me, I just want a horse and a girlfriend.
  • Malik: you are ridiculous and stupid.
  • Altair: ha! you liar. You said you didn't love me.
  • Malik: that is not what I said. I said the love that I feel for you in my heart knows no mortal bounds.
  • Altair: Yes but you were just being an asshole.
  • Malik: was I?
  • Altair: I thought?
  • Malik: maybe you shouldn't do that anymore. Now that you're man-sized and non-lethal how about we go to your room and I'll explain the whole sex thing to you.
  • Kadar: could someone untie me tho?
  • Kadar: no?
  • Kadar: that's fine.
  • Kadar: you'll come back eventually.
  • Kadar: ...won't you?
  • Kadar: MALIK!

anonymous asked:

imagine y/n finally recognized mermaid!tae after that deal he made where she wouldn't be able to recognize him, she would be yelling at him and calling him stupid for making such a sacrifice and he would just be like "because I love you"

you knew there was something about this man from the moment he introduced himself with a name you knew too well of.

it was too much of a coincidence that from the moment he appeared was the same time the taehyung you knew, the one that lived in the ocean and knew how to swim with the back of his hand, was nowhere to be found.

but there was a doubt in between that made you not question anything because what if you were wrong? what if you jeopardized taehyung’s situation? which is why you haven’t said anything until this taehyung you’ve met said the same thing that made you snap to your senses.

his eyes are the ones you’ve seen so many times, now in the man you’ve come to noticed. his hair, that should’ve been a major clue is only now coming to you as he stands before you. his lips looks like they could be filled with color, if you touched them with your own. his voice, his words, his everything from the little touches each time he came to buy something or return, it would all combine together until it made your heart combust.

just one line.

“you should smile more, you… look pretty when you smile.”

it shakes you to your core as you carelessly drop the flower pot and taehyung flinches at the sound. he immediately rushes back in, closing the door he was just about to exit and turns around to meet with your teary eyes. he licks his lips nervously, hands slowly going into his pockets as he looks at you, unsure of what to say. had he crossed the line by saying that? was it not the right time? he wasn’t sure - so he stayed silent.

until you walk around the broken pieces of terracotta, to get to him and refuse to move, looking at him with such longing in your eyes that taehyung could only preach the same thing.

“a-are you… the taehyung i know?”

he only opens and closes his mouth a few times, but he can’t answer. choking on your words, you only manage to croak answer me and he gives in, nodding his head as his eyes come to a close: “y-yes… i am…”

“how…” you breathe, hands shakily reaching up to brush your fingertips across his cheeks, to which his exhale trembles under your touch, “how come you look different than i remembered?”

he still doesn’t answer until after you palm the sides of his head, bringing him closer as you give him a gentle squeeze, your voice cracking, “taehyung please answer me-”

“i made a deal with the witch,” taehyung murmurs, lapping his hands over yours, taking a deep gulp before he - “if i wanted to be human, if i wanted to be closer to you… she would alter your memory of me so that no matter how hard you tried, you would never put together that this is me,” taehyung’s eyes opens, and even if you can notice the similarity, definitely, the one you remembered seemed a bit different - but all this while, he’s still the same.

“this, the one that waited for you everyday by the ocean… got greedy and wanted to be with you all the time,”

taehyung doesn’t know what to do as he looks at you cry. he thought he would’ve known what he would be doing if you ever came to a realization but as it unravels before his eyes, he’s torn. he can only manage to rasp your name, in a voice you’ve been missing and he desperately tries to brush them away. before he could, the shrill of your voices shakes down his bones - in a good way.

he feels himself being shook and he gasps when you glare at him angrily - but behind the fire in your eyes, is a deep longing pain that he never got to see.

“why did you do such a thing?! how could you have- behind my back- not even telling- risking your life like that and just-” you let him go the same time taehyung clutches onto you, bringing you to his arms and feeling you cry in his chest, arms weakly wrapped around his torso that he can feel properly without the water being a disturbance, “…i thought you didn’t want to be with me anymore…”

taehyung squeezes you tight, clenching his eyes shut at the sounds of you crying muffled against him. his jaw clamp when your grip starts to turn into iron, solid around him out of the months he had to watch you lifelessly go about your day ever since he gave you the impression that he went away. but it’s not that he did it because he didn’t love you.

he did it because - “i did it because i love you, y/n,” he rasps, unwilling to let you go when finally, finally, the one and only flower girl in his life remembers him again, “and i’m not going anywhere now.”

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Hello friendy friendos... could you please write a hc of alpha Phil and omega Dan's wedding night? I'd love to see Phil being gentle with his little virgin mate, but wouldn't say no to some hardcore heat induced dirty talk along with knotting and breeding.

Dude same

~Nothing was added because I felt it had to be~

- Even though they’ve been at reception for an hour, which is frankly exhausting, Dan can’t seem to stop grinning. He’s lucky, having gotten a strong, beautiful, protective mate, who actually loves Dan and respects him as a human being. Not to mention, Phil knows how to literally charm to pants off of anyone he meets, and Dan’s seen omegas and even betas falling over Phil, but not once has he ever betrayed Dan. After an eternity, Dan and Phil leave,smiling like idiots and giggling and maybe a little tipsy, but they can’t help it because they’re just so in love.

- At home, Phil wastes no time in lifting Dan up and carrying him to the upstairs bedroom of their new home, kissing him the whole way. “My beautiful omega,” Phil breathes against Dan’s lips, kicking the door open and setting Dan down on the bed. His hands are slow and gentle as he takes off Dan’s shoes for him and helps him out of the wedding dress. “You’ve always been one for tradition,” Phil says once he can see Dan’s panties and garters.

- “I- do you like it?” Dan asks.

- As he shrugs off his suit jacket and loosens his tie, Phil smiles. “Of course I do sweetheart.” Dan helps Phil strip all the way to his boxers, giggling when Phil jumps onto the bed and kisses all over Dan’s face. His laughter is quickly cut off by a moan when Phil rolls his hips into Dan’s, giving them both some much needed friction. Suddenly, Dan whimpers and tenses, so Phil freezes, afraid he’s hurt Dan somehow, but after a moment, it’s clear that’s not the case. “Dan- did you just-”

- Frantically nodding, Dan wraps his arms around Phil’s neck. “Yeah, yeah, I did- Phil- Alpha- fuck, please, I- need to- Alpha…”

- “Shhh, I’m gonna take care of you my pretty omega,” Phil says soothingly as he catches the scent of slick in the air, further confirming that Dan’s now in heat. “You want me to breed you, omega? Fill you up with my babies?”

- “Yes, yes, please,” Dan begs, throwing his head back against the pillows. “Need your knot- please, Alpha- I need-”

- Phil manages to peel away Dan’s soaked panties and discard them so he can stretch Dan. “I know, omega, I’m going to take such good care of you, but I’ve gotta stretch you first, you’ve never done this. I’m gonna knot you and breed you, don’t worry.”

- True to his word, Phil has enough restraint to stretch Dan thoroughly before he takes off his boxers and lines up with Dan’s hole. Watching Dan’s face carefully as he pushes in, Phil bites his lip to keep from immediately fucking Dan hard and fast, knowing how much it’ll hurt Dan later. As soon as Phil bottoms out, Dan comes with a cry. “Alpha, don’t stop!” he practically screams when Phil begins to pull out, wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist.

- “I won’t, don’t you worry sweetheart. I’m gonna fill you up, knot you, breed you. My beautiful omega, all mine…” He starts fucking Dan, slowly at first, until Dan demands Phil do it faster, harder, please Alpha, and he pounds into Dan, drawing two more orgasms out of the omega before he cums, knot holding him and Dan together to make sure that Phil’s cum takes hold. “Gonna look so pretty filled with my babies,” Phil assures, grabbing tissues from the nightstand to clean Dan off before arranging them to comfortably fall asleep.

I’m not super happy with how this one turned out but oh well


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Cheating Fic - Seven After Endings

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | After Endings


Pushing your hair out of your face you ran to the conference room. It was just typical that on the day of the RFA meeting there had to be so much traffic, causing you to be ridiculously late. Rushing into the room you sat down in the first seat available, not even paying attention to who it was next to. It wasn’t until after dropping your bag and pulling out your notes that you realised. Seven. Your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest. Once you were settled with your stuff Jaehee carried on talking at the front, going over all the party details and double checking with everyone that they had done their part. Seven was furiously scribbling away at something on his notepad, and you would bet your life on it being something completely unrelated to the party. Curiosity got the better of you and your eyes flickered down to see what he was writing. It was a huge mistake. You snorted with laughter and had to cover your mouth with your hand. All of them turned to look at you, and you apologised quietly, still trying to stifle laughter. Seven was writing an intricate plan on how to prank Yoosung and just reading his notes you could picture it in your head. Your eyes shifted from the notepad to the person writing on it. For a moment you met his, and everything felt ok. You didn’t hate him anymore. It had been at least 7 months since you broke up, and in that time you had let go of your resentment towards him. Now you were just stuck with all that leftover love that wouldn’t go away. He seemed to be doing better now, according to Yoosung all he wanted was to have you back. Even Saeran had been vouching for his brother, which was really saying a lot. Most surprisingly, V had encouraged you to give Seven another chance. He could see how much you still loved him, and even if you didn’t reciprocate his own feelings he would be content just knowing you were happy. You couldn’t help but smile at Seven as you both looked at each other. It was the first time you had smiled at him since he broke your heart. His face lit up and he had to turn away to hide his grin. It was time for you to move on. Now you weren’t angry at him anymore you just wanted to be with him again. You slowly moved your hand off the table and placed it in his open hand which was sitting on his lap. His head shot back around to look at you, but you averted his gaze, focusing instead on Jaehee. You sat for the whole meeting like this, and you knew that once you left things would maybe start getting back to how they used to be. You and Seven would be happy again. 


The sun was glaring through the open curtains, waking you up slowly. The first thing that hit you as you lifted your head off the pillow was the smell of food. It had drifted through the house and all the way up to the bedroom, making you wonder if that’s what had woken you after all. Sliding out of bed you made your way downstairs, heading straight for the kitchen in your pyjamas. Seeing him standing over the cooker made your heart race. It felt silly but you were pretty sure you fell in love with him more and more every day. “Good morning, Jihyun,” you said quietly, still groggy from sleep. He turned his head slightly and looked over his shoulder at you, flashing that beautiful smile that made your legs weak. “Good morning angel,” he mused. After turning the heat down on the cooker he made his way over to you, taking you into his arms like he did every single morning. You had never been as happy as you were with him. Everything he did, everything he said, everything he was, it just made you forget all of your worries. V kissed you sweetly on the top of you head before returning to the cooker to continue making your breakfast. As he cooked you sat down at the table and just watched him. It was ironic that he called you angel when he was the one who had saved you. You were so happy you didn’t even think about what Seven had done anymore. V had singlehandedly wiped away every negative emotion you had. Glancing at the beautiful ring on your left hand, you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him. 


The night of the party had finally arrived. It was probably the biggest one the RFA had thrown yet. All of these guests were here because of you. Each of them wanted to come and thank you for your help and for inviting them. It was tiring but worth every second. Wherever you went there was someone waiting to talk to you about how great the party was, it was an incredible feeling. Out of the corner of your eye you could see the other members of the RFA huddled by the bar chatting amongst themselves. Both Seven and V couldn’t take their eyes off you. You still weren’t speaking to Seven, and as of right now you were unsure if you ever would again. As for V, even though he had declared his love for you and you had shared a moment with him, it just couldn’t happen. You loved V, but not like that. Things were the same as they always were with him despite this, he had insisted he could remain just as friends, after all he had managed to do it throughout your entire relationship with Seven. You were grateful you still had him as a friend, you definitely needed one once and while when the nightmares of what Seven did terrorised your sleep. Even though you were alone, you weren’t unhappy. It was quite the opposite actually. You felt relief being by yourself. No worries about a significant other, your only priority was you. It was like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders. You knew your worth. You knew you would find someone else. Even if you didn’t, you would be happy. Everything was going to work out for you, you could just feel it.

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I just wanted to say that I love you and The Darkest Minds series is my favorite series, and I just wanted to ask a question. have you ever considered Ruby, Liam, Chubs, Vida, etc, to be gay, bi, pan, etc? I always kinda pictured that Vida would be pan because she seems like she wouldn't care about gender, but I wondered if you ever put thought into it. thanks xx

Hi! Thank you so much <3 

This is a hard question in the sense that I truly, firmly believe that you can interpret the text any way you’d like, but I also feel like I can’t retcon what I wrote and declare something like sexual orientation without true textual evidence to back me up. (Does that make sense? My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.) I know that’s not what you’re asking, but I just want to make it clear up front that I’m not trying to win “points” by claiming there’s good representation where there isn’t.

Looking back, I think Ruby can be read as bi. My intention was really just to show how deeply she relied on Sam’s friendship and how Sam was a refuge for her… until she wasn’t, but her feelings are SO intense. I could definitely see Vida as being pan, too, though I would just interject here that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Cate or anyone on her CL team. (I’m sorry!! Cate is a mother/sister/savior figure to her, and is the most important relationship in her life.) A lot of people also read Jude as being gay, though I don’t think so–he was a character that always felt very asexual** to me, in the same way that Zu did. I’m guessing because even though they aren’t wee babes, they FEEL very young, so my brain didn’t dip into that territory with them. Liam and Chubs are both straight, but Nico and Clancy are gay. The latter is a bit more ambiguous because of how complicated he is, but I think if none of this had ever happened, his orientation would have been much more apparent to himself and everyone around him. 

** Just want to clarify that by this, I mean that I never truly examined and questioned or explored their sexuality because of their age + emotional maturity (I realize that many people identify their preference at a young age, though), so maybe instead of using the word asexual here, which I know both describes the intention of an action as well as a person’s state of being, I should say that I simply never teased out their orientations while writing on the series, likely because I feel more maternal toward these two character than to pretty much every single other character. If you really twisted my arm, I’d say both are probably straight, but Jude is such a late-bloomer I’m not sure what might have happened with him. :(