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'show him the powerpoint'
  • Maeglin: [turns up in angband. involuntarily.]
  • Morgoth, leaping forth in a rare burst of energy from his Depression Throne: oh hey hold up is that SOME GONDOLIN INSIGNIA I SEE???? HEY THERE BUDDY COME HERE! [grabs him] lookin' good >;)
  • Maeglin: [mumbles morosely]
  • Morgoth: ...say what, friend?
  • Maeglin: (not my dumb city anyway, stupid turgon, stupid human, stupid guards. now'm all captured n shit fml)
  • Morgoth: Oh. Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear that! One moment, i think i know just the thing. ---MAIRON!
  • Sauron, sliding into the frame like an anime villain: yezz?
  • Morgoth, aside: ...u remember that powerpoint i showed you like....before the sun and stuff?
  • Sauron: um...which one?
  • Morgoth: you know, THE powerpoint?? ....about how i'll let you eat ice cream whenever you want (yeah, i'm pretty sure that was in there) and like...get whatever you want, do whatever you want, organize torture instruments alphabetically and then have fun blowing stuff up with me..? Remember? I showed it to you in that cave outside of Aule's forge while--
  • Sauron: oh. oh that powerpoint.
  • Morgoth: B)
  • Sauron: pretty sure that was before the trees, master.
  • Morgoth: *handwave* eh, same difference?
  • Sauron: its on like. Windows 95.
  • Morgoth: Yeah but we kept it, right?
  • Sauron: ...presumably??
  • Morgoth: I know I've pulled it out once or twice--
  • Sauron: (*cough*yeah before throwing it back into your junk dungeon to be lost to the ages---)
  • Morgoth: Ahh! I knew you'd remember where I put it!
  • Sauron: (fuck.)
  • Morgoth: Yes, that's the one I want. [points to maeglin] We've got a visitor who could use a little cheering up. I'm sure you'll be able to locate and convert it for me, won't you, lieutenant? You're so clever.
  • Sauron: B|
  • Morgoth: B]
  • Sauron: *sigh* yes, ~master~. of course.
  • Morgoth, to maeglin: He won't be a moment.
  • Sauron: (there is not enough ice cream in the world)

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CRAP! OK! So you have both the pairing and prompt in the same ask (damn it I'm really messing this up) 😅😅😅 how about chlonath with the prompt airplane for the 3 sentence fic challenge (...did I do it?? Did I get it right!?!! x____x)

“You said this was a good seat,” Chloe said to Nathaniel accusingly.

“It is, it’s an aisle seat. Everybody wants the aisle seats.”

“People keep brushing up against me,” Chloe whimpered. “This is the worst.”

“It’s an airplane, Chloe, everything’s cramped.”

“Not on my father’s plane it’s not. I am never letting you talk me into commercial airline travel ever again.”

Nathaniel grinned. “My family’s nervous enough about meeting you, I’m pretty sure if we showed up in a private jet my grandparents would never recover.”

“Hmph.” Another bag bumped against Chloe’s shoulder. She leaned as far away from the aisle as she could, laying her head against Nathaniel’s shoulder. “You’re lucky you’re cute or I wouldn’t put up with half this much for you.”

Nathaniel kissed his girlfriend’s temple. “Yeah, I know I’m lucky.”

Beyond Memory
[The follow-up I meant to write for this and this.] ————— When Sam showed up at the door he was out of breath, “I’m sorry… should have waited ‘till morning… couldn’t quite tell on the phone … did you find Bucky or not?”

Steve just stepped aside and let him see the man sitting placidly at the kitchen table.  “He was here when I got home.”

Sam walked up and cautiously sized up the Winter Soldier – dressed in a stolen hoodie and t-shirt, hair tied up in an awkward ponytail and a sporting a ratty beard, he didn’t look like the same man who’d almost killed everyone 6 months ago.  “So *this* is why you’ve been taking on all those crazy missions and ignoring us?  Because this guy only shows up when you’re in danger?"  The Winter Soldier looked at Sam, and he felt a chill.  Same blank eyes, though.  They both turned to Steve.

"Yes.  It started with Philadelphia, the time with the robots."  Steve seemed surprisingly calm for someone whose long-lost and brainwashed best friend just showed up in his kitchen.  "He’s been getting me out of dangerous missions ever since.  I haven’t been able to track him down, until tonight."  Steve paused, then said drily, "He’s here to report that he hasn’t been able to find Bucky.”

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ENFP and ISFP lost in NYC
  • (Bonding friendship moment based on a true story)
  • They're walking downtown around 5th avenue and ISFP is trusting ENFP to follow the directions to the Doc Marten store.
  • ENFP: Okay ISFP so I'm pretty sure google maps says to go north a 1/2 mile toward the FedEx store and Italian restaurant. We should be there in 9 minutes.
  • ISFP: Okay that sounds good. I'm really excited we're doing this.
  • ENFP: Me too. I feel like such a cool adult walking down the streets of NYC with my best friend.
  • (15 minutes pass and the two reminisce about all of their old adventures and inside jokes. ENFP doesn't seem to be keeping up with the arrow on the map. ISFP suddenly gets the feeling they aren't going the right way after all.)
  • ISFP: Uhhhh ENFP... I think we've walked more than half a mile. Do the directions say what to do next?
  • ENFP: *squinting eyes to read the directions* Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • ENFP: Yeah I..I dunno.
  • (It's getting dark outside and the area is becoming more populated with night life)
  • ISFP: Want me to look?
  • ENFP: ...yeah maybe.
  • ISFP: ENFP We've been going the wrong way this entire time.
  • ISFP: ENFP calm down. It's okay. We got to have such a nice walk and chat. Let's just sit down somewhere and figure out what the directions actually say.
  • ENFP: okay *looks forlorn*
  • (ISFP and ENFP sit down in a little park by the road and look at the map on their phone. ENFP is still apologizing.)
  • ISFP: ENFP it's not a big deal we'll just have to hurry and make sure we get there before closing time.
  • ENFP: I'm so glad that of all the people I could've screwed up and got us lost with, it happened to be you. You're such a laid back and understanding person, ISFP. I'm also pretty flattered that you put enough trust in me to find our way.
  • ISFP: Yeah it's fine. I had fun talking to you along the way. I've missed that. It's been so long since our last adventure.
  • ENFP: I know right? It's like we graduated high school and now we're never going to see each other again. I hate it.
  • ISFP: Well... It doesn't have to be that way. We can fight this. We just need to always have something planned to do together. Even if it's months between them.
  • (The two spend 30 minutes sitting and talking about the future and lose track of time)
  • ENFP: Dude it's 8:00 already. I think Doc Martens is closed now. Dang it! I know you really wanted to try that one pair on in person too. I'm sorry.
  • ISFP: Nah I'm good. What we did instead was more important. :)
  • They kept in touch after the trip had ended and are friends to this day. The end.

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Sorry to bother you, but are you planning on doing anything with that fic poll you had up a while ago? I'm just curious. (And thanks for all the amazing recs, btw. You're pretty much my go to source whenever I need new sterek reading material! I've tried making a few rec lists before - which is more difficult that it looks - and I appreciate all the effort you put into finding specific genres of fic for people.)

yes i do! i’m planning on putting a post up very soon. it just took me a while to determine how many fics will be added since a lot had very close votes.

i know for sure these four will be added:

not 100% sure about any others. and i’ve just been really busy in rl with work and school. expect a post within a month though. when i get more free time i’ll open anonymous and try implement some new features (so if you got suggestions, i’m listening - if i like your idea enough i may even put you on my payroll. it’s 0$/hr)

& thank you for all the kind words! I try to do my best with it. I’m glad you enjoy it.

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HELLO YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN!!!!(I think) IM GOING TO DC CON AND IM SUPER DUPER PUMPED AND SO I WAS WONDERING DO YOU HAVE ANY CON TIPS? This is is first one I've attended and I'm kinda nervous. Btw I'm pretty sure someone's asked this before but I couldn't find it. Thanks! Keep up the amazing art! <3

OF COURSE! i have answered this, but it’s a ways back and i have no idea what other tags i put on it so i’ll just do a newer updated one anyhow


  • respect the rules and the cast! there’s really no doubt–you’re going to see and hear rules said by rich and your little schedule that seem dumb. and honestly, some of them are, but that’s the reason they were placed when they hadn’t always been–there have been enough incidents in that area that abiding is your best option!
  • have some emergency healthy snacks/water on your person! there are water coolers around, but say you’re feeling a little dehydrated and it’s mark sheppard’s panel. that would mean chancing being stalked around the room by Mark, Panelist/Conference Room Wanderer That Wants To Know Why You So Rudely Got Up While He Was Speaking Nonsense. also, someone may need a little recharge as well, so it’s always nice to be a little helping hand if someone feels faint!
  • make friends! the great thing about spn-specific cons is that you’re all there for the same basic reason. because you like the show! so just look for key indicators that they like the same aspects as you–maybe a castiel shirt, maybe a specific character on a button on their bag, things like that! (if they’re wearing any of the stuff i make they are almost guaranteed to be A+++ unless it’s me then u gotta take ur chances)
  • don’t be afraid to ask questions! and not just at panels! the con staff/volunteers are there to help you. if you’re afraid you might miss out on something, or you aren’t sure where something is, don’t hesitate to ask around. being respectful and calm is key! and so far all staff and volunteers at cons have been super great. i’ve even formed some friendships!!

have fun!! cons are one of my favorite things ever, and it’s because you can finally gush about the things you like without bugging your coworkers until they finally break and yell “scout we HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING AB–”

i–i mean, uh

enjoy your first con!