pretty sure i've posted this already but i love it

I’m not completely sure what to say here but. I met Felix a few years ago when I was active in the OFF fandom. He was extraordinarily kind to me and while we talked less as time went on, I still consider him a good friend of mine. You don’t have to look hard to see the positive influence he’s had in and out of the fandom.

I’ve already seen so much art and posts dedicated to Felix on my dash and I hope he can feel all this love being sent to him.

Rest in peace, Felix. We love ya, man. 

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Hello love :) anymore sugar daddy AU's? I've read them all four times from your navigation sheet. Also thank you for running this beautiful blog and giving me life every time I get a notification <3

Hii, I already have four posts for sugar daddies, but anyway, I went digging in ao3, so here some more. :) a lot of those have been on my blog one time or the other, but not in the sugar daddy category, I’m pretty sure. :)

Sugar Daddy Louis

your heart can love again

drain the whole sea

Tell It To Me Slowly (slightly?)

You Rock Hard (I Rock Steady)

Cold Without You Here

Got A Lot You Wanna Show Off Baby

Sugar Daddy Harry

Give It Up To Me

This Heart is Heavier than the Bills in my Pocket

Shades of Cool

And Still, He Takes My Breath Away

I Made This Bed for Me and You

New Panties (underage, 17/26)

No but imagine this

imagine Killian finding out that Emma considers herself a villain, unworthy of hero status or love or admiration

and with a sinking feeling he thinks that this is why she’s with him

because she doesn’t think she deserves better than a one-handed pirate with a drinking problem

he thinks she’s settled for the worst human around because she doesn’t think she deserves the best

and the worst part is that it finally makes sense because of course he doesn’t consider himself worthy of love or admiration either and he can’t quite believe the “hero” part either and he knows that Emma deserves much better than him

or actually don’t imagine it because I just did and it hurts

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heyhey i was wondering if you have the link of the video that's just seb yelling swear words idk if this makes sense but i've been seeing gifs of it around and yeah love your account

Thank you! I’m pretty sure what you’re talking about is a section from a monologue he did called Highway