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Hi! I hope its okay to ask, I figured you might be best to ask! Is there any good playlists on YouTube where we can watch Corpse Party playthroughs? Though I have the first one, I'd love to be able to experience the others, even if it's just by a play through.

My personal favourite is Eric Van Wilderman. He’s really funny and I enjoy his playthroughs (individual videos can be pretty long, so I suggest hunkering down with some snacks and just binge-watching), and I just think he’s neat

This is his first video of the first game

This is his first video of Book of Shadows

This is his first video of Blood Drive

This is his first video for Dead Patient

He also has ending guides for the first game and Book of Shadows

So yeah, here you go! Feel free to tell me your thoughts on these videos, and I hope you enjoy them!


Thanks… Thanks for everything, Iggy. 


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite


Musical doodles ~
This week’s classes got me productive !


guess that fate brings them together in one way…or another! Haechan forever promoting his Mark hyung ♥

  • Steve: I'm a lone wolf and I don't need anyone. I'm a Navy SEAL with tons of experience, I'm pretty sure I can handle anything that comes my way.
  • Danny: *appears*
  • Steve: Him, he is now my partner and he is mine, I need him and can't function without him. He's my other half, my soul, my everything. I love him. Do not touch him, he is precious cargo. Hurt him and I will destroy you.
How can you walk away, after everything we’ve been through? How do you walk away from your everything? Because I’m pretty sure I forgot how to, when it was you I had to walk away from.


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It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, Hansol telling his fans that he’s asexual is a big deal. When his home country and practically a lot of counties in the world, isn’t accepting to LGBT+ people, people of that community still face injustices. This is a big step for him to admit especially after few would comment “are you gay?” or “he’s gay”. Spread positivity and love on his and Topp Dogg SNS pages, pretty much cover the bad comments with good ones. This is a big step for anyone to admit, and hope people one day to admit to others who they truly are. Also check out their music!!! The group is super talented and I believe a sub unit in their group is having a comeback?? I’m not to sure about that but still listen to their music!! 💕💕

I love ancient religions because often, in the source material, the death and death-adjacent deities are like chill as fuck.

My favorite example is Hades. He gets the Underworld mostly because his younger brothers put their fingers on their noses and said “not it.” So like a good big-bro he goes down there and proceeds to basically be the god of bureaucracy.

He gets everything set up so he doesn’t actually have to do anything. Thanatos is the God of Death (also chill as fuck) and he’s the one who ends lives (but only off the shopping list the Fates give him), Hermes’ psychopomps are the ones who bring the souls down, it’s three dead guys who are the ones to judge your soul, and the fearsome three-headed guard dog… Hades named him Spot.

All the shitty stuff that goes on in Tartarus (Hell), yeah, that’s mostly Zeus’ doing. Hades doesn’t come up with the punishments, just provides the acreage. And when gods come down and want to bring people back to life (often after some god has gotten them killed), Hades is like “nah man, paperwork is finished, transfer’s complete, let them have their rest, find someone else to be your punching bag.”

As for the whole Persephone thing, that is a strange one. I’m like 85% sure the story is mostly Demeter propaganda because that goddess is not chill as fuck. I mean, I guess Hades could have kidnapped Persephone with serious malicious intent, but then did a 180 after realizing he was being a total d-bag. Because, seriously, he pretty much lets Persephone take over everything. Like, everyone knew who wore the pants in the Underworld, the motherfucking Iron Queen herself.

And as much as I love Hades in the Hercules animated movie because of the perfect comedic timing of James actually-a-horrible-human-being Woods, yeah, Hades couldn’t give a crap about what everyone else was doing. He often stayed neutral in wars, be it between mortals or gods, mostly because death does not discriminate, all souls end up with him in the end.

When it comes to the Underworld, Hades is basically the equivalent of the general manager who pokes his head in now and again to make sure nothing is on fire. The rest of the time he’s playing with his shiny rocks because being Lord of the Underworld meant he also had domain over gold, silver, gemstones, basically all the pretties.

Hell, Hades needs an actual Helm of Fear in order to be intimidating because otherwise, yeah, nope. I like to think of him as Skinny!Steve whist his brothers are like, well, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman (aka Poseidon). Let’s face it, Momoa could kick your ass just by looking at you sideways and may actually be a demi-god.

So, please, if you’re writing Hades in anything, don’t make him out to be the modern idea of Satan or Lucifer. He’s really just an introvert with high functioning organizational skills who loves rocks and women who can kick his ass.

  • jm: do you..maybe want to go grab a coffee with me?
  • jm: *shy sunshine smile*
  • you: coffee? but your smile already gives me enough energy
  • jm: *blush and giggles*
  • your brain: NAILED IT

Quick doodle of Hiccup fixing his own clothes (because he don’t need a woman to fix those for him when he’s quite capable of doing so himself)

Ok, joke aside, I thought I had posted this one ages ago but apparently I didn’t and I’m sorry about that ^^’

Plus, ok, I know that a lot of you that follow me are not here for HTTYD art, but I was wondering if you guys wanted to know more about any AU’s I have?? I have quite a few but if there isn’t much interest its fine with me as well and i’ll keep them warm and safe in the darkest corners of my mind, hehe.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~


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Rejet (Reiji, Shu, Ayato, Kanato, Raito, Subaru)

So they discovered the reason why they don’t have money is because of Reiji uwu I also love how shu instead of running after Reiji like the rest of his brothers HE JUST CASUALLY WALKS

CD Drama: 究極の節約術お見せします★ヴァンパイア道の極意 / I will show you the ultimate savings technique ★ Vampire Main Point Road