pretty sure his name was eric idk


For: Anon

Imagine: Making a bet with Eric while you’re playing pool and beating him.

*Note: All I know about pool is that you hit a bunch of colourful balls with a stick and try to put them in a hole on a table, so FORGIVE ME!*

“You need more of an angle on the cue,” You hear a voice say from behind you; this is the sixth time Eric had called you out tonight while you were playing pool. You groan, and slam the cue on to the table.

“I know how to fucking play Eric!” You hiss turning around.

“Yeah, that’s pretty clear, considering you haven’t won a single game all night,” He says sarcastically.

“You know what, if you think you’re so good, then I dare you to play me!”

He steps closer, and raises his eyebrows, “Are you sure about that Y/N? Alright, what do I get when I win?”

If you win, you can pick a new tattoo for me, but if I win -which I will- I get to pick a tattoo for you.” He smirks.

“Alright Y/N, get ready to have my name permanently tattooed on your pretty ass.” You scoff and pick up the cue again as Eric sets up the balls.

After an hour of playing, you score the winning point (A/N: idk how to win this game, I’m so damn sorry) and the crowd of people who had left the party to watch you started cheering. You put down your cue, and bow to the crowd before turning back to Eric, “Shall we go to the tattoo parlour Mr. Leader?”

Eric growls at you in anger, but as a leader he cannot back away from his word in front of everyone so he’s forced to follow you out of the party.

A/N: Alright I know this was really sucky, and I’m sorry, but I don’t know ANYTHING about pool, I even had to search up what a pool stick was called….. Please forgive me….

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