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don’t give up on love. fight for it, like your brother

for @simonsprettyface

“Isabelle.” Maryse grabbed her daughter by the arm, stopping her. “Have you seen Alec? I’ve been looking all over and I can’t find him. Max has been asking for him.”

“He’s…not up to talking to anyone right now.” Maryse knew Isabelle was covering for Alec by the way she wouldn’t look her in the eye.

“Why not?”

“Something happened with Magnus. I don’t know what, he won’t talk to anyone, not even Jace. He locked himself in his room and is refusing to come out.”

That wasn’t the Alec Maryse knew. The Alec she knew never let anything get to him, he just brushed it off and kept going. To know that he was holed up in his room, not talking to even his parabatai threw her for a loop. Maybe she didn’t know her son as well as she thought she did.

“Well, I’m going to make him talk to me.”

She started to walk off, but Isabelle grabbed her arm before she could get very far. “Mom, wait. I know you tend to use our full names when you want us to listen to you, but please don’t call him Alexander.”

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I was bored. And tired. But couldn’t sleep. The result was stony smut. Enjoy you sexy fucks 😘

“Oh fuck right there” Tony moaned as Steve fisted his cock in the back of their cab.

“Shhh baby if you raise your voice I’ll have no choice but to stop” Steve whispered in Tonys ear, nipping it as he added, “And I was really looking forward to wrapping my lips around this hard fucking cock.” The thought made Tony whimper as he wiggled his hips. “You gonna be a good boy and keep quiet for your Captain?” Steve purred.

Tony nodded furiously, his breathing heavy as Steve continued to rub him with a slow pace. “I can’t hear you…” Steve growled, kissing along Tonys jaw.

“Yes S-Steve” tony replied, practically out of breath.

Steve’s hand stopped moving where it was on Tonys dick. “Who the fuck is Steve? What’s my name?” Steve commanded in his Captain America voice. He knew what it did to Tony.

“Yes Captain!” Tony moaned, and Steve chuckled.

“Remind me to tip the driver extra” he said, momentarily coming out of his dom mode. “Good boy. You think you deserve my lips around your cock?” Steve asked, immediately back to the sexy as fuck dom Tony loves. He resumed his hand movements and ran his thumb over the head of Tonys dick, spreading the bit of precum around it.

“Yes… Please sir!” Tony replied, hands gripping the edge of the seat.

“Good boy. I’ve taught you well… Now baby. We have six blocks until we get to the meeting. I bet I’ll have you cumming in three or less.” Steve purred as he kissed tony, then lowered his head and kitten licked the tip, Tonys hands immediately going for Steve’s hair. He ran his tongue up Tonys length, and sucked the tip into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He used one hand to play with Tonys balls while he used the other to pin his hips down.

“Oh fuck oh God” Tony let out a punched moan as Steve lowered his head, opening his throat and swallowing hard around his cock. “God don’t stop” he whispered out, head thrown back and eyes shut, completely wrecked.

Steve pulled off of tony with a pop and pumped his cock as e stared into his eyes, “Cum Tony… Cum for your Captain”

Tony whimpered as Steve took him back into his mouth. His breathing became ragged and labored as he arched his back and felt the all too familiar fire growing in his stomach. He bit his lip and pulled at Steve’s hair as he came, hard, in the back of Steve’s throat. “Fuck!” He managed to say as Steve sat up with a sloppy grin on his face, Tonys cum dribbling down his chin. He wiped it off with his finger and put it in his mouth, his eyes never leaving Tonys.

“Told ya.” Steve said smugly as he sat back in the seat, sighing.

“Told me what?” Tony asked, trying to regain his composure as he stuffed his now flaccid cock back into his dress pants.

“It only took two blocks.” Steve replied, smirk ever present on his gorgeous fucking face.

Tony glared at him, “You are so gonna get it.”

Steve chuckled, wrapping an arm around Tonys shoulders. “You’re so cute”

Tony rolled his eyes as he cuddled into his husbands arms.

*** at the meeting ***

Steve nods his head as he listened to the many conversations happening around the large round table. His phone vibrates and he pulls it out if his pocket, rolling his eyes and glancing at the man sitting next to him.

Tony- Your pants look a little tight

Steve- I must’ve bought the wrong size

Tony- No I’m pretty sure those are the right size. I mean they fit fine everywhere but your crotch area… Weird.

Steve- Pay. Attention.

Tony- Oh I am. This is much more important than whatever the fuck they’re talking about

Steve- What is?

Tony- This.

As Steve read the last text, a confused expression on his face, he opens his mouth to whisper to tony when he feels his hand run over his extremely hard cock. He quickly shuts his mouth to suppress the moan trying to escape, his face growing red. His eyes dart around the room as he clears his throat. He glared at tony, who is holding a straight face.

Tony moved his hand and carefully unbuttoned Steve’s pants, slooowly pulling the zipper down. The men seated around the large table were oblivious to what was happening underneath it, debates and heated discussions masking Steve’s heavy breathing.

“Tony no not here…” Steve mumbled. His breath hitched as tony pulled his red, aching cock out if his pants.

“What was that, Captain?” Tony whispered, looking over at Steve with innocent eyes. “Everything alright?”

Steve took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “fucking peachy” he replied, hands gripping his knees.

Tony massaged Steve’s dick for a few seconds, his eyes darting around the room. When he was sure nobody would notice, he pushed his chair back quietly and slid underneath the table.

Steve looked over and his jaw dropped when he saw tony slither out of his chair. “Tony what are you do- oh fuck” he was cut off when Tony licked a stripe up his cock, causing Steve to jerk slightly in his chair at the long needed friction. Steve did his best to conceal his moans as Tony sucked the top of his cock into his mouth, rubbing the rest of his with his hand. Steve’s hips bucked causing his dick to slide down Tonys throat, making Steve release a deep gutteral groan.

“Mr Rogers? Is everything alright?” Fury asked from across the table. “Where’s Stark?” He added, noticing Tonys absense.

“I’m fine… He uh…. He’s… ” Steve stammered breathlessly as he pushed Tonys head down, “He just left. I don’t know where he went…” He attempted a smile as Tony swallowed, causing his body to slightly jerk.

“You sure you’re feeling alright?” Fury asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Peachy.” Steve replied, clenching his jaw as Tony sucked especially hard. He could feel his orgasm quickly grow and he panicked, trying to push Tony off his dick before he could come. But tony held fast and continued to suck, his hands playing with Steve’s balls.

Steve closed his eyes as he focused on trying not to come. The pleasure was building at the speed of light; he could feel his entire body come alive. He was doing really good at holding it in until tony teased his hole, slowly pushing the tip of his finger in. Steve felt his abdomen grow tight and his body went rigid as he came deep in Tonys throat, thick hot stripes of cum coating it. Steve gripped the arm rests like his life depended on it. Tony swallowed every drop.

Steve let out a deep breath as he slowly came down from his high. Of course that was the best fucking orgasm he had. He felt a little bit embarrassed as he thought about why it was the hottest orgasm he’d ever had. Because there was the slight chance that someone had seen.

Lucky for him, however, the moment his orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks, a large argument had began and the men around the table began yelling profanities at one another.

He released the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding as Tony came up from underneath the table. He sat in his chair as if nothing happened. Steve stared straight ahead as he whispered, “That wasn’t fair.”

“You loved it. And you love me” tony replied with a straight face, observing the debate happening across the table.

A smile grew on Steve’s face as he shook his head, lookin towards the floor. “Yeah… I love you.”


Sorry if it’s shit y'all it’s 1am and I’m literally half dead rn but thanks for reading!!

Also I’m on mobile so I can’t add a read more link I’m sorry for your dash and you oops

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Hello hello! What if the chocobro's S/O had a wedding to go to and they ask the boys to go with them? Bonus: the FAM is pressuring s/o marriage and settling diwn , how would the bros react to that?

Initially he’s hard to convince since he hate functions, but you sway him with your puppy dog eyes
You have to nudge him a couple of times during the ceremony when he starts to nod off and you have to cover your mouth so you don’t laugh out loud
He keeps close to your side during the reception, eyeing boisterous and drunken relatives when they come near
When said relatives start talking about marrying you off next he goes bright red
When they mention raising a family together he sputters and excuses himself
You’re not hurt by this, since you know it’s soon and fast and embarrassing to have strangers address it before either of you have
So when he turns up a few minutes later with a couple of drinks he finds you and apologises about his reaction
After explaining you understand you watch the slow dancing on the dance floor for a moment
He leans close and asks if you want to dance
Turns out Noctis loves slow dancing.

His reply is an instant yes, as well as asking if you have something in mind to wear yet, because…
He loves dressing up for these things, and wants to match his tie to your outfit
He has the cutest little chocobo cufflinks and you love the tie he picked.
Surprisingly he’s quite attentive and sits straight during the ceremony, not getting bored once
He side eyes you through the nuptials and you can only guess at what he’s thinking
The reception is his jam; the food, the dancing, the people having fun.
He laughs off your relatives who start commenting that you need to settle down
Their little digs of ‘the clock is ticking’ are brushed off as he says that you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want
You appreciate that so much
After drinking too much and eating too much you dance the night away

He gives a casual yea sure, because he’s easy and you’re his s/o so of course he’ll go, nbd
He’s pretty chill about the whole thing, and sits enjoying the relaxed family atmosphere during the vows
He charms the pants off of everyone, including your great aunt who is known to be a misery
When the family around you starts commenting on you getting married he puts an arm around you and says you’re definitely one in a million
It satisfies the more distant relatives but the closer ones start speaking about kids
Gladio shrugs and smiles his charming smile, diverting the conversation for you by mentioning how the bride and groom probably have that covered for now
The whole evening after that is relaxed, and you end up sat across Gladio’s lap as the night winds down to a close

Ignis takes this very seriously, much more so than the other guys. A family gathering is an important step in a relationship.
He makes sure to learn a bit about your family
During the ceremony he watches with the same attention that he would give a royal meeting, though his hand is resting on your leg the entire time
The food is where he is at, he likes the little canapé’s that are coming round with different fillings.
Yes, he comes up with a new recipeeh
Eventually you’re both cornered and the relatives start mentioning you need to get married and settle down
Your evasive answers that are meant to be neutral doesn’t dissuade them
When they insinuate to Ignis that he needs to tie you down he coolly replies that it’s something you’ve not spoken about as a couple yet.  That kills that conversation.
Good. RIP.
Later on after some drinks and dessert he sweeps you across the dance floor until the end of the night.

{ cater to you }

pairing: thomas x james x aaron x reader

prompt: Hi! i love your writing so much! Can you do a smfdr smut where reader uses her safeword and fluff happens? Thank you! - @givemeallthepie

t/w: smutttttttt, sex toys, use of safeword, also subdrop (i never write smut how do you tag these??)

a/n: hope this is okay!

inbox || masterlist

Thomas: Want you naked on the bed, baby. Wait for us to get home.

You stared at the text from where you sat in your desk at work. You started to respond, fingers tapping over the screen.

Yes, sir.

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Custom Vans (Sincerely Three Headcannon)

Author’s Note: Inspired by this video

Basically how the boys act to you getting them custom vans with either a picture of you two or a picture of you on them. If any of y’all want Zoe and Alana shoot me an ask bc I wanted to include them but it was getting kind of long!

Evan Handsome:

  • okay so it’s like your sixth month anniversary and you wanted to surprise evan with something special and unique
  • you’ve already gotten him so many little potted trees and succulents so you didn’t want to be predictable
  • he’s had the same pair of grey nikes since freshmen year and they’re starting to get holes in them and poor evan doesn’t want to ask heidi for a new pair so you have the perfect gift idea
  • so its your anniversary and he already gave you your gift (a beautiful little bracelet w the day y’all got together) so you hand over this sparkly baby blue gift bag and he’s confused because when you usually give him new plants they just have a bow on them
  • he opens the bag and theres a cloth bag inside and he’s still bewildered but opens up the bag and pulls out one shoe
  • he immediately starts tearing up and you get a little worried thinking he doesn’t like them but then he tackles you in a hug and you can hear him kind of ugly cry(but you love it)
  • he’s smiling as he gives you a big ol smoochy and tiny little kisses on your face and your grin couldn’t be bigger as he tried on the pair of shoes with a picture of you sitting in front of the tree in your backyard(that connor took)
  • he walks into school with them all happy because even if you aren’t with him in his classes and stuff you will always be with him
  • he likes to rest his head on his hand when sitting at his desk in classes and just stare at his shoes because your smile calms him down
  • he’s been caught just walking with his head down staring at the shoes and may or may have not walked into an open locker once(or three times lol)
  • one time heidi caught him sleeping w the shoes by his head and she took a few pictures and sent to you because awww
  • another time some dirt got on your pretty face from him being outside and he literally ran back into the house to grab a wipey to clean it off
  • he just loves those shoes okay

Jared Coolman:

  • okay so you were on twitter and you saw a video of a boyfriend giving his girlfriend a pair of vans with a picture of them on it and as soon as you finished the video you were on the vans store already ordering a pair
  • you had to wait around 3 weeks for the shoes to come in so you were more anxious then usual and jared took total notice
  • because you were acting weird he began second guessing himself and immediately thought you were going to break up with him
  • he was more quiet the past couple of weeks and when you got home and the pair was there, you grabbed your phone and called jared telling him to come over 
  • the whole time he was driving to your house he was thinking of ways to talk you out of breaking up with him because he was 100000% sure that’s why you wanted him to come over
  • so you, bouncing with excitement open the door to a pretty reserved jared who’s on the brink of crying because he loves you so so so much
  • you don’t even notice that he’s on the verge of tears while you lead him to sit on the couch going to get the bag containing the shoes
  • “Please don’t break up with me!-” “Surprise!” He shouts out while you shove the bag onto his lap
  • “break up with you?” your heart shatters actually looking at jared since he got here. what was he talking about?
  • “what is this I thought you were going to break up with me” he’s honestly so confused as to why you put a cloth bag filled with what felt like potatoes in it on his lap
  • “open it you nerd” you’re honestly still trying to comprehend what the hell is going on but your excitement over the gift kind of masks the confusion you feel
  • he opens up the bag and empties it out so both of the shoes fall on his legs. you hear him let out a soft laugh and before you know it his lips are on yours. the kiss may or may not have turned into a makeout session bc like I said he loves you so so so much
  • “what did you mean break up with you?” you asked after he said thank you for the millionth time while he was doing a little dance in his new shoes with a gorgeous selfie of the two of you from one of your first couple of dates. he looks sheepish and kind of lets out a nervous laugh
  • okay so honestly this boy would wear the death out of these shoes and tbh when the picture started to peel off after so much wear and tear he bought another pair with the same picture because he loved them so much
  • whenever someone is talking to you at like your locker or something he goes up and sticks his foot in between the two of you so a shoe is on display before saying some dumb shoe pun like “so sorry for interrupting but Y/N did you know that I’m your sole mate ha ha get it?” 
  • he got you a matching pair because he’s that kind of boyfriend
  • he will literally do anything to bring up the shoes into any conversation no matter who he’s talking to (ie his doctor, the guy working behind the counter at mcdonalds, some little old lady on the bus, etc)
  • his friends tease him about the shoes but he shoots back shit like
  • “still wearing those beat up converse zoe? maybe you should get someone who loves you enough to get you a pair of shoes with them on it” cue eyeroll and shoving from the girl
  • he probs gets a pair of them w a bridal picture of you and him(pre wedding photoshoot) on it and wears them at your wedding lets be real
  • he likes knowing that a part of you is always near him no matter what bc again he loves you so so so much 
  • you never let him live down the fact that he thought you were gonna break up w him but he just smiles and kisses you bc love
  • almost loves the shoes as much as you(jk but really)

Connor Milky:

  • like evan, connor has been wearing the same pair of shoes since 9th grade. his black combat boots were on their last breath and the sole of the shoe was coming off to the point where you could see the toes of his socks sometimes
  • you knew connor was looking for a new pair of combat boots online since he got his at the thrift store four years ago. you helped him look and none of the shoes were apparently good enough
  • so you thought maybe connor just needs a new style of shoes. you thought about converse but you knew that he didn’t like them from his obvious distaste of anything zoe wears
  • so you were looking on the vans website and found out that they did custom pairs of the shoes and being the extra girlfriend that you were you ordered a pair with one of the pictures cynthia took of the two of you kissing on new years
  • you also ordered an all black pair bc aesthetic
  • the day they finally came in you drove your car all the way to connors as fast as legally possible not necessarily knowing how he was going to react but still pretty excited to show him
  • larry opened the door with a smile and told you connor was up in his room and had been all day so with a thank you you ran up stairs clutching the fabric bag going two stairs at a time
  • “hey Y/N what are you doing here?” “I have a present for you. I know this is a little different but I hope you like them.” so with that being said you shoved the bag into his hands sitting across from him biting your lip
  • he could tell you were pretty nervous to be giving him what was in the bag so he gave you a reassuring grin knowing that whatever you gave him he would love.
  • you looked down at your hands not sure what he was going to say so you were surprised when you heard a sniff. lifting your head connor was looking at the shoes with tears in his eyes
  • “if you don’t like them that’s okay I bought you a pair of black ones too” Connor wrapped his arms around you squeezing you tight
  • “I love them and I love you, so much” he whispered into your ear before ending the hug and wiping the tears that started to fall down his cheeks. you were so happy that connor loved him that you jumped into his lap pulling him tight hugging him into your chest
  • okay so you gave them to him on saturday and he had worn the shoes the whole weekend but you weren’t sure if he would wear them to school because he still kind of got bullied after y’all got together, not as much but still every once in a while
  • so to your surprise when you were at your locker talking to alana grabbing books and stuff you see connor approaching wearing the familiar print of shoes. you closed your locked and gave him a big kiss grinning from ear to ear 
  • he was a little embarrassed at first with everyone at school looking at his feet in shock but he got over it when he saw how happy it made you 
  • jared likes to tease him about the shoes all the time but finally backed off after connor had enough and told him “my shoes get more action than you kleinman so shut the hell up”
  • whenever you two go on dates whether they be casual or fancy connor always wears the shoes to show that you’re his
  • literally loves them so much because when he’s having one of his bad days he just looks at his feet and is instantly reminded of what he is living for
  • if any boy or girl flirts with you connor goes up to you two and tells them to look at his shoes and go away
  • pretty sure he wore them to prom and then asked cynthia for money so he could buy a matching pair for you guys(with your prom picture) for graduation
  • he had found the perfect pair of all black combat boots but hasn’t touched them since getting the vans you gave him
  • loves them and you so much :’)
Little Bitty Pretty One

Steve x Reader

Summary: It’s Saturday morning and that means pancakes in the tower.

Word Count: 1258

Warnings: Brief swearing.

A/N: I was watching Matilda and getting into my Steve feels, so I came up with this. Also I pull a lot of inspiration from @bovaria

You rose with the sun that morning. Stretching off the last bit of sleep from your limbs, you made your way into the bathroom. You laughed at the reflection in the mirror. You looked like Kevin from the animated film UP.

You lazily tied your hair back from your face before turning on the faucet to wash your face. You smiled at your fresh face and made sure to fit a sparkly smile to the rest of your appearance. With half the team gone and only you, Steve, Wanda, and Vision at the tower, you decided your sleep shorts and a white v-neck shirt were appropriate enough.

You slipped your feet into some slippers and slid down the hallways to the kitchen. Giving your best Elvis Presley guns to the ceiling, you called,” Hey F.R.I.D.A.Y, how about some jams? Maybe some malt shop oldies?” Stark’s automated system obliged and soon enough some toe-tapping, hip shaking tunes were on.

You bopped your way into the pantry. Your shoulders rose and fell to the beat, while you searched for the pancake mix. Aunt Jemima’s happy face smiled back at you when you pulled the box from the shelf. You sauntered out and placed the box on the counter before swiveling to grab the eggs and milk from the fridge.

You bent down to grab yourself a pan, your butt moving left to write with the sound of the music.

“You’re a great dancer.”

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The Padalecki Diaries - Waking Up Together


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ryanthescienceguy  asked:

13 for klance? (btw ily)

“I could kiss you right now!”

so i based this on @shootymcshoot‘s fanfic that they’re writing for klance positivity month because i???? just loved it so much??????? and i was totally inspired by it lol

Since when did they hang out in the common room together?  Well, Keith amends to himself, he can’t really consider it “hanging out” if they’re just bickering.  He’s pretty sure that doesn’t qualify as “hanging out,” but with their relationship, he can never be sure.

“Dark orange is a shade, not a color!” Lance nearly shouts, standing up to emphasize his point.

“Shades are colors too!” Keith says back, fighting to keep his voice from getting too loud. He really doesn’t want anyone to hear them, or they’ll both have to sit through yet another lecture about teamwork and unity and whatever.

“Say that to the color wheel!” Lance retorts, crossing his arms over his chest like he’s won or something.  As if.

“Maybe I will!”

“Ha! You don’t even have a color wheel to say it to.”  Lance puffs his chest out, but Keith fails to see where the “gotcha” is.

“You probably couldn’t tell a color wheel from a color spectrum,” Keith says with a roll of his eyes.

“I so can!”  Lance is shouting now, but neither of them seem to care much.  "I can do a lot more than you think, Mullet-for-Brains.“

Keith raises an eyebrow in a challenge.  "Oh yeah? Like what?”

“I could beat you in a race.”

He snorts. “Yeah, sure.”

“I could definitely win an arm wrestling match!”

Keith just hums in response, hardly glancing at Lance.  His face is getting redder and redder as he shouts, and the sparkles of passion in his eyes are doing weird things to Keith that he’d rather not talk about.

“I could kiss you right now!”

Keith doesn’t even have the time to process what Lance said before his face is smashed against another, lips barely even meeting in the hasty, impulsive attempt at a kiss.  And then Lance is drawing away, face pale and eyes wide in abject horror.  Keith feels his own face looks much the same way, so he can’t even point out how silly it looks on Lance.

It takes a moment for everything to truly settle in, for him to realize what actually just happened.

Lance kissed him.  Lance kissed him.  He, Keith Kogane, was kissed on this space-day by Lance Motherfucking McClain.

When he accepts that fact, the world explodes around him, and he does the only rational, reasonable thing he can think to do.

He lifts his hand, balls it into a tight fist, and punches Lance square in the face.

Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Fourteen)

Warnings: Fighting, shouting, mild cursing.

Summary: After the fight with Malum you run into an old friend, a fight sparks with Kai.

A/n: Sorry this is so long overdue, I’ve been swamped with homework. @geminioriginalsimagines


Originally posted by drunkonkai


You laugh, Hayley smiles. The laughter hurts your neck, making you grimace and Hayley frown but Hope doesn’t notice. The back door opens and Kai steps out, he looked perfectly fine. Hayley put a hand over Hope’s shoulder protectively and tensed.

“He’s not going to hurt you.” You urge, looking from her to Kai. Kai relaxes almost immediately but Hayley stays tense.

“So what, you’re like the Persephone to his Hades?” You snort.

“Exactly.” Kai agrees, his voice completely serious. You think for a second, looking at him. Did he really think you were the gentle goddess to his temperamental god? You take a deep breath.

“So,” you look back to Hayley- “what are you guys doing out here?”

“We live down the road, I saw the flames, figured I’d come to see if I could help.” You look behind her, at the smoking house, you could still hear flames flickering over the wet siding.

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May I have a sorta undertone Dom/Sub Adam K facesitting fic? Please and thank you <3

A/N - *Happy sigh* Ahhh, Sub!Kovic - the closest thing I have to ‘‘bread and butter’‘ in terms of my fics. Seriously though, thanks for this prompt, dude! I loves me some Kovic smut so this was a blast. Although, I, uh, definitely screwed up the ‘‘undertone’‘ part of his, ahem ahem….the d/s stuff ended up being decisiviely ‘‘over-tone-y’‘ in this one. Subtlety was never my strong suit XD Still, I hope that’s not too much of a problem, bud, and that you can still enjoy this fic!

Pairing - Adam x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex

Word Count - 2, 210

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Benkaru 13 or 14 (or both???)

It’s their twelfth date.

Or–well, it’s at least their ninth date, since the actual date-status of two lunches and the time them running into each other at the grocery store turned into spending the rest of the afternoon together have been called into question.

Hikaru’s not sure when he’s supposed to stop counting, is the thing. He feels pretty confident in assuming that it’s before they hit fifty–

God, fifty dates with Ben, he’d be the luckiest guy in the world

but twenty? fifteen? Whatever number they reach before they officially decide to call themselves boyfriends? He never wants to take this- sitting next to him on the couch, their legs pressed together knee to thigh, his shoulder tucked under Ben’s arm- for granted.

“You’re thinking awfully hard for a guy watching a shitty sitcom,” Ben teases, and Hikaru starts guiltily as he rubs his hand over Hikaru’s upper arm. “Running battle sims in your head, or something?”

Hikaru flashes him his best fly boy grin, shifting in his seat and tucking his leg up underneath himself so he can face Ben. “Plotting how to get Pavel back for his latest prank,” he lies easily, skittering his fingers lightly over what’s not quite the inside of Ben’s thigh before settling his hand on Ben’s knee.

The flash of amusement in his… his, uh, Ben’s eyes says he doesn’t buy it for a second. “Uh huh.”

He leans in, kissing Hikaru soft and slow as he cradles his skull in one broad, warm palm, and then he noses at Hikaru’s cheek before withdrawing just far enough to ask gently, “What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours, Hikaru?”

“How do I have to answer to get you to do that again?” he responds, dazedly, and Ben huffs in amusement.

“The truth would be a good start.”

Hikaru licks his lips, opens his mouth, and closes it again. Ben watches silently, concern and affection alike mingling in his eyes and the tilt of his mouth. “Let me just–” Hikaru says, and throws his leg over both of Ben’s. He settles onto his thighs, cradling his face with both hands, and ducks in for another kiss.

Ben draws back first, his breathing just a little heavier and his eyes dark. “Hikaru…”

“You make me really happy, Ben.”

The smile he gets in answer is–

He wants Ben to smile like that all the time.

“You make me happy, too,” Ben promises, and he runs his fingers through Hikaru’s perfectly styled hair with a smirk that’s- possibly- even better than the smile.

“I want…” Hikaru trails off, laughing with a quiet edge of self-deprecation. Why is it so much harder to talk to a guy than to put the Academy’s shuttles through their paces in lower-Earth orbit? Fuck it, he’s never been one to back down from taking a risk. “I want to label this. Boyfriends, or something, not just–guys who have been going on dates.”

Ben kisses him again, hard but brief. “I want that, too.”

Hikaru’s heart is pounding. “Yeah?”


send me prompts!

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What about 'you're best friends with my two year younger brother but me and you are only a year apart and us three always hang out and I like you... A lot' maybe holsom or zimbits?

Could you maybe write some fluffy or smutty (or both lolol) holsom? I noticed you haven’t written them in a while (you totally don’t have to lol) + i miss it cause ur writing is so good. thank you ❤

Adam is a cool older brother. He knows this because Charlie always wants to hang out with him, and Charlie is a pretty freaking cool kid. He has a lot of friends. Cool friends. Like Justin. Justin’s really cool. He’s on Charlie’s hockey team, but he’s in the grade above him, so really he’s only one year younger than Adam. Which is why it’s acceptable that Adam has a ginormous crush on him.

But whatever. Adam’s cool. He’s the cool older brother. So cool, in fact, that he helps Charlie get away with having a party the weekend Mom and Dad are away. He even gets manages to score some booze for them.

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You Deserve It (Christian Pulisic)

You wanted to say that you had a long, hard day but that would be the understatement of the year. It all began that morning when your hair dryer broke so you had to throw the frizzy, knotty mess into an up-do or you’d be late for work. Ironically, you ended up being late anyways because there was a four car pileup on your usual route.

The day just kept going downhill.

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Any percabeth in high school/ prom head cannons???

  • Annabeth colour codes everything. Each subject has it’s own coloured folder, and inside that folder are dividers for each individual topic.
  • She uses a lot of highlighters and coloured post it notes and tabs.
  • Basically she’s ridiculously organised.
  • Percy is not.
  • His handwriting is atrocious when he’s not really concentrating on what he’s writing.
  • Annabeth takes as many AP classes as she can to “get a head start”.
  • Percy doesn’t push himself like she does, but he tries his hardest at school because he knows how lucky they are to even have this opportunity, after everything they’ve been through, and he knows how hard Sally and Paul have worked to get him there.
  • They’re the school’s ‘power couple’ - ardently admired, incredibly intimidating, absolutely unattainable and so obviously smitten that it’s like they’re the stars of their own teen drama tv show.
  • They find the whole thing very amusing.
  • Annabeth is a teacher’s pet in some classes and an absolute disdainful shit in others. It really depends on the quality of the teacher.
  • Percy’s charisma means that everyone likes him, but even after being lauded at camp, he’s not used to the idea of popularity, so no one gets particularly close to him.
  • They both have a lot of friends, though, even if they do have to keep secrets from them.
  • Annabeth encourages Percy to try out for the Swim Team, because it’s not good for him to go long without a swim, it’s a good outlet for his extra energy, and it’ll look great on his college applications.
  • Also she gets to laugh at him in a Speedo. 
  • He goes to her Debates and never tells her exactly how terrifying she can get when the topic is one she’s passionate about. He’s pretty sure the other schools start shaking whenever they see they’re up against AHS and the formidable Annabeth Chase. 
  • The Seven have monthly catch ups, no matter how much homework they have or whatever else is going on in their lives; as Frank likes to say, there’s always time for a bloodthirsty game of Uno between friends.
  • Paul sits at the kitchen table with Percy and helps him with his homework, switching easily between Dad-mode to Teacher-mode as required.
  • When Percy gets an A on an assignment that had him absolutely stumped before Paul stepped in to help, he throws his arms around him and says, “Thanks, Dad! I couldn’t have done it without you!” 
  • They all go out for dinner to celebrate and none of them can stop smiling.
  • As Prom approaches rumours swirl about various people wanting to ask Percy and Annabeth to go with them. No one bothers, though, because the answer is obvious.
  • Percy doesn’t make a huge show of asking Annabeth. They’re lying in his bed one night, and he’s running his hands through her hair and she’s lazily tracing circles over his bare chest and he says, “So, do I really have to wear a tux to Prom?”
  • He asks her again, two days later, by bringing a blue cake he baked himself to school. He shows it to her as they sit alone in the courtyard, and she grins when she sees ‘Prom?’ spelled out in icing across the top.
  • “You totally stole my idea,” she teases.
  • “Oh, come on,” he says. “You can’t make it easy and just say yes, can you?”
  • “I told you, Seaweed Brain; I’m never, ever, going to make things easy for you.”
  • He takes her kiss as confirmation, anyway.

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cute lil 18 yr old ponyboy hc’s for avery’s birthday!! @eastsidecigarette

  • he honestly tells the cheesiest jokes ever and honestly finds them so funny
  • like “what kind of dogs do you find in a library” … “hushpuppies”
  • his laugh is so soft and quiet that sometimes you can’t even hear it but the smile on his face is so bright and contagious
  • does this thing where he puts his glasses on top of his head to wipe his eyes, then spends two hours looking for his glasses bc he “lost” them
  • loves just driving around at night, with the windows down if it’s warm enough, enjoying the quiet and how different everything looks at night
  • has this gray sweatshirt that he wears that has paint specks all over it and the ends of the sleeves are fraying because he always keeps the sleeves over his hands and it looks so adorable on him !!
  • is always soooo warm and is always keeping his hands in his pockets so they’re Extra Warm
  • wears the brown jacket that dallas gave him before they left for windrixville all the time now bc he’s finally grown into it
  • tried blackout poetry once w/ an old book from the library and it turned out really good but he felt so bad for ruining the book that he bought another one for the library 
  • has transitioned from the whiny phase to the pouty phase where he thinks he can get whatever he wants by sitting on the couch, crossing his arms, and looking at everyone with puppy dog eyes
  • is AWFUL at card games, so bad that no one ever wants to be his partner and he always gets caught trying to cheat too
Wandering Hands ~ Got7 Jackson

Requested: First time make out session with Jackson. You’re nervous and he comforts you which leads into a heated make out session, which has Jacksons hands wandering around your body.. You scold him at first but then give in… Or did you?

Word Count: 2,016


“I’ll go get the snacks. You can pick out a movie.” Jackson suggested, nudging you towards his living room. Letting a small giggle escape your lips, you strolled towards Jackson’s living room, sitting down on the floor in front of his movie collection. 

This was your sixth date with Jackson, you guys met at your local coffee shop when you accidentally spilled your frappé all over him. You were embarrassed and a flustered mess but he was calm, cool and collected. If fact, Jackson recently confessed that your awkwardness is what attracted him to you. From then on you were extra cautious around him. You were the biggest klutz ever. 

‘The Hangover’ caught your eye, as you went through Jackson’s large collection of movies, smiling you remembered that he had told you it was his favorite movie. You leaned forward to grab it getting on all fours, your cheek against the light tan carpet as you extended your short arm to reach it. Looking up, you saw that you had gotten ahold of it. You pulled it out, smiling in satisfaction you leaned back to sit on your feet only to have your back bump into something. Startled, you looked up seeing Jackson inches away looking down at you his plump bottom lip in between his perfect teeth. 

He looked down at you with hooded eyes making you turn a deep shade of red. Why was he looking at you in such a sexual way..? Why were you liking the way he was looking at you? Your eyes wondered down Jackson’s tank top covered torso to his grey joggers he had on. His ‘package’ was inches from your head. Realizing the very awkward position you were in you got up quickly, fixing your light colored jean shorts. Tucking your loose strands of hair behind your ear you looked up at Jackson his cheeks tinted a light shade of pink as he stared down at the bowl of chips he had in his hand.

“I-I c-chose The H-Hangover..” You stuttered trying to ease the awkward tension between you guys. Jackson looked up at you giving you a wide smile, his mood changing completely. How could he change moods so quickly? He seems to be more skilled at this dating thing. You’ve never had a steady boyfriend so this was all new to you. 

Placing the bowl of chips on the glass coffee table along with the two bottles of Coke, Jackson grabbed the movie from your hand walking towards the DVD player, popping it in. You quickly adjusted your outfit, taking in a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. 

'It’s gonna be okay.. Don’t be nervous, (Y/N). Be cool! Be cool!!’ You mentally yelled at yourself, as you watched Jackson stroll back over to black leather couch, sitting down with his legs crossed, remote in hand. Your heart started to pound at the sight of your blonde boyfriend. He was so muscular and gorgeous from the face down. It made you wonder how you ended up with such a perfect human being. 

With his perfect, yet loud laugh… His accent he had when he spoke English.. The fact that he was fluent in various languages… His amazing physic… The way he danced.. His stupid puns.. Oh the way he looked at you…

“(Y/N)!” Jackson’s voice broke you from your thoughts. You looked down at him shaking your head a bit, he patted the seat next to him giving you a cute smile. You mentally slapped yourself for being such an airhead. Sitting down next to Jackson but leaving a small gap between you two, you also sat with your legs crossed, your eyes glued to the screen as the film you had chosen began.
About 30 minutes into the film you felt Jackson’s hand sliding towards you. Diverting your eyes down but still looking ahead you watched as his hand creep towards your thigh, stifling a gasp your body froze when you felt his large hand grip your thigh. Your heart racing a mile a minute, not knowing what to do you left his hand in its position and diverted your attention back to the movie. 

Minutes passed and you felt his hand start to move again. Swallowing slowly, you relaxed bit feeling it just wrap around your waist. This was normal, right? A little touching here and there during a home movie date, right? He wasn’t being a creeper?! Right?! Ugh! You hated the fact you had no dating experience. You were clueless when it came to these situations, especially now when you could use all the knowledge in the world.

Without warning, Jackson pulled your small frame towards him. You were now cuddling into his side. You felt goosebumps begin to rise, feeling his free hand pull both of your legs on his lap. So now basically you were half sitting on the couch and his lap. Holy cow! You must look like the reddest tomato in the garden. You kept your hands close to your chest as you bit your lip staring down at your red and white polka dotted socks. In your 6 weeks of dating Jackson he’s never shown so much skin ship, hell all he’s ever done was hug you and hold your hand. Of course the occasional peck on the lips but nothing more. None of this, that’s going down in his apartment, the both of you all alone.

You wanted to scream as dirty thoughts started to fill your head. “(Y/N).. Don’t be nervous.” Jackson whispered, making you look up. “Hmm..” You hummed in response, your lip still in between your teeth. Jackson’s hand wondered up your side to cup your face. The pad of his thumb softly pulled your bottom lip from your teeth, making you let out a shaky breath. Jackson started to lean in your first clenched a bit harder out of nervousness. You shut your eyes tightly as Jackson’s lips finally met yours. Relaxing under his touch, your first unclenched going weak, your eyes opened again lazily but closed quickly. Jackson’s lips moved in sync with yours, the tips of your fingers grazed his chin and jawline. His hands wandered down your waist to your exposed thighs squeezing them lightly pulling you even closer to so you were fully sitting on his lap.

Not thinking of much Jackson took even more control pushing his tongue pass your lips into your mouth. You let out a small moan making Jackson’s fingers dig into your outer thigh. Your arms wrapped around his neck, your fingers ran through his hair messing up the comb over look he had. Your long nails grazed his scalp, as you felt him bite your bottom lip. You didn’t know where all of this came from but you’d be lying to yourself if you said you weren’t enjoying it. Jackson’s hands wandered up your thighs, reaching behind gripping your butt, giving it a light squeeze. Pulling away from the heated make out session you looked into Jackson’s eyes both you red in the face.

“I’m not ready to take it… 'That’.. Far..” You whispered, raising your eyebrows as you said the word, 'that’. You wanted to take this one step at a time, that and your a virgin who’s never even gone to first base.. Till about a few seconds ago. Jackson smiled, nodding his head. Gripping your cheeks tenderly in his hands he leaned in placing a kiss on your lips. Your shoulders slump in satisfaction of having his lips back on yours. Not wanting it to end it was you who deepened the kiss, your fingers now completely tangled in his blonde locks. Jackson’s hands grabbed your waist placing you down against the cool leather.
Your eyes fluttered at his fingers softly grazing up your arm although you had told him moments ago you weren’t ready for sex, your body was responding in a different way. 

“Jackson..” You mumbled against his lips making him pull away, placing his forehead on yours. “Yes?” He panted in response. You only looked down his gaze following yours. You were now looking at Jackson’s large hand on your clothed breast. Your felt your face heat up all the way up to your ears. Jackson was now in between your legs, his hand on your breast. You didn’t expect any of this to happen today. He stared down at his hand not uttering a word. It was silent, the only sound was the ignored movie on the TV, your pulse in your ears and your’s and Jackson’s ragged breathing.

“Um..” Jackson muttered, his hand on your breast clenching a bit making your toes curl. You quickly grabbed his face smashing your lips to yours, wanting to ease the awkward feeling in the air. Grabbing the hand that was on your breast you swiftly moved it lower to your waist, you felt Jackson groan in disappointment feeling the lose of contact and by his phone ringing.

You giggle against his lips, as he pecked them one last time getting up from on top you. You watched as Jackson leaned forward grabbing his phone. Reading the caller ID he rolled his eyes slightly swiping to answer it.

“Hello?” He answered, fixing his hair. You smiled at the messy masterpiece you created on his head. Sitting up you fixed your shirt and hair, pulling your knees to chest as you stared at Jackson’s annoyed expression.

“No, BamBam. I haven’t been on Instagram. I’m pretty sure Mark’s lying…” Jackson shook his head rubbing his eyes. But you watched lovingly as he talked to BamBam. He always answers to BamBam’s calls no matter how ridiculous they were.

“BamBam! For the last time, I haven’t been on Instagram so I’m pretty sure I haven’t liked Mark’s picture before yours. Calm down..” Jackson leaned back into the couch crossing his free arm against his chest, agreeing to whatever BamBam was saying.

“Fine, fine.. Yeah.. Yeah.. If I don’t like your picture first Jackbam is over… Okay, but BamBam?” Jackson sat up sitting straight you raised your eyebrows at his serious tone of voice. “MARKSON FOREVER!!!!” He yelled into the phone, hanging up quickly. You stared at him questionably. Jackson scooted towards you, trying to set the mood and again but you couldn’t take it seriously after what you just witnessed.

“Markson forever?” You questioned raising your eyebrows at him. Jackson gave you a cheeky smile,“It’s not what you think.”

“Hmm!” You hummed playfully diverting your attention back to the forgotten movie, although you didn’t know what was going on you wanted to give Jackson a fake cold shoulder. You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist pulling you into a bear hug. You looked at Jackson who’s face was inches from yours. Staring into his wide brown eyes your heart started to melt at the sight of them. You felt like you were gonna combust at how fast your heart was beating.  

“I’m happy being with you.” Jackson confessed making your heart leap. 

“I’m happy being with you too.” You admitted, looking down. Jackson’s soft lips found your pink colored cheek giving it a soft peck.

“Wanna start the movie over?” He asked looking at the screen, which was now playing the end credits. You nodded grabbing the remote to click the main menu.

“I should get us new sodas.” He grabbed the warm sodas getting up walking towards the kitchen. “Are you gonna like Mark’s picture first?” You called after him, staring at the main menu on the screen.

“You bet!” Jackson laughed in response. You laughed shaking your head at your adorable childlike boyfriend. You smiled knowing that you were gonna be happy with him for a long tim. Clicking play on the movie, Jackson’s returned to the living room placing the drinks on the coffee table, sitting down next to you. He wrapped his arm around you, kissing the top of your head, snuggling your face into his chest smiling at what could be one of the best dates ever.


-Admin Kat

I’m losing it

“Y/N? Did you get them?”
“No… what are you talking about Sehun?”
“Are you home yet?” He asked over the phone as you murmured a ‘no’ in response. “Then go home and see for yourself”. 

It was hard to understand him when he was so mysterious. The ‘beep’ sound kept going for a while until you snapped out of it and hung up too, but it let you some uneasy sensation that you always got when you knew someone had a surprise for you. -Why does he always do this? Leaving me in suspense- You thought as you opened the door of your small but cozy apartment. -What was he even talking about? I don’t have time for riddles.-

He loved riddles. Like a lot. But as you stepped in you didn’t see anything our of normal, out of place, nothing new. With a long sighed you walked in the kitchen to get a glass of water but as the water entered your body you felt how your eyes got watery, how your cheeks were wetter than normal, how the lump in your throat didn’t let you swallow, breathe. 

“Y/N? Are you home yet?… oh there you are!” You heard him Sehun’s voice coming closer. -What’s he doing here?- 
“Jagi… I was waiting for you in your room… got you some flowe-re you crying? Oh babe..” You were pretty much sitting on the floor, hugging your legs and crying uncontrollably. It wasn’t the first time you suddenly felt the panic attack coming at you. It was like it crushed your entire chest, your entire body. All of you. “Come on jagi.. breathe. Please… I’m here”. His strong arms held you tightly pressing you against his warm chest. They say sometimes human’s touch can take some of your pain away and that’s exactly what he did for you. You weren’t sure if it was something scientific that you couldn’t comprehend or just love, love as the purest emotion of them all. But it didn’t matter, whatever it was worked way faster than anything else. Holding you tightly, his breathing always managed to calm you down, making you breathe at the same pace; his hear beat hypnotized you, made you focus on just one thing, taking everything away. The pain, the thoughts. Everything. 
“I’m… I’m s-sorry Seh-”
“Shhh. Don’t speak. You don’t have to apologize babe. You’ve been through a lot, but I’m here. I’ll always be here to protect you. Because I love you”. 

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this short scenario. And I also hope that the anon who requested this is feeling better. Don’t listen to what others say, only the opinion of those who are important to you matters. Love, Admin A~

Pool Parties (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Requested by melanietheegreat: I know I asked for one like a few days ago, but it was so good I need moreee! can I get an imagine where nate and y/n are at a pool party and nate goes to smoke or something and while he’s gone someone throws y/n in the pool but she doesn’t know how to swim & an angry nate comes too the rescue ;);););) thanks so much! hope it’s not a hassle ily <3 (MASTERLIST)   

We were having a pool party at the Janoskians’ house. It was a normal, hot LA day with friends. One of the days I loved the most. Good vibes and pretty chill lives. I really enjoyed their enormous house, and pool… even though I was terrified to go into the pool.

Call me lame, call me stupid, call me whatever you want. I cannot swim. At all. And I hated it, but I don’t feel like teaching how to swim. “Babe, I’m gonna go do a blunt with the boys.” Nate said as he threw an arm around me.

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Bellarke & The Princess Diaries AU? Thank you for doing this!! Very early Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

This one went kind of a weird way.

It’s unfortunately one of the largest failings a queen can have, to not bear children.

“Yeah,” Bellamy says, when Clarke tells him as much. “But it’s not like you’re starting wars or appointing livestock to cabinet positions or anything. Historically speaking, you could be doing a lot worse.”

“As always, I appreciate your upbeat perspective. It’s still a huge problem.”

It could be worse is upbeat. That way you know that if I ever tell you it couldn’t be worse, you’re really fucked.”

She has to smile. “Obviously.” The good mood doesn’t last, though, and she rubs her face. “If I get thrown out of power, then I’m really fucked, right? That’s the point of no return.”

“You’ll be fine,” he says. “It’s just, you know. The country. They’d definitely be fucked. You could take a break.” He pauses. “Scratch that, you definitely couldn’t. You don’t know how to take a break. But you could find a new job to consume your entire life.”

“I haven’t been dethroned yet,” she mutters. “I could still have you executed.”

“Like you’d ever find someone else to put up with you,” he shoots back.

It makes her smile, and she lets herself stop pacing and sit down next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“We’re going to get through this,” he says, and he sounds so sure.

“We?” she asks. “It’s my problem. What are you going to do?”

She doesn’t mean it in an unkind way, so she’s glad he doesn’t take it like that. He just puts his arm around her and squeezes. “The same thing I always do,” he says. “Whatever you need.”

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Arrow/AU Fic: Where You Lead

Summary: Oliver Queen’s careful routine at the diner he owns is disrupted by Stars Hollow’s newest residents. [Gilmore Girls AU]

[Grumpy diner owner and chatty coffee lover? Sounds like an Olicity AU to me!! But then again, what doesn’t? :D Probably my last AU one-shot for a while, but I always think that and then here we are.]


Oliver Queen likes routine.

He likes the ring of the alarm clock in the dark of early morning, at the same time every day. He likes the sounds of Roy firing up the fryer as he trudges downstairs. He likes knowing when to wake Thea up and have her out at the counter before Babette and Miss Patty arrive, since they always grab his arms and giggle—and he’s pretty sure Babette once tried to lift his shirt when his back was turned. He likes knowing when John Diggle will sit at the counter for his eggs, bacon and coffee each morning, as they talk about baseball scores instead of whatever nonsense Taylor is shouting at him.

He even likes that all his customers are regulars from Stars Hollow, even if it keeps his budget tight every month, because he likes the familiarity—the often ridiculous familiarity.

Ever since he got back from the war, he likes the routine.

But the tiny blonde woman with glasses and the little girl she hauls in behind her are anything but routine.

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