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Title:  What You Need

Summary: After a stressful review meeting Draco thinks maybe its about time Harry were honest with himself.

Word Count: 1977

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Draco can feel the tension in his body twisting and turning, slowly ebbing away as he and Harry leave Robards’ office in a hurry.  He’d been dying to get out of that meeting from the moment it had begun this morning. 

It had been a mandatory review of all of their cases from the last six months.  Apparently the head of the department had decided that no one was exempt from the intense scrutiny they’d just faced over the last two hours.  Hell he had expected it to be brutal based on the chatter around the Auror office from those who had already faced their own review, but even he couldn’t have anticipated the kinds of questions they would ask.

“And do you feel your relationship with Mr. Potter is completely professional?”

“Mr. Malfoy, have your feelings for Mr. Potter ever gotten in the way of your ability to make an unbiased call in the field?”

“Mr. Potter, there is a history of rash decisions in your case file.  Do you believe yourself of sound mind and judgement in the heat of the moment?”

“Gentleman, have you ever had more than a professional working relationship with your Auror partner?”

They’d claimed the questions were standard, and would be the same for all partners regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  A necessary precaution they’d called it.  But Draco had felt his insides churning at the questions, his mind over run with thoughts and desires which he usually worked very hard to keep below the surface.  He had answered them with a cool and calm countenance that had betrayed nothing of his true feelings.

Harry on the other hand had begun to get agitated the second they’d questioned his personal life.

“I’m a damn good Auror and what I do off the clock is none of your business.”

They were partners.  Friends.  And yet Harry had bristled at the insinuation they were more, refusing to answer the questions which Draco was sure only made things about a hundred times worse.  

By the time they finally reach their office Harry is in a right mood, ripping his Auror robes off and flinging them on the chair in the corner.  He takes his glasses off next, setting them on the desk and rubbing his face with both hands.  He looks tired, stressed.  It’s not the first time Draco has wondered why Harry is still an Auror.  He’s good at it, damn good in fact,  His reflexes are excellent and his experience with Dark Wizards invaluable.  But even after three years working together Draco can see that he still has trouble taking orders; he’s brash and though his instinct are usually right he follows them blindly.  Mostly though, despite how good he is at his job he just doesn’t seem happy.

Draco watches with curiosity as Harry just drops to the floor, as if he truly cannot take another moment of anything, running his hands through his hair before laying down.  He feels guilty for the thoughts that run through his mind, the way he can’t take his eyes off the strength in Harry’s forearms, or the space between his legs.  H knows he shouldn’t be thinking those things when Harry is clearly struggling.  But the questions had been too much, had brought too much to the forefront of his min,  and though he might not be showing it outwardly Draco feels just as close to exploding as Harry looks.

“Do you regret it?” Harry asks quite suddenly, startling Draco out of his thoughts.

“Regret what?”

“Becoming an Auror?”

Of all the things Draco thought the other man might say that is not one of them.  He thinks back on the brutal years in training, of the distrust and harassment he had faced when he first joined and the hard work and determination it had taken to get anyone to take him seriously. He thinks back to when they had first become partners and the way they had argued and clashed just as intensely as they had in school, until one day after a bad case when they’d both ended up at the same bar and gotten pissed after work together.  The next day he couldn’t remember what either one of them had said or done, and truth be told he still has no idea if Harry ever remembered because they never discussed it, but things had changed after that.   They had begun working as a team, and before Draco had known what was happening they weren’t just two people being forced to work together they were partners; a well functioning team that both trusted and relied on one another.  

He looks at Harry now, sprawled out on the floor looking tense and unhappy, something Draco now knows he hides from almost everyone else and he wonders what it means that Harry trusts him with the ugliest sides of himself so implicitly.  

Draco doesn’t usually stop to think about his own feelings, not after having worked so hard to push them away.  He regrets many things in his life, but becoming an Auror is not one of them, not when it has led him this.  Whatever this might be.

“No, I don’t.”

Harry’s shoulders tighten and Draco wonders when exactly he learned to read the other man so well.  He looks angry, at himself Draco thinks, and guilty.  

“You know its ok to hate your job.”

Harry jerks his head up in surprise, his brow crinkling in confusion.  “But you just said-”

“I know perfectly well what I said.  I answered your question honestly.  You just didn’t ask the right question.”  Draco crosses his legs, leaning back in his chair and watching Harry throw his hands in the air before dropping his head back to the ground with an audible thud.

“Well what the bloody fuck was the right question?”

Draco can’t help it, he laughs.  Harry shoots him an angry look.

“I’m so glad you find this so funny.”

“Always so fucking melodramatic, Potter.”  Draco knows exactly what to say to get a rise out of him and Harry is on his feet in seconds.  

“That meeting was a load of shit.  We’re the best Aurors in the department and they know it.” 

“Are you angry because they questioned your work ethic or because they questioned our relationship?”  Draco says, and is surprised at how good it feels to say something.  To acknowledge them in some way, even if they have no idea what they are.  

Harry opens his mouth to speak and then stops as if he’s thought better of it.  He suddenly looks so unsure, and so much younger than his twenty seven years.  He rubs his hands on his shirt almost unconsciously and just stares at Draco.

“Do you want to know what I think?” Draco asks, rising from his seat and closing the small distance between them.  He can practically feel the tension in Harry’s body, the air nearly crackling with it.  “I think you’re tired of all of it; of the protocol and the bureaucracy and the phoniness.  You’ve spent your entire fucking life saving everyone else and being who they needed to be and I think you’ve finally had enough.  Today.  Right now, Harry.  You’ve had enough.”

Harry sucks in a deep breath, and Draco has no idea what to expect because he knows he’s crossing that forbidden line that says neither one of them will acknowledge real feelings but he doesn’t care because he can’t stand another day of pretending either.

“Aren’t you tired of being what everyone else needs you to be?  Don’t you want to get what you need for once?”

Harry licks his lips, still unable to move from his spot as if his feet have been spelled to the floor.  “And what exactly is it you think I need?”

Fuck it Draco thinks, he’s come this far already.  Instead of saying anything he reaches out, his hands sliding into Harry’s hair and gently urging him closer.  He presses his lips to Harry’s, afraid for a moment he’s made a mistake and gone too far but then Harry is nearly clawing at him, his hands grabbing onto Draco so tightly it almost hurts. 

The kiss is almost brutal, desperate, and so fucking good Draco stops trying to hold it in and just moans into Harry’s mouth which only spurs the other man on even more.  Draco’s hand is sliding down Harry’s back when there is a knock on the door and they spring apart just seconds before the door flies open.  It’s Robards.  Draco has never wanted to curse someone as badly as he does right in this moment.  His heart aches and he just knows the moment has been ruined, that this interruption has shattered whatever fragile thing they were beginning.

“Listen, Potter, Malfoy, about before I-”

“I quit!” Harry shouts and Draco’s mouth falls open in the most un-Malfoy like display of shock he’s ever shown.

“Excuse me, Potter, you can’t quit!”

Draco doesn’t even look at Robards, because he can’t take his eyes off Harry.  Harry looks giddy, euphoric even, and it reminds Draco of the way Potter used to look after he’d caught the Golden Snitch.

“Yes, Sir, I can.  I quit.  I hate my job,” he shouts, and then he begins to laugh.  Robards looks like he thinks Harry might have lost his mind.  “God that felt good to say out loud.  I FUCKING HATE MY JOB!” he screams even louder, making several of the other Aurors peek their heads down the hallway and through the open door to their office.  

Robards holds his hand up to silence him but Harry is paying him no mind.

“I hate the paperwork and the assignments and the bloody protocol that makes no sense sometimes and I hate the awful hours.  Fuck I hate everything about it except that I get to work with you,” Harry says, turning to look at Draco with a look so pure in intensity Draco is glad he’s sitting down already.

“And what about you, Malfoy?” Robards asks, sounding equal parts confused and helpless.

“Oh I quit too. I detest this job.”

“I thought you said you didn’t regret becoming an Auror?” Harry asks suddenly, as if he’s forgotten Robards is just standing there watching them.

Draco shrugs, almost nonchalantly.  “I don’t regret it, not at all.  But I still fucking hate this job.”

“Then why don’t you regret it?” he asks, and Draco wonders how it’s possible that other man really doesn’t see it.

“Because you oblivious idiot, I’m in love with you.  Pretty sure if you jumped out this window right now I’d follow you like a lovesick puppy.  It’s absolutely pathetic,” he answers in the most self deprecating tone possible.


“Yes, Harry.”

“Well, that’s rather good then isn’t it.  Because I’m in love with you.”

“Right, well I’ll just be leaving now,” Robards mumbles awkwardly before shutting the door behind him.  Neither Harry nor Draco pay him any attention.

“So, before….when you said you knew what I needed,” Harry begins to say, crossing the room until he’s standing directly in front of Draco with his hand outstretched.  “What if you showed me instead.”

“I can’t think of anything I’d like more,“ Draco answers, taking Harry’s hand in his own and thinking that maybe what they both want and need might just be the same things.

ships passing in the night.

A quick, (hopefully) fluffy little fic featuring musician!Derek. Inspired by this prompts post of “Reunited AUs.”

now also on ao3!

Stiles is so close to getting somewhere with Derek. He can feel it.

They have inside jokes. They eat lunch together every day in the cafeteria. Stiles has found out that Derek can play like fifteen different instruments and likes to fiddle around with composing music in his spare time, and Derek knows all about Stiles’ fascination with folklore, unexplained phenomena, and The X-Files. Stiles overhears Derek telling Boyd that Stiles is a “brilliant researcher.” Derek has seen Stiles having a panic attack in the men’s restroom and talked him through it, and he went with Stiles as his (sadly platonic) plus-one to his dad’s wedding. There’s even a drunk almost-kiss at their boss Lydia Martin’s engagement party, Stiles making an idiot of himself but Derek smiling fondly anyway, and then—nothing.

“Hey, where’s Derek?” Stiles asks Greenberg when he comes in Monday morning. Derek is one of those annoyingly productive morning people and always beats Stiles to the office. Today his desk is empty. Like, weirdly empty. Stiles would almost venture to call it bare, except that makes no sense. “He’s not sick, is he? Or hungover?”

Although, as far as Stiles knows, Derek doesn’t drink.

“He quit,” Greenberg says, not looking up from the magazine he’s reading, as if this is totally normal.

There’s a strange ringing in Stiles’ ears. “Like, for the day?”

Greenberg doesn’t look up. “Like, for forever.”

It really is that sudden. One day he’s plugging away in the cubicle next to Stiles’, and the next, Stiles finds out from fucking Facebook that Derek Hale is overnight famous.

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threat // peter parker

request from @fragilefrances: Reader keeps getting threats and she keeps it to herself and when she disappears, Peter finds the threats and tries to find her before its too late

word count: 3.3k

a/n: hey guys! this my first time writing a request, so i hope you guys enjoy! i realize i didn’t do exactly what the request said, but i hope it’s still ok (sorry!!). unedited! this will get a part 2 soon! and starting next monday, i begin high school! it should be okay for the first few weeks, but i might get a lil busy so i hope y'all understand! i’ll still write as much as possible <3 and hope you guys enjoy this! warning for threatening and kidnapping themes. <3333



“So I thought about telling her that, y’know, I was kind of in an awkward situation there. But how are you supposed to do that with all these people around?”


“And then she had this idea, right, and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ and she was getting this empty bottle and she said she wanted to play Spin the Bottle!”

“Uh huh.”

“She knows that I have strict boundaries with that stuff, and she still…” You trail off into silence for a few seconds. “Okay, Pete, I know you don’t care, but give me something to work with here.” You wait for a response, and then check to see if Peter is still on the other end of the line. “Hello?”

“Wait, what did you say?” You sigh audibly at this. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I was…zoned out.”

“It’s okay.” There’s a short pause.

“So what were you telling me?”

“Uh, it’s nothing important. Speaking of which, I’m getting a little tired. I’d better get going.”

“It’s not even eight, how are you tired already?” He sounds confused.

“I stayed up last night. I’ll see you.”

“Uh, okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You hang up the phone call, feeling discomfort poke at you. Peter’s as close to a best friend you’ll ever have. You know him like the back of your hand. But recently he’s been a little weird around you. He’s always off in his own little world, thinking about something else. It was okay the first few times, but now you hardly have conversations with him anymore. You’re just worried if he’s okay sometimes.

Is this just a thing that happens when people grow apart? You gaze out of your tiny window into the not-so-tiny world. The sun is drowning in the horizon, the fiery orange and red tones fading away into pink, and then into periwinkle blue. The city is noisy, but in this transition between day and night, everything looks beautiful.

You think about talking to Peter. But where would you even begin? How do people have supportive conversations? You’re not very good at being helpful in this kind of situation. You move away from your window and flop onto your bed. You dig around your sheets for a minute before finding your phone. You Google ‘Why is my best friend being distant?’ and scroll through a few pages. If anything, this just depresses you more, so you decide to stop.

You’re about to close your phone when it dings with a text. Is it Peter with another half-assed apology? It seems you’ve been spared from that tonight. You scroll through your conversations, but you don’t see any new texts. You frown when you see an old text. Whoops, you forgot to text a classmate back about a quiz. The quiz that happened today. Yikes.

Well, you’re sure it’s okay. You set your phone aside to do homework. But as soon as you lift your pencil, your phone starts ringing. Without looking at who it is, you pick up, voice firm. “Peter, I’m sleeping. Bye.”

You pause, and then look at who’s really calling you. Whoever it was turned off their caller ID. Uh…weird. Is this a prank call? “Um…hello?” You say cautiously.

The silence hangs for what feels like an eternity. Unsettled, you hang up. You have a notification for a text. You open it.

Unknown: There’s a package waiting for you on your doorstep. Get it within fifteen minutes.

You frown. Is this one of your friends trying to play some sick practical joke on you? “Yeah? Or what?” You mutter to yourself, scoffing.

Unknown: [image attached] Or else something might just happen to him.

Your eyes widen when you look at the picture. It’s Peter, sitting in his bedroom. But…he’s, like, attached to the ceiling. He’s hanging upside down and reading a book. No, this must be digitally edited or something. That’s when you see two things. The digital clock, which reads the time right now: 8:37 PM. And a very familiar looking suit on the floor. The Spider-Man suit. You’ve never been more confused.

You feel a tight knot in your chest. How does this person know who Peter is? How do they know you? Who are they? How do they know that you know Peter? They’re not going to hurt him, are they? Why does Peter have that suit? Christ, is he the Spider-Man that you saw in a YouTube video a few days ago?

You look at your clock. Nearly five minutes have passed already. You don’t want to find out what they’ll do to Peter if you don’t comply, so you quickly stand up and fumble to unlock your door. You race downstairs and past a pair of worried looking mothers.

“Honey, is everything -” You cut one of them off as you step out of the apartment. Sure enough, there’s a small box sitting there. You scoop it up and dash back upstairs with it. You swallow, breathing heavily as you grab your phone. Another message pops up.

Unknown: Good girl. Give it to the hooded boy waiting in the alley by your building at 7:50 AM tomorrow. Don’t talk to him.

You try keep yourself together and think. Do you dare send a message?

You: who are you and how do you know me?

You: how do you know him?

No response. You didn’t really expect one, anyway.

You: you can do anything you want with me. just don’t touch him. please.

You don’t expect a response to that, either, but then, a message pops up.

Unknown: Follow your instructions without hesitation and he will go unharmed.

You set your phone down as you try to process everything. The first thing you do is cry, sobbing uncontrollably while you clutch a pillow to your chest. What do you even do? You want to call Peter, but you’re scared of what might happen. Whoever this is knows how dear he is to your heart. What do they know and what don’t they know? Is anything even private anymore?

You think about every memory you shared with Peter. That one time you ruined his new jeans by throwing a cupcake at him. Or when you sat on the floor and debated over Star Wars fan theories for a whole day. Or the countless nights you stayed up with him on Skype, talking endlessly. Or just a few months ago, when he kissed you and he thought you didn’t feel that way about him even though you did.

He’s not just the friend that went through thick and thin with you. You love him, goddammit. And now you don’t know what to do because you can’t imagine being in a world without him. You can’t even imagine him ever being hurt. At any other point in your life, the possibility that he might be Spider-Man would freak you out more than anything. But right now, you don’t care about any of it. You’re pretty sure that even Spider-Man can’t dodge a bullet when he least expects it.

You try to make yourself feel better about it all. So what, you move around a few packages and then they leave you alone. And then you can carry on with your life and have everything be okay. No biggie.

Still, a dark feeling disturbs you.

Having completely forgotten about your homework, you lay on your bed to sleep. You’re too frightened to sleep with the lights off, so you leave them on as you drift into an uncomfortable slumber. You toss and turn all night, racked with paranoia and fear. You hardly get any sleep. For the longest time, you stare at the ceiling. You just want Peter to be safe. You just want to protect him. The idea of protecting Spider-Man feels silly, but the picture ‘Unknown’ sent you lingers in your head. He’s still a kid, like you. He still has vulnerabilities.

You jolt when your alarm clock goes off, scaring you. You quickly switch it off. 6:30 AM. If you have to give the package to someone at 7:50, you’re going to be late for school. You guess one day won’t be too bad. You scrape your hair out of your face and put on your jeans and t-shirt from yesterday. The t-shirt says “May the force be with you” but the word “force” is replaced with the formula for force. It was a Christmas present from Peter.

At 7:30, you head outside to wait with the package in hand. It’s chillier than you expected, but you manage to stand there for twenty minutes. Goosebumps lines your exposed arms as you look around for the recipient. You realize that you didn’t even stop to think about what was in the box. You were so busy worrying about Peter that you forgot about it. What if you’re carrying meth or crack cocaine or something? What if you’re helping some illegal activity happen?

Just as you start freaking out over it, a hooded figure enters the alley. You’ve never seen the guy before, but he looks young. He can’t be older than seventeen. He stares at you expectantly. You open your mouth to say something but quickly shut it when you remember that you’re not supposed to say anything. You quickly hand over the box. To your surprise, he starts opening it. You watch, lips parted.

You expect him to take out something suspicious-looking, but instead he reveals a knife wrapped in cloth. He unwinds the cloth, and before you can even scream, the boy pins you to the wall. One gloved hand presses tightly over your mouth as you try and yell out. He presses the knife to your throat and you reflexively tilt your head back to try and create some space between your neck and the knife.

Oh god, this is it. This is the end. You think about how you should’ve been a little nicer to your moms, and how you should’ve apologized to a few people. You should’ve told Peter you loved him. And maybe kissed him again. His image flashes in your head. His warm, dark eyes that crinkle when he smiles at you. His soft lips against yours, hungry for something you’ve both wanted for an eternity. The way his dark brown hair flops onto his forehead and escapes the gel when he’s leaning over to work on a project. The look on his face right before he’s about to make a dumb joke that you’ll laugh at anyway. It’s all too sweet to let go of so quickly, but if it means saving him, you’ll do it without hesitation.

And then, as though the guy was having second thoughts, he steps back. He almost looks apologetic, but it might just be the lighting. Your heart’s still pounding out of fear as you fumble for your phone. What the hell?

Unknown: Wait until further instruction.

You look back up to yell at the boy, but he’s vanished. You glance into the darkening alley, and then out towards the street. Great, you don’t want your life threatened again anyway. You check the time. It’s nearly 8:10, and you’re already missing first period. You race out to go to school.

In second period English, Peter side eyes you the whole time, like he normally does. You normally do the same, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to look at him today. Your phone is on your lap in case you get a text.

Is he really Spider-Man? You tune out the entire class, until the teacher walks up to you. “Y/N, are you alright?” You jolt slightly in surprise when you see her.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine,” you say quickly, tripping over your words.

“You didn’t seem to hear me for the past five minutes. Where’s your homework?” You’re acutely aware that the whole class is staring at you, including Peter. Your cheeks redden in embarrassment when you realize you didn’t do it last night. What are you supposed to say?

“U-Uh, I left it at, um, home.” Your voice is quiet as you look down, your face burning up. Everyone’s going to think you’re stupid and you don’t take school seriously. They’re going to think that instead of doing my homework last night, you were at Flash’s party getting drunk, and that’s why you’re being weird now. Ha. As if you’d even get invited.

You spend the rest of class being extremely embarrassed as you try and participate more. At the end of class, Peter walks up to you. Dejected, you try and walk past him, but he blocks your path.  You step around him, but he’s too quick. He grabs you by the arms this time, but then lets go when you show obvious discomfort. You walk out of the classroom, Peter right beside you. “What’s up with you?” He asks.

“Nothing,” you murmur, slightly annoyed.

“Oh, so you mean nothing as in totally ignoring me, having bags under your eyes, and not doing your homework for once in a blue moon. You look like you saw a ghost, you’re scared out of your damn mind. So don’t give me this bullshit about nothing being wrong, Y/N.” Is he mad at you? Suddenly, it seems silly to think he was the same person you fell in love with months ago. He seems completely different. The Peter you know wouldn’t get mad at you. His expression softens when he sees yours. “I’m sorry.”

“No, you know what, Parker, what’s wrong with you?”

By now, the halls are nearly clear except for those skipping. “What are you talking about?” Peter asks, confused. He looks kind of upset, because he knows you’re serious when you call him by his last name.

“You know what I’m talking about. You hardly talk to me, and you’re never paying attention when you do. If you don’t fricking like being around me, then tell me and I’ll leave you the hell alone! I thought we were best friends, and I thought that meant you could tell me anything. But whenever I ask, you say it’s nothing and I’ve been trying so hard to believe it. Because I trust you to tell me the truth when you think it’s time. But then the moment I start acting weird too, you just have to push it. Maybe I have my own secrets too. Did you ever think about that too? Maybe I put on a suit and I leap around kicking ass, too.” You spread your arms out, the angry look on your face quickly breaking apart. Peter’s eyes are wide as he stares, in complete shock. You can’t bring yourself to say anything else. You wipe the tears that start spilling from your eyes.

Peter tries to pull you into a hug, but you shove him away as hard as you can. Spider-Man can take a push, can’t he? But he winces anyway, simply watching as you walk away. You check your phone, and your heart pangs in your chest at the message.

Unknown: Don’t speak to him again.

You’ve never felt more alone, but at the same time, you can never truly be alone. You can’t even talk to Peter anymore, isolating you from the one person that matters most to you. But now you’re sure they’re watching you somehow. They’re watching your every footstep, they’re listening to your every word.

You instantly feel bad for yelling at Peter, as you always do whenever you get upset at him. You just can’t control your emotions around him anymore. For some reason, this all makes you want to protect him more.

God, you hate everything. You hate Peter for what he does but love him for who he is, which is a confusing thing all on its own. And he’s Spider-Man. And you’re doing scary ass things under the promise of his safety.

Your fingers brush against your throat. There isn’t a cut there or anything. Huh, maybe the knife just wasn’t that sharp.

Your phone pings with instructions to retrieve a box. For the next few hours, you’re forced to skip school as you obediently follow seemingly random orders. Thankfully, you don’t get any more knives shoved to your throat again. You just move things around, and you don’t even have to deliver things to anyone.

Over the course of the day, you start to calm down a little. It’s only now that you begin to question the person’s motive of threatening you with Peter. Do they want something from you? Or something from Peter? Peter is more likely, with him being Spider-Man and all. But all Spider-Man does is stop robbers and help old ladies out. He just doesn’t seem like a person worth targeting for the reason that he might be a threat to criminals.

You’ve had missed calls from him all day. He must be wondering where you went, but every time you even get the urge to call back, you remember the harsh warning you were given to not talk to him. He sent you tons of texts, too.

Peter: where are you???

Peter: y/n please!! i’m worried about you, just tell me you’re safe and i’ll stop.

Peter: i know you’re mad and you don’t care, but i really care. just tell me if you’re home or something. i won’t come visit you if you don’t want me to. i just need to know if you’re in a safe place. that’s it.

Messages like this continue on until a few scrolls. Finally, they come to a stop and then Ned texts you.

Ned: Hey Y/N Peter looks like he’s going to have a panic attack

Ned: It’s really bad and he won’t listen to me

Ned: Just tell him you’re okay so he’ll stop freaking out

Ned: Dude you realize he’ll put on his suit and try and find you if you don’t respond soon right

You take a deep breath and look away, pained inside. You don’t want to think about Peter getting anxiety over you. At least he’s alive. And when all of this is over, you can tell him everything and he’ll understand. Because he’d do the same for you. That’s just the kind of people you and Peter are. Your thoughts are cut off when you see you got a message from ‘Unknown’.

Unknown: Go back to the alleyway by your apartment and wait.

Unknown: This is the last message you will receive.

Something about this feels weird to you. Wait for what? This is a vague message, which is unusual considered the pattern of very specific messages. Nonetheless, you begin making your way home. Your phone keeps buzzing with messages, probably from Ned. You keep yourself going with only one thought in mind. It’s almost over. Just one more thing to do, and then it’s all over. You just hope Peter will be okay.

You finally get to the alleyway as the sun moves downward. It won’t be sunset for a few hours, unfortunately, but it’s not like you would be able to see it from down here anyway. You’re nervous, and there’s a very odd feeling in your gut. It’s giving you a very clear message. RUN. You ignore it, looking over your shoulder to see if anyone’s coming. No one.

You wait there for a while, realizing how exhausted you are from running around the city all day. You probably have so much homework to catch up on, and you owe an explanation for not showing up to most of your classes. Your phone buzzes again, and you finally look at it.

Mom: Honey, why did your mother and I get an email saying that you didn’t go to any of your classes other than English today?

Mom: You know that you can talk to us about anything. You can tell us the truth.

Shit. You are so screwed when you go home. You quickly start thinking of excuses, because you obviously can’t tell them the truth in this situation. As you worry over this, you don’t notice that someone is behind you.

Suddenly, you feel metal clang against your skull, and you’re gone. You drop the ground instantaneously, unconscious.


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The Audacity of Kim Junmyeon (1)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7

Description: Kim Junmyeon, your neighbor and ex best friend suddenly begins taking to you after nearly six years of silence. Although he may be talking to you, he’s not the most…decent person now that he’s grown up.

Warnings: vulgar language??? I think that’s it. Fuckboy-ism too. Future smut.

Word Count: 1,190

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader / Park Chanyeol x Reader


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You looked up from your paper, nearly looking back down once you met the eyes of Kim Junmyeon. Not only was he your neighbor, he was your hot neighbor. You often saw the parties he threw but never attended them. Mostly because you didn’t want to, but there was also the small factor that he didn’t ever invite you.

The two of you used to be good friends. That was because once puberty hit, he distanced himself from you. So, you grew taller without your best friend - your body changed just like Junmyeon’s demeanor towards you. That wasn’t the only thing that changed. He grew as well - his body taller and his shoulders broader.

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Tim is hanging with his friends...

Tim: I’m the only person to have ever beaten Cass at hide and seek and technically the reigning champion in the family.

Kon: How?

Tim: Well you see we were all playing hide and seek and I decided to hide on top of a bookcase. It’s positioned so you can’t see if anyone’s on top unless you stand next to it and look up, but you can see pretty well if you’re on top. While I was up there I managed to fall asleep and by the time I woke up it was getting dark. I wasn’t sure if we were still playing or if they’d forgotten about me so I decided to stay up there for as long as possible. And well I ended up staying up there all night. In fact I wasn’t found until my phone went off just as Cass was walking past. So after being up there for nearly 15 hours I climb down, with help because I now have a pretty bad cramp, and ask what the hell happened. 
Well it turns out half way through the game Titus decided he wanted to play too, except his idea off seeking included charging at the person he’d found knocking several pictures and an antique vase over, then freaking out over the noise. So apparently Titus was going berserk. Steph had already found Duke, Dick and Damian at this point and Cass and Jason came out when they heard the noise. Apparently by the time they’d caught him and calmed him down they thought I’d left because they though there was no way I didn’t hear them. Except the only reason I didn’t hear them was because I was asleep.  

So that’s how I came to be the only person to ever beat Cass at hide and seek.

Bart: Damn. 

Sheriff Handsome

You’ve just moved into a new town and Sheriff Negan offers to lend you a helping hand. 

Written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash writing challenge!

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Warnings: None, Fluff, AU, Reader Insert. Sheriff/Cop Negan

Words: 1007

It was a minefield. Who knew nails came in so many different sizes? Certainly not you, but after buying a beautiful lakeside house that upon closer inspection seemed to be actually falling into the lake you had a feeling you were going to become accustomed to nail sizes and the tiny hardware store that lived the centre of town.

You placed your box of nails next to the roof tiles, superglue and lengths of wood that were already in your cart.

“You ever actually fixed a roof before?”

The voice was all smoke and masculinity and when you turned around to see who it belonged to you weren’t disappointed. You’re eyes landed squarely on a shiney sheriff’s badge before your gaze drifted up to find the matching sheriffs hat and a smile that was just about verging on a smirk.

“Is it really that obvious?”

He nodded to the cart, his hand resting on the pistol that was snug against his hip, “you picked up the wrong size nails.”

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How about Inquisition companions, advisors, and love interests reacting to the inquisitor having a gaggle of clearly adopted kids (different races and the ones that are the same race look nothing at all like the inquisitor) that they took in before the Conclave.

I am living for asks like these! Also, I love Vivienne and think she deserves so much better than she was given.
-Mod M

Blackwall: He’s the type of guy that’ll spend months carving each and every one of them something for their birthday. The Dad of the group, who probably has a mug with “Worlds okayest Dad” on it. One of the kids made it for him. He uses it ever day.
Romanced: Treats each and every one of them as if they were his own, teaching them everything he knows, and doing anything for them. Nobody is going to forget him walking through Skyhold with flowers braided into his hair and beard any time soon.

Cassandra: Momma Cassandra coming through, y'all! She loves kids and is oddly motherly for someone who can be so harsh. Loves each kid to bits and definitely reads them all bedtime stories. Gives the best hugs.
Romanced: Even more loving. Gives each and every one of them a good night kiss and checks on them every other hour. She will (and probably has) kill for them. Teaches them sword fighting and self defense. They’re her babies! She has to keep them safe!

Cole: Blends right in. Always gets them what they want for their birthday and knows when they have a nightmare. He’ll be right there in about 0.5 seconds if they’re even slightly scared, ready to help any way he can. Checks on all of them during the night.

Dorian: Has absolutely no clue what he’s doing. For everything else he knows, children continue to absolutely confuse him. What do they want? He does try though. He almost tries too hard before realizing that he’s definitely doing way too much.
Romanced: Not all that different. Tries a bit more for the Inquisitor, and does his best to keep them all happy.

Sera: She’s going to teach all of them to prank. She’s that really fun gay big sister with all the bad advice when one of them gets a crush. Probably also helped them get away with repainting Cullen’s entire office.
Romanced: Awwww yeah, she’s the prank mom! She’s oddly good at motherly advice, when it’s a serious problem. Cares so much for them, but still acts more like a big sister than anything else.

Solas: Egg man was not meant for kids. He stays away from them, and when they get into his room he kicks them out as nicely as possible. He doesn’t want Cassandra or Blackwall mad at him, so he tries to be as nice as he can. Likes the mage children though. He teaches them about the Fade.
Romanced: Oh my him, now he has to leave more people. Except these people view him like a dad. He wishes it had panned out different. He always secretly loved the thought of having kids.

The Iron Bull: Piggy Back Ride King. Uncontested. The best. He loves kids, so he’ll take any chance to help out and watch them. Has nicknames for every last one of them, and always uses them. Everyone’s pretty sure he’s forgotten their real names.
Romanced: So many little Chargers. He gets everyone in on babysitting. All the Chargers joke about “The Iron Mom@, or how he should be baking something in a frilly pink apron. Tea Parties. So many tea parties.

Varric: Tries to remember them all, but ends up having to write their names down. Writes bedtime stories (Cassandra reads them), and calls Cassandra Mama Bear. Is sure to mention them in "This Shit Is Weird, The Inquisitors Story”. He’s like the cool uncle that lets you stay up after bedtime and play cards with him.

Vivienne: Madame De Fer does not like children, nor does she have time to deal with them. She is poise and grace, and has better things to do than to deal with a screaming child. But Vivienne remembers when she was a little girl in the Circle. How she loved to hear stories from the Templars and sit to watch the older mages practice. How she missed being tucked in and kissed on the forehead every night by her mother. How she hurt when people sneered at her, calling her a no-good mage. So she gives them her all, showering them with gifts and affection when people aren’t looking, protects them from any harm, sings and tells them stories when they ask.

The advisors:

Cullen: He knows what he’s doing. He has younger siblings, after all. He protests moving them all to Skyhold at first, it’s cold and miserable, they hardly have enough room for all their soldiers, so on and so forth, but eventually caves. He wouldn’t tell anyone, but he sings lullabies when they have nightmares.
Romanced: Writes letters home about their kids, gets letters back asking what it’s like to be a father, panics and gets flustered. In all seriousness, the Rutherford family looks forward to meeting all of the kids, especially since Cullen seemed to love them so much.

Josephine: She loves children! She tries her best to make sure they’re always comfortable and happy, and that there’s more than enough food to go around. She throws the best birthday parties for them all, and always makes sure it’s going perfect to whoever’s having the birthday.
Romanced: Honestly, she’s like a really really proud mama. Spoils them all, especially on their birthday. Definitely helps with their hair and will talk for hours while making some complex braid for one of them.

Leiliana: So. Damn. Protective. Sends death threats to people who so much as looked at the kids wrong, and if they lay a malevolent hand on any one of them, they better hope the Maker will have mercy on their soul. She sure won’t. They are precious in her eyes, and she’ll do almost anything to keep them safe. She shares all her weapon knowledge, too.

Wrong Choice

Request: “Can you do a Scott McCall imagine if you have time? Where he chooses Allison over you and leaves you heartbroken. You go to your best friend Derek and he makes you realize guys don’t deserve any girls tears. You end up moving on. Turns out Allison leaves him for Isaac and he tries to go to you, but he realizes you moved on from him. And pretty much a whole bunch of angst. You don’t have to do this if you don’t have time. ❣️❣️”

Ship: Scott McCall x Fem!Reader, Derek Hale x Fem!Reader, Scott McCall x Allison Argent, Allison Argent x Isaac Lahey. 

Warnings: fluff, swearing, screaming, SO MUCH ANGST, heartbroken, tears, betrayal, etc. 

Notes: none of these gifs are mine, credit to owners. 

Third P.O.V

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She was confused. Insecure and heartbroken. Scott McCall, someone she loved- or, she thought she loved, had made a very difficult decision. One that she thought would take a long time for him to come to a final decision. However, he had chosen surprisingly quickly. He had chosen Allison over her. (Y/n) stood in the hallway of Beacon Hills High, shocked. Her cheeks drenched with frustrated tears. Her lover kissing another girl. (Y/n) started to think, as girls do, that she wasn’t enough. That something about her didn’t meet Scott’s standards of a perfect woman. The young girl thought that she wasn’t pretty enough, wasn’t smart enough for Scott. 

Staring back at the face she once adored and now despised, her heart sank. It was as if he had totally forgotten about her. It was as if all the memories they made or the moments they had, had been tossed to the side. He looked at Allison with so much love. She thought, maybe at one point, he had looked at her the same way. But now, now everything had changed. (Y/n) wasn’t entirely sure when it all changed but she knew that things would never be the same. In a spur of frustration and confusion, she aggressively shoved her things into her locker and rushed out the school. Trying to be as loud as humanly possible. (Y/n) wanted to show the world how much pain she was in. And she wanted them to know who the source of her pain was.

Driving over to the one person she cared for, the one person she had left in this fucked up world, (Y/n) ran her fingers through her hair in an aggressive manor. Her breath no longer calm. Instead it was rough, pulsated with rage. Her back was rigid but her hands were shaking as they tightened around the wheel of her vehicle. Pulling up to Derek Hales apartment, (Y/n) knew she could trust him. She knew she could trust that he would console and protect her. Before she could even knock on the door, it flew open. Derek had heard her racing heartbeat and smelled her heartbreak from a mile away. When he spoke, his voice drove a shiver from (Y/n). It was so smooth and intoxicating. “(Y/n)..” Just the mere sound of her name on his lips could make a girl swoon. 

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But right now, this wasn’t the time. (Y/n) hadn’t even stepped into the Hale home before Derek had enveloped her into a tight, warm and well-needed embrace. She didn’t have the heart to wrap her arms around him. She was so broken, so torn up inside. “It’s okay.. Let go..” His voice seemed to comfort her more than he would ever know. It was as if she was forcing the blood ran back into her system, as if her body had gone limp for a moment and she was nothing more than a carcass, standing in a door-way. Slowly but surely, as she regained sensation throughout her limbs, (Y/n) forced her arms around Derek’s muscled waist. 

All she wanted to do was cry and never see the light of day ever again. Derek took her small hands in his and tugged her towards the couch. Not fully comprehending her surroundings, (Y/n) followed. Her body was here but her mind, in this moment, was elsewhere. She was still coping, well, trying to cope with what she was just forced to understand. It was when Derek wrapped his massive arms around her frail body, that she finally got it. (Y/n) didn’t want it to hit her, but it did, smacking her body and mind like a freight train. Her breathing became erratic and uneven. “H-He chose h-her..” She mumbled over and over again, almost like a strange mantra or chant. “I-I wasn’t e-enough.. H-He chose her.. Scott.. H-he..” 

Derek wrapped one his hands around her wrists, his fingers so long that they wrapped entirely around them. Grunting, he took some of the pain away from her, enough so that she was able to maintain some sort of stable breathing and remain conscious. Though Derek looked calm from the exterior, inside, he was beyond livid. (Y/n) was his best friend. She’d meant everything and more to him. And seeing that she was in such distraught, in such pain, because of some stupid boy? It made his skin crawl. He wanted Scott to suffer for what he had done to her. How could he? Forcing himself to remain calm, he smiled down at her beautiful face. Though her cheeks were flushed and eyes red from crying, she still looked beyond radiant. 

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“(Y/n)..” Derek says softly. Sniffling, she rubs her wet, snot filled nose against her sleeve before glancing up at him with sad eyes. He takes her face in his hands, speaking with meaning. “These boys.. Scott.. They don’t matter.. They aren’t worth your tears.. Boys don’t deserve your tears.. Scott is a fucking idiot for not choosing you. He’s fucking blind to not see the drop dead gorgeous and incredibly hilarious woman that you are.. You are so strong and kind and absolutely amazing. You deserve the world and it truly breaks my heart to see you this torn.. It’s taking everything in me to not run over to his house and tear off his balls.. Don’t cry over a boy who was never worth your time..” She giggled at the last part, smiling even wider at the thought of Derek violently ripping his testicles off. 

“That would be a bit rough.. funny, but rough..” He laughs, his purly whites showing. “I’d do it a thousand times just so I could see that smile. I’d do anything to make sure that smile never leaves your gorgeous face..” In that moment, (Y/n) felt something shift within her. It was as if the world around her became clear. Like someone had cleaned her smudged glasses, she could see clearly now. She loved Scott, no doubt about it. But that was past tense. She had always loved Derek. She’d loved him since she knew what love was. The late night talks, the long days they spent cuddling. It started to make sense. However, with this new found information, (Y/n) was somewhat hesitant to ask Derek the question that lingered in the air above them. “Uh.. Derek.. C-Can I stay the night? If not, that’s-” 

Before she could finish, he kissed her head, gingerly. “Of course, sweetheart. I’ll order some Chinese delivery and put on your favorite movie. Grab a blanket and I’ll be over in a minute.” Smiling softly to herself, she couldn’t help but think how lucky she had gotten to be friends with someone so perfect. To be in love with someone so perfect. Though her heart still ached from what Scott had done to her, she knew she wouldn’t be spending her night alone. Grabbing her favorite blanket, she realized it was the one that smelled most like Derek. Wrapping it around her small body, her nose lingered on the scent. The musk was somewhat calming. 

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Nuzzling deeper into the couch crevasse, Derek walked around the cushion before plopping down next to her with her favorite food. Smiling up at him, she sniffled and wiped her dry tears away. “Thank you, Derek.. You’re the best..” Kissing her head before pulling her closer, he whispered. “Thanks.. And always, sweetheart.” After getting through half of the movie, (Y/n) completely crashed. Her exhaustion was due to the overly hectic day that she had had. For god-sake, a boy took her heart and threw it to the side. It would tear anyone apart. Derek cradled her body and kept it close to him. He vowed, in that moment, to take care of her forever. To make sure nobody would ever hurt her like that, ever again. Wrapping himself within the covers, he too fell asleep in your arms. 

A few weeks had passed since the events between (Y/n) and Scott occurred. At school, she avoided him at all costs, as if he were the plague or something. At first, he didn’t seem to be bothered by the thought, a tad guilty but nothing more than that. (Y/n) however, was doing exceptionally better. After that night with Derek, he insisted that she move into his apartment, and, considering she was there all the time, it made all the more sense. After fourth block, she’d make her way back home, back to Derek. They spent their nights hanging out, making dinner together, dancing, practically doing anything and everything. (Y/n) had never been happier with him. However, as her and Derek’s relationship grew, Allison’s and Scott’s began to crumble from beneath them. 

Scott had noticed how much closer Allison had become towards Isaac. One of his friends and a fellow pack member. Allison started canceling their plans they’d made together to spend time and hang out with Isaac. Of course, this tore Scott apart. They started to fight more and more each day. Eventually Scott drove over to Allison’s in hopes of repair what was left of their relationship. But as he knocked on the large door, he noticed a distinct, familiar smell. Isaac’s scent. Scott’s mind went wild, confused and hurt and beyond angry. Why was he here? Before his train of thought could continue, it broke at the sight of Allison swinging the door open. Her hair was wild and her body disheveled, only sporting a long sweatshirt. One that wasn’t even hers. 

In that moment, Scott’s cheeks flushed. Whether it was from embarrassment from walking in on what he thought it was or the fact that he was livid. Probably both. Allison gave him a pitiful guilty look. Trying to act innocent, she sparked casual conversation. “Scott.. what are you doing here?” Before he could speak, he notices a tall, strapping boy walk past them. Shirtless and toned, it was just as he suspected; Isaac. Scott’s heart broke at the sight, glancing between the girl he loves and his pack member, obviously recently in bed together. The young boy managed to mutter through the pain he was feeling. “Y-You-” However, before he could finish, Allison said quickly. 

Almost as if she pushed him away, it would make things easier. “I’m sorry, Scott. I’m breaking up with you. I’m leaving you. I found someone that really loves me.” That was the last thing she said before slamming her door onto his face. Scott took a step back, completely shocked by what had just happened. He didn’t want to stay here any longer. Quickly, he forced his feet to move back to his car, not entirely sure if his limbs were still working properly. Shakily, he started to drive to the one place, the one person he needed. (Y/n). He was wrong.. He had made a big mistake in choosing Allison. In that moment, his mind went back to all the fantastic things he and (Y/n) had done together. They’d spend long nights in the woods, eating and talking about everything together. She was always there for him, especially when he was down about something. 

She was there for all of it, even before they had a thing. (Y/n) was the strength he needed to keep him going. He had to find her. Scott needed her. He drove over to the one person that (Y/n) trusted the most; Derek Hale. Though he respected Derek, they never really saw eye to eye. But right now, nothing matter more to Scott than to get his girl back. When he got to the door, he didn’t hesitate to knock as hard as humanly possible. Trying to show the urgency in his touch. He had expected to see Derek answer the door in usual state, a permanent scowl with great looking facial hair. To Scott’s surprise, however, he didn’t answer the door. (Y/n) did. Due to pure shock, he took a step back. He hadn’t really looked at her since he threw her aside. But now, he wish he had. She was as gorgeous as always.

Her skin was practically glowing, giving off a faint hue due to the light from behind her. Everything about her screamed perfection in its purest form. To Scott’s surprise, she stood taller, more confident in herself than ever before. When she looked at him, he felt the guilt wash over his body like a tsunami. (Y/n) took the initiative to speak first, her voice a lot stronger than before. “Scott, what are you doing here?” In that moment, it was as if everything he had learned about social skills were thrown completely out the window. He had no idea what to say. She pressed on, persistent. “You must be looking for Derek-” Before she could finish though, he spoke up, almost yelling. “NO! I-I’m here for you.. I-I realized that I made a mistake.. You were always the one, (Y/n)! I fucked up, I fucked up so bad.. Allison and I are through.. (Y/n), I’m so sorry..” 

Scott thought she’d wrap her warm arms around him, the arms he missed. When she didn’t, he was taken back. Something within her changed. She scowled down at him. Scoffing with a smile on her face before shaking her head. “Did you honestly think that’d I fall back into your arms after the way you treated me?! Did you think that saying sorry would fix things between us?! You broke my heart, Scott McCall! I gave you my heart, and you threw it away for someone else!! Saying sorry doesn’t cut it. You took my heart and crushed it right in front of me! I’m with someone, someone who deserves me at my best and my worst.” Scott budded in, confused. “Wait? Who are you with?” Derek came into few, wrapping his massive hand around (Y/n)’s waist, glaring down at him. “Scott.” He said, acknowledging his presence with a scowl. 

She continued, not a lick of mercy in her voice. “I moved on Scott. You’re too late. You can fuck, right on off because you made the wrong choice, Scott McCall.” That was the last thing she said before slamming the door on his face. Derek looked down at his girlfriend with pride. In the spur of the moment, he picked her up bridal style and twirled her around in a circle. (Y/n) giggled loudly, wrapping her arms around Derek’s neck. “I love you..” She said sweetly. For once, Derek’s smile went so wide, she was afraid it would fall of his face. “I love you too. I’m so proud of you. You concurred your demons and you told the bastard off.” She nodded, smiling softly to herself before saying. “Yeah, I’m proud of you too.” Confused, Derek asked. “What do you mean?” She giggled, throwing her head back. “You had the strength to not rip his testicles off.” They laughed together, a bright smile on both their faces. Scott McCall made the wrong choice and (Y/n) had never been happier. 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

Customer cons us real good.

This story I really need to write about.

A few days ago, during a closing shift at the fast food chain I work at, a woman came up to me and asked to see T, who happened to be the former first assistant manager of the restaurant. I explain that T has recently left the restaurant and she says that two weeks ago, she paid for three chocolate mousses when in fact she had only wanted two. She says that T gave her her number on the back of the recepit and asked her to return the paper bag as “proof” and that she would be refunded. Everything is shady about this. This is not how we do things and, knowing T, I found this whole story really bizarre. But it was late, we were just closing up, tired and irritated because things are not doing well at work because of poor management. I didn’t think it over. I went to my manager and explained the whole thing and left it up to him. He was tired too and overworked. He did not understand what was happening either, so he argued for a short while but ended up giving her another fucking mousse to get rid of her. Later, we went out to have drinks with T and other coworkers. Of course, she denied ever meeting that woman.

Thinking about it now that I’m rested, it’s pretty obvious what happened: so basically, this woman copied T’s name from the receipt after buying three mousses for real, wrote a fake number on it, made up an entire story about paper bags and an extra mousse, came back two weeks after to make sure that she had been forgotten, and demanded to be “refunded”. In the end, she happily got her motherfucking mousse and screwed us over real good, probably hoping that T would go along with her story, cornering us near closing hours around 10pm, when we’re exhausted. I can’t help but feel humiliated now that I realise with clarity what bullshit her story was. We work our butts off at this really difficult site. Like everyone here, we have to deal with people who insult us and treat us like dirt because they’re told that they’re entitled to. They regularly try to steal from us one way or another, but to think that they would screw us at our most vulnerable, hijacking our work, all for a fucking chocolate mousse, is beyond me.

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you ask i deliver: peter gives Tony a gift for his birthday. It's a framed picture of two of them when they finished some experimient/project and they're both grinning like idiots. Tony is so touched that he is basically speechless, Peter is hella nervous, even though Mr. Stark is more like Uncle Tony to him now. Tony just hugs (his) kid, because he is a son he never knew he (always) wanted.

YES! YES! YESSS! THE FEELS!!! God I was not prepared for this AT ALL!!

You better bet Tony is tearing up as he’s staring down at the picture–his present, part of him still can’t believe Peter got him a present–his hands are trembling and he’s pretty sure he’s forgotten how to breathe.

Meanwhile Peter is so far past panic, it’s not even funny. Because this, the glassy eyes, the trembling hands, this doesn’t look good at all. It looks so much like Uncle Tony (he’s allowed to call him that, he checked) (twice) did those first few weeks after he came back from Siberia. And really, he can’t have messed up that badly, can he? Can he???

Then he notices the tear that’s slowly rolling down Uncle Tony’s cheek, and you better believe that Peter’s about to hyperventilate now–because holy shit, he’s made Tony cry, and he’s never seen him cry, no matter what happened.

He gets the words out somehow, a wobbly “You don’t like it?” that sounds like the insecure, panicking kid he is in that moment.

And Tony looks up at him with those glassy eyes and just smiles like Peter’s seen him never smile before, no masks, no holding back, and breathes, “It’s perfect,” with so much emotion and pulls him into a hug.

Peter doesn’t cry. At all. 

A Tiny Problem, Part 4

Heyo! This took a lot of writing and rewriting, cause I kept getting frustrated with how it was going. I’m still not completely happy with it, but I have to move on and continue with the story. Enjoy!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Tag List (Let me know if you want to be added!):@cefmua56 @mewsicalmiss @ashrain5 @princeyssash @twettypuff @softvirgil @i-m-p-a-l-a-6-7 @alivingfandoomreference @cinquefoilelove @wizxrdscorbus @michealawithana @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch  

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Pokeshipping Week 2017 : day one : “fishing”

So this was one of the themes I was more eh about originally because I couldn’t think of anything new for such a topic. That being said, I ended up deciding to draw a piece of art based on one of my old fics, “Tactless”, which was about Ash taking advice from friends in order to woo Misty once he realizes somewhere around DP/Sinnoh that he’s liked her for awhile. All of the advice he’s offered fails spectacularly, of course, and he ends up having a long talk with his mom about what’s important, what Misty needs to hear.

I also wanted to include a couple of excerpts from the final two scenes, which I thought would help sell the pic I drew.

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ML Writing Prompts: Ask Box

Part Two Here

submitted by @random-awkward-bean Marinette has just been cast the lead in the school play! but how does she react when she finds out that Adrien has also been cast as a lead as well? More importantly, what happens if they have a kiss scene? Does marinette freak out? Oh man I love this prompt! I took some liberty with the stage directions because this was how I played it when I did this show and also it’s fun to make them kiss :) Hope you enjoy- I just couldn’t resist with this one.

They had to be doing Much Ado About Nothing for the school play didn’t they. They couldn’t have gone with Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella or Night of the Living Dead? No they chose Much Ado About Nothing. Marinette really didn’t have any problems with the play, she actually thought it was a funny play even for Shakespeare. The entire class had been required to audition for the play. Marinette hadn’t expected to get a large role in fact she sort of expected to be cast as Hero, the supporting actress who is lovesick over Claudio. Marinette knew she could play lovesick easily especially when Adrien was cast as her Claudio. At first Marinette had been excited after all this was a chance to spend more time with Adrien but then Marinette read the script in it’s entirety. It was scripted for Marinette to kiss Adrien not once, not twice, but THREE times!!!! Needless to say Marinette was having a slight freakout which turned into a full blown panic attack when she received a text from Adrien asking her if she wanted to rehearse later. So marinette did what anyone in her situation would do. She called her best friend practically screaming into the phone. And that’s where Marinette currently was- pacing around the room as Alya read over the scene in question.

“This is great girl! What are you freaking out about?” Alya asked as she read through the script.

“Alya I-I can’t kiss him like this! What if I’m bad at it or what if he doesn’t want to kiss me!?” Marinette started pulling at her pigtails in a panic.

“Chill girl it’s going to be like a peck and then it will be over sooo not a big deal.” Alya waved her off as she turned back to the script.

“Yeah, you’re right. I can do this, I mean I’ve kissed you like that before Adrien shouldn’t be any different. I can do this! I should tell him he can come over to rehearse,” Marinette breathed. Marinette quickly pulled out her phone and responded to Adrien’s text with more confidence than before.

“Oh wait there’s a make out scene in here,” Alya giggled just as Marinette’s thumb hit send.

“THERE’S WHAT!?!” Marinette screeched her phone falling out of her hands.

“Yeah I mean the third kiss has to be a make out scene, the two are too caught up in kissing to notice people calling their names. Looks like you’re going to have to make out with Adrien,” Alya said with a wink. Marinette clawed at her face which was now bright red.

“No no no no, I can’t do that Alya especially not in front of the entire class! And I told Adrien it was okay to come over to rehearse!! This is bad Alya! This is very very bad!” Marinette was now panicking once again.

“I’m all for this can you imagine the look on Chloe’s face when she finds out? Plus you get to make out with the guy of your dreams- how could this be a bad thing?” Alya laughed. Marinette gave her a blank look.

“You know you have to kiss Nino right?” Marinette quirked her eyebrow up. Nino and Alya had been cast as the other couple in the show. The blood suddenly drained from Alya’s face.

“I what?!” Alya squeaked.

“Not so funny when the shoe’s on the other foot is it?” Marinette smirked folding her arms over her chest.

“Where does it say that?” Alya said in a panic flipping through the script.

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Anniversary (1/1)

“Because Storybrooke was the size of a New York Deli, everyone knew everyone’s damned business so if Ashley thought it was her anniversary, the whole damn town thought the same. Including, perhaps, the man himself.” In which Emma panics, Killian’s a soccer pro, and David manages to traumatize his grandson.

Rated: T

It started with Ashley.

She was shuffling her feet, waiting to pick up their coffee orders to-go when the young mother approached her at Granny’s.

“Hey Emma,” She greeted her with a wide-toothed smile, toddler propped against her hip and decked out in pink. Ashley is one of the few people in town Emma is truly fond of, regardless of her saviour/sheriff status. Young mom. Fought for her kid. Decent with a gun. The smile Emma returned was genuine.

“Hello. Hey, Alexandria! How are you?”

Alexandria shifted against her mother’s grip mutinously as Ashley continued. “Great, Congrats on the big day, by the way! Any plans?”

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Xanxus – 13 and grieving at the loss of his adopted brothers, still reeling at the knowledge of his adoption and trying to maintain a handle on his recent acquired Vara, is extremely angry (and a bit frightened) by how vulnerable and unstable the Vongola now is.

Grimly determined to see his people safe, Xanxus decides to track down and establish Iemitsu’s ‘secret’ kid as the new heir (and make him good enough to be so) before the rest of the Mafia world realises how much of an impossible bluff Xanxus’s succession as Decimo truly is.

Tsuna – 24, tired and stressed in an empty and dead-end job after barely scrapping through school has given up on waiting for life to give him a happy ending (or even a decent one). Struggling with daily hopelessness, Tsuna has long forgotten about about his ‘became-a-star’ father when he is suddenly accosted by a terrifying pre-teen who declares that Tsuna’s ‘dead’ father is alive (and an idiot) and that through his line Tsuna is now the sole heir left to a massive  mafia empire.


And I’m not really sure where to go from there….

Pretty much just Xanxus and the rest of the Varia getting frustrated trying to pound in as much mafia information and skills into Tsuna as they can, all while dodging the rest of the mafia world (including Vongola) and helping find Tsuna suitable guardians.

Not sure whether Tsuna would have the same guardians in this or not. Aging them up that much in their pre-Vongola lives would make them quite different…. Hmmm.

(Also baby Varia! Squalo with short hair maybe? Cause there was no cradle affair? Baby baby Bel! :D)

honestly I feel like victor fuckin dies whenever yuuri says things to him in Japanese. like victor reduces yuuri to mayhaps four brain cells sucking his cock one time and yuuri just starts panting out this string of Japanese and it hits victor so hard that he groans super loud around Yuuri’s cock but he can’t appreciate it for much longer because yuuri comes down his throat. And later yuuri asks “did you do that because of what I was saying?” and victor kind of grins slyly at him, you know That Look, but doesn’t say anything, so yuuri pretends he’s forgotten about it until one day, Yuuri’s fucking him and he leans down and breathes something in Japanese right into victors ear and victor comes untouched, so hard that he’s pretty sure he died a little inside, and now yuuri cannot say Anything in Japanese around victor because he will get hard Immediately