pretty sure everyone's seen this


We’re in this together.

So I was watching the trailer which I’m pretty sure everyone has seen now but I was like

Okay lmao I guess Lance and Hunk just got back from their underwater adventure and are gonna be drying off:

but then Keith’s drying off too??? So i was like okay maybe Keith’s the one who found them and got we too or maybe they’re gonna hit us with that sick beach episode we all crave


What were you guys DOING

((If I had to guess I’d say either their clothes both got rekt somehow and they don’t have anything else to wear OR they were swimming in some kind of on board pool. Lance has stripes on h s shorts so I think they could be swim trunks but idk))

I’m pretty sure everyone here’s already seen my boobs

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My JeanMarco Gift Exchange fic for @kaa-05n2, Jean and Marco graduate up into the Military Police and settle into their lives there. Marco solves a mystery and tries to resolve his seemingly one-sided crush on Jean.

I’m pretty sure everyone has already seen this but I thought I’d give a link here anywayyy!

  • Michael: when is achievement hunter gonna put out an asmr video?
  • Gavin: well lets try our hand at asmr
  • Ryan: set up a scene, Gavin
  • Michael: yeah, let Gavin do it
  • Gavin: oh its roleplay? Uh- Ryan, you're a naughty chef
  • Ryan: a naughty chef
  • Ryan: okay, Gavin would you like to chop my vegetables
  • Gavin: i dont like this anymore
I want to talk about the Picture--- yeah that picture

So, I’m pretty sure by now almost everyone has seen the pic where it looks like Emily is holding a ring right? *if not here it is, lol*

Theory time!

If that really is the engagement ring Oliver got her…..

I’m guessing that A) 4x07 is their engagement party or B) It’s Oliver’s Mayoral debut party where he’ll propose or plans to propose to Felicity.

until something goes horribly wrong…… We know Mama Smoak is coming back for 4x09, after she leaves in 4x06, what if it’s because Felicity has been kidnapped or worse. Marc teased something big happening to Felicity in his early interviews for S4 though he then back tracked and said they would not be putting her in danger so early after Oliver becomes Green Arrow. But he could have  said that to throw us off track. When you look at it closely, everyone Oliver loves has been in grave danger in past seasons:

S1- Tommy

S2- Moira

S3- Thea

S4-…… I think it’s Felicity’s turn.

Also,the promo kinda confirmed Felicity being on Damian’s radar with: “I want to know everything about this Green Arrow, where he lives and who he loves.”

Cut to :

Yep, Felicity Smoak—- You in danger girl!!!

What better way to create drama than to have them engaged and then she’s ripped away from him. I’m pretty sure they’ll have Oliver teeter on the brink of losing himself to darkness before fully embracing his Green Arrow persona. And what better way than thru the woman he loves? Especially if Damian knows that’s the best way to hurt Oliver. So I’m thinking 4x07 they get engaged, 4x08 is the crossover so that’s where I think she’ll get taken or injured at the very end and that will take us into 4x09 the mid season finale. Which will probably end in an Olicity cliffhanger. The next episodes will probably have him looking for her while slipping into darkness. But before he can completely fall into it, he fights against it because he knows that’s the only way he can bring her back to him. If it happens this way, I think he’ll rescue her in a couple of episodes and then they’ll fight Damien together. If they don’t get engaged in 4x07-4x09 then I think we’ll definitely get an engagement in 4x23. But whatever is happening in 4x07 it’s going to be huge and have us at the edge of our seats, LOL.

«Colisión» [Closed with avariist]

Is not like he didn’t wanted to share a cab back to the hotel with the other nation, I mean it doesn’t bother him if someone sees them together no big deal a lot of the nations share rooms every now and then because hey sometimes it’s fun to have someone to talk to (someone you have a good relationship mind you) or just for the sake of saving some money that could be later be spent on drinks or food or whatever. The reason for Spain to leave just as the meeting was over, was the meeting itself, being a Country doesn’t mean you make the rules, you pretty much have to adjust to everyone else even if what they’re saying it’s utter baloney.
England probably didn’t cared anyway, he’s always so composed about everything he does but even at that a tinge of disapproval could’ve been seen during his presentation, pretty sure everyone else left with the same bitter after taste in their mouths.

Once he made it to the hotel his number one priority was to get rid of his uniform, and everything that could be related to work, he got his weekend free after that revolting meeting and damn right he’s going to push that fucker to the back of his head until Monday.

Nothing better than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans to feel like you don’t have to be inside an office, with that settled he bent over the mini bar to see if there was something worth the over price hotels usually put in their products. after a quick scan he closed the door with a sigh.

“What I would give for a good wine right now” Something sparked his memory, it was no wine but hey it’s enough for the time being, in the inside pocket of his suitcase there was hidden an old (like four months old) case of cigarettes, he dug them out and lit one of the sticks before heading to the window, hopefully just as his rushed departure England won’t mind him smoking.