pretty strong meds

enginium  asked:

“I’ve made a lot of progress… thanks to you.”

Tensei was still in the hospital, but he’d gotten his nasal cannula taken out. He was still on some pretty strong meds, but was in much less of a daze than before, and, overall, he was slowly finding his way back to himself.

Right now, though, he was eating his lunch, shoving rice into his mouth, when he gasped, and then coughed, nearly choking on his food as he waved his hands around. “The Sports Festival! Shit, baby bro. I almost forgot. How’d it go? You didn’t miss anything because of me, right?”

And then Tenya was explaining a play-by-play of everything that had happened, offering to bring in a recording of it so Tensei could see for himself, but before he could finish, Tensei was beaming at him, reaching over to ruffle his hair.

Third place!? At your first UA Sports Festival? Tenya, come on, that’s–that’s amazing. A few years ago, you didn’t even know how to turn corners, now look at you!”

Tenya laughed, nodding a bit as he looked down.

“I’ve made a lot of progress… thanks to you.” He said softly, as Tensei laughed out loud.

“Tenya, I know I’m like, kind of pathetic right now, but you don’t need to make me feel all special or whatever.” He mumbled, sighing.

“Listen to me, little brother, I’m not responsible for this.” He insisted, letting his hand fall to Tenya’s shoulder. “Giving me credit for any sort of progress you’ve made is an insult to you. You have worked so hard to get to where you are, and, yeah, I’ve probably given you some encouragement or tips every now and then, but you’ve only gotten this far because of the time and effort you’ve put into becoming the best hero you can be.”

Truthfully, Tensei knew that he had taught Tenya everything he could a long, long time ago. Tenya had already surpassed him in so many areas–any learning and growing he did was purely his doing. But Tenya had always idolized Tensei, and maybe that was why he felt the need to thank Tensei whenever he succeeded.

“But hey, I’m so proud of you.” Tensei smiled at him, “That’s better than I ever did in the Sports Festival, you know that? I keep saying you’re going to be an amazing hero, but I think we all know you’re already there.” He told him. “At least, skill wise, you’re way better than most pros I’ve worked with–and that includes me.” He laughed, before turning his attention back toward his food. “I can’t wait to go home.” Tensei told him. “I’m gonna call up everyone I know and brag all about my cool baby brother.” 

Imagine if Ezra got hurt pretty bad and so ends being put on some pretty strong pain meds, which have the side effect of making him pretty loopy.

At first it’s pretty funny because he’s doing stuff like repeatedly telling Sabine how pretty her hair is and trying to pet Zeb’s fur, but then it starts to get depressing when he starts saying things about his life on the streets.

Like they’re eating and he mentions how amazing it is to get multiple meals everyday cause sometimes he used to only get a couple of meals a week.

Or he states that he’s not hurt that bad and once he got hurt really bad when someone caught him picking their pocket.

Or how before he found his tower he almost froze to death a couple of times during winter.

Or how none of his parents so called friends would even lift a finger to help him after his parents were taken