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"Accidentally capture the wrong base"? .....tell us more? Please?

this was before we got agent agent back as our handler, and part of the reason why he finally turned up for work again. 

so the thing about clint is that hes 1. not a good listener and 2. hes deaf. mostly. these are separate issues because being mostly deaf doesnt stop him from understanding what people are saying most of the time, it just means that you have to be sure he knows youre trying to communicate with him before you say something. (and also that you should make sure your mask doesnt cover your mouth so he can lipread, but whatever.)

we had this agent—incredibly boring guy in the worst sort of way–who’d requested clint, nat, and i for an op. nat and i were supposed to hit two of the leaders of a crime syndicate while clint got the third. easy peasy, kill some guys, free some hostages, small country liberated, total cakewalk. but the agent running the op and the briefing took FOREVER. he was talking us through like none of us had ever overthrown a country before, explaining every minute detail. nat and i could just kinda zone out and let things wash over us, picking up the pertinent details, but clint cant really do that. his hearing aids help but they weren’t perfect, so he also had to be kinda lipreading just to keep up. which takes a lot of focus for incredibly boring info. naturally he zoned out too.

which was how he missed the fact that his guy was not actually staying in his incredibly fortified base-slash-villa. his hostages were, but he wasn’t. 

luckily, they covered this in the briefing packet we were each provided with, which was a mere 362 pages. 

so obviously none of us actually read it.

we poked through, got blueprints, guard schedules, alarm systems and so on, but didnt bother with most of the rest of it. 

they dropped us in the air over each of our respective targets, clint last. i had the cliffside resort, nat had the downtown headquarters, and clint had the base-villa. nat and i handled ours like pros, of course, corpses everywhere, and clint did too–mowed right through the security, got the hostages, and then called in that his syndicate leader wasnt there, what the hell, who gave me this bad intel.

which was when he was informed that the big bad wasnt IN the villa, he was on the ISLAND ACROSS from the villa, and that hed been supposed to covertly infiltrate the beach house there and quietly capture him. ideally without ever setting foot in the villa; he was just supposed to steal a boat from the villa docks and not get spotted by security. 

unfortunately, clint had blown up all the watercraft at the villa’s docks to keep syndicate members from escaping. which meant he still had to get to the island and capture this guy, but now there were no motorboats left. and if this syndicate jerkoff got away, fury was gonna have his hide.

and thats how clint wound up launching a one-man amphibious assault on an international crime syndicate from a paddleboat.

and also why clint reads his briefings now. 

Berena Post-Christmas Timeline

I know I’ve posted before about how impressed I am that the writers get at least one Berena scene or reference into every episode in spite of it being slightly on the back burner for now and the number of storylines they’re juggling, but we just did a rewatch of some of the post-Christmas stuff and it’s actually pretty striking how much story they’re telling with quite limited screen time.

So I started making a little timeline of what we know about how their relationship is progressing based on canon info. This is mostly a reference for me for potential later fic writing, but I thought some other folks might find it interesting too!

(This timeline assumes that in-show time is roughly parallel to real-world time, given that things like holidays and special occasions match up. Normal text is what we know for definite from canon info, italics are my commentary.)

Early January - Mid-January (I Do, I Do, I Do, Aces High, Stick or Twist)

During this period we know that neither Bernie nor Serena is at work, and that Bernie is spending most of her time taking care of Serena, and presumably Jason. At the end of this period Bernie supports Serena as she attempts unsuccessfully to return to work.

Given that they’ve technically only been a couple since late November, this is a pretty big demonstration of commitment from Bernie - their relationship is established enough that it’s appropriate for her to take around two weeks of compassionate leave to be Serena’s primary support. Possibly if Elinor hadn’t died they wouldn’t have been so thrown in at the deep end, but the foundation laid by their prior friendship and the trust between them means that it seems natural for Bernie to step up here.

Mid/Late-January - Mid-February (Stick or Twist, Daylight, Of Lions and Lambs, Losing Game, Four Letter Word)

Bernie is cranky and tired. She starts smoking again, blaming it on a “tough month”. Serena comes back to work at the very end of January. Bernie has arranged Serena’s schedule to ease her back in. They aren’t seeing each other much out of hours because Serena needs space, but on the ward they maintain their close rapport, but with an edge of tension. They are still close enough that it’s appropriate for Bernie to go through Serena’s bag to find her ringing phone. Bernie keeps an eye on Serena, talks frankly to her when she sees her struggling, calls her out for inappropriate behaviour on the ward, encourages her to attend counselling, and cites their romantic relationship as the reason she feels able to do those things. At the end of this period, Serena reaches out to Bernie again.

These episodes cover a period of Serena withdrawing from support, partly from other friends and colleagues (she ignores Ric’s call), but mainly from Bernie. This reminds me of the garden scene in Missing You Already - “Don’t be nice to me, you’ll make it worse.” Maintaining the appearance of coping has always been important to Serena, and since Bernie is the closest person to her right now and the person who has seen her at rock bottom in the immediate aftermath of Elinor’s death, she’s pushing her away to avoid Bernie’s love and sympathy. Also, as we learn a little later, Serena is struggling with not wanting to let go of her feelings of grief and pain. She knows that if she lets Bernie get close she will try to help her, and she isn’t ready to want that help yet. But their hug at the end of Four Letter Word, and Serena’s request for Bernie to come over later, is a turning point. Serena is missing Bernie too, and she can’t maintain the distance between them.

Late February - Mid-March (What We Pretend to Be, The Price We Pay, Other People’s Dreams, The Hangover, Growing Pains)

Serena is initially tense and abrasive on the ward, but she has at last started attending counselling, and towards the end of this period she seems to be coping somewhat better. We don’t see her and Bernie interact much, but when they do they seem more relaxed and comfortable with each other than previously, and they seem to be talking regularly at least at work. Bernie is protective of Serena on the ward and prioritises her emotional needs, sometimes to an inappropriate degree. Bernie is still not staying with Serena most nights (Serena’s up all night looking at mementos, the implication is she’s alone). Bernie is concerned that Serena is trying to turn Jasmine into a replacement for Elinor.

I think what we’re seeing here is Bernie and Serena finding their rhythm a bit again - Serena still needs space and they’re not staying over together much, but Bernie is very clearly looking out for Serena and they’re very much still on, which leaves the story in a good position for Bernie to support Serena through the angst we know is coming soon. (I would have liked to see a little bit more follow-up on the end of Four Letter Word, but I do think it’s safe to assume that they are gradually getting back to spending more leisure time together.)

@gifsourcefed made a little post detailing about how she felt about all the hosts and I thought it would be a good way to show my appreciation as well! 

My story is pretty much like every others, I started way back in 2012, right around the time of the fall, and from then on my life was forever changed. SourceFed has always been my home, some place I could leave for a bit and then come back and things were a little different, like the furniture had changed around and maybe we got some new members, but it was still home, it still had the heart and the love that I always remembered.

Lee Newton, the sweetest, funniest, dinosaur loving woman I’ve ever seen. I connected with her Make-A-Wish story and being sick and having surgeries all the time as a kid with my own past being similar, and from then on she felt like a new mom, one complete with hilarious voices and a bright smile.

Joe Bereta, the dad I wish I had, so athletic and fearless, and Joe knew how to tell a story like nobody else, I always wanted to learn how to tell a story like Joe Bereta, even if he did almost die in half of them.

Elliott Morgan, the dry humored, silly guy who had the tendency to go a little dark, Elliott was filled with endless talent and entertainment, there truly was nobody like Elliott Morgan, and never will be. 

Steve Zaragoza, this silly, joyous, funny, fantastic man. I love Stee, even when I disagree with him, because Steve is so magical, so special in the way he exudes happiness. Zabagoobler has always been the kind of guy I wanted to be friends with.

Trisha Hershberger, this small, dramatic, tech loving woman. I love Trisha Hershberger. Trisha reminded me of myself, in drama and wanting to be an actress, and so very tiny and optimistic and loved games and technology. Trisha is the sweetest little lady, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mother.

Meg Turney, this red haired force of nature. Meg was hot and quick and full of life, so casually cool and fun it almost hurt. Meg seemed so effortless in everything, like that being that amazing was just easy. She made being a nerd girl in a t-shirt be hot.

Ross Everett, although far from a favorite of mine personally, always added a little spice. I actually did come to miss him when brought up the last few days, missing the dynamic he had, and I think that’s how Ross shined: he was good with people, good with bouncing off of them, good at creating a fun energy and a good time. I could only hope to have that much energy as Ross.

And then came our first round of newbies. Admittedly, these are probably my favorite hosts, ones I connected with the most.

William Haynes, the unpredictable, creative, wild Naruto Shippuden loving boy. I had a crush on Will when he first popped up on Anime Club. Will was awkward, but well spoken and characteristic, and funny? Will was so funny. And he changed, right before our own eyes, Will went from this awkward boy, to this amazing, cool, funny man. Will showed me that even in the void, you can always find the light at the of the Tunnel (Vision). Speaking of Anime Club…

Reina Scully, this small, beautiful Asian woman. God do I love Reina Scully. Reina was small, just like me, and loved anime, and was actually pretty disgusting and lewd, in the best of ways, things that I was afraid of showing, but Reina brought me out of my shell. Reina is by far my favorite host, coming into her own from sitting quietly at TableTalks to yelling to my favorite soft chicken boy. Never did I have to think about liking Reina, because she was so likeable right from the moment she popped up. Somebody else that brought me out of my shell?

Sam Bashor, meek and sweet in the beginning, now a still sweet, but amazing man who is so full of ideas and passion that he seems like he’s going to burst. Sam was also somebody I had a crush on, the old Doctor Who outfits were so charming, and the privilege of seeing Sam (and Will) grow from boys my age to these incredibly talented men who are living their dreams and their passions, has always given me hope and something to strive for, that you can change but still be yourself at heart, especially if deep down you’re actually just the Flash.

Matthew Lieberman, this boy! God I love Matt. It was so popular to dislike Matt, but I loved him. I love the crazy stories Matt always brought to the table, and he always knew how to tell them, the details and specifics, and in story reactions almost unbelievable and amazing. And cooking! The man can cook. Amazingly so. I’m so upset we never got to see more of Matt’s skills, and that SourceFeed is never going to happen now. And on top of that, an actor and a writer? Matt is so talented, and I especially loved him on Nuclear Family.

Around late 2014 early 2015 I fell off SF, but not for long. I came back home, just like always, and there were even more new hosts. 

Bree Essrig, this feminist fireball, Bree is everything I wish I could be. Talented, outspoken, funny, beautiful. Bree is the complete package, topped with hair just as fiery as she is. Bree’s skills were brought to the forefront on Nuclear Family, and not getting to see those anymore makes me so sad. God damn do I love Bree Essrig. Know who else I love?

Maude Garrett. Maude. Fucking. Garrett. When Maude Garrett enters a video, enters a single frame, this is Maude’s show now. Maude brings the light to the room, draws all the attention in with that tall blonde Australianness that only she could exude, somehow contained in a Star Wars dress. Maude is so ridiculously funny, you might as well just sit back and let her go at it. The dynamic with Sam is so amazing, so perfect, lightning in a bottle that could never be recreated. I can’t wait for the Smaudecast.

Steven Suptic. This soft chicken boy. This boy grew on me. I watched SPF for Reina, she’d always been my favorite, and now she did games? Full time? Hell fucking yeah I was in. But then this boy came in. This weird white boy with greasy hair who said all the wrong things. I don’t know how long I wouldn’t watch a video that didn’t feature somebody else that involved Suptic. But somewhere along that way, that boy got a haircut, and I’m pretty sure some new glasses, and eventually found his voice and his stride, and GOD do I love Steven Suptic. Suppy is a grower, somebody that’s so bombastic you’re off-put by him. But then you watch more, and you realize that boy that jokes around all the time? Is sentimental, and kinda sweet, even if he still says the wrong things sometimes, but now it’s a little bit endearing, especially if his dick is just, y’know. Out.

I was pretty consistent with keeping up from now until the end, and luckily, I’d already been keeping up with a few of the new hosts.

Ava Gordy, a sweet, funny, short haired lady with legs more bendable than I thought possible. Ava’s been somebody I knew since 2012 as well, I saw a video she did for Taylor’s Swift’s “RED” album reviewing it, and had been watching “HALT, I am Ava.” ever since. Seeing Ava here was a surprise, a good one, Ava’s talents finally having the coolest of platforms I could think of to be shown off. Ava is funny, her timing and storytelling impeccable. Ava Gordy is a masterpiece.

Mike Falzone, this sweet, funny man was also somebody I knew, having been around the YouTube block, knowing of Tonjes and Gunnarolla. Mike was like Steve, hilariously funny, always doing something to get a laugh, and this man is so genuine it seems almost impossible. Mike is so sweet, so good to this world, and so funny on top of it all. The world does not deserve the Calzone, but we get to enjoy him anyways.

Candace Carrizales. Oh Candy. Candace is someone that took the most to grow on me. Her humor is so different from the others, her demeanor so unexpected from this office that’s known to be out of this world loud and exuberant. Not Candy. Candy’s just hear to be here, and have a good time, and to give a laugh. I wish I could’ve appreciated Candace sooner, seeing her grown more comfortable and more into her voice and comedy has been amazing, and I wanted nothing but to see her more, considering she’s made me laugh so much in the last few months than I ever expected.

Yessica Hernandez-Cruz, God damn do I love this lady. Yessica and Will were dynamite, bouncing off each other, feeling like the PBL duo to SFN’s Maude and Sam, it was impossible to not smile seeing these two do magic together. Yessica on her own, is even more magical, proud of who she is and unapologetic, and holy shit can Yessica make me laugh. I’m going to miss Yessica, but I have hope for the PBL trio, considering John’s promises. Speaking of…

John Ross, I love this man. John is somebody I want to hang out with, to teach me all that he knows about food and camera work and everything he’s familiar with. John has such an aura about him, so friendly and positive, John is the calming member of this amazing trio, just wanting to spend time with his friends and have a good time and make amazing content. John Ross is a gift.

Whitney Moore, another gift, was the perfect person for Nerd. Whitney was a slightly familiar face, and she felt just so right to be there. Whitney brought a cool meal edge to the channel, her slightly darker tones of interest so contrasted with her bright and bubbly personality. I always smiled when Whit was on screen, so funny and cool, ready to take on the world. 

Filup Molina, the biggest surprise for me, was just on Nerd one day. Just hanging out. And I’m glad that he did, that hat wearing, funny boy. Filup’s always been slightly out of place for me, in the best way, his references falling on deaf ears because they didn’t make sense to others, jokes that the viewer caught going unnoticed by others, I loved him. Filup was a breath of fresh air for the channel, a sparkling gem that I feel not many noticed.

Aside from the hosts, I wanted to note a few BTS staff:

Rickey Mizuno, handsome, talented Rickey boy, beautiful behind the camera and in front of it. This man exudes charisma, and we didn’t get to see him nearly enough. Dani Rosenberg, the HBIC, funny and badass, Dani was one of my favorites to see. She really made SF what it was, and I want to see her do more awesome shit. Sophia Lorena, that curly haired beauty, dealing with Will’s shit every day was truly a lot for her to deal with, and I think for that alone we should be praising her. Also, have you seen her blog? Sophia’s amazing. Starline Hodge, the beautiful, talented graphic designer, Star’s vlogs and art have never not caused me to smile. Star was always subtle in things, but I always wanted more of her. And Audrey Davy, hearing Reina scream her name in SPF videos was always hilarious, and seeing her in Phil’s vlogs and in the Drunk Co-Workers series confirmed that Audrey is a dime a dozen, hardworking and sweet, Audrey was one of my favorites always.

To all of those in this list, and on staff, thank you for these 5 years. They were wonderful, and funny, and God, I will never forget them or the people that made them. And I will never forget the amazing community that thrived from it. I love every single one of you. 

See you, you hot little daddy’s.

PLL Endgame & Expectations

I wanted to talk about this. Many people here, including me, anxiously anticipating the return of the show are also quite terrified because we don’t know if everything will make sense.
There are certain questions that the show must answer for the whole Pretty little liars story to make sense for e.g. Why did this person kill Jessica?, Why was Sara Harvey helping Charlotte?, Where does Bethany Young fit in all this?, What were in those videos made by the NAT club? Etc.

Then there are some questions that have been bugging us for forever, mini questions, like Who gave Alison the bloody lip?, Who was the ghost girl in season 3 Halloween episode? that aren’t seemingly connected to the endgame of the show.

Sadly, I don’t think all of our mini questions will be answered. It would have been better if those mysteries had been closed years ago as they were brought up rather than leaving them in the open. Even Troian said that “I can’t promise every fan that they will get every question they’ve asked answered. I can say that I do believe that the majority of fans will be really excited. We have done our best to wrap up all the mysteries on the show, while maintaining a lot of new, fun, exciting things to deliver that fans won’t expect. I do believe everybody is going to be blown away by the end of this whole story.”

Therefore, we shouldn’t expect every tiny detail of the story to make sense, just the big overall picture. In the past I wouldn’t have been okay with this, and I’m not saying that writers are without fault, however we know that there are a lot of red herrings and mystery content to throw us off the track. So if there is something not addressed by the end of the series, it means it didn’t play a part in the overall mystery of the show, and I’m going to try to be okay with it. I say this because we’re nearing the end of the show, there are only 10 episodes left, and I’ve been seeing a lot of negative content about the show on tumblr. I understand the worry (I’m scared as hell myself!!) but I think we need to lower our expectations a fair bit. If big pieces of the story don’t make sense by the end of the show, by all means call the writers on it, but I don’t think it is fair to be complaining about plot holes of a mystery that is still ongoing - clearly they are not plot holes if the story isn’t complete. The fans have the right to say what they want about the show and that is totally fine because it is their platform and they can use it to express what they want to. I just hope we all are a bit more positive in our attitudes because after June there will be no more PLL. I, like all of you guys I hope, want to enjoy and treasure this time watching, enjoying, theorizing about the show and having an open discussion but it gets a little difficult to do that when there is so much negatively here. Let’s be real, after the show finishes we’ve got till forever to rant about it.

I really hope this didn’t come across as bashing or anything of the sort (that was not the intention at all). We don’t have much time left with PLL and we’ll never ever experience watching a show like this one, and I just want us all to get the maximum out of this wild ride that we’ve been on for 7 years. ❤

Penpal Plzzz


I’m Colby and I live in the east coast of the USA. I’m a junior in high school (17 years old) and I’ll be attending college for English and Political Science (hopefully). If you want to talk about politics, philosophy, religion, or just life hmu. 

I’m a big music person. I guess you’d consider my taste indie or alternative. Mac Demarco, Bon Iver, Hozier, José Gonzalez, Oh Wonder, Post Malone, Novo Amor, Ben Howard, Modest Mouse, and Maggie Rodgers are all favorites. I also collect classic vinyls so that plays into my taste. I do a lot of theatre work, whether that’s directing or performing. Debate team, student government, National Art Honor Society, and volunteering with Autistic children are some of my pastimes. You’ll see I am a bit of an over achiever but I’ve got some pretty rad stories to tell too. I’m an avid writer most of all. That’s probably why the whole pen pal thing is appealing to me. Tangible letters and emails are so valuable especially in our generation that seems to lack conversational skills. 

Don’t care about your sexual/ gender identity, race, or location (US or international). I’m very open minded and already have friends from many many walks of life. 

I’d love to find some bomb ass pen pals. 

My email for this is:

My tumblr I never post on anymore is: newlovers

(I’ll gladly give you my other social medias if you message me on one of those first. Definitely open to FaceTiming if you’d like as well.)

Much love. 

*old man voice* you new pjo fans are so privileged these days with all your fanart and queer characters, back in my day we only had detailed posts about why every character that wasnt from the original series + leo was an awful character and people shipped nico with their self insert daughter of poseidon


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day

My boyfriend told me over text that he didn't know the Minotaur story
  • Boyfriend: I... I don't even know the story that well babe, I can't even say xD
  • Me: Okay so
  • Me: Poseidon gives a bull to King Minos, the best and shiniest bull you ever saw, and he's like "You can have this, but only if you promise to sacrifice it to me later" and Minos is like "Sure yeah okay man whatever" so Poseidon sends this bestest bull ever galloping up out of the salty sea spray, and everyone standing around is like "Hot fuck look at that bull" And Minos agrees, and he likes the bull SO much he decides to just quietly sort of...keep it. And he does kill a bull for Poseidon but it's one of his own, lame normal bulls, and Poseidon's no pushover so of course he notices.
  • Me: Poseidon is also notoriously easily angered, and he's royal pissed about this, so he comes up with one of the most devious punishments ever, and he infects Minos' wife Pasiphae with a desperate, DESPERATE thirst for the bull. Like she can think of nothing but getting some of that hot Bull D.
  • Boyfriend: ..........Thefuck.
  • Me: But it's hard to convince a bull, especially a divinely spawned bull, to fuck you if you are in fact not a cow but a human queen, so she comes up with a plan
  • Boyfriend: I thought some god comes down in bull form and fucks her??
  • Me: Ohh, no no no, that's the much much more tame story of Europa, who has sex with Zeus in bull form. This is different
  • Me: She goes to the best inventor she knows, Daedalus, and she's like "I need this bull to fuck me I NEED IT" and Daedalus is like "That's really weird maybe you should talk to someone" and she's like "I am talking to you and I am your queen so you better fucking make this happen for me I am going to peel my own skin off if I don't get some bull dick ASAP. But he doesn't want me because I am not fat, four-legged, and mooing."
  • Boyfriend: Oh..... oh no.
  • Me: So Daedalus shrugs, probably shudders a little, and builds the prettiest, most fuckable wooden cow a bull ever saw, but he makes it hollow, presumably with some openings in some awkward places.
  • Boyfriend: OH GOD. NO.
  • Me: So Pasiphae puts this monstrosity in the field with the bull, climbs in it, and waits. And Daedalus really is a skilled inventor, and he apparently knows what a bull likes, because Pasiphae finally gets the hot bull loving she's been dreaming of
  • Boyfriend: I........ I need an aspirin. That is disgusting.
  • Me: Only she apparently hasn't been tracking her cycles, because she gets pregnant, and births the minotaur and King Minos is like "What the fuck?" and Pasiphae is like "Honey I need to tell you something"
  • Me: And that is how it happened
  • Boyfriend: That is NOT HOW THAT WORKS
  • Me: Welcome to Mythology.

Jungkook: You should wear my jacket

Jimin: Why?

Jungkook: You look cold

Jimin: *suspiciously puts on oversized jacket*

Jungkook: *starts giggling*

Jimin: What?

Jungkook: *still giggling* You…look like a marshmallow.

Jimin: *pouts*

Jungkook: A cute marshmallow



  • me: that's it. i can't watch this show anymore. it's too emotionally draining. i just can't. how could they do that? do they not care about their audience at all? do they not think of all the people that sit and cry after each episode? so rude. i cannot even-
  • also me: *waits all week for the latest episode and constantly annoys everyone to watch it too*