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Hi I love your writing and had this thought for a top ten. I have no idea if you are still taking top ten requests but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. So we all know what an amazing friend Phichit is but what I'd like to know is when Yuuri been amazing for Phichit. So top ten Yuuri is a great friend to Phichit moments. I know you have a crazy schedule so I would more than understand if requests are over!

Top Ten Times Yuuri Was a Great Friend to Phichit:

10) Every time Yuuri turned up to one of Phichit’s skating events, which was whenever he possible could, and cheered him on like the world’s proudest parent from the sidelines

9) When the person Phichit was dating (who was a foreign exchange student) moved back home Phichit got really down for a while and Yuuri bundled him up in a blanket, stocked up on ice cream and had a movie marathon to take his mind off it

8) Yuuri constantly indulged Phichit’s social media love by playing along with all his games and challenges. Especially the one that Phichit set up for the Yuuri fans following him called ‘Find Katsuki’ where he would post lots of normal looking pictures but with Yuuri hiding somewhere obscure in the background that you could only see if you looked hard. Like peeking out of the crack in the wardrobe door or sitting at the top of a tree hidden in the branches. It was a game Phichit’s fans loved to play because Yuuri was pretty inactive on social media so spotting Yuuri in photos was already a game at official events and the like and Phichit’s Instagram game made it extra entertaining. it also got Phichit a lot of extra followers. 

7) During exams Phichit was usually pretty ok but sometimes he would get really stressed studying and Yuuri would provide him with a constant stream of coffee and food to keep him going

6) Yuuri held a special hamster funeral for Phichit’s hamsters when they died because he was too upset to do it himself

5) Once Phichit ended up getting yelled at by Celestino for something and Yuuri immediately did something even worse to get Celestino to yell at him instead and get Phichit off the hook

4) Yuuri learned every single skate routine in the King and the Skater so that he could skate them with Phichit

3) Once Phichit was having a really bad day and Yuuri flew straight back from the competition he was at to spend time with him and cheer him up even though he was still supposed to be in the country for a few more days because Phichit was more important

2) Yuuri learned Thai for Phichit so that he could comfort Phichit when he had nightmares and Thai was the best way to calm him down when he was still half asleep and scared

1) Yuuri absolutely destroyed anyone who was rude to Phichit. Once at a competition one of the older, more experienced skaters was being really nasty to Phichit and calling him and nobody who would go no-where and Yuuri ‘I’ve got more gold medals than all of you’ Katsuki overheard and walked up to Phichit like ‘you were fantastic, you totally deserved that medal’ before casually looking over at the other skater with a smile ‘oh hi…I’m sorry, who are you again?’

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I wish JHutch would pay attention to Chris Evans' social media for a few days. The guys has pecs, but he also has a good head on his shoulders, a sense of humor and a pretty wicked thirst for social justice. He also doesn't overdo it on the dog videos. And I love dogs. #doitlikecap

Josh doesn’t care. It’s a necessary evil as far as he’s concerned. He lets his mom take care of posting and liking for him. He needs to wake up and give a shit about getting follows and connecting with fans or Hulu will get no new subscribers and his show will not see a season two.

80k followers in a month stinks.

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hey jack are you okay? you've been pretty inactive on social media and im worried about you..

I’m fine, I’m just taking a little step back for the moment to think and reflect. I appreciate all the lovely messages from people and the concern. I will be back to my usual spamming of dashboards in no time. 

So I just found out that Voltron season 1 had vietnamese sub. Needless to say I was ecstastic

In episode 6, Keith’s Iconic line was executed perfectly and ten times cuter than the original line. The meaning is still the same, tho, but cuter

One of the cutest things the translators did is that they change the pronouns of Keith while talking to Lance. Normally, they use” tôi (I)” and “cậu (you)” for common situation. They are formal, could use for both gender (mostly man, tho), for friend, acquaintane, someone you just met, etc,etc..(but only use it if both user were in a same age , dont use it with someone older, VNese has a lot of pronouns, follow a set of stange rules involves age and social rank, pretty confusing ) We dont use this quite often in real life tho, because they give off a cold vibe and create a distance between the speaker and the listener

This kind of pronounssuits Keith, as he’s pretty close-off and not really on a same level of friendship and closeness to the Garrison trio. But in that “I cradles you in my arm” line, Keith used “ Tớ”(I) to talk about him , which are more commonly used among people in a same age range, also sounds softer, cuter and sweeter, indicating a close level of friendship between two users. Using this type of pronouns make the user seems friendlier and easy to talk to

Also, they translated the world “cradled” to “nâng niu” which was hilarious cause that word is use for holding, cradling, protecting something small, fragile and absoloutely precious to the speaker. Can you feel the gay oozing out of KeithXD

The sub made Keith desperately want Lance to acknowledge their bonding moment and offer an olive brand for a new friendship that he changed his way of speaking to somewhat friendly and soft. Also he refer Lance as someone precious to him and in need of protecting.  Someone give this dork a pat please he pines so hard

The Klance game is so fucking strong I cant help but laughing like an idiot


Happy 26th birthday, Thiago! (11.04.1991)

thinking about so-called millennial “cut-off culture” and how it’s a pretty necessary byproduct of social media imo. 30 years ago a healthy relationship with a distant family member could be comprised of a few greeting cards a year, plus maybe a phone call now and then. now declining to provide a nonstop audience to their political opinions is considered a slight. of course we cut people off in this climate.

langst headcanon

contrary to popular belief what if lance is like the moon and keith is like the sun?

… lance likes being the center of attention, he’s loud, he’s warm, he’s confident, he’s kind, and can be a bit intense sometimes. he seems like the perfect sun, right? however, what if he’s like the moon? he’s constantly overshadowed by keith and feels like he only reflects light from keith as a replacement, the moon controls the tides like how water is his element, and he has a darker, sadder side to him that most people don’t see. it seems like pidge and hunk (earth) are the only things that hold him down, but he’s very important to them even if he doesn’t realize it. to him it may seem like pidge and hunk are fine on their own, but the without the moon the damage on the earth would be crazy. he revolves around them, and gets jealous and sad easily when they don’t pay him attention. he loves home and gets homesick often, wanting to stay close to earth.

…keith is quieter and lonelier, more introverted and less social. he’s pretty mysterious. he makes a great moon. but he also does make a good sun- fiery passion and the power to incinerate anything that comes too close to him. he can come off intense just like lance, and doesn’t like getting too close to anyone, only letting space itself (shiro) get too close. of course he’s absolutely necessary to the team, but that’s obvious- he’s a good pilot, a good fighter, a good paladin. everyone knows how essential the sun is to earth and the entire universe. there’s a lot of pressure handed to him by shiro (space) and whether or not he likes it shiro places the universe to defend on his shoulders. 

everyone sees the sun during the day. it’s right there. but though we know the moons always there every night, we don’t always see it. it’s obvious keith’s absence would be devastating, but what about the little, unimportant moon?

imagine the moon, or lance, does disappear - the earth would tip over and there would be either extreme seasons or no seasons at all (emotions would be running high among the team or everything would be plain and empty). earth’s orbit is thrown out of balance, life for the team would not be the samedays would go by so fast and everything would seem dull- even if it only reflects light, in the sun’s absence the moon is the brightest object in the night sky. the oceans would go down, the memories of what lance loved so much fading, and the moon also defends earth from meteorites. lance’s disappearance would cause a sensitive wound that could never be healed.

ok please ignore me i’m only a little kid with no knowledge of science


all the boys // panic! at the disco

I am such an African beauty not to be cocky but I am so proud to be African everyday my skin just glows with or without makeup, my accent is one of the most amazing voices you would love to wake up too and I grew up learning how to cook omg I am such a queen and I just thank GOD for the amazingly beautiful parents he sent me too #lemonade

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