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lycorine asked:

Maggie you're going to make me poor with all this great music you keep posting...

Dear lycorine,

Here is a story from the beginning of the world.

The first hero was being tested by the first goddess. They both stood together in a cave at the beginning of the world, and just outside the mouth of the cave was all of the animals that had been assembled to that point.

The first goddess gestured to these animals, which were, let’s be honest, pretty damn slick, and she said to the first hero, “Here is the first riddle. What does mankind have to offer the world that beasts do not?”

“Reason,” said the first hero.

“Even badgers have reason,” replied the first goddess.

“Love,” said the first hero.

“Even sharks have love,” replied the first goddess.

“Self-awareness,” said the first hero.

“Even Eurasian magpies have self-awareness,” replied the first goddess.

“I don’t know then,” muttered the first hero. “What is the answer?”

“A rocking bass line that just won’t quit,” replied the first goddess. Then she killed the first hero and made a second hero who would agree with her, which is why you should never trust goddesses and also how we came to eventually have both the Beatles and Marilyn Manson, although that is a different story.

In conclusion, music is the best thing, and I’m both pleased and unsorry if I’m bankrupting you over it.




Charlie, Connor & Monroe | 2.13

"So what’s this Duncan look like?"

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