pretty sinks


“Vakkert” set (TS4)

Heavily copied of this photo, but I like to say I was heavily inspired by it, so let’s go with that, ok?

What you get:

  • Old cabinet sink (5863 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Bathtub (2708 polys, 3 swatches)
  • Vintage armoire (4378 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Steel mirror (300 polys, 1 swatch)
  • Violin fig tree (3010 polys, 1 swatch)
  • Bowl with soap bars (1558 polys, 2 swatch)
  • Metal bowl (831 polys, 22 swatches)
  • Bath rack (738 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Shower (3652 polys, 1 swatch)
  • Shower wall (38 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Glass wall 1 tile (66 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Glass wall 2 tile (66 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Wallpaper tiles (4 swatches)
  • Floor tiles (6 swatches)

- All meshes are made by me from scratch.
- There are enough slots for you to put pretty things on the sink, bath rack, shower wall and the armoire.
- I recommend to always have bb.moveobjects on when placing furniture and decor, but you especially need to have it on to place the bath rack on the bathtub.
- All objects has catalog thumbnails.
- You can search for the set by Sanoysims or Vakkert.
- Be sure your game is fully updated to find them!

I hope you enjoy and happy simming!
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PROMPT: D & P somehow get into a debate over who is kinkier in bed. Phil says something like 'Just because you have 5 vibrators doesn't make you more kinky. And yes. I know you have them. I hear the buzzing at two am bc I'm a heavy sleeper but you don't know how to be quiet' then cue rough sex

Warning!! Smut: Top! Phil, daddy kink, degradation, dirty talk, vocal Dan, bantz, dom! Phil, coming untouched (twice), coming in pants (once), etc.

~Thinking about it, Dan was almost positive him and Phil had rarely ever had a proper, real argument. It was usually about silly things when they did; anime, editing, memes, etc. Then when they did have an actual fight, it always resulted in them both crying and saying sorry. This time it was different, this wasn’t a real argument, this was leading into territory that hadn’t ever really gone too before.

~Dan and Phil had been joking around, sat in their lounge talking mindlessly about something, tossing back and forth a small bouncy ball they found and laughing. Dan was a lousy throw, missed, and hit Phil in the eye. To which, Phil replied with, “Kinky.”

~Dan snorted slightly and shrugged. “Nah kinky would be if I had called you daddy and threw it at you acting like a pissed off toddler.” He said pointedly, catching the ball and throwing it back. “I guess you’re right. I guess you aren’t as kinky as me then.” He said mostly to joke, throwing the ball back before seeing Dan raise an eyebrow.

~Dan gave him a questioning look, shaking his head before throwing the ball back to him. “Yeah I highly doubt that you’re kinkier than me, Lester.” He challenged, to which Phil smirked in response. “Just because you have like five vibrators doesn’t mean you’re kinkier than me.”

~Dan felt his ears turn red, looking away and blushing, not commenting back. “Yes I know you have them. I’m no idiot, I can hear the buzzing at like two AM. Or at least I would be able too if you knew how to stay quiet.” He chuckled softly, seeing Dan turn even more red.

~Dan finally looked up, shrugging. “I’ve always been vocal. I just figured you’d be asleep by then..” He trailed off, looking away again and blushing once more. “Dan, I’ve been your best friend for years and you still don’t know I’m never asleep at 2 am?” Phil laughed softly.

~Dan shrugged again, trying to brush it all off and play it cool. “I’m still kinkier than you fuck off.” He attempted to change the subject. “I don’t believe that for a second. Just because you moan like  bitch in heat doesn’t mean you’re kinky, or good in bed.” He smirked.

~Dan gave him an offended look, glaring a bit. “Shut up!” He threw a pillow at him from the couch. “Im plenty good in bed, and far kinkier than you could even dream of being.” He said, to which Phil instant denied. “Yeah no. I would ask for proof, but I don’t feel like being disappointed.” He teased, knowing Dan would get more riled up the more he went on like this.

~Phil chuckled deeply when Dan didn’t reply. “I guess I’m right. Dan Howell isn’t kinkier than me, and he’s shit in bed.” He declared, mostly to himself, seeing Dan’s face turn red from a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “I’m great in bed. Maybe you’re the one who sucks in bed, that’s why you’re harping on me so much.” He accused, seeing Phil raise an eyebrow at him.

~Phil brushed off the accusation, leaning back on the couch and putting his hands behind his head. “Sorry, I don’t get affected by very wrong accusations like you.” He hummed. “Are you saying yours against me was false then?” Dan smirked. “No I still think you suck in bed.” Phil laughed, looking over at him with that damn smirk still plastered on his face.

~Dan huffed and crossed his arms, glaring at him. “And what makes you think you’re so damn good in bed?” He asked. “Mhm?”

~Phil laughed, giving him a small shrug and closing his eyes. “I’d bet money I could make you cum untouched before i was even close.” He said casually. “Hell, I’d bet money I could have you begging me for it within 10 minutes.”

~Dan chuckled sarcastically. “Yeah right. You couldn’t get into my pants even if you took me to dinner and a movie first.” He snorted.

~Phil looked over at him once more, pushing his hair off his face and sitting up, chuckling deeply. “You say that because you know it’s true. You know easily I could have you begging for my cock, whimpering and whining for me to fuck you so hard you can’t walk the next day.”

~Dan swallowed visibly at his words, trying to push them away and shaking his head. “Oh whatever.” He denied. “Don’t lie to yourself Danny. I know damn well you want me. All those cries of my name and daddy over and over again in the middle of the night. You always sound so pretty, almost like you’re purposely putting on a show knowing I’m awake. I bet you look even better.”

~Dan was blushing furiously again, shaking his head but not speaking. “Awe..” Phil smirked, moving a hand on Dan’s thigh and squeezing gently. “Getting all worked up, Dan?” He cooed, leaning over and biting his earlobe gently. “Thinking about how nicely I’d stretch you open, how much better it’d be than all your toys, having me fucking into you, holding you down and marking up your neck and chest, making you my property?” He hummed.

~Dan didn’t even try to shake his head in denial, letting a small whimper pass his lips as Phil spoke. He felt himself being pushed back, Phil crawling between his legs in a swift motion and ghosting his lips over Dan’s neck. “You’d like that wouldn’t you baby? My thick cock ruining your pretty hole, teeth sinking into your neck and leaving dark bruises, my cum filling you up nicely..” He started placing small kisses down Dan’s neck.

~Phil moved down the side of his neck, kissing gently, occasionally taking the smooth skin between his teeth and nipping quickly. Dan was squirming under him, quickly becoming a mess. “Fuck..Phil..” Dan whimpered out, hands gripping the older male’s shirt tightly. “What baby boy?” Phil smirked gently.

~Dan whimpered loudly, his head thrown back as Phil bit down roughly and sucked a few proper marks against his throat. “Fuck me!” He cried out without thinking, gasping when Phil’s lips detached from his beck and moved to his mouth.

~Phil kissed him for a while, his hands moving under his shirt and rubbing circles into his hip bones. Dan was whimpering into his mouth, kissing back messily as he wiggled under him. “Please Phil.” He whined when Phil pulled back from the kiss, watching the older male tug off his shirt quickly. Dan did the same, looking at him with desperate eyes.

~Phil chuckled and leaned back down, feeling Dan’s hands fumbling with his belt, the metal clinking and Dan’s moaning the only sound in the room. Dan’s hands moved back, his arms around Phil and his nails dragging down his back once Phil started grinding into him, hips rutting together roughly.

~Dan was coming undone too soon, he felt like a horny teenager all over again as Phil’s hips rolled into his own, the friction of his jeans and boxers against the head of his cock almost enough to send him over the edge already, just needing a little more. He moaned loudly, feeling Phil nip his bottom lip and tug it back, attacking his mouth again for another heated kiss.

~Phil moved his hand down quickly, starting to palm Dan through his jeans firmly. Dan was getting louder, his moans and whimpers bouncing off the walls and drowning out all other sound. He cried out, starting to cum hard, blushing a deep red as he did.

~Phil chuckled softly, smirking. “I guess I was wrong..” He hummed. “About..?” Dan panted slightly, feeling Phil’s hips still pressing into his own. “You are good in bed. So far.” He smirked, his lips reattaching to Dan’s quickly, his hips still rolling into his.

~Dan didn’t take long to get hard again, Phil having some surreal effect on his libido he had never seen before, not that he was complaining. He felt Phil’s fingers hook under his jeans, tugging them down with force until they were on the ground.

~Phil did the same, slowly stripping with him until there was a pile on the ground of all their clothes. Phil reached down, wrapping his hand around the younger male’s cock and starting to stroke slowly, his thumb rubbing over the tip and over his slit repeatedly, Dan bucking his hips up in response each time, desperate for the touch.

~Dan wasn’t quiet, he never was, but in the sexual aspect he was a vocal guy. He liked to moan, he liked to put on a show for whoever was fucking him, and Phil would be lying if he said it wasn’t the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. “Should we go to the bed?” Dan asked between kissing, whining and pouting when he felt Phil’s hand pull away from his aching cock.

~Phil gripped his ass, pulling him into his lap and lifting him up with surprising ease, carrying him to the bedroom with his lips attached to his neck. Dan felt his back hit the bed, Phil between his legs again and his hand fumbling to the side for his top drawer, finding the small blue bottle of lube and handing it to Phil.

~Phil chuckled, popping the cap and pouring a thick layer over three of his fingers, moving his hand between Dan’s legs and circling his rim. Dan shivered, his thighs shaking in anticipation before letting out a loud, strained moan when Phil slipped two fingers into him with ease.

~Phil worked his fingers in and out of the whimpering, writhing man under him, curling them slowly to try and find his spot. He smirked, hearing Dan cry out, his back arching off the mattress once he found it. He added a third digit, scissoring his fingers slowly for a moment before deciding he was stretched enough, spending a few moments rubbing against Dan’s prostate.

~Dan was whining at the top of his lungs, breathless, covered in a thin layer of sweat and his hair curling against his forehead as he was worked open. Phil was in awe, drinking in the sight and sound of Dan. “You sound so good baby..such a slut for me already.” He breathed, pulling his fingers out slowly.

~Dan whimpered, his legs wrapping around Phil’s hips and trying to pull him closer. Phil chuckled, smacking his thigh as a warning. “Don’t be a greedy slut or I’ll leave you here with a vibrator in as punishment. I could get off on my own, come back later when I’, ready to use your hole for my pleasure, just leave you hear unable to cum with a toy against your spot for a few hours.” He threatened, watching Dan shake his head.

~Phil chuckled softly, smirking. “That’s what I thought baby..” he said, stroking over himself and coating his length with the leftover lube, moaning lowly. He positioned at his entrance, pushing in his tip before pulling out, smirking when Dan whined and started clenching around nothing, his head thrashing back in frustration. “Beg.” Phil smirked.

~Dan pouted, looking up at him and whining loudly, no longer caring. “Please daddy just fuck me! I’ve been so good, I’ve been such a good slut for you. Please just fuck me, use me, ruin me, make me yours.” He begged, gasping and arching his back when he felt Phil push in suddenly.

~Dan’s whole body shook, feeling more full than ever, his hands grasping at nothing for something, anything to grip as Phil started to fuck him quickly, barely giving him time to adjust. It hurt, but in all the best ays. The burning, Phil hitting his prostate dead on over and over again as if he had done this a thousand times, his nails digging into Dan;s hips as he gripped them for leverage. Dan was in bliss, tears in the corner of his eyes from the intense pleasure.

~Phil was breathless, thrusting harder and harder into Dan, their hips slamming together each time he pushed back in. Dan was unbelievably tight, warm, swallowing his cock perfectly, screaming his name. He felt Dan move up, his arms around him again and his nails dragging down his back probably hard enough to draw blood.

~Phil groaned loudly, trying to keep quiet and enjoy the beautiful noises pouring from Dan’s swollen and pink parted lips. “God fucking dammit..” Phil muttered, leaning down and resting his forehead against Dan’s as he thrusted hard. “You’re so good good for me. Taking my cock like you were made too, all these pretty moans and curses all for me.”

~Dan nodded, rocking his hips into him as he was slammed into over and over again. “All for you daddy fuck!” He was almost screaming, unable to stay quiet for more than a moment, the build of his orgasm tightening in his stomach. Only a few short moments later he was coming again, white ribbons along both of their chests, loud shouts of Phil’s name and various obscenities pouring from his mouth at high enough volume he was sure everyone on their floor could hear him, but he didn’t care.

~Phil started breathing heavy, Dan tightening around him as he came for the second time that night, the feeling sending him over the edge. His thrusts became less rhythmic as he grew closer, Dan clenching tightly around him until he came himself, deep inside the younger male, gasping and groaning, his hips moving erratically as he rode out his orgasm.

~Phil collapsed onto him, rolling over and pulling out, hearing Dan whimper quietly as his cum dripped out of him slightly. Dan moved over to lean on him, looking at him and smiling a little. “Wanna nap and then we’ll talk about this?” He offered, seeing Phil nod before they both passed out. 

A/N: Can I just with the fact that I still always listen to Often by The Weeknd whenever I write lmao. This is 2.3 k, so t’s seriously official, I can’t write a short hc. 

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means: do you know how hard it must've been for Killian Jones to stop drinking and gambling in his pre-navy days? to claw out of the hole he was in? a man with so little self-worth would've literally drank himself to death and squandered every penny he had. a man with such supposed weakness in the face of darkness would've backslid right into drinking even after joining the navy, just as alcoholism affects jobs. a man with as much self-loathing as he had would've self-destructed and embraced every demon. but he didn't. he got his fucking act together during his time as Lt. Jones because his brother was his world and his light and his inspiration and his love and the source of hope for him. and then, that light DIED––due to machinations by the system that fucked them over in the first place. it wasn't just understandable for bright and starry-eyed Lt. Jones to fall so far after his brother's death. it was inevitable.
we can watch the sunrise together, 
and i’ll beg to hold your hand, 
but you’ll only love me once the sun sinks;
i’m pretty, but the view is prettier.
—  pretty contests || r.m. || 8.15.17

— kisses of carmine | pt. 1 (M)

Genre: Smut + Angst ➝ Vampire AU

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Kim Taehyung x Reader.

Plot: The era of the Crimson Killers isn’t quite over yet.

Warnings: Daddy kink, girl on girl action, blood and gore, the “C” word, fingering.

Notes: Welcoming back everybody’s favourite vampires. Part 2 will be out sometime in the future, but please don’t bother me for it! Give me time. Thanks!

➝ Sequel to The Crimson Killer (part of the Merlot Murders series).

August 27th, 1956.
3 days after the death of Y/N L/N.

Chicago lies in pools of red.

It’s almost as if the sunny state of Illinois has been put under strict curfew- it involves rushing around in the safe, broad daylight with the uncertain safety that city cops have to provide, and then locking doors and shutting curtains on starswept evenings all in the fear of what remains unleashed in the shadows.

It’s been a full week since the mass murder on the city church. A show of crimson puddles and torn necks, eyes lifeless and bodies mangled in the nave and chancel of the large, rustic framed church. The stained glass can no longer offer a light as it lies in a shroud of melancholy and regret. America, a place of freedom and power, confined to curfews from 6am to 7pm- all at the hands of the Crimson Killers.

Newspapers eventually stopped writing articles for them. The news begins to get unhyped when it’s a new killing for every front page.

In Bates Manor, a large and neatly designed mansion located in the sparse green of the Black Forest near the outskirts of Chicago, Kim Taehyung paces back and forth with his hands in a knot behind his back. His mind is cloudy, thoughtless, empty.

“Pacing isn’t going to find her.”

At the brisk, bitter sound of his lovers voice, Taehyung opens his discoloured red eyes to briefly stare at the other boy, sitting with his legs outstretched towards a dancing fire, ankles hooked over each other silently thinking and breathing. He makes not a single noise in the haunting silence of the house.

“I’m working on it,” Taehyung replies. “Don’t rush me.”

“She could be out of Chicago for all we know,” Hoseok barks a laugh sarcastically. “And ‘ain’t that a bitch. I’m just wondering…whose fault might that be?”

His words are suggestive but Taehyung need not think hard. The results of what happened three nights before, with red stained bedsheets and broken furniture pieces- not to forget the discarded carcass of whatever loser he had emptied in the stale bathroom moments earlier-, had been disastrous. When Jung Hoseok, official superior mate of the younger, more naive vampire Kim Taehyung, had stepped into the scene with a heavy sense of burden on his beautiful expressions, Taehyung was restless. No blood, no love, no sex- his mate was resentful.

It all comes back to you- the beauty for the beast.

And, despite being your now mate, which only rarely happens, Kim Taehyung has not the smallest clue on your whereabouts.

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Fathoms Below - Part 2 (Mermaids/Pirates AU with Jason Todd)

Part 1

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A/N: I don’t feel incredibly pleased with this part so apologies if it is a bit off. Also, that is a long af tag list lol

Jason was pissed. Well, more than pissed if he was being honest. He had just gotten into another fight with Bruce and it felt as if they were speaking different languages. He just didn’t understand how Bruce could insist he stay in one spot when there was an entire world to explore. The ocean is a gigantic place with myriads of ruins and underwater cities, but Bruce wanted to stay put? Jason needed to wander, he needed to know what adventures and treasures were out there for him to explore. He was aware of the dangers. Not all merfolk are kind, but he knew, if he was given the chance, he could make the ocean safer for all.

Jason swam through a shipwreck. From the noises he sometimes heard coming from the surface, he knew humans must be just as treacherous as his kind was. He sometimes wondered what humans were like and if they felt the same need to adventure that he did. He laughed at the thought. Surely they did, why else would they create these monstrosities to carry them across the water?

Jason reclined on the bow of the sunken ship and looked up. At the depth he was, there wasn’t a lot of light, but that didn’t stop him from watching the world above him glow. He squinted as a dark object came into view. It didn’t move like any sea creature he had seen before and it was sinking pretty quickly. He swam up to it and quickened his pace when he saw what it was.

A young woman, bound in ropes with a rag stuffed in her mouth and she looked to be fading fast. She had been struggling pretty hard when Jason first saw her, but her movements slowed as he grew close. He saw her eyes begin to close as he reached her. As he wrapped his arms around her, he knew he wouldn’t be able to get her back to the surface in time. He cursed as she went limp in his arms.

He removed the fabric from her mouth and cradled her head in his palms. He hesitated as he looked at her unconscious face. Could he really do this? He wondered. What would Bruce say?

His features hardened at the thought. Bruce would let her drown.

“Fuck it.” Jason said before pressing his mouth to hers. He knew the moment she regained consciousness. One of her hands slipped into his hair as she kissed him back, before she realized her situation. She pulled back and gasped for air. He allowed her some space, but didn’t let go. He watched as she took in her surroundings, her eyes growing wide.

“What the hell?” She said as she began to struggle against him.

“Calm down. You are safe now.” Jason said as he held her.

Y/N continued to struggle against his grip. “I’m not going to hurt you, but I need you to stop squirming.” He said gently. Y/N stopped squirming and looked at him. Her eyes took in his dark hair and bright blue eyes. She blushed a little bit as her eyes scanned his torso. Her eyes widened as she took in his scales and tail.

“What are you?” She whispered in shock. She had heard tales of half human creatures that lived in the deep, but she had thought them just stories old sailors tell to pass the time.

“I’m Jason.” He answered, ignoring her use of “what” instead of “who”. He swam back towards the wrecked ship. He set her down on the algae covered boards and removed the ropes from her arms and legs. “Are you okay?”

Y/N rubbed her wrists and thought back to the betrayal of her crew and her almost death. She looked back at the man, well merman, in front of her and noted the genuine concern in his eyes. “I’ll be fine.” She insisted quietly.

“What the actual fuck.” Jason heard a familiar voice say. He cursed and turned around.

“Dick, let me explain.” Jason said quickly. He moved in between Y/N and Dick, creating a protective barrier between the girl he had saved and his angry brother.

“Don’t bother. You can explain it to Bruce because that is where we are going.” Dick said as he grabbed his brother’s arm. Jason sighed and wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist.

She clung to him as they made their way to the underwater cave that Jason and Dick called home. When they entered, several other merpeople of various ages and colorings turned and stared at her. Y/N cringed and held tighter to Jason. “Don’t worry, most of them don’t bite.” He whispered over his shoulder. He smirked when Y/N poked the back of his head.

“What do we have here?” A tall merman with dark hair asked. Dick and Jason swam up to him.

“Jason kissed a human.” Dick said, pointing to Y/N. The other merfolk in the room gathered around to watch the encounter unfold. Y/N looked from face to face. Most of them were young, around her age if she had to guess, one of them was small, but his eyes were sharp and calculating. As she studied their faces, familiarizing herself with the group surrounding her, she knew that they were scrutinizing her as well.

“I can see that much, Dick.” Bruce said as he turned to Jason. “What I would like to now is why?”

“She was drowning, Bruce. I knew that if I started swimming to the surface, she would be dead by the time I got her above the water. I was planning on taking her up, but she woke up.” Jason answered truthfully. Bruce nodded before turning to look at Y/N. She shrunk back from his scrutiny and his eyes softened.

“I understand. I am not happy about it, but I understand.” Bruce said with a sigh. “That being said, she cannot stay here, but we also cannot let her leave.”

starblazer124  asked:

Hi! May I request Sidon helping an s/o that's afraid of water? Zora's Domain is so pretty, but I sink like a rock! Thank you and I can't wait to see some of your writing in the future!

((eep, thanks so much for the warm welcome!!! <33 this is such a great first prompt, i hope you like what i came up with!! ~mod Mars))

-he’s a little taken aback at first– he doesn’t venture too far from the Domain often, so it hadn’t really occurred to him that someone might actually be afraid of swimming.

-but when his s/o explains their fear when it comes to water ((with the cutest, most sheepish look on their face!)), he wastes no time in kneeling down, looking them straight in the eye, and with the most dorkily-genuine expression, declaring that ~he will never allow harm to befall them here, as long as he’s alive~

-it’s adorably over-the-top, and he offers them a ride on his back, on the way to Zora’s Domain. it’s very secure ((Sidon is Stronk)), and while his s/o is perfectly capable of defending themself, the way Sidon speeds up whenever he spots a lizalfos passing above on a bridge is endearing, and the way they can just relax, partially touching the cool water without fear of sinking is nice.

-most of the time when they travel around, their s/o will just walk alongside the river, and Sidon will slowly swim alongside them, making conversation, because while the piggyback-rides are nice, it’s still a little unnerving when the water is deep,,

-after a few enthusiastic brainstorming sessions on how to make his s/o as comfortable as they can be in the Domain, the Prince lands on the idea to craft a “portable floatation device!” using octo-balloons, fabric, dye/paint and some other materials. the paint is totally unnecessary, and only there bc he had the Brilliant Idea of making the device look like a little stuffed animal of him! he tasks Ledo and some other Zora crafters with making it, and s/o ends up with this ridiculous floaty of Prince Sidon, complete with some giant arm floaties and a little outfit, perfectly tailored for them.

-his s/o looks SO ADORABLE in the whole getup, Sidon is literally melting. and surprisingly, it’s actually very effective and keeps them on the very surface of the water as they get to land, and the s/o secretly loves their portable mini-Sidon!! they only have to use them as a backup when the Prince is unable to accompany them in the water, but they don’t feel too bad when they have to. all-in-all, the pair spends most of their time sitting on a nice blanket somewhere on Ploymus Mountain, Sidon enjoying the rain and his s/o enjoying being on the same level as their cute shark bf without having to be in water. everyone wins!!!