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The Thousand Chance Umbrella 


all the lineart for the stickers finished during the stream - thank you to @owlsshadows, @loloshroom, and anyone else who came by!! s been a while since the last time I drew chibi art, twas fun :33

If I can find time for it I will stream the coloring too, but until then ;)

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Imagine the boys playing catch but with telekinesis. They throw random crap at each other to but always keep it kind of light so that ritsu can play, but one time shou over does it and throws a car. Ritsu manages to catch it and he's super excited like "nii san! Nii san look i caught it! " "that's great ritsu! We'll be right back" shigeo says dragging shou away to have a 'talk'

About Ye Xiu

In the novel he has greasy hair, smelly clothes, pasty skin and even has a little chub. Basically, everything about his appearance screams that he’s any old bum that you’d meet on the streets.

What’s funny is that, despite all this, the QZGS fandom is thirsty for him anyway…

Is it his personality? No, but this is Ye Xiu we’re talking about, the walking definition of shameless. He’s rude to everyone he meets and never holds back when it comes to draining other people’s resources. He’s incredibly arrogant too. How is this… attractive?

What a mystery.

What are your thoughts?

fma 03 au where tucker decided to make the kid that was staying with him into a chimera instead of nina

strangely, this au has a happy ending? what?  

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