pretty shiz


The video quality is VERY poor, but you can hear Rabbit’s story and a large amount of giggling. You can even catch some of the body language as the twins pretty much lose their shiz constantly throughout this and all sketch portions of the show. Also note Sam as he shamelessly fuels the fire.

And did I mention the Jersey accent has mysteriously resurfaced, to my inexplicable joy?

some old sketch that i found in one of my backup art folders on my spare phone of all places. it seems that i’d clean forgotten that it even existed. Like wow??! i drew this??!! when??!! what is this sorcery??!! :OOOOO 

A quick peek at the file properties told me this was from waaaay back in January. i felt like some kinda archaeologist, unearthing the remnants of some strange and distant past… that bygone era when i was still really into kylo invading hux’s personal space…

i’ll prob clean it up and make it more presentable after im done with doing the rest of the prompts i received, but for now here i am to share this most baffling and exciting (to me) discovery with you guys

yep imma huge dork ngl


Blaine and I were pretty famous around the neighbourhood for our duelling Simon Le Bon impressions ~ Cooper Anderson