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When you walk into your room you expect to throw your wallet to the dresser and change into some PJ’s.  Ready to end this awfully busy day with a nice relaxing rest– you’d been pretty eager about this moment since you started your drive home.  So imagine your surprise when you push the door open, flicking the light on and about to toss your items then a groan irrupts from the bed.

“Y/N, what the fuck, I was sleeping.” He accused in a sleepy irritation hiding his head under a pillow.  Your eyebrows crinkled in confusion, eyes sliding to look at his various articles of clothing scattered around the floor.

“Calum.” You sighed rubbing the bridge of your nose, “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”  Automatically, his head shot back up, realizing how this would seem strange.  

It’s not what it looks like.” He must’ve been half asleep, or drunk– both.  Because you couldn’t see it really looking like anything other than what it was.  Honestly, he was pretty scantily clad around the apartment, you were used to that.  And one odd night when you decided to spray him with water guns in his room, you discovered he sleeps nude a very memorable night, it was.  “You have better AC and it’s hot as hell.”

“You any type of drunk?” You kicked his clothing into a pile, smiling at the hotdog boxers, “I mean don’t get me wrong, you have a nice body, but I don’t expect you to be this comfortable to sleep in my bed naked, without some kind of beer in you.”

“A tad.”

“Wash the sheets in the morning for me.” You cast a glance back over to his bedroom, figuring you could just spend the rest of the night there.  He whined suddenly and you looked back at his extended arms.  “You want me to snuggle up to your naked body, Cal?” 

“Could make it less awkward and join me in being naked, babe.” You giggled, rubbing back your hair, and shrugging.  “Oh, give me a show if you’re going to do it.” He grinned in happy surprise as you removed your top, joking but he’d love it if you did at the same time.  You shook your head around, sliding your jeans off your legs, his eyes following every action.  He’d be so pissed his memory would be blurred due to being tipsy.  

“Just braless.” You said smiling, tossing the blur bra to his face.  He chuckled madly and throw the material to the ground behind him, still grinning wide as you joined him in the bed.

“Black is really your color.” He admired looking down to the lacy article, before you rolled your eyes and pulled a bit of thin sheets over your body.  “How come we’ve never made out before?” 

“What?” You giggled, rubbing his hair back out of his face, “We’re friends, Cal.”

“Just kissing,” His rosy cheeks and heated forehead made you wonder about his seriousness.  You cupped his face when he attempted a kiss, merely placing your own on his forehead,

“Ask me when you’re sober, and take me to dinner first.”