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So, I have this weird Ninjago Headcanon...

It’s pretty small, and doesn’t really change much in the scheme of things, but I thought I should share:

The First Spinjitsu Master created all of Ninjago, right, and presumably that includes the people. So my headcanon is that he had a very specific process for creating humans. It started with him building their bodies from Earth to make them strong and hardy, creating their minds with Ice to give them clear thoughts and bright minds, then putting Fire in their hearts and souls to ignite their passions, and finally Lighting to shock them into life.

That’s why those Elements were singled out at the beginning of the series, even when others could arguably considered more powerful. That’s why those were the Elemental Masters destined to guard the Chosen One, and that’s why those were the four Elements that make the Tornado of Creation, because those were the Elements used IN creation!

Or at least that’s my two cents anyway.

ThranduilsPerkyButt’s 8,000 Follower Challenge

Oh my gosh, darlings! We’ve reached 8,000 followers! Out of this world, I know! I never expected to get this many followers, but here you all are, and I cannot express the warmth it brings to my heart to know that you enjoyed my stories enough to follow me. Thank you, truly! I’ve been kind of obsessed with challenges as of late, so I decided to try out making my own challenge, maybe, and see how it goes. It’s my first ever one that I’ve made myself, so I get if no one wants to write the prompts lol, but hopefully some of you do!

|  Rules & How to Sign Up  |

  • You don’t have to be following me, but that would be rad if you were. :)
  • You can write anything! Smut, crack, fluff, angst, smangst, smluff, flangst, etc.! Whatever! I just wanna’ read it! And, in the true spirit of my multifandom blog, you can write from any fandom you want as long as it is a fandom from my fandom’s list (found here), and any character(s) you’d like from that fandom!
  • Only reader inserts, please! There must be a “reader” character (A.K.A. “you” or “Y/N”). No OCs. Sorry!
  • You can choose multiple prompts, because I’m going to let the prompts be open. That means they’re all free game for everyone! Feel free to use them as you see fit!
  • You can change the prompt’s pronouns (he/she/we/they/etc) to fit your fic, but nothing else can change! The prompt has to be included in your fic in some way.
  • See a prompt you like? Great! If you want to join, send me an ask that includes the prompt(s) you’ve chosen so I’ll know what list(s) to put you on. I won’t be accepting people any other way than through my ask box! You don’t have to tell me what character/fandom you’re writing for, but you can if you want!
  • Please include the character/fandom above your fic when you post it, as well as any and all warnings that could be associated with your fic. If it is over 500 words, please add a -keep reading- cut!
  • Be sure to tag me (@thranduilsperkybutt) in the fic as well as mentioning the prompt(s) and that this is for TPB’s 8,000 Follower Challenge.
  • Tag your fic with #thranduilsperkybutt and #tpb8000followerschallenge
  • If I don’t ❤︎like❤︎ your fic within 24 hours, feel free to send me a link via IM because most likely I didn’t see it! I wanna’ read all of these and give credit where credit’s due! My like will show up as my main blog (megmeg-chan) liking your post! When I reblog it on TPB, I will unlike it. (I will also reblog it on my main & include it in a masterlist I’ll make when the challenge officially closes.)
  • The deadline for all fics to be in is two months from now on January 1, 2018, so you should have plenty of time! If you need an extension, please message me! I’m pretty lenient, so we can totally work something out!


Alright, then! There are 30 quote-like prompts beneath the cut! They’re pretty random and I just wrote up whatever came to mind that I thought could possibly inspire cool fics. I will reblog your fic if you choose to write one, as well as make a masterlist for all of the fics once the deadline comes.

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Originally Melissa was going to be holding on to Zack’s ankles, but I ran out of room on the paper.

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I don't get where this idea that Destiel shippers hate Sam comes from? I have never heard a Destiel shipper say they hate Sam.. and I follow A LOT of Destiel blogs. This alleged hate doesn't even crop up in Destiel fanfic (all the best Destiel fics I've read.. and, again, I've read A LOT.. feature Sam in a positive way.) I've heard/seen some criticism of Jared (and his fans) from time to time, but that's all. Never Sam.


Seriously, same. :p 

I follow like 400 Destiel shippers, and I’d say that 90% of the biggest and most known blogs on the Destiel side of the SPN fandom are in there? Like the people whom everybody knows and thus their posts spread quickly and widely in the fandom? And not one of them hates Sam or makes negative posts about him? And I never see posts like that from other big blogs/or with many notes, on my dash either? Actually almost all of them are Team Free Will enthusiasts, and when they include Sam in their fanfic or art it’s always in a positive way? 

Like, I’m sure that there’s a handful of Destiel shippers out their that dislike Sam (just like there are Destiel shippers out there who dislike whatever other random characters), the fandom is pretty huge after all, but I never see any specific Sam hate-spreading worth mentioning, outside of a stray troll blog here and there that usually quickly comes and goes?

On a rare occasion I see someone rant like “UUUUGH >insert team free will member here< IS MAKING TERRIBLE DECISIONS AGAIN”, but this goes for literally all three of them and it’s not only Sam being called out, tbh.

Honestly, ask me out of all of these people that I follow to point you to someone who posts or spreads Sam hate, I couldn’t point you to one? Even though I follow plenty of folks who aren’t really optimistic about the show itself anymore and criticize the writing, Sam hate is very rare? 

Truly, one of the biggest mysteries in this fandom is the ‘Destiel shippers hate Sam’ rumor. Unless there are some hidden Sam-hate cults on Twitter or Facebook that I don’t know about? :p 

But here on tumblr/AO3 I just???

A Conversation with @MCubed35

@Mcubed35, if you don’t know her, is the anonymous blogger behind the amazing Writeblr Connects community. She’s been a huge influence on the Tumblr writing community and has also become a great friend to me over the last few months. She is currently working on a novel, Rose of the Fae, which we’re going to talk a little bit more about today along with some of her other in-the-works projects.  

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Derogatory terms that I have ran into in the magickal community

Not trying to offend anybody through this list of words, and definitions. I just thought this would be educational, and I found it quite interesting after running into these terms a couple times. It’s always very interesting to take a look at thought processes, and the way they form opinions of others. If you have anything to add I encourage you to reblog, and add them to help us gain a better understanding of the magickal community’s derogatory terms.

List of derogatory terms that I have ran into in the magickal community:

Once-Born - This was originally used to refer to Christians that became born again. It’s a way of saying that this is your first incarnation, but it implies that you do not have knowledge, wisdom, or skill. The opposite of this would be Twice-Born.

Cowan - A non-witch, or a non-initiate. A word that was used for people non initiated into the craft, or for people that were not quote on quote “real witches”. This also pertain  to people that we’re not believed to be doing “real magick”.

Warlock - A betrayer, traitor, or oath-breaker. Someone who has betrayed their craft, or coven.

Heretic - Somebody who believes in a belief that is not in the majority belief established in a custom, tradition, or culture.

Mundanes - This term is meant to refer to people that know nothing of magick, or the occult.

Muggles - This term is originally from Harry Potter, but was eventually used by some chaos magicians, some pop culture witches, and some people new to the community. This term is meant to refer to people that know nothing of magick, or the occult, and do not use, or experience it.

McWiccan - A person that does not belong to a specific tradition, or lineage of Wicca. Who brings in a bunch of different random other traditions into their religious working. They do pretty much whatever they feel like, while calling themselves a Wiccan.

Cafeterian - Used to refer to a person that practices a certain religion that picks, and chooses certain dogmas that they want to follow, while not practicing others.

Playgan- This is used to refer to a person that is only a pagan to fit their self-image. These people usually aren’t too into the pagan belief system besides the title, and are known for being fake pagans. The name is made of the words play, and pagan.

Party Pagans - This is used to refer to pagans that are only in it for the celebrations, holidays, and parties.

Paganazi - Used to refer to a person that takes their Pagan beliefs too far in which they end up hating all other religions.

Blood Junkie - This term refers to a sanguinarian vampire that can not control their thirst for blood.

Leech, or Parasite - Usually used to refer to a sanguinarian vampire, psi-vampire, or emotional vampire for the act of just being a vampire.

Crafty - A person that started learning magick, and the occult because of the movie The Craft. These people are said to build their complete philosophy, and belief system around the movie.

DIEanic (spelled with the capitalization) - Usually used to refer to witches, or wiccans that hate, or have a strong bias against men usually in a extreme circumstance.

Green Meanie, or Tree hugger - A spiritual radical environmentalist. It is used to refer to a practitioner that uses their spirituality only as a way to push their doctrine of obsessive environmentalism.

Fluffy bunny, or fluffies - A fake wiccan, and sometimes used to refer to a fake pagan, or fake witch. Someone who knows nothing about the religion, or craft, and only tries to take the title because they think it’s cool, or are trying to follow a fad.

Cookbook Witch - A witch that only uses spells, and rituals that are made by someone else. These witches are said to not have any prior training, or understanding of how magick works. They just follow everything exactly without understanding the more intricate parts of spell work, and ritual. This term is named this, because the acts the witches portray are a lot like doing a recipe out of a cookbook.

IRALOB, or I read a lot of books - A person that thinks they know everything, because they have read a various assortment of books, or articles.

Insta-Witch, IRAB, or I read a book - A witch that reads a book, or article on a subject, and automatically thinks they are an “expert” on it.

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That has happened to me too many times, but sometimes I feel like I have a guardian angel too. Like once I was in a shower just having shower thoughts and all of the sudden it hits me that I have to sign up for an exam online until midnight and it was like 11.45, and I swear that thought was sent from above haha. Glad you made your deadline though!

Gosh that is a scary one too! Usually my thoughts are super random and pretty stupid so I am so grateful to whatever way I thought I should upload it at that point!👏👏 Honestly I’d have had no reason to get those marks back so that could have been a right mess😅 Shout out to our angels for being amazingly helpful!

Heeeyyyyy, want some commissions?

Sooo, I’m still kinda catching up on bills from that dumb Leave of Absence fiasco. I’m not really in like, the bad position I was before, but it would help to have some wiggle room so I can breath a bit easier. I have like zip room to save any money and can just barely afford the things I need to, so I’m hoping to get some art commissions in. I’m not crazy good or anything mind you.

So, here are some options!

I can make digital art pieces and hand made coasters!

Digital art pieces vary on price depending on the detail but start at $5.00USD. here are some examples of random things I’ve done.

I can draw pretty much whatever, as long as you aren’t expecting a Picasso piece or something.

Now, as for the coasters! Those are physical items that obviously need to be shipped to you. I can make hand painted coasters, or design print coasters. Sometimes a mix of both. Here is a lineup of some of my coasters just to give you an example of both kinds.

Yes, they are fully functional coasters and completely water proof as well as hear resistant, and won’t scratch up your surfaces.

A lot of love and time goes into these(do you know how hard it is to paint on tile?) And there will be shipping/protecting costs involved… So a set of four coasters is $15.00USD or 6 for $20.00USD.

If you’re interested in any commission pieces, my inbox is open! Look forward to working with you!

Pros And Cons Of Dating Infinite

Here you are Anon! I hope you like it! - Admin O

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Pros -

  • He would be a little awkward at times, but would always try his hardest by you.
  • He would never forget to call you or text you, ever.
  • He would never forget an anniversary or a birthday.
  • He would things special, because he wanted you to know how much he loves you.
  • He would kiss you everywhere but your lips, just to tease you.
  • He would give you honest advice, even if it wasn’t the best.
  • He would also listen to you, just sit and listen.
  • He would think you were the most gorgeous person in the world, and to him, you really were.

Cons -

  • He is a leader, so sometimes Infinite would come first.
  • When he fought with you, although rare, it would be serious.
  • He wouldn’t forgive you easily either.
  • He wouldn’t like your jealousy or dislike of his members because he had to spend more time with them.
  • His advice is kind of terrible, but he means well.

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Pros -

  • Unconditional and nonjudgmental love.
  • You would more than likely come first.
  • He would love skinship and sexy time.
  • Any date with him would be the time of your life.
  • He would know just how to make you smile and what to do and say.
  • Did I mention how great the skinship would be?
  • Random dances and raps whenever you request.
  • He would pretty much do whatever you asked, as long as he was comfortable.
  • He would always support you and be your shoulder to cry on.

Cons -

  • He may be a little too comfortable with you early on, and may take things too fast.
  • Excessive public skinship.
  • He would always touch you unconsciously, and possibly at inappropriate times.
  • He may not know when to settle down.
  • He may not take you seriously, even if you are dead serious.
  • He is a cry baby.
  • He would always let you know how he was feeling, even if the timing was wrong.

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Pros -

  • He would treat you like royalty.
  • Endless hugs and kisses, just skinship all around.
  • He would treat every day like it was the best day he had ever had, simply because you were his.
  • He would be the perfect mix of cute and sexy, all day every day.
  • He would make dates special, even if they didn’t need to be.
  • He would remember everything, and always cater to your favorites.
  • He would love couple outfits and cute things like that.
  • He would buy you little gifts that reminded him of you.
  • He would be all about give and take.
  • He would let you cry on his shoulder.
  • And then give you a massage while you took a warm bath and he gave you his advice.
  • He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you.
  • He would love you, and only you.

Cons -

  • He would seem like a flirt.
  • He would look at others, but not because he wanted to, but out of habit.
  • He wouldn’t take fights sincerely, and might treat them as a joke at first.
  • He would expect to receive what he gives, and maybe a little more.
  • He would try and make you jealous all the time.
  • He would also make fun of you and make a lot of jokes that may be hurtful, but he would learn quickly that it wasn’t okay.
  • He would occasionally treat you like too much of a friend and not enough of a lover.

Originally posted by namwhos


Pros -

  • He would be the best lover.
  • He would never let you get bored or feel sad.
  • He would know exactly what to say and when to say it.
  • He would take you out on cute little dates, that would end in a night of no sleep.
  • He wouldn’t be afraid to let you see the real him.
  • And although, it may take some time, he will eventually show you his deepest secrets and trust you with everything.
  • And when that happens, you would be his everything.
  • He would always protect you and make sure you were safe.
  • He would love you unconditionally, even if he didn’t understand you fully, he would still love every bit of you.

Cons -

  • He may be a bit withdrawn at times.
  • When he gets angry or sad, he would find it hard to confide in you because he didn’t want to worry you.
  • He tends to get too into his work, and may end up forgetting about a date or an anniversary.
  • He would try his hardest, but he may get things wrong because he gets so nervous and unsure of himself sometimes.
  • He would need you to support him unconditionally, and that may be hard on you.

Originally posted by dokyungseouls


Pros -

  • Funniest boyfriend ever.
  • There would never be a dull moment with him.
  • He would love to cook for you and make you feel like you were loved.
  • He would mess around with you and just relax, because being excited about being with each other was what he loved most.
  • He would never want to disappoint you, so he wouldn’t.
  • He is dedicated to his job and to you, and manages to balance both very well.
  • He would be able to cheer you up instantly.
  • He would protect you from anyone who tried to hurt you.
  • He knows when to be mature, even if he doesn't’ always succeed.

Cons -

  • He can be immature.
  • He expects a lot from your relationship, and sometimes you can’t live up to that.
  • When he wants something, he wants it and won’t give up.
  • He can be insensitive if he is uneducated about something.
  • He may push you a lot to get what he wants.
  • He can be inconsiderate of your feelings and sometimes put himself first.

Originally posted by spb14


Pros -

  • No one would exist in his world but you when you were together.
  • Those dimples.
  • He would make endless love to you, just because he wanted to.
  • And it would be really sweet, but also really hot.
  • He would take care of you, and make sure you never lift a finger.
  • But he would expect the same in return, because give and take is important.
  • He would always make things about you and how much he loved you.
  • He would support you and always tell you how much he loved you.
  • He would love to just cuddle with you and talk about whatever.
  • No isn’t a word he would use often.

Cons -

  • He can get irritated easily.
  • He can get jealous easily.
  • He often won’t take no for an answer.
  • When he wants to relax, he wants to relax and nothing else.
  • He won’t forgive you easily if you betray him.
  • He trusts too easily.
  • He may go too far to protect you.

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Pros -

  • An eternal ball of sunshine and happiness.
  • You wouldn’t be able to be sad around him, because he knew just how to make you happy.
  • He would always do what you wanted to do, and even if you asked him what he wanted, he would cater it to what you usually like.
  • He would always be considerate of you, and how you feel.
  • He would put you first, and often think of your needs before his own.
  • He wouldn’t let you get hurt, and would protect your heart with everything he had.
  • He would wait on you hand and foot.
  • He would always know what to say or do to make a moment just right.
  • There would never be a dull moment.
  • Endless cuddles and intense make out sessions.

Cons -

  • He can be a bit sensitive.
  • He would complain a lot, and not know when to stop.
  • He wouldn’t be able to hold back his emotions.
  • When he gets angry, he doesn’t let it go easily.
  • He may be too respectful of you sometimes, and that may lead to him making you seem more like acquaintances than a couple.
  • Public skinship would be minimal.
  • He may try to overcompensate for his femininity by trying to be too masculine and making things awkward.

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🔹Hi my names Emily and I’m almost 18 (in March! I’m so excited!) I live in Washington in the US but I’ve also lived in Utah and spend a lot of time there.
🔹I’m pretty normal, I like sleeping and spend a lot of time on Netflix. My favorite shows right now are The Tudors and Reign cause I’m a history nerd. Like huge history nerd.
🔹I’m really just looking for someone to be friends with and talk about random stuff. I’m pretty open to talk about whatever, I tell bad jokes and just wanna have friends haha so yeah. Sorry in advance if I talk too much about my love life or random memes.
🔹You can either email me at hayesemi000 or DM me on Instagram @emmersrrh (should show up on the pic I attached). I’m open to texting or whatnot and possibly snail mail over time :)

Sebastian Stan Imagine

Hi!! Could you write a Sebastian Stan imagine where the reader is his girlfriend and a really famous actress, and it’s his birthday but she’s away filming and he’s kinda sad that she’s not there, but she ends up surprising him and they go celebrate together and it’s all cute and stag please? I LOVE your imagines, they always make me so happy!! <3

Sebastian woke up and saw he had a text from you at 12 on the dot. “I didn’t want to call because I don’t know if you’re asleep, but happy birthday Sebastian. I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you.” The first thing he did that morning was read your message and smile. He got up and got ready for the day. His mother was taking him to lunch and the guys had plans to take him to a club that night to celebrate him being another year older.

“Hi, honey. Happy birthday,” his mom kissed his cheek and hugged him when he got to the restaurant.

“Hi Mom. How are you?” He gave her a smiled.

“I’m great. Happy I get to have lunch with my birthday boy,” she patted his hand. They had small talk until his mom looked at his long face and asked him why he seemed so sad.

“I’m not sad. Promise,” he tried to reassure her.

“Well you look like there’ something going on. What is it?”

“Y/N’s still filming for her movie and won’t be back for another two weeks. I just wish she was here to celebrate, that’s all.”

“Aw, I know Y/N wishes she was here too. Have you talked to her today?”

“She texted me last night at midnight and said she’d call but she hasn’t yet.”

“Then, at least you know you’ll get to talk to her today. Come on,” she payed the check before Sebastian could protest, “I have to give you your gift before I go.” Sebastian and his mother walked to her car. She reached into her car and handed him a gift bag. “Go ahead. Open it,” she smiled at her son. He opened the bag and smiled when he saw the cover picture on the front of the scrapbook.

“I remember you were looking at all the other pictures last time you came home. So, I made copies of all the photos and even added in some new ones I had.” Flipping through the pages he saw countless pictures of him as a baby, as a young boy, red carpet premiers and, most recently, pictures of Y/N and him.

“Thank you ma. I love it,” he gave her a big hug.

“I’m glad you like it. Happy Birthday Sebastian. How get on home so you can call Y/N.”

He had just walked into his apartment when his phone vibrates; it was from you. “Can you talk birthday boy?” He told you he was free and his phone got a FaceTime right away. “Hi!!!!” You almost yelled from excitement as he answered. “Happy birthday babe.”

“Thank you,” he lit up. He could tell you were sitting on one of the set chair and saw you in your character’s full makeup and wardrobe.

“What are you up to?”

“Just got back from lunch with my mom. Look what she gave me,” he lifted up the scrapbook.

“Oh my gosh, look at your fat baby picture right on the front! How cute.”

He laughed, “What are you doing?”

“Same thing I’ve been doing every day for a month: filming. I wish I could be there with you today. I could have made you a cake and spoiled you in gifts. Huh,” you gasped in realization, “I should have ordered a cake to your door!”

“Don’t worry about it,” he chuckled at you. “Spoil me in gifts, huh?”

“You’ll have to wait until I get home for those.” You attention shifted as someone called your name, “Y/N, we need you on set for the next scene.” “Be right there,” you told them. “I gotta go babe. I’m sorry I can’t be there but I love you. Happy birthday,” you sadly said.

“I love you too.” The FaceTime ended and he was left alone to do whatever until the guys picked him up for their night out.


The music was loud and the club was packed and Sebastian was having a pretty good time. “Sucks, Y/N’s not here,” Chace yelled over the music to him. “Tell me about it,” he yelled back.

“Hey, Sebby,” one of the other guys called. “Go pick out whatever drinks you want and bring them back to our booth. On me,” he handed Sebastian his card.

Sebastian walked up and leaned against the bar. He told the bartender what he wanted and waited. “I heard it was your birthday,” a voice said right behind him. He turned and was taken aback when he saw you standing in front of him in your favorite clubbing dress.

“What are you doing here?! I thought you had two weeks left?” You laughed as he picked you up and spun you around.

“I got the next three days off for your birthday. And, most of my scenes are done I just have to go back for a couple more.”

“How’d you know where we were?”

“I’ve been planning this with the guys for weeks,” you grinned. “I got you didn’t I?”

“You did. I guess you are good at your job.” You helped him carry the bottles back to their booth.

The guys were all sitting around, pretty buzzed, and talking about whatever random thoughts came to mind. You leaned over and whispered in Sebastian’s ear so he could hear you. “Why don’t we get going home so I can give you your first birthday present,” you raised an eyebrow.

Sebastian hopped up out of the seat quickly, “We’re heading out guys.”

They yelled out slurred Happy Birthdays as you two walked out of the club into the back of a cab. “Happy birthday Sebastian,” you kissed him.