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speaking of VHS tapes — i just remembered when i was around 4 years old (and an only child at the time) i had all my mom’s disney VHS tapes in my closet so i could easily access them and watch them.

and one day i thought it was a good idea to take all of them out of the closet and spread them across the floor and covered my whole bedroom floor


why do people reblog gifsets and add tags like “i dont like this couple // i don’t ship this” and then continue to explain why they don’t like the ship/couple..

like y’all if I wanted your opinions i’d ASK

for the first time, one of my fics cracked 100k words!

and i must use the obnoxious title function to tell you about it! ;) tonight’s update of To Make It Right brought it to 101,488 words, officially making it both the longest thing I’ve ever written, and my first work over 100k. Woohoo!

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Can you post a picture of your arabic handwriting ?

I am too lazy to write anything on a paper and take a picture of it right now so here is a picture I sent to @waste-land while I was clearly paying attention to what my lecturer was saying XD 

This was during my paremiology class, basically we have to find equivalents for arabic idioms in french. Both my Arabic and French handwritings are very erratic so this isn’t really representative, it can get pretty indecipherable at times (even to myself haha)

  • luke skywalker is terrifying. 
  • no, shut up, come back.
  • you have to understand:
  •  to you or me he may not be; he may be all sunshine smiles and corngold hair and the biggest eyes this side of the galaxy, but imagine you’re Dagger (stormtroopers don’t get proper names), firing at a boy, only the bolts never hit. They sing to the side. You think that there’s something wrong with your blaster, maybe, but none of your friends can hit him either. Finest shots in the Empire, you are, but you can’t hit this boy. And he cuts you down. He wields a weapon whose name you’ve never learned and he cuts you down into smoking bloodless bodies and your friends die before you – only he leaves you. Knocks you out with a blow of the Force – and isn’t that a nightmare of its own, unseen hands blotting out your thoughts – leaves you there in the cooling blood of your squadmates.
  •  Imagine that you’re Cara Ilhyre and you’re a dancer for the Hutt and you hate it, of course you do, but it is a living, a living, and this boy comes in, fresh-faced and young and he says surrender or be destroyed only he and you both know that the Hutt do not and never have surrendered and when he says destroy there’s this grin on his lips, thin and sharp, and he’s kind, of course he is, but –
    • so you’re Cara Ilhyre and you’re a native of tattooine and like many of your specis you are force-touched and you were a girl, once, a very little girl, and your mother told you tales of krayt dragons who slumbered beneath the sands and gentled their young to their pearl-heavy breasts. krayt dragons are tender mothers, she had said, and it was meant to teach you something of the duality of nature, or to fear those with young to protect, or something; but all you can think is this boy, how he smiles as kind as your mother did, once, but you’re convinced that if you were to cut him down the middle you would find dragon-pearls in his ribs and fire instead of a heart
    • the boy cuts downs jabba’s goons like they are nothing, nothing, and afterwards, afterwards, you sense his sorrow. and somehow that makes it worse.
    • because you say, later, to your mother’s ghost (maybe) or to the desert, he knows that killing people is hard and that weighs on him and he does it anyway and –
    • and, you say, it isn’t as simple as: he makes the hard choices. he knew the hutt would fight. he wanted to burn them down, oh he did, and that sister of his –

I am screaming rn
I just watched the dinosaur cry episode and-
“can we just talk about this?”
“sportacus, can we just sit down and talk?”
“I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“I’m sorry.”
Robbie says all of this in the episode when he mistakenly thinks he scared sportacus and I’m just- this just fuels my sportarobbie shipping even more.
He doesn’t even hate him that much, he just wants everyone to be lazy, that’s it.
You two just make a fuckin peace treaty and allow kids to go outside, exercise and play, while also eating occasional sweets, junk food and over sleeping. Then you can both get on and be gay together.

getting warmer

  • I don’t give a shit if Nazis ~learn the error of their ways~ I want them to fuck off and crawl in a hole somewhere far away where they can’t hurt anyone
  • You literally cannot reason with Nazis because they live in an alternate reality where they can rewrite the truth whenever it suits them
  • I am not “just as bad” as a Nazi and I never will be. This is an objective fact. I will always have the moral high ground based purely on the fact that I’m not genocidal
  • idk about you but I personally think punching someone is a pretty effective way to say “Your views are fucking repulsive and you had fucking better rethink them if you want to ever have a fighting chance to redeem your humanity”
  • punching nazis is great exercise

Requested: Hi! First of all I just want to say that I absolutely love your writing. Could you maybe do one where you have a bad habit of popping your knuckles all the time and Shawn says it’s bad for you so he just holds your hands any time you start to do it? I know it’s kind of weird but I think it would be cute.



You’re seated next to Shawn in the car on the way to one of his interviews. You’re just coming along to be with him and to support him while he does some press. You’re staring out the window watching the trees rush by in a blur, and you absentmindedly start popping your knuckles. It’s just something you do whenever you don’t really know what to do with your hands. It’s a bad habit, you know because so many people have told you that, including Shawn. He thinks it’s going to hurt you, if not now then in the future.

You don’t even realize that you had been popping your knuckles until you feel Shawns large hand on top of both of yours. He pulls one hand away from the other, intertwining your fingers. Now you can’t pop your knuckles because one hand is in Shawn’s and you need both to pop your knuckles. You have a feeling that he knows that. You glance over at him, and he simply says, “It’s not good for you.” Before bringing your hand that he’s holding up to his and lightly kissing each of your knuckles.

One of the major reasons I really like Yuri On Ice so much is because the entire show is just all about love. Like, yeah, Victor and Yuuri’s love for each other is central the show, but there’s so much more of it going on elsewhere. Yuuri and Victor’s passion and love for skating, for one thing. God, just watching the two of them talk about skating is so good. Like how Victor came to be Yuuri’s coach because Yuuri “makes music” with his body when he skates. That’s partially Yuuri, but also Victor’s love of the sport. He wouldn’t find Yuuri’s skating so appealing if he didn’t love the sport itself and what kind of magic it itself can create. Not to mention Yuuri’s love and dedication to skating. He does it to calm himself when he’s stressed. He clearly loves it too, as with how much he has poured his heart and soul into the performances he’s given so far. That type of love and passion is something that’s actually made me cry over this show, that Yuuri and Victor love their sport so much that it’s basically their whole lives. Besides the other people they love in their lives, of course. And then there are the other parts of the show too. Victor and Yuuri aren’t the only ones who love the sport. The other skaters so as well. I think of JJ in particular and his triumphant free skate in episode 9. He clearly loved it so much. It’s a bit harder to tell where the others are coming from, but no one puts that much time and effort into something without loving it, no matter how hard it is sometimes. Then there’s the other forms of love as well. Victor and Yuuri’s love for each other, obviously. But also like Yurio’s love for his grandfather. The boy just lights up when he’s there and it’s so beautiful to see such a normally sourpuss person be so happy. Heck, his grandfather is the inspiration for his Agape short skate program. It’s so good. And overall this show just radiates kindness and goodness. Like, there’s no primary antagonist. All of the characters want to win, but they aren’t mean to any of the others, even when they’re beaten. Well, Yurio can be a bit of jerk but that’s mostly it, and he’s got plenty of great moments of kindness too. It’s not about a rivalry between Yuuri and someone else. That’s not the focus. He wants to win and that’s a struggle but it’s not because Yuuri wants to beat someone else. He wants to win for Victor and for himself. That’s so good. This show is so good. I really love how much love is the center of this show, sometimes in really overt ways but also in more subtle, underlying themes. It’s great and I’m 500% glad that I am here in the year 2016 to be able to watch this beautiful wonder that is Yuri!!! On Ice.