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Okay when I started here was about 5 months. I thought that S/C was real, really. I'm trying to think the same but the idea of they pretending something it's really disturbing but now I think it's reasonable. Are they this kind of person? who fooled a lot of good people? I'm very, VERY confused right now idk what to think. Could you give me some light PLEASE?

no, I don’t think they’re that kind of people. I’m not gonna lie and say its never crossed my mind - it has, especially this past week and especially last summer. But they can’t BOTH have faked it enough to have literally everyone who works with them, both on and off OL, singing their high praises all over the place and Rosie tweeting to Cait that Sam should treat her like a queen? That’s taking it pretty damn far for a fake relationship, especially when Sam’s forehead showed up in Paris like 12 hours later. If they were nasty or fake or callous in any way it would have come out by now. People wouldn’t be saying how lovely and grounded and kind they both are all the damn time. Not just people they work with - fans comment all the time about how lovely they are in person. Yes they’re actors and yes they’re good at their job but that only goes so far. The best actor/actress in Hollywood, whoever you think that may be, can’t fake what they’ve shown us. and the level at which they would have had to pretend would be EXTREME. I mean, how does Cait know what time Sam gets up for the gym if they’re not together? Riddle me that. Do I think they probably ramped it up at times? Absolutely. But when it comes down to it there’s way too much that was genuine to say it was fake, if that makes sense.  I hope this helped a bit :)

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