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When You Catch Him Masturbating With Your Panties (Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

Your favorite pair of white lace panties were wrapped tightly around his cock. The fabric brushing his shaft just so, giving him an arousing feeling. His thighs tense as he neared his release, back arched and mouth agape.

“Namjoon?” Your soft whisper drive him over the edge. Cum spilled over his fist and he made direct eye contact with you the entire time.

“Come help Daddy.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin would be on the verge of a ruined orgasm. Each time he would come close to release, he pull back your panties and leave himself twitching in the air. His pathetic whine would draw you attention to his bedroom. The boys were out so it was time for Jin to play. You’d crack open his door to see his hips twitching almost as much as his cock. Your pair of velvet red panties wrapped around the head.

“Don’t just stand there Y/n. Finish me off.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi wouldn’t be one to do it out in the open. He pulled the blankets up to his chin and rubbed your thong against his shaft. He’d bite down on the sheet and proceed to jack off with your g-string in hand. His mind drifted to the times you’d tease him with said underwear. You watched from his bedroom doorway with a hungry smile.

He’d lift his head and growl at the fact that you were nowhere near his cock. He’d throw the soiled underwear to the side and beckoned you forward.

“Get on my cock baby. You are way better than those things.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok would be on his knees, your panties pressed into his nose. He love the scent of you, not caring if it made anyone else feel weird. His pretty cock pumped against the mattress as he chased his release. His whines and groans grew louder the closer he got to cumming.

“Need a little help baby?” He didn’t answer you directly, just rolled on his back with his legs spread. You reached between his thighs and grasped his shaft.

“Fuck! Just like that.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin would have no shame masturbating on the couch. He couldn’t stop the tremors of his pelvis with each stroke of his dick. Your panties in hand didn’t help any. The black silk fabric felt like heaven. You came home a little early to the most welcoming sight. Jimin didn’t even try to stop himself. Just stroked himself harder the closer you got.

“Please suck me off Y/n. I love the feeling of your mouth.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung laid on his side, thrusting into the fabric of your underwear. The roughness of the lace caused him too lose control much earlier than normal. You were I the shower and he couldn’t help but grab the underwear you had taken off. His fingers tore into the sheets below him and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

“Couldn’t wait, could you?” Tae shook his head at you only wrapped in a towel. You dropped the white towel and took over, sharp nails tracing his leaking cock.

“You are so good to me Y/n.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook lost count of how many times he came within your underwear. His cum was beginning to overflow the fabric and stain the floor. His heels dig into the floor as he lifted his hips off of the chair and came for the umpteenth time that night. You came home from shopping early and went wide eyed at the sight of Kookie completely wrecked.

He dropped the panties and stood on shaky legs. Jungkook wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close, not caring about he mess he was making.

“I need you Y/n. I need you so much.”

The foxes as a list of shit i pulled in high school

Dan Wilds: Told someone to get their fucking act together back stage when my mic was on and it rang out over a sea of toddlers who were just there to see the wizard of oz (sorry guys)

Andrew Minyard: had an illegal copy made of the keys to the drama room and used them to break in whenever i felt like for all of senior year

Matt Boyd: used said keys to break in the night before the last day of school and filled the drama room with over 700 balloons (all blown up by 3 people and w/o pumps we’re pretty sure we passed out from lack of oxygen at some point)

Kevin Day: one time my friend brought vodka in a water bottle and you better believe i did shots and then went to history class

Neil Josten: Fell off the set of the musical i was in, badly sprained my ankle, told everyone i was fine and went on to finish the show in high heels (i was, in fact, not fine)

Nicky Hemmick: Went to the first GSA meeting of the year, told everyone i was gay and did not return for any subsequent meetings

Aaron Minyard: once kicked someone in the shins because they wouldn’t stop making fun of me for being short (they went on for like an hour in my defence)

Renee Walker: Someone told me i was intimidating and i said “good” and then “but why i’m literally the nicest person ever”

Allison Reynolds: someone bet me i wouldn’t tell my theatre teacher to shut the fuck up and guess who was $20 richer? that’s right i was

Seth Gordon: my friend convinced one of my classes that i was dead when i was out for three weeks after an appendectomy and when i came back a girl screamed

Wymack: once drove my car to school, turned into the parking lot, drove around the outside of the parking lot and went home because i was not fucking feeling it