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Gonna just hop on the thicc Springtrap train ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yes good, look at the good bun! I’m love him so much I weep! ♥

I kinda really wanna write today’s imagine into a fic :]

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Let me know if it’s something you buttons would like to see on this blog and I might do more of the same genre if there’s a positive response! <3

You know what would be better than asking Louis for a fan pic? Pretending I’m not a girl with a fan blog dedicated to him that cries endlessly about his everything and say something like “Oh yeah I heard that new song you have out. Your voice is amazing dude. Congrats on the deserved success!”


The final product of the Fruitshipping video I’ve been working on since February!! Thanks Arc-V for giving making these cuties have amazing interaction and chemistry and happy in the end. We didn’t get a confession but it’s canon in my heart ;)

Caution loud audio.

Also @chromsai suffer with me in Fruit hell.