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When Sherlock is too pretty

Can you imagine the self restraint that John has to show when Sherlock walks around being god-damn pretty in his posh suits with the straining buttons on his shirt and the long graceful line of his neck and that ridiculously pouty mouth, I mean phew it’s just illegal.

Well what if one day Sherlock just looks too fucking good and John’s mouth starts talking before he can censor himself and he says way too fiercely:

“I want to fucking mess you up.”

There’s an awkward silence. John goes red, Sherlock looks alarmed. John is never ever coming back from this. 

“Go for it,” says Sherlock.

And that’s how they ended up having smutty, smutty sex, guys. 

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watson going on and on and on when talking about holmes’ appearance or any other attractive man he comes into contact with, like a full paragraph about lord st simon’s pleasant face and petulant mouth

and then later when hatty and francis arrive he’s just, there were some other people here and one of them was a woman, so really who gives a shit


Reign Meme: [1/8] costumes 

Monsieur Le Dauphin François II de France in “Pilot”


overfeeler  asked:

Hi, I have a question about the Norwegian pronunciation of the letter "l", because sometimes I hear that it's similar to "r"; like sometimes I hear "sol" being pronounced as "sor", or "blod" as "brod" (I think it's called tjukk/tykk l), are there rules for this? Thanks :)

Hey there!! <3

“Tykk/tjukk L” appears in some Norwegian dialects (mostly northern and eastern ones), but it can be quite hard to pronounce if you haven’t been taught it from a young age, so I’d suggest sticking to the “normal” L if you find it challenging (pronouncing the “tjukk L” wrong can end up sounding very odd, and while using the “normal” L might sound “too pretty” and slightly “posh”, it’s definitely easier, and I personally think it sounds way better when you use the “normal” L as opposed to pronouncing the “tjukk L” wrong). However, here are some basic rules if you’re interested in the “tjukk L”!! c:

How: Bend your tongue up and backwards, and then quickly flick it forwards (it’s not actually and “L”-sound at all, but a retroflex sound)

When: Whenever a word with Old Norse roots was spelled with either “l” or “rð” (which is a pretty impossible rule to follow unless you’re studying Old Norse, but it’s basically 95% of modern words that has the “rd”-combo aaand some random “l”’s here and there)

- Dal, Ola, Sol, Blod
- Gard, Ferdig, Hard, Jord

Never: When a word starts with “L”. 

But again, it really depends on the dialect in question!! My friend lives 20 min away from Oslo and has a veryyyy prominent “tjukk L” in her dialect, but her other friend from the western part of Oslo (the “posher” side) always uses the “normal” L. 

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how would ut, us and sf papyrus propose to their s/o?

♥UT Papyrus: Things go relatively smoothly for him actually. There are still some insecurities nagging at the back of his mind, but he loves you and he knows you love him. You and Papyrus were having dinner at his house when he asked. When he invited you over earlier he mentioned that he had something very important to ask you later. When you finish your meal you ask him about the important question. He the proceeds to stand up and clear his throat before walking over to you. “ Y/N, THE DAYS I’VE SPENT WITH YOU HAVE BEEN SOME OF THE BEST OF MY LIFE AND I DON’T WANT THAT TO END ANYTIME SOON”. He then gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring box. “WILL YOU GIVE I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, THE HONIR OF SPENDING THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU…*He hesitates* ” Y/N, WILL YOU MARRY ME?“ You stand up and enthusiastically yell “Yes, yes I will marry you!”. Papyrus then picks you up into a spinning hug. “ YOU WILL? WOWIE, THANK YOU SO MUCH!” The rest is history.

♥US Papyrus: He does it super casually. He’s been thinking about asking you for a while, but he wasn’t sure how he should do it, so he just kind of goes “what the heck” and decides he should just up and asks you. Don’t get him wrong, this is REALLY important to him, he just figures that you’ll say no. You and him are watching TV at his house when he asks you. “Hey, uhh, y/n?”, “Yeah, paps?”, “Do you wanna get married?”, “Oh, yeah, sur….wait what!?!”, “ I said, ‘do you want to get married’? I got you this ring and stuff” *He pulls the ring box out of his hoodie pocket* “So, what do ya say?”, “ Heck, yeah I do!”, *sigh* “Yeah, that’s what I thought…wait…did you just say ‘yes’?, ” Yeah, Paps, let’s get married!“ *He freezes for a second before tackling you down onto the couch and making out with you*.

♥SF Papyrus: Rus is almost more nervous then Red when it comes to this except he’s really good at hiding it, so you won’t be able to tell that something’s up. Rus will take you out for the evening before he asks. It’s nothing to extravagant but you still have a wonderful time. He’ll take you out to pretty posh restaurant and even ask you to dance (he’s been practicing so he’s actually gotten pretty good). He pops the question after you’ve both finished dinner. *Clears throat*  "Y-y/n" *he’s visibly nervous at this point* “Yeah, paps?” “I need to ask you something”, “sure, go ahead!”, *He pulls out the ring bix gets down on one knee and gets straight to the point*, “will you marry me?”, *you stare at him for a second", “Yes!” (In Rus’ mind: “Wait, did she just say yes?!?”, “Why would she say yes!?!”, Who would want to spend the rest of their life with a mutt drooling after them?“, “Oh my gosh, I better respond before she changes her mind”.) You bearly have time to ask if he’s okay before he’s crying happy tears and he’s not even trying to hide it as he picks you up and spins you around while nuzzling into your neck. Rus didn’t think it was possible for you to make him love you more than he already did, but you’re always surprising him. I hope your ready to be pampered for pretty much the rest of your life.


♥UF Papyrus: His proposal is going to be similar to Raspberry’s, except his brother won’t be there, and he has his internal argument before he’s deciding whether or not to ask you. He takes you one big extravagant date that day, which includes things like: Dinner, A shopping spree, dancing, maybe some laser tag, and whatever else you want to do. He asks you when you get back to his place when you’re about to go inside. “Y/N!”, “ Yes, Papyrus?”, “I HAVE SOMETHING I NEED TO ASK YOU”, “Yeah, sure, what?”, *he gets down on one knee* “ I NEVER USED TO THINK THAT I’D RUN INTO SOMEONE THAT’S EVEN NEAR AS GREAT AS I AM, BUT YOU PROVED ME WRONG”, “Awww, thanks, Papyrus”, “ PLEASE, LET ME FINISH. I BELIEVE THAT OUR RUNNING INTO EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME WAS FATE. WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT THE TWO MOST AMAZING PEOPLE ON THE PLANET WOULD JUST SO HAPPEN TO KNOW EACH OTHER? WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS THAT I BELIEVE WE ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER, AND I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH YOU!” *He pulls out the ring box* “Y/N, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”, “Yes I will!”

So, I’m in London for vacation. I’m staying at this private military club. It’s pretty posh. We’re down in the West End, about three blocks from Her Majesty’s Theatre. 

Yesterday, though, something not so posh happened. I was taking an afternoon nap before we went to dinner. I was awoken suddenly by a man in a police uniform who had used the hotel master key to enter my room. He said we had to evacuate immediately, because of a suspicious package. 

Outside, I discovered that they had evacuated about two city blocks, and roped off an entire street. 

I guess they cleared the package, because I did not blow up. 

Things I’ve learned: of all the ways to wake up, a potential terrorist attack is pretty much my least favorite.