pretty polar bears

Mammals that exhibit non-heterosexual behaviour:

And that’s just the mammals. There’s even more birds than there are mammals, and many others, too.

But please, do go on about how it is ‘unnatural.’

Daiya characters with their son/daughter…




and also…












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Name: alyssa

Nickname: al

Zodiac Sign: virgo

Height: real short i think i’m 5′2????

Ethnicity: asian/australian

Orientation: sexual???? orientation??? taron egerton’s jawline 

Favourite Fruit(s): plum…?

Favourite Season: autumn kdskdfn occasionally spring // tho favourite season of a series is season 8 of spn hmu

Favourite Book(s): prisoner of azkaban, please rec me books i’m  d r y  

Favourite Flower(s): i don’t have one but i’m waiting til i find one that resonates w/ me – i guess i could go with alyssums? bc that’s where my name originated and they’re quite pretty

Favourite Animal(s): polar bear!

Favourite Beverage: peach tea

Average Hours of Sleep: too many

Favourite Fictional Characters: eggsy unwin, dean winchester, harry hart, castiel, hermione granger

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one, occasionally 2 if i am cold

Dream Trip: japan (tokyo), france, london, belgium, amsterdam

Blog Created: october 14th 2013 i’m pretty sure

Number of Followers: 563??? how did i get here

What Do I Post About: kingsman and sometimes supernatural or memes what a good time

Do I Get Asks On a Regular Basis: not really? but i get asked a little i feel #blessed

Aesthetic: jensen ackles sipping tea, rainy mornings, small tattoos

Favorite Band/Artist: fun. and the beatles, never ever will be surpassed by any other band and they’ve just stuck with me forever

Fictional Characters I’d Date: can i go with the idealised version of taron egerton i have?? technically that makes him fictional - nah i’d probably go for dean or eggsy i’m scarily attracted to rebels help me

Hogwarts House: gryffindor - @whovian1077 and i had a very intense discussion about this and we elected i’d get gryffindor due to my No Chill mood but i was also sorted in ravenclaw

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