pretty pleased with how this one turned out

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Hi, I don't mean to bother you when you're studying, so please ignore this until you're free, but would you mind doing the RFA characters reactions to MC being skilled at knife throwing? Thank you in advance, and thanks for this blog.

No problem dear! I don’t even know what was going on at this point when you sent thins to me honestly. Maybe exams? 

Your welcome! 


  • He’s so intimidated but that’s also one of the single coolest talents a person can have 
  • Desperately asks them to teach him how
  • He actually turns out to be pretty good at it. 
  • They both probably end up bragging to Seven 


  • She finds it really interesting and unique
  • She’d love if they showed her, but she also can’t help but get a little concerned for their well being because knives are sharp, but then again, she knows that they’re talented at this. They know what they’re doing
  • She will brag about their talent so much
  • She’d refuse to try herself but would completely admire them for that skill


  • He’s so intrigued, but also again knives are sharp
  • He’s so protective because he doesn’t want them to get hurt
  • It’s funny because if anything he’d be the one to get hurt (he really does seem to get himself hurt pretty easily)


  • He is highly concerned 
  • He’s glad that you know how to handle the knives and stuff and like, technically self defense which is always nice but also like, he’s kind of frightened
  • When you ask him if he wants to try he ends up being shockingly good 
  • It frightens most of the RFA honestly
  • Don’t let him try, it’s really scary


  • He’s actually barely concerned
  • He trusts you to know how to take care of yourself
  • Definitely asks to try
  • Do. Not. Give. Him. A. Knife.
  • It’s a really, really bad decision 
  • Don’t keep them anywhere Seven can find them. 

“I left two men monitoring the radio. If there’s any word from Raven, they’ll call down immediately.”

Little Do You Know: 2

Pairing: TJ Hammond x fem!Reader 

Story Summary: Soulmate AU. On your 21st birthday, you begin to hear the innermost thoughts of your soulmate. What will happen when your soulmate just so happens to be a drug addict struggling to recover? Did I mention that he may or may not be incredibly gay? 

Warnings: Language, fluff, angst, mentions of suicide, mentions of drugs, i think that’s it.

A/N:`I hope you all enjoy this part, though it is a bit of a slow burn. I’m pretty happy with how these first two parts have turned out, so if you guys like this, maybe I’ll work on a third part. (:

I have to go.”

As you moved out of his hold, one of the tears you’d been harboring slipping out, falling down your cheek as you turned towards the exit again. “Wait, please.. Don’t.” He pleaded, following you, gripping your hand to keep you from leaving when you got too close to the door.

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i keep sketching lotor

i don’t know what else to do, i’m losing control and i can’t be stopped

Merry Christmas, @assassinsoldier!

Have a very wonderful holiday season, assassinsoldier, and please enjoy this ridiculous fluff.

Title: The Great Gingerbread Bake-Off

Rating: T

Tags: Fluff, winter festival, rivalry, alcohol mention


Derek crouched next to the table, icing bag in one hand and tweezers in the other, putting the finishing touches on his gingerbread house. Well, “gingerbread house” was far too plain a term for it. He’d built a perfect gingerbread recreation of Winterfell, right down to a handful of tiny marzipan Starks. It had taken him most of the year to get the baking and the details right, but all in all he was pretty pleased with how it had turned out. He even had chocolate direwolves. Every detail was perfect, and more importantly, every detail was edible.

There was absolutely no way Stiles Stilinski could beat it.

This was the seventh year Derek was competing in the gingerbread house competition at the Beacon Hills Holiday Festival, and he’d taken first place for three of those years. The other three years, Stiles had won, each time with even more ridiculous rude gestures and lewd winks in Derek’s direction.

Derek was bound and determined to take first place this year, and put a halt to Stiles’s current winning streak.

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Don’t you know that the kids aren’t all, kids aren’t alright

Hanazawa please answer it’s important
Teru: Sorry sorry i just really like the ringtone I picked for you! Haha! Call one more time?

Mob: you did it again

“Flower of the Underworld” - Digital Oil Painting

Another painting with Rumbelle as Hades and Persephone! Based on the photography of Teresa Yeh. I had a lot of difficulty with this one, I wanted to make it look like he was materializing out of the smoke and magic and I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. But I wanted them to look kind of serene and god-like… instead I think I made them look stoned. LOL

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

finally took some new pictures lol I love how bright and colorful this turned out! Anyways I made a new quality Instagram: siqhless ! Please follow me!!

The Sirens’ Song

summary: it’s a pirate’s life for Washington and the crew, who run one of the most highly-feared pirate ships on the ocean. Struck by a recent tragedy and a new recruit they navigate the seas in an attempt to continue what they do best: pirating. When they are faced with the impossible task of choosing between loyalty to the crew and finding again what they once lost, will they make the right choice?  

words: 3,068

a/n: hey, everyone! I had this wild idea for a PIRATE/MERMAID AU so here I am because, of course, I have nothing better to do than start another series, right (yikes)?? Anyways, I am pretty happy with how chapter one turned out and I’m pretty pumped about it! Please let me know what you think, feedback would be greatly appreciated, and if you liked it, be sure to reblog so other people can read TSS too! :) 

tags: if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters, shoot me an ask!

dedication: @sinmineral for helping me write this at 4AM last night lmfao thx my dude

The wind roars as the waves whip across the ship and soak the deck in a freezing, salty spray. The crew slides into the masts, frantically pulling at riggings and trying to navigate the ship around the storm.

“Someone needs to tend to the port-side mast! NOW!”

“On it, Captain!”

The crew is like a well-oiled machine. We trust our captain and obey orders without question. There is hardly an opportunity to panic because we synchronize so well.

The water begins to calm as we sail forward, the boat rocking back and forth dangerously fast over the remaining waves.

“Ahh,” the captain sighs with a small smile, letting go of the rigging that controls the largest sail. “Well done, everyone. It seems we’ve seen the worst of it for now.”

The crew and I give a small cheer, but we do not get too hasty—we still are not completely free of the bumpy waters.

“Should be smooth sailing from here on out, Captain Washington,” the lookout calls from the crow’s nest, putting away a spyglass.

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So, in order to make a little bit of cash for Christmas I decided to crochet a few things with my limited supply of yarn. One of the things I whipped up with was jack skellington lovey. It could have been a tiny bit better, but this was my first lovey and I figured out jack, his eyes, and his neck piece without a pattern! Im pretty pleased with how he turned out even though I haven’t found a buyer yet.

“Dream, please…”
“Do it, dear brother. Show no mercy.”

So… I suppose I did a thing? I’m still a beginner at drawing, though, and even more so at colouring digitally, but I don’t have all the colours needed in pens, so drawing program it was! I’m quite happy with how Nightmare turned out.

Darkness!Dream belongs to @onebizarrekai
Dreamtale belongs to Joku
I’m pretty sure Blueberry belongs to the Undertale community

I’ve got no idea whether Dream does it or not. If his desire to please Nightmare will win over whatever’s left of his morals and his love of his friends. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Worry not, it was a fierce fight. Especially as I headcanon Blue as one of the strongest Sanses (the outcodes excluded). He probably would’ve won had it been another enemy, but he couldn’t beat both the Guardian brothers on the same time, plus that he didn’t want to hurt Dream - fatally, at least.

One of my new years resolutions this year is to try a more painterly approach to background painting, relying on less brushes and more on colour and shapes to get the point across! Also to be a bit braver with new compositions! So I hope to do a lot more of these practices!

I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out! ^^

Now this is a weird one for @mrheaux!!! I had less of an idea of what I was doing with this one than anyone I’ve done before but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out lmao. Message us if you’re interested in getting one done :D

Still life for my application.  I’m actually pretty pleased with how this turned out.  Only one more piece left and then my application will be complete! :D

One Piece Big Bang 2016  -  What Are The Odds? 

you can read the awesome story behind this picture here, by



Thank you so much for this great opportunity, i really enjoyed being a part of this project :’)

(NOTE: this image is for Tumblr/Deviantart ONLY.  If found elsewhere, like iFunny, more than likely it was posted there without my knowledge or permission.  Do NOT repost this anywhere without my permission.  All you have to do is ask.  Then please respect my wishes.  Thank you.)

Not too much to say here other than this is radically different than what I originally started drawing (something that looked like Undyne “flying”??).  Pretty pleased with how it turned out, considering it decided to change quite often.

But really, I love mermaids.  I love Undyne.  I love seeing Undyne drawn as a mermaid.  It was time to do my own drawing of her like that :3

Also, I’m chalking this one up as a bit of practice with perspective.  I’m hoping it turned out at least decent ._. Figuring out the light rays from a higher angle was really difficult! O_o

Aaaaand if you’d like to use this as a desktop/phone/tablet background, please help yourself; just don’t repost it, thanks :3