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☆・゚: Massedit Icons :゚・☆

EDIT: hi you, thank you for visiting this tutorial. however, it is at least over a year old and i’ve explained how i make my icons nowadays. please check this ask out!

After my icon tutorial I want to introduce you to the action system from photoshop, which can be used to let photoshop edit your icons.
So actions is pretty much THE function to let you edit your icons (e.g. when there are new scenes of your character released or you made a border/watermark/new psd for them). Simplified Photoshop can record what you are doing and can reproduce it on other pictures. 

At first you have to open the actions window. You can find it under Window > actions or by pressing alt + f9 on windows // on mac options + f9

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Betrayed- A Sehun Angst

HONEY, BABE I need angst (and I only trust you to write it cause *winks* you’re my favorite writer) can you pretty please write something where Sehun is your boyfriend and you catch him in bed with you your friend, make me cry! LOVE YOU

Part 2

You smiled, as you got off from work early, and stared at your phone, observing the background picture of you and Sehun smiling, with ice creams in your hands, on one of your last dates. You debated whether you should call him or not, but decided not to, since you wanted to surprise him.

You missed Sehun, he had been so busy at work, with the new comeback, and the recording, and the choreographies, you had barely had time to spend together lately. He came back home late, completely exhausted, if he ever came back at all, and you never had the heart to ask him to do things with you, knowing he deserved the little rest he could get.

But now that he had a free day, and you could go home early, you wanted to spend some quality time together as a couple, and quite possibly get intimate. Your body tingled with just the thought of his precious skin on yours.

Just as you were making your way to the store to buy some ingredients to prepare Sehun’s favorite meal, and some of his favorite snacks, your phone vibrated in your pocket. You pulled it out, and saw a text from D.O. you smiled, opening the tab, and laughing as you saw the derpy selfie he had sent you, with the caption “I finally have a free day, and I don’t know what to do with it.”

You quickly stretched your arms forward, and snapped an equally embarrassing picture of yourself, adding the caption of “You could rest. Or learn to cook something nice for me.” And sent it.

D.O was your best friend in the group. You met through Sehun, once he decided you were serious enough to be introduced to friends, and you instantly hit it off. You both had similar personalities, and you loved how whenever you were around D.O would do his best to prepare nice meals for you. You really did appreciate him, especially since he was always there to listen to you when you were down, and to comfort you and pick you up when you were breaking.

You paid everything at the till, and shoved the groceries in your car. You started the engine, and drove to your shared apartment with Sehun. You were beginning to grow excited. You might have sped a little, but always within safe limits, and as you approached your apartment complex, you felt yourself practically bouncing on your seat.

You started running through all of the possible options in your head, you could cuddle and watch movies, you could eat together, you could make love again, you could just joke around, you could talk, oh God how you missed talking to Sehun, although he had always been one to listen more than talk.

You parked, and went up to your floor with the elevator, your hands playing nervously with each other. You reached your door, and pulled your keys out, opening the door quietly, just in case Sehun had decided to take a nap.

The house was awfully quiet, and for some reason, you had begun to feel uneasy. There was something definitely off here.

You walked through your apartment, and just as you opened the door to your room, you felt your heart rip out of your chest, roll down your body, and smash into a million pieces at your feet.

There he was, the love of your life, the man you had given 3 long years of your life to, the man you had fought for, dealt with insults, hate, and crazy fans for, just for his love, completely naked, with his body hovering over none over than your best friend. Your BEST friend. You almost laughed at the word.

You had done everything for her, you had lent her money when she was running low on cash, and never even asked for it back, you had driven to clubs at 5 am on a work day, to rescue her from her drunken state, you had saved her ass multiple times, and helped her get over her ex. And now she was fucking your boyfriend.

You felt bitter, salty, painful tears roll down your cheeks, as you stared at them in horror, and the worst part was, you felt as though you were interrupting something you shouldn’t have.

“Y/N! I thought you were at work…” Sehun exclaimed, as he rolled off your friend, and covered himself with the sheets. You shook your head, but your eyes were still fixated on your friend. You couldn’t believe she had betrayed me like that.

“I got allowed to go home early. I thought… I thought… I thought we could spend the day together. I bought… I bought stuff to make your favorite meal. I wanted us to watch movies and cuddle… But I guess you have better things to do, so I’ll just go.” You managed to stutter out, and although you fought your hardest to keep a straight face, the tears dripping from your chin gave away all the pain you felt inside.

For a second, you thought you saw guilt and regret cross Sehun’s face, but it could just be your heart misleading you again. Clearly it didn’t know to recognize when someone had already stopped caring about you.

“No, don’t go.” Sehun called out, as he stood up, sliding his underwear up his legs. You saw your best friend throw a tshirt on. You snorted.

“No, it’s okay. Really, I don’t want to interrupt. I’ll leave the ingredients on the kitchen counter, you can fix yourselves something to eat when you are done.” You told him, as you began walking away towards the front door. Sehun stopped you.

“Aren’t you going to shout at me? Get mad? Scream? Break up with me? Or ask me to redeem myself somehow?” Sehun asked, his eyes burning with guilt, as his hand wrapped tightly around your wrist. You smiled at him, a sad smile that broke his heart into pieces, as you pulled his hand away from you gently.

“Sehun… What would be the point? You already broke me beyond repair. There is nothing left for me to say. I wasn’t good enough. Perhaps it’s my fault. Perhaps you are just a cheater. But in the end, the deed is done, and you betrayed me. There is no redeeming, there is no chance to make this better, but I forgive you. You should have told me you didn’t love me. I would have moved out of your way before you could break me like this. It would have saved me the humiliation… I wish you well Sehun. I hope you are happy.” You told him sincerely, with a broken smile, as you begin to open the door.

“Wait! Where are you going?” he asked you, trying to close the door in front of you again. You scoffed, he was acting stupidly for someone who had just betrayed you in the worst way possible with your best friend. He had no right.

“Well, that shouldn’t matter to you, since we are no longer together. But I’m moving out. I’ll have someone pick up my stuff tomorrow.” You told him, your eyes turning to a cold stare, as you glare at his hand on the door.

“Who are you staying with?” Sehun asked again, this time his tone becoming harsher.

“Don’t pretend to care now when you had no trouble getting her into our bed Sehun… I’m sorry but I don’t want to see you ever again. Just let me go, and be happy with your choice. I hope you have a happy life. Goodbye Sehun.” You told him, with a deep sigh, before opening the door and walking out, not looking behind.

You held your composure, until you reached your car, and you started hitting the steering wheel viciously, screaming as tears blurred your sight. You grabbed your phone and dialed the number of the only person you wanted to see right now.

“D.O? I need you… Please I need you…” You cried into your phone. You heard him take in a sharp pain, and mumble to Kai beside him, telling him to leave.

“Okay, come over, I’ll make a hot chocolate. Just walk straight in, the door will be unlocked.” You heard D.O tell you, as he stood up from the couch, and walked towards the kitchen. You agreed, and began driving, to the only person who could prevent you from doing something stupid right now.

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Could you do a "My ex boyfriend won't stop coming to my apartment and I said my new hot neighbor I don't even know his name is my new boyfriend to make him leave and he is going to confront him" Percabeth AU pretty please? Of course you don't have to do it if you don't want to I love your work btw!! You are awesome keep doing what you are doing!! Have a nice week!!

Annabeth is uncomfortable. 

For the record, she is usually uncomfortable in some form. She’s tall but skinny, which means she’s cold a lot. And she’s from a family of WASPs, which means that she isn’t very comfortable with any form of touching or affection. And she definitely doesn’t wear the right bra size, which means her back hurts the majority of the time, unless she puts on a sports bra. 

All of that, all piled up together, and it still isn’t as uncomfortable as the moment she is having. 

“I just don’t want to be with you,” she says, trying to get the words out in the most emotional way possible. Oh– that’s another thing she’s usually uncomfortable with. Emotion. But maybe if she fills her voice with meaning, he’ll actually get what she’s trying to say. “That’s it. That’s just… done.”

“Annabeth,” Cam says, grasping for her hand. She snatches it away quickly, sticking it into her back pocket. “I think we’re meant to be together.”

(They’re not. She knows they’re not.) 

“Look, Cam, I think that you should just go your way and I will go–”

“Hey, Annabeth!” 

The door to the apartment opposite hers opens, and Cam stumbles as the door which he had been leaning on slides out underneath him, causing him to swear loudly. From behind the door emerges a tall man with messy black hair, sea-green eyes, and a t-shirt with a picture of a fork lying on pavement. What? What would a fork be lying on the ground?

“Oh!” she says loudly. A fork in the road. Doh. 

“Yeah,” says her neighbor, going with it. “You totally forgot to give me those eggs I asked for.” 

She catches on immediately. 

“Well, do you want to come in and grab them?” She glances over at Cam. “Sorry, just give us a moment.” Then she snatches her neighbor’s arm and tugs him into her apartment. 

He closes the door behind the two of them and strolls into her kitchen behind her. 

“Ex boyfriend?” he asks as she goes to the fridge. 

“Yes,” Annabeth replies tersely. “Sorry, how many eggs did you-” He raises an eyebrow. “Oh. Right. You’re not baking.”

“I was actually about to go for a run. But I was lacing up my shoes and I heard him arrive.”

“What? How long does it take you to lace up your shoes?”

“Well, I still do bunny ears,” he says, grinning proudly. 

“Oh, of course.”

“It’s the only good way to tie your shoes.”

“Completely makes sense. You’re not crazy at all.”

“I know I’m not. So do you want me to get rid of Bozo the Clown out there?”

Annabeth leans against her counter, trying to think. 

“How, exactly?”

“Well, I am a human being who respects other human beings. So all I have to do is remind him that he, too, is supposed to respect other human beings, and then he’ll leave.” Annabeth stares at him disbelievingly. “I’m an optimist.” 

She snorts, sticking out her hand. 

“Pessimist. Nice to meet you.” 

He pumps her hand twice, smile big and toothy, and Annabeth is beginning the get the impression that this guy is a total mama’s boy. 

“Let’s do this,” he says, jogging twice in place before he launches himself out of her kitchen and through her front door. “So, Cam, my friend,” says Annabeth’s neighbor. “I think you need to leave.”

Cam rolls his eyes. 

“Look, man, you have no idea–”

“You’re bothering the lady,” responds her savior, who suddenly seems to have a thick Bronx accent which Annabeth is certain he hadn’t had before. “Give it up, man. She wants nothing to do with it.” Okay, that one sounded like Statan Island. 

“Dude, you just-”

“YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” roars Annabeth’s neighbor suddenly, throwing his hands dramatically into the air and taking both Annabeth and Cam by surprise. 


“You can’t handle it, so just go!” 

“What’s even-?”

“Fine, you asked for it,” the man says dramatically, and that’s when he whirls around, places his hands on Annabeth’s cheeks, and kisses her. 

He opens his mouth a bit too much, and Annabeth is pretty sure it’s because he wants Cam to see their tongues, because other than that, he seems to be a perfectly adequate kisser. More than adequate, actually. Dayum. 

Her neighbor pulls back and grabs her hand. His palms are sweaty. Annabeth doesn’t care. 

“We are in love,” he says humbly. Then the Bronx accent makes one final appearance as he adds, “So stay away from my woman.” 

Cam stares in shock for several moments, until Annabeth finally decides to pull her neighbor into her apartment and slam the door shut behind them, locking it for good measure. 

She turns around and stares at him. 

“Um,” he says, and she’s trying so hard not to laugh, but it’s about to burst through. “So I’m Percy…” 

“Annabeth,” she replies, and that’s when the laughter breaks through, bubbling over into a full on cackle. Percy looks delighted but surprised, and pretty soon he’s laughing too. Annabeth only speaks again when she’s wiping tears from her eyes. “Um… I feel like I should… I dunno… buy you dinner for that performance.” 

He perks up.

“Really? Food?”

“Really,” Annabeth says, her stomach and chest aching. 

“Like… a date?” Percy asks. 

“Do you want it to be?” Annabeth inquires carefully, and he nods worthlessly. “Okay, neighbor. It’s a date.” 

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Can you do a luke imagine where he is sexually aggressive as in pushing you against walls, aggressively making out in front of the boys, and trying to have sex anywhere anytime please🙏🙏🙏💗💗

Text by gimme-the-greenlight

You were in the recording studio with your boyfriend and his band, excited to hear their new music; their second album was about to drop, and they were pretty stoked about how it sounded. You were sandwiched between your boyfriend Luke, and your best friend, Michael. The other guys, Calum and Ashton, sat across from you.

Their first single, White Walls, was beginning to play. It opened with Michael moaning in time with his strumming. “Ohhh, very sexy!” you comment, nudging shoulders with Michael, “I like it!” You feel Luke place a hand on your knee. He smirks at you, shrugging and responds “what can I say, babe, I’m that good.” You feel Luke getting annoyed by you ignoring his solo, as he starts pulling your hair behind you, and nuzzling and nipping your neck, “babe, what do you think of my solo?” He whispers into your ear. Distractedly, you look to him and mutter, “yeah, its good babe”, before turning back to the guys. Luke huffs at your dismissal, while you laugh with the guys, totally aware of his annoyance.

Amused, you turn your attention to Ashton’s beat; “dude, your drumming is awesome, I love the rhythm you’ve got going!” you say excitedly, as you lean forward, out of Luke’s reach, to fist bump Ashton. As you lean back, Luke pulls you onto his lap, and wraps his arms around your protectively. He bites at your neck, and a moan slips out of your mouth. ”I knew your were faking it” he mutters as he grinds into you, and his hands wander across your stomach and chest. “Okay dude, we get it. Can you do that somewhere else?” Calum groans at you. Reluctantly, you roll your eyes and stand up, leading Luke out of the room.

Despite this, Luke has other ideas, as he slams you against the door, and roughly kisses you, before lifting you up so that you can wrap your legs around his waist; he knows its your favourite position. “Mine. Okay? You’re mine.” He growls, each words punctured with a hip thrust that always makes you moan.

Three Days in an Elevator

Because the word on the street is that it took Darren and Chris three days to film all the elevator scenes in “The Hurt Locker Part 2”and naturally my brain wanted to fill in those blanks. 5.2K [AO3]
For Jen because I love her a lot <3

Day 1, Hour 1

“What do you think it says about our characters that we somehow manage to get locked in what is so obviously not an elevator? Personally, I’d always thought Blaine was a little smarter than that, but maybe that’s just my own ego talking, I don’t know.” Darren asks Chris.

They are sitting on the floor in the “elevator” that isn’t, waiting while the crew adjusts the lighting to the specifications necessary for the scene. It appears to be a difficult thing to get just right because they’ve been sitting on the floor waiting to start the scene for at least twenty minutes. Not that Darren minds, especially when the only thing on his schedule for today is rehearsing and filming with Chris. No songs, no crazy costumes, no dance steps to fumble through, not even much in the way of a script or lines to learn. He’s been told that’s because the writers wanted what Kurt and Blaine do in the elevator to seem spontaneous. Darren’s not sure if that’s the truth or if the writers are just burnt out and couldn’t come up with anything, but he doesn’t mind either way. He’s loved improv ever since those early days at University of Michigan doing shows with all his best friends. And he can’t imagine a better scene partner to improv with than Chris, whose witticisms and barbs fly so fast and furious, most people miss half of them.

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  • Ruki: today is mmmmh well pretty hectic and chaotic
  • Ruki: starting at 8, I’m doing the RAJIGAZE recording for the first time in a while and it’s also time for the RAD MARKET site opening so please make sure to check them both out
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art imitates life

“It’s not that I don’t like you,” Harris said, his lips twitching, just a tiny bit, “It’s just that I suspect that if I give in to you, it will only end with me in jail, or in a mental institution, or fleeing across Antarctica pursued by rabid badgers or something,” Harris said Darcy. He turned to Drew and Shawn. “It will not end well. Please see to it that she is arrested.”

copperbadge: Sci, I am reading the new chapter, and I’m pretty sure R and I had this conversation once
copperbadge: Where he was dating someone new and said “If I end up on Cold Case Files or something, make sure you tell the world this woman killed me”
copperbadge: Your grasp of people dating crazy people is v. accurate
scifigrl47: I secretly sneak into your apartment and record what you say with a quill pen.
scifigrl47: That’s not weird, is it?
copperbadge: The quill pen makes it less weird somehow
thelostcity: sci is that scratchy sound you hear in the middle of the night
KnottaHooker: classes up the stalking
scifigrl47: It totally does!
scifigrl47: Also if I’m caught I stick it in my hair and pretend I’m a quail.
KnottaHooker: welcome to night vale!
copperbadge: I’m telling Tumblr about this.

Leave the Demons in the Dust

TITLE: Leave the Demons in the Dust
CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: 4   (Part 1Part 2Part 3)
AUTHOR: MarvelousMindLoki
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Adam (Only Lovers Left Alive)
GENRE: Romance / Drama / Smut
FIC SUMMARY: Adam’s reclusive vampiric existence is disturbed by a woman who needs his help, she turns out to be more than he expected. A ‘zombie’ he can’t apply the designation to… an equal he can’t resist.
To my followers: if you’re not over 18 or you don’t like smutty fics, please do not read this. Ignore it and continue to enjoy the pretty pictures I make ;)

Adam continued to mix and tweak the recording while I scribbled down a new melody floating though my head, as lost in my own thoughts as he was in his. The dilated vein patterns in my pale hands eventually convinced me to head downstairs and dig through my bag for vitamins. The subdued buzz of music reverberated through the moldering walls as Adam played the latest recording again.

By the time I managed to make a clean glass of water for myself the song had ended and the house quieted. Voices drifted through the stairwell as I came back up the worn steps. Stopping instinctively, I listened to assess this new situation. Adam had a tv in the room, but it had seen better days a few decades ago. I assumed it didn’t work. When I was sure that I was indeed hearing the muted rumble of his voice, I continued climbing the stairs.

A charismatic female voice echoed through the hall, bright with interest “And how are things going with your muse, playboy?”

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