pretty photoshoot

Self-aware Gladnis...

So I had things to do, fics to write and I was NOT planning on another Gladnis photoshoot today. But guess what… my two favourite idiots beautiful men had other ideas and pretty much decided to photoshoot themselves, and I’m weak… I couldn’t not take advantage. So there you go… I have several posts worth because they can’t keep their eyes / hands and other body parts off each other. But I’ll fit it all in there. 

I apologise in advance. 

Let’s start with Gladio holding Ignis while staring at him adoringly, shall we? 

Look at his eyes in this one… Damn it, Gladio, do you have to wear your heart on your sleeve like that?

How about Ignis holding onto Gladio? I have that too. ^ ^

(But I’ve put the rest of the post under cut because it was getting frankly ridiculously long.)

It’s only a click away. :P 

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