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Soooo my day was pretty busy. I ended up getting my hair cut once I was done with all my classes. It’s shorter than I’ve had it in about four years, so even though it’s not super short, it feels like it is lol also my favorite place to hike was closed today, so I decided to go to these cliffs instead. Didn’t quite get two miles in, but I’m ending the day with roughly 8,200 steps, which I’m really happy with! And I’ll be going to my hiking spot tomorrow instead! Hope you all had a wonderful day!



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what about if matt or nicky or someone calls neil pretty and neil gestures to his face burns and says 'not anymore'. like hoooow do you think andrew would react to that?

  • Kevin complains about how long Allison held up the team while she did her hair and makeup
  • Allison responds with “Whatever, pretty boy.”
  • Kevin scowls at her
  • Matt says “Kevin isn’t pretty, Neil is pretty.”
  • Neil gestures to his face and says “Not anymore.”
  • Nicky just barely thinks better in time to stop himself from telling Neil his burns are because he’s too hot
  • But Andrew is sitting right there, so Nicky musters up a verbal filter
  • Andrew glares Neil down and his voice is all judgment as he says “You can’t fucking stop, can you?”
  • Neil asks “Stop what?”
  • Andrew still looks annoyed as he responds “Lying.”
  • Neil fucking melts and Andrew looks away in disinterest

Kdrama kisses


Four seasons with your love, will come once again…
Four seasons with your love, will stay within me…

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Has anyone tried to steal Sakunami?

there’s been some… unexpected difficulties


About a year and a half ago I hated taking full body pictures because I didn’t have much confidence but One day my friends decided that I needed to take more pictures because they thought I dressed nice and that I was pretty & from that day on they became like my personal photographers (all pics taken by them). Idk what happened that day but from there on my confidence has grown tremendously and they can’t get me to leave them alone 😂😂 what can I say I love the camera.
Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day 💕
I hope somewhere out there a big girl finds her light, her confidence & some good ass friends 😁

*sidles up next to you* *leans in real close* *whispers gently*

Just because a character becomes terrible, doesn’t make all their previous actions terrible.

In the same way that a character who was an asshole and then turns it around doesn’t make their previous actions angelic.

*leaves the way I came*


Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.