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I think Ed is overreacting since he wasn't in love with Isabella but with the fact he had Miss Kringle back if you know what I mean. I'd understand all this hate for Oz if he had killed Miss Kringle but Isabella he knew for 2 mins? I also didn't like how Ed reacted with Barb to the possibility of Oz's feeling as if it was something impossible to believe to. What do you think?

There are so many things that piss me off about the whole thing. Firstly that Ed didn’t FOR ONE SECOND question the fact that Isabella was Kristen’s clone, and furthermore to that, also didn’t question the fact that when he told her he’s not only a murderer but he MURDERED HIS EX WHO WAS HER DAMN TWIN, she was all like “K!” and he was all like “Oh that’s that then, let’s make some eggs and have sex.” Nothing about her struck him as odd, which for a man of Ed’s mental prowess, is pretty perplexing.

His possible hatred for Oz is equally perplexing. Now, I’m not defending what Ozzie did, he killed an (as far as we know) innocent woman for his own benefit. Now, I’ve stated before that even though Ed killed Dougherty because he was a Bad Man, he was primarily doing it for himself. Who carries a fucking knife to stalk their unrequited love’s apartment? (Who stalks their unrequited love’s apartment??) So essentially their crimes are equally unjustified. I’ve never for one second stated that I believe Dougherty’s murder was an accident (or Kringle’s, for that matter but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms).

THEN of course there’s all this “Love is a weakness” business. So let’s say Ed still believes that, and that somehow he wasn’t in love with Isabella (or the idea of having Kristen back) is he pissed at Oz because he’s clearly learned nothing? Maybe Ed’s reaction to finding out the truth from Babs is an extension of this? Who knows. God damn your talented unreadable face, Cory.

If Ed is playing a game and it’s going to be one hell of a double cross, I really don’t know what Ed stands to gain by defeating Babs at this point. But really the key to all of this is finding out Isabella’s origin. Only the truth shall set us free.

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Hey can I have some hcs for if kid, buggy, smoker, and sanji's normally sweet s/o got pissed at someone and k/o'd them with one punch please. Thanks, you tha OG 👌

Ayyy thank u^^


  • He would be pretty perplexed at first because man that came unexpected
  • right after he realizes what just happened
  • He was sooooo waiting for something like this tbh
  • His s/o suddenly becomes 10 times sexier than before


  • It’s hard to say who would love this more Buggy or Kid
  • But let’s say Buggy
  • Bug’s gonna be in boner city as soon as he sees this shit oh my gosh
  • He would ask them to one shot the next opponent that gets near them, because of pure excitement of having an actually strong s/o


  • Hahaha Smokey’s cigar will fall out of his mouth lol
  • He does not know how to feel about this
  • Uhhhhm…well he kinda thought he should be the one to always protect his s/o
  • Of course he’s proud but he’s a lil’ conflicted on that matter, he hopes they would still need him and his strenght


  • Sanji would be very caught off guard and baffled too
  • goodbye cigarette
  • But then he would be super damn proud and exclaim his deep love for his s/o right then and there
  • Truth be told before his s/o one punched that person he was about to kick their face in himself 

NAME OF YOUR MUSE:  daphne anne “the danger” blake 



       A SECRET PHOBIA : Daphne is terrified of natural disasters. It’s pretty perplexing actually, because this is a very selective fear of hers, because rain storms are fine until thunder and lightening are involved, but the instant they are, she’s scared shitless. The thing about natural disasters, like tsunamis and hurricanes and earthquakes is they’re not a mystery to be solved, they’re a chaos that can’t be explained beyond science. they’re unpredictable and there’s no preventing or ending the damage they may cause. they’re something completely beyond her control and something about that definitely scares Daphne a lot. 


      WRITING:  Daphne. Loves. Writing. I’m telling you, she loves writing. Sure, her writing is pretty simplistic, not at all flowery, and is more real and descriptive than anything, like, it’s definitely not tumblr-purple-prose pretty, but it has that kick of femininity, like a modern day Jane Austen with a touch of Agatha Christie, shot through with some Sarah Dessen vibes?? Idk if that makes sense (I’ll probably try and write a little thing in Daphne’s writing style eventually), but yeah, she really enjoys it. A part of her sincerely doubts her abilities, but she writes because she enjoys it, above all else? She probably tried her hand at poetry once before too, but it just wasn’t her thing? Also, writing doesn’t just fall into the creative writing category; I could definitely see her doing op-eds for places like Jezebel and Buzzfeed. (hello new AU idea???) 
      WORKING OUT:  Cliche? Who cares! It’s a good way to stay fit, look good and work out frustration. It’s a way to feel active, to feel like you’re doing something. Honestly Daphne always feels better after she works out. When she’d first started training, she’d been super impatient, waiting and waiting to see the muscle build up, but to her chagrin, it took much longer than she’d thought it would. After a while, the wait began to be worth it, and she began to enjoy being patient, and really “earning her stripes” so to speak. It’s just another way for Daphne to feel purposeful and strong, essentially. 
      READING: Daphne loves to read. She didn’t always used to be interested, but I imagine once she was at the mall as a kid, left alone with a wad of cash, and out of places to spend it, and for shits and giggles maybe she wandered into the book store. And the genres she found there surprised her, because weren’t all books cut and dry and boring? She ended up having a taste for a little Gothic Lit (think Edgar Allen Poe and Daphne de Maurier), dramatic heroines in their ivory towers, and then as she grew up and read more and more, dipping her toes in NA lit, Harlequin-type novels and mystery novels, such as Carolyn Keene, Agatha Christie, James Patterson and P.D James. I think, it was as she was growing up to that she went from just a consumer to actively critiquing the writing and the genre. She’d mentally think about all the things she would have done differently and thus became a more conscious, deep-thinking reader, instead of just someone who reads and consumes at face-value? 


      fred jones, shaggy rogers, velma dinkley, scooby doo, elizabeth blake, nancy drew (its canon let me live), jenkins 


    LOSING HER VIRGINITY WHEN SHE WASN’T 100% ON BOARD: Daphne definitely had sex for the first time when she wasn’t 100% ready for it. I think it was a part of being eager to grow up, and wanting to know what the big deal about sex was, and the perception that sex = closeness = affection = love. Anyways, it was uncomfortable and over way too quick, and the guy himself didn’t know that she was a virgin because something kept her from telling him, and it was all just an experience that she regrets so much. Now sex is something softer to Daphne and not a step she jumps to quickly. She always makes sure she’s ready and willing and feels safe. She’d never have sex with someone if she didn’t feel safe with them. 
    NOT BEING CLOSER TO HER FAMILY:  In her main verse, Daphne just didn’t grow up close to her family? All her sisters are so different that they were never a tight-knit family. And her parents weren’t the kinds that were overly involved in their kids’ life. She was always closer to Jenkins, because he was more of a parental figure to her than anyone else. Daph didn’t mind this at all, until she was in college, probably and started to realize what she’d missed out on. She realized her family didn’t know her as well as she would have liked, and the same went for her in regards to them. 


     FAILURE:  Pretty simple right? It’s a very human trait, but I think for Daphne, who has fought so hard to prove herself, failing feels like a bigger thing than it is. She fails at things every now and then, so you’d think she’d be “used to it”, but how you can be used to something like that? If anything, it’s a good thing that every time she fails, she promises herself it’ll be the last time. And it usually is, because when Daphne Blake puts her mind to something, she’ll get it done. 
     BEING ALONE:  This should be obvious, but there’s layers to it, you know. Not only has Daphne been conditioned to feel like she needs to be a) surrounded by life and by people, and b) needs to be dating someone, needs to be in love, but to some extent, it also probably feels like she doesn’t have any other choice? –– What I mean by that is that since she isn’t close to her family, and Mystery Inc is her true family, if she were to lose them (cough, the break up, cough) she’d feel so alone. Who would she have? Sure, Daph has friends, but no one gets her like the gang. She’d feel so utterly lost without them. It’s a feeling she doesn’t enjoy. 

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Can you tell us more about Squart i'm in love with him?

Sure, I can tell you a bit, but I can’t say too much about his past since it’ll be a big deal in our campaign and we’re planning a podcast where it’ll be completely revealed.

He’s right-handed and plays the lute while he sings. He’s gotten the party out of numerous problems from it too. The only family member I can talk about without spoiling much is his great uncle Bingo de Guaco who is a famous bachelor bard from another campaign of mine. He (and Bingo) are both played as pan. He’s pretty well known throughout the land Squart and his party travel because he was a traveling minstrel before meeting the other party members (which they’re pretty perplexed about). Despite his lanky stature, he’s well toned which is a hilarious surprise whenever his tunic gets ripped to shreds which he’s always distraught over because he cares a lot about his appearance. Currently he’s in possession of a mysterious yellow orb that was won by the paladin Jamison at a tavern via a weird dice game. The orb caused Jamison to go a little nuts trying to destroy it (which he couldn’t do despite his efforts) and in the end, he threw Squart into the town’s fountain hoping the orb (in Squart’s satchel) getting wet would entice a reaction from it (it didn’t).

You Should Come With a Warning: Chapter Three

“You got me crawling,
crawling on the floor…
I’ve never met a girl
like you before’’.

It was the day before classes started and Lydia was sitting under an large oak tree with more books than she could count. Her mind was filled with archaic Latin scriptures and biochemical formulas. Taking on a double Major was something that her High School teachers had fully encouraged and Lydia had smiled and nodded along.
She tested well above the average IQ for her age and she had managed to take more than her standard classes in her senior year, walking out of graduation with extra credit in almost everything.

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