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ACOWAR discourse (no spoilers)

All I’m going to say is this: SJM tried/is trying, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. Obviously she tried, but that doesn’t make it perfect. No one is expecting her to be perfect, but don’t act like people can’t recognize the problems. 

You can always ignore the anti-tags, you can always ignore the anti-blogs and vice versa. But don’t act like what anti-blogs saying is just mindless hate is what I’m trying to say, if that makes any sense. And I’m not calling anyone out. I’ve decided to stay pretty neutral about acowar, but all I’m saying is don’t call anyone out and try…not to engage in fights?

i drew the two gays from the anime where the big humans eat the smaller ones hurray

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“Okay, never have I— come on, dude — Never have I ever been in handcuffs. If you have, you gotta drink; it’s not a very difficult game.” Jesse giggled into their shot glass and downed it. “See? Your turn.”


I wanted to make this follow forever dedicated to my favourite gfx/gifs/art/typography creators, thank you so much for creating such pretty pieces; it makes tumblr so much more enjoyable! I follow both seventeen and bangtan blogs so if you do follow me (wow thank u so much bc ily seriouslY) thank you for keeping up with my trash blog! lmao sorry for the shitty edit anyway moving on!!! 

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