pretty pair

I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.

  • <p> <b>Otp:</b> *does a thing*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *hugs*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *has adorable relationship*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *stares into each others eyes*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *has a cute moment*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *literally inches away from each other*<p/><b>Otp:</b> *isn't cannon*<p/><b>Me:</b> *screaming internally*<p/></p>

aia week 🎈 teenage dream

“I’d – you’d get to know me again, too?”
Derek nods.
Stiles looks up at him, imagining it all. He imagines starting again with Derek, going back to the beginning so that they can figure everything else out along the way. There’s wonder in his eyes, he knows, and Derek’s smiling softly again.
“Do you want to?” he says quietly, a hint of desperation in his voice.


“You’re staying?” Stiles whispers. “Even though I won’t get the memories back?”
Derek seems exasperated, but he nods. “I – of course, Stiles. Of course I’m staying. Are you?”

The problems with being in rare pair hell

  • Being so obsessed with a ship but there’s barely any content so you either have to suffer in silence or make content yourself
  • 99.9% of the people in the fandom don’t ship it or don’t even know what you’re talking about
  • “These two were made for each other why does nobody ship them”
  • Looking for fanfiction of it on FanFiction.Net and only finding somewhere between 1-6 stories.
  • Virtually no fan art