pretty otp

  • *Mona almost got stabbed by the knife after touching a part of the game board*
  • Mona: Touchy isn't it?
  • Hanna: Mona, i brought you here to help me. Not admire the craftsmanship. My turn is next. We have to shut this thing down.
  • Mona: I understand that, Hanna, but sometimes you have to stop and admire the craft behind the dirty trick. I wish i could've built something like this.
  • Hanna: You do?
  • Mona: Think about the mind that conceived this. Why build a dollhouse when you could turn the town into a dollhouse. It's brilliant. It's beautiful.
  • Hanna: Do you two wanna be left alone?

Wynonna Earp 1x12 // Supergirl 2x19

x by 무구포
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