pretty old

Day 10. cuddling on a cold day

Alrighty but Kirie’s such a huge cuddly cat even when it’s not cold, can you imagine how she gets when it IS?
She just loves to curl around people for warmth (or to get them warm tbh, she’s really fluffy like a huge birb/furry kitty) and Bucky’s the closest target, he doesn’t complain about it though, his doppelganger girlfriend IS comfortable to lay on when it’s freezing outside

Luna and Nia finally finished and walked out.
Luna: Nia, let’s go to a bar. We’re old enough now, let’s just take your mind off of everything. 
Nia: Luna, I would just like to be alone now. 
Luna: You can’t cave in on yourself like you have been doing all summer. Please, let’s just go for one drink. If you still want to go home after, then you can go. 
 Nia sighed. 
Nia: Okay, one drink. 

ToG Relationships

Dorian fell in love with Lillian

Chaol fell in love with Celaena

Rowan fell in love with Aelin