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I want to tell you a thousand things. Sorry for scaring you. Sorry for hurting you. Sorry for not telling you that I’m bipolar. I was afraid of losing you. I’d forgotten that it’s not possible to lose someone, that all people are alone anyway. In a different place in the universe we are together for all eternity, remember that. Love you. Even.

I Don't Need Anyone to Save Me

Summary: Pastel!Dan is bullied and punk!Phil comes to help. But maybe Dan doesn’t need help after all? 
Genre: Pastel!Dan, Punk!Phil and some fluff
Word count: 1389
Beta: theinvisiblephan (Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :) )
Disclaimer: I do not own Dan or Phil and I’m not saying that Phan is real. This piece of phanfiction is also a piece of fiction (stop the press!) and I’m not saying that any of this actually happened.
Warnings: Bullying, insults, badly written comebacks? :D
A/N: A while ago llster started a trend where a lot of people were drawing Pastel!Dan and I just loved all those drawings! I felt like there wasn’t enough fics (at least I couldn’t find) of Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil so I decided to try to write one. :)

“Oi! Look it’s our school’s very own marshmallow prince!" 

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me: *manages to survive the spontaneous release of Young Forever*

me: whew now that all surprises are out of the wa-

BigHit: throws out concept photos out of thin fucking air 

me: *eye twitches*

Ignore Him

Notes: Hey guys! I’m only posting this late (it’s late for me) because I just got back from a road trip so….yeah. Anyways, I hope you like it! This was a requested imagine. I need more requests! I love getting them and making them, so don’t hesitate to send some in! 

Requested: Yes

Ignore Him

Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Word Count: 1,420

Character Count: 7,574

Warnings: fluff, angst, etc.

You walk into the glee club room, ready for action. 

“Hey, (y/n)!” Blaine greets you. 

“Hey, Blaine.” You smile and hug him. 

“What’s going on?” You ask as you pull away from the hug. 

“Oh, we’re just getting ready to go show the Warblers who’s boss!” Santana smirks. 

“Great. What are we waiting for?” You ask, heading over to your violin case. 

“Well, we were waiting for you. But now that you’re here….” Kurt trails off, smiling. 

“Let’s do it, then.” You grin, taking your violin out of its case. 

Truth is, you’re an amazing singer, dancer, and violin player. The New Directions even called you a Triple Threat. As you and the rest of the New Directions are walking towards Dalton academy, you smirk. They didn’t know you could play the violin yet. 

You walk into the Warbler’s practice room with the rest of the New Directions. 

“Hey, look, guys! It’s the pathetic New Directions. Why in the world would you come here?” Sebastian walks up to you. 

“You know, Sebastian, I’m jealous of all the people who haven’t met you.” You retort. He smirks and rolls his eyes. 

“Lay off him, (y/n). He brings joy to some people, sometimes. Like when he walks out of the room. Everyone in that room basically jumps for joy!” She scoffs. He rolls his eyes again. 

“Yeah, keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” You smirk. He shakes his head and laughs with no humor. 

“If laughter is the best medicine, then your face must be curing the world.” Sebastian looks you up and down then smirks. 

“Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, but what happened to you?” You give him a sarcastic look. He laughs sharply. You and him always had good comebacks for each other. 

“We’re here to show you who’s the best, Smythe.” Santana crosses her arms. 

“Really? And how will you do that?” He crosses his arms, too. 

She snaps her fingers and the rest of the New Directions walk in. You get out your violin from behind you and rest your chin on it. The Warblers look a little surprised at the violin, but you knew they would be. You start to play, and they look even more surprised that you’re so good.

Song: Radioactive
By: Imagine Dragons (Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling cover in the video)

I’m waking up

To ash and dust

I wipe my brow

And I sweat my rust
I’m breathing in the chemicals


Blaine starts singing.

I’m breaking in and shaping up

And checking out on the prison bus

This is in the apocalypse


I’m waking up

Everyone starts singing together now, except for a couple of people who are singing backup.

I feel it in my soul

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Ooh Ooh

I’m Radioactive


Ooh Ooh

I’m Radioactive


You start a little solo on your violin. Then Blaine comes in again.

I’m breaking in, shaping up

And checking out on the prison bus

This is in the apocalypse


I’m waking up

Everyone comes in again except for the few people who are still singing backup.

I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive


Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive


Artie sings a little solo now.

All systems go

The sun hasn’t died

Deep in my bones

Straight from inside

You have another solo on your violin before Santana sings again.

I’m waking up (everyone else: welcome to the new age - to the new age

Welcome to the new age - to the new age)

Then everyone joins in.

I’m waking up

I feel it in my bones

Enough to make my system blow

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Welcome to the new age

To the new age

Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive


Ooh Ooh

I’m radioactive



You end and put your violin down. Little did you know, Sebastian was staring at you in awe the whole time, but he didn’t show it anymore. 

“Wow…that was….surprising.” Sebastian smirks. 

“What does that mean?” You roll your eyes. 

“It means that I thought you guys were better. Now we’re definitely going to win. Right, guys?” Sebastian grins evilly. 

“Oh, whatever! You’re just afraid of us.” You smirk. 

“You know, (y/n), you would join the Warblers at Dalton Academy if it weren’t for the boys only rule.” Sebastian looks you up and down. What he said was true, but you didn’t want to admit it. 

“In your dreams.” You scoff. 

“Actually, it’s in yours.” He smirks. Okay, that was a pretty good comeback. 

“Are you sure you don’t want me to join because you know that if you had me there’d be no way anyone could beat you guys?” You push him backwards a little. He smiles. 

“No, I know that everyone would beat us then, because you suck at singing. Your violin skills aren’t much better, and your dancing is horrible.” He pushes you now. 

“Listen up, Sebastian,” You say his name with disgust, “You’re just too jealous that I’m a triple threat and you’re barely one at all.” You sneer and turn around, walking off. The rest of the New Directions follow you.

Later, you head over to Dalton Academy. Sebastian had asked to meet you there. Alone. 

“What do you want, Smythe?” You growl as you approach him. He was alone, just like he promised. You had trusted him enough to come alone, too. Even though he was supposed to be your arch nemesis, you couldn’t shake the thought of how attractive he is. 

“Just wanted to see you, (y/n).” He answers with his signature smirk on his face. You wanted to slap it right off. 

“Yeah, well, you’ve seen me. Can I go home now?” You roll your eyes. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. A sign of stress or anxiety. You’ve never seen him do this. What could he be stressed or anxious about? You have no clue. 

“No, not quite yet. I need to talk to you about something.” He sighs. 

“Well, what is it? I haven’t got all night, you know.” You cross your arms. 

“I’m trying to be serious here, (y/n).” He rolls his eyes. 

“I’m serious, too! I need to get home soon, or my parents will freak.” You argue. 

“Fine, fine! I wanted to meet you here because i wanted to tell you thatithinki’minlovewithyou.” He slurs his words together so you can’t understand them. 

“What?” You ask, clearly confused. 

“I think I’m in love with you, okay!?” He yells. Your eyes widen in surprise. 

“What….? Are you serious, Sebastian?” You ask, surprised. 

“Yes! I wouldn’t lie to you like that, (y/n).” He sighs and runs his hand through his hair again. 

“What made you think you’re in love with me?” You ask. 

“When I saw you today with the New Directions, I saw how passionate and amazing you were with the violin and it sparked something inside me. I don’t know….I shouldn’t have told you this. I’m sorry. I have to go.” He turns around and starts to walk away before you grab his shoulder and turn him back around. 

You immediately kiss him. He’s surprised at first, but then he soon kisses back. Once you pull away, he’s grinning from ear to ear. A real smile, not his usual sarcastic one. 

“I think I love you, too.” You blush. 

“Why?” He asks. You sigh. 

“Ever since I saw you, no matter how much of a sarcastic jerk you were, I could never get you off my mind.” A small smile appears on your face. 

“Aw, you’re so sweet.” He teases. 

“Yeah, yeah. I know.” You joke and kiss his cheek. 

“Why were you so mean to mean to me if you thought you were in love with me?” You ask, curiously. 

“I didn’t want to be in love with you, and I thought if I ignored it and was mean to you instead of pursuing it, I could shake the feeling off.” He shrugs. 

“Now you know how I felt about you!” You tease. He laughs. 

“I don’t know how I’m going to tell the Warblers that I’m dating the girl that they thought and I thought I hated.” He shrugs. 

“I don’t know how I’m going to tell the New Directions that I’m dating the hated arch nemesis Sebastian that almost blinded Blaine and hates our group. But hey, maybe I can make you nicer.” You suggest, as if he’s actually going to go along with it. 

“Maybe.” He agrees. You smile and pull him in for another kiss. 

Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all.

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OKAY I pretty much just live tweeted the BTS Comeback show so I’m going to collectively put my thoughts here. Seeing as this is my first comeback.

ALRIGHT SO this was incredible there were SO MANY great moments. I do not regret waking up at the crack of dawn to watch this. 

I could not believe they did I NEED U and No More Dream. 

TAE saying I love you in English multiple times



the No More Dream outfits had me screaming. Namjoon in sunglasses the whole time and Jungkook trying to look cooler than he did in the original I MEAN😭 

Jimin STILL wearing the army necklace oh my god

Namjoon slayed me THE ENTIRE TIME. Like literally I was dying over him just holding a mic. like DO YOU SEE THOSE HANDS😩.

all of Suga’s outfits KILLED IT

JIMIN’S ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the intro to Go Go was the absolute cutest fucking thing. that whole song performance was adorable and meme filled.

Jungkook’s area being called the “Golden Closet” o m g 

Jin pushing his hair back like Jimin usually does r o o d

annnnnnnd that’s basically my thoughts on this comeback show special. it was amazing and being army is so rewarding 😊💙