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man, i can’t think of many manga-to-anime adaptations that benefited from the medium change as much as gundam thunderbolt

like, the manga was already pretty damn great, but actually having a soundtrack gave it about ten times more impact

So my dad was just in a car accident, no serious injuries but the car is going to take awhile to fix, but he says his light was green and the other guy says he had a green arrow and since there aren’t any cameras, the police can’t prove either of their stories so they’re both being charged with the accident

If that doesn’t show you how fucked up American justice is, then idk what is.

No witnesses? No problem, you’ll both get charged!

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What advice do you have for someone who is strikingly pretty, has great music taste, but has no friends, is lonely, and may have a rotten personality??

Well, isn’t it obvious? You should try and be nicer. See, being a cock only works when you’re also really charming and clever and fun to be around, you know? If you’re just going to be a self-absorbed dick and not bring anything good to the table, then no one’s going to want you around. You have to balance it out. 


I’ve had a pretty great Saturday so far!

Logan and I woke up slow and headed to the gym. I did 3 miles on the elliptical and some arm and ab exercises.

Then we went back home and showered and made breakfast- protein waffles, eggs, fruit and coffee. This brand, Kodiak Cakes, also makes a dark chocolate protein mix, but I couldn’t find it last time I went to the store!

After breakfast, we cleaned the house and headed to the Bark and Brew to enjoy the beautiful 75 degree weather. I had a peach cider before heading into Davidson to get my hair trimmed. She cut off more than I’d like, but a kid at the salon said I looked like Sleeping Beauty so that was pretty great.

Now we are hanging out a bit more at the Bark and Brew and then grilling tuna steaks tonight and starting on the People vs OJ on Netflix. 🙈

Happy Saturday out there, pals!

About the current bit of inactivity rn

Hey hey y'all!
I’m super sorry I didn’t get much done this past week.
Basically, I’m mostly occupied with finishing watching verbally translated V3 gameplay (few hours into chapter 6!) and getting ready for next week. I’ll be sort-of working at a confectionery cafe from Tuesday-Saturday, only 6 hours each day though. Soo that’s been keeping me kinda busy. I also cracked almost 100 eggs today and that felt pretty great.
Plus as soon as I’m done with V3 I can finally freely look for sprites and won’t have to wait and ask people all the time, so that’s good.
Yeah I gotta see if I can do more transparents and fill some requests. Since a lot of the stuff I wanna do aside from V3 sprites are climax inference panels and CGs it’s a bit quiet here since those only get uploaded to my spoiler sideblog.
Anyways, hope y'all understand, thanks for everything!

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i dont understand why people ship bonnie and kai? i mean its pretty clear she hates him and he is a murderer and all. no hate, just dont get it.

You have to watch Season 6 to really understand. He’s a sociopath but he has a soft spot for her, and they have pretty great chemistry in the prison world. I can’t speak for all of us, but personally when I say I love Bonnie/Kai, I mean two things. 

1- I LOVE their interactions, even if they would never work romantically. I mean just look at that 30 second scene we got between them last night…they are incredible together. 

2- When Kai merges with Luke back in Season 6, he gains a conscious and a heart and he becomes obsessed with finding forgiveness from Bonnie. For awhile there, it really seems like he is going to change for the better. Bonnie ends up refusing to forgive him and sends him back to ANOTHER prison world (in 1903 with a bunch of starving vampires) so she kind of ruins the whole idea of “redemption” for him, as he comes back, well, REALLY pissed off. But if she hadn’t done that, and they had chosen to continue with the storyline of him growing and atoning and finding a way to make her understand how regretful he was, etc- there could have been a great romantic arc there. 

But. They went another way. It is what it is. Kai is still the best/most complex (Katherine is a close second) character written on that show and Bonkai is still one of the most engaging and electrifying dynamics we have seen in 8 seasons.