pretty noise lab trucks

Metro Link beauties. 

Great for downhill when fresh. Mold release makes it super grippy but the slightly thinner contact patch than the dhrs gives it an easier initiation. The slide itself is just butter and the hookup is super smooth. When broken in and worn down some more, it becomes the perfect freeride wheel. Really good for both fast freeride and sliding. dankest of the dank offset Metro Wheel.

Board: Comet Ethos 40. Trucks: PNL Strummers. Bushings: Riptide. Rider: Peter Croce.


Holy Mully.

Malibu raw run ft. Rachel Bagels. 
Landyachtz Longboards, PNL Trucks, Hawgs Wheels

Watch til the end.. I may or may not do something adorable :3

Ladies run! Bakersfield Outlaw. 

Myself leading Katie Nielson, Amanda Panda, and Caitlin Yong. 

These ladies all shred so damn hard. It was a blast! <3

Photo: Jeff Suchy