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Layover (Detail crops)

I’ve never spent so much time on research and prelim sketches/studies on a single piece. Despite all the prep, I still managed to be super uncomfortable throughout the whole process and that resulted in a very intuitive hand and maybe some poor decisions. But a little discomfort is good and I’m pretty happy with the result.

To Make Your Heart Race- 36/36

Rating: M

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Captain Swan AU

Summary: Killian “Hook” Jones is NASCAR’s bad boy, who is forced to do some community service to clean up his act. Emma Swan is the counselor at the local Children’s shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares.

Thanks to @spartanguard for betaing this chapter and pretty much the whole thing. *hugs*. With out her, this would just be a pile of well…you get it. ;)

Still can’t believe I won this! (thank you all who voted.)

FINAL NOTE: I still can’t believe it is over. But I want to thank you all for the amazing support. I have bounced for joy at each review, cheered at each reblog, and smiled like an idiot at each like. And now I present you the final chapter, I hope you like it!


Chapter 36


The three cars shot out of the fourth corner and came barrelling to the finish, all fighting to make it across first. It was neck and neck, each fighting to get their front bumper in front of the other. When they crossed the finish line, it was too far away for her to be able to tell who crossed first. She quickly looked over at Robin, and he shrugged his shoulders and called to his spotter for an answer. Emma held her breath and looked to the scoreboard, waiting for them to say who came in second.

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ways to face the ace discourse

Because I’ve been following it for the past year (yes, they’ve been harassing us for a whole year! Imagine being that pathetic and desperate for bullying a minority!) and I’ve found out that:

  • Don’t
  • Let me elaborate:
  • The “ace discourse” (but a better way to put it would be: ace bullying, because the term “discourse” implies a conversation and there’s no conversation here, there’s only harassing, suicide baiting and psychological abuse) is basically non-existent in real life LGBT spaces. Which isn’t to say aphobia isn’t real (it is), but LGBT spaces in the real world, aka spaces for supporting marginalized orientations and trans people, pretty much all include and welcome us! So this whole clusterfuck is happening exclusively on tumblr, and a bit on other online communities, but basically it’s all pretty much irrelevant and you should know the large majority of LGBT people welcome us. 
  • Don’t engage. However, there are Discord servers for ace support and conversations with ace people. Go there. Do not engage with the discourse on tumblr. It’s useless, counter-productive and it won’t make the conversation end any time soon (it’ll only make you feel like shit and the aphobes thrive on that because they have no humanity, no empathy and nothing to make them human and they’ll probably try to make you commit suicide for shits n’ giggles the same way TERFs absolutely love trying to induce trans women to commit suicide and triggering dysphoria in them). Believe me, I’ve been watching for a whole year and the arguments literally never changed, even when we brought sources and proof for our claims and no exclusionist ever did once the whole time, yet they’ve always acted like their opinion mattered.
  • But here’s the good news: it doesn’t. 
  • It literally never did. Real LGBT people accept us. Aphobes are just pathetic mono-neuron life forms who thrive off harassing others for no valid reason. They are, for all intents and purposes, abusers. Get away from them, live your life proudly and if you ever interact with them make sure to stay safe. If you’re suicidal, please stay away from the discourse tags. If you see negativity in the positivity tags, block the op without thinking too much about their posts’ contents. 
  • Do not give aphobes a platform. Do not make yourself read what they say. They are abusers using every single abuser tactic in the book and if you engage with them you’ll allow them to get to you, so don’t. 
  • Really. 
  • They’re irrelevant, they lost the argument 6 months ago, they’re just not willing to let go because their whole existence is about abusing and harassing a minority. It’s blatant from the way they operate. 
  • Their rhetoric is virtually indistinguishable from TERF rhetoric. And that says it all. 
  • Shut down TERFS and aphobes and biphobes and all kinds of exclusionists. They don’t deserve a platform and they don’t deserve the common courtesy of being talked to. 
  • Be happy and yourself, loudly, proclaim just how ace/aro you are, and do it in spite of them, block their voices and don’t allow them to get to you. It works wonders. 
  • The discourse is dead and we killed it, everything that remains are just echoes of invalid arguments and people still clinging to a chance to get under someone’s skin. Just don’t let them, because you’re right and they’re wrong and your life is worth more than their fake arguments about “feeling safe”. 
  • I love you. 

listen — i just want you all to know that, while numbers aren’t things i generally care about, getting to 500 followers with a blog that’s for a video game character?? that’s actually a pretty big deal for me considering not everyone who writes on tumblr is a fan of gaming, and not everyone even knows who nathan drake is, or even of the uncharted series as a whole. so when i saw this i actually got really excited and really happy? that so many people are interested in this walking disaster/ray of sunshine. and i just wanted to say thank you for giving us the time of day - it’s much appreciated. 

❝ #squad ::

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That is her confused face tbh,
I’m super surprised that you guys are all here, like, I’m not actually sure how to handle all the cool people. When i first started in the sherlock fandom WAAAY back in 2013, playing John at first and then adding Sherlock, I was actually chased out of the fandom by people bashing a CERTAIN character and trying to shove a certain ship down peoples throats all the time.I was super nervous about coming back, but literally everyone has greeted me with kindness and the fandom on whole seems to have grown up a little bit. 
This is just a little list of some of the people who have been fantastic to me.

The Assistants - People I pretty much interact with every day. {The poor bastards}

@victorredbeardtrevor- My fantastic wife, Shilo who loves me and made Victor simply to rp with me and meet the new and awesome friends I’ve made.. We’ve been together for three years and actually met through tumblr rp. I love that we can keep up what we both love and what brought us together in the first place. You mean the world to me, and I will follow you to the ends of this earth and back. Through every life, every existence, I will always find you, I will always love you. insert i’m with you until the end of the line gif here lmao
But no, Mikki is a star and I’ve been talking to her and tricia every day since i rejoined. The two of them have adopted me as their daughter (Since, as we discovered I am basically the two of them as one person). Mikki is a sweet all around caring person with a bad ass side, just like her john, though she’s less crabby than him most days. ;D
@toldabetterstory - TRICIA WROTE ME A NOTE TO GET OUT OF WORK AND IS THE BEST MUM OKAY. She’s so incredibly sweet and she deals with my dumb twin headcanons and ideas, Sherlock/Scotia and Sheryl/Scotti get into so much shit and it’s great. She’s up at all times of the night usually, and she’s always really comforting when I need someone to talk to. I don’t think we’ve ever had serious chats, but some times I wake up and just need to know that someone else is there if everyone else is asleep.
@julietthotelwhiskey - Michelle is such a sweetheart. She’s someone who I message at least once a day (we would talk more often but the damned time zones get in the way). She’s just so easy to talk to and constantly shares adorable headcanons and painful gif and image sets. They always make my morning/day when I see them. Or some times I wake up or come home to these cute little random edits that make me screech like a banshee. I’m fairly certain it was Michelle who introduced me to Mikki and Trish too, so It’s her fault those two have to deal with me.
@pullingrank - I followed kai because of a ridiculous thread with Michelle (so it’s also her fault you have to put up with me, lmao) but it was john meeting john for a date and i’m like??? THis is both fantastic and a little scary. That was just a few days ago, but already they’re becoming one of my favourite people. They talked to me a lot while my gran was in the hospital and it really meant a lot. I can’t wait to get a proper thread going with you, if you’rse interested, but for now, you can expected the occasional meme, message, and ask for sure!

The Yard - People I talk to quiet often and absolutely adore (and would love to do more with

@mollv @storyspinningspidcr @abhordull/@bbcmary/@bbcmycroft @dyingmagpie @gcvrnment @ytrairomsemaj @traiinedassassiin @hisjiminycricket @notelementary @isaidfocus @goodshxt

Colleges - People I admire from afar

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You’ll have to forgive me if i’ve forgotten anyone! It certainly hasn’t been done on purpose. I really appreciate all of you that have stuck around despite Sherlock’s character in general. I may be doing a little give away for icons or a banner of sorts, so keep an eye out for that!

So I was thinking yesterday about that post about people being able to summon Danny (which is glorious- here’s a link because my tablet won’t let me add one to click: ) and I wanted to share an idea that came to me

Because this whole idea is great crossover material and it blends into the world of Supernatural so much, I would love to see a Superphantom crossover that includes Sam and Dean summoning Danny. Maybe they’re trying to summon the ‘Ghost King’ that they’ve heard so much about and then they’re surprised when it turns out to be a fifteen-year-old kid (who seems very /alive/). Or maybe they’ve already made friends with Danny and they summon him and he’s like: 

Danny: What’s going on? Do you need help? Is the world ending again?

Dean: Nah man we just need you to settle a bet for us. Do ghosts sleep?

Danny: …And you couldn’t just call because…?

Sam: Dean’s phone got destroyed on a hunt and we lost your number. Sorry.

Danny: Really? You lost my number but you didn’t lose the three pages of Latin instructions on how to summon me? Gimme that.

And then Danny would write his phone number on the top of the page and they’d go out for burgers and pie or something. And also wouldn’t Danny be able to call Sam, Tucker, or Jazz  to summon him back? Yeah idk but this thought amused me and I wanted to share


“I feel bad for always making you carry me between the classrooms, Ohta, so this time I prepared a trolley.”

A thought on Tutti

So I’ve been away from Tumblr for a while, but my sister ( @worldweaver3791 ) was telling me about the recent Tutti phenomenon within the Les Mis fandom.

And I had a thought, and it was a compelling enough thought to get me to break my year-long Tumblr hiatus just so that I could share it with you all.

So: in Italian, and in music notation, “tutti” means “all” or “everyone else”.  (In music, it’s basically the opposite of “solo”.)  Also: there’s the flavor known as tutti-frutti, which is (in theory, anyway) a mixture of many fruit flavors.

I’m pretty sure “tutti” is also related to the Spanish word “todo”, which means “all”, and to the English word “total”.

Tutti the character is basically a mishmash of ideas from the whole Les Mis fandom.  Tutti is pretty much whatever we want them to be.

In a way, Tutti is all of us.

Banjo and Kazooie doing what they do (second) best.

Honestly, I don’t hate Nuts and Bolts as much as some. I think the vehicle building is actually pretty interesting. I don’t know how well it’s aged in a post-Minecraft world, I’ll have to play it again sometime. I understand the resentment though, it’s hard to focus on building your car when “yeah, this is what Banjo-Kazooie 3 is” is stuck in your head the whole time. Maybe if it was treated more like what Nintendo does with Mariokart, it would have had a warmer welcome. Or maybe not, who knows?

aninspirationofmine  asked:

What is this thing abut people complaining to Jimin because he doesn't speak English? I didn't hear anything...

I didn’t know anything about it either until I saw a few posts about it on Tumblr. You pretty much resumed the whole thing, like he posts more on fancafe (so in korean) than on twitter so a lot of intl fans can’t see it while he’s on tour, or overseas in general, even on vapp he only speaks korean and all, and people started saying stupid stuff like he doesn’t make any efforts or he doesn’t like intl fans and do not acknowledge them.

Which is obviously so wrong, because like it’s been said in the post if you scroll down a bit, Jimin tries his best, he asks the members to translate to him so he can communicate, he asks korean armies or people understanding korean to translate during lives. He is honestly so caring and full of love for every single army, Korean or not, because thanks to them, thanks to us, he is able to live his freaking dream, so of course he is thankful, and even tho he doesn’t spend every seconds of his life saying it (even tho he says it quite a lot)

he loves us

all of us

the little experiment: results

A couple days ago I asked Hamilton/ AmRev fic writers to reblog a post of mine with the easiest and hardest characters to write in the tags. I confess, part of my motive was to see if I was alone in thinking Alexander Hamilton is the hardest damn character to write in this whole fandom (spoiler alert: I pretty much am), and part of my motive was to see if we could agree on if anybody was particularly hard or easy to write. I stalked all the reblogs (n=around 68, at the time of writing this) and these were the results, with my profuse apologies for Google Sheets’ graphing capabilities:

The farther a bar is to the right, the harder the character is to write, according to the collective knowledge of tumblr fic-writers. The farther the bar is to the left, the easier. This means that, according to y’all, Elizabeth Schuyler is the hardest, and Alexander Hamilton is the easiest, character to write in the fandom.

[Note for the nerds who care what the x-axis is: it’s the % of “hard” tags that said this character was hard to write - the % of “easy” tags that said this character was easy to write. I had to do it that way for a couple reasons. First, I got about 1.5 times as many “easy” tags as “hard” tags– people seemed to have a higher threshold for saying a character was hard to write. So, I wanted to weight the “hard” tags more to make up for it. Second, people were free to tag as many or as few characters as they wanted, and a few characters were highly overrepresented (the Gay Trio + Eliza). Very few bothered to tag, for example, Phillip Hamilton– I got a single person saying he was hard to write. I didn’t want to go with a simple measure of the % of people who thought a character was hard to write, because that would give Phillip (1 “hard”) a higher score than Eliza (8 “hard”, 2 “easy”) and that didn’t seem right.]

[Further note to nerds: I have the raw data in a spreadsheet if you want to play with it!]

What conclusions can we draw from this? Well, I for one am BAFFLED that you guys think Hamilton is easiest to write, but, that aside, I think this might go quite a ways towards explaining the preponderance of Gay Trio fic out there: the fandom just finds those characters really accessible, for whatever reason. By  contrast, there’s quite a lack of Eliza fic out there despite her prominent role in the musical. Maybe this is why! I admit, I’m one of the people who said Eliza was hard to write, and it’s prevented me from featuring her in a lot of what I write. Several of you noted similar things in your tags. It’s such a shame that the most conspicuous female character in the musical is getting pushed out of fic because we’re scared of writing her!

I want to issue a challenge to the fandom at large: pick a couple characters from the top 5 most difficult characters to write, and write something featuring them.

I also want to hear from you: why do you think Eliza in particular is so hard to write?

★ March Update ★

Hi Everybody,
I am finally alive again! I went from collapsing roof to living in the garage to fixing the roof to moving to a completely different room to renting out my old room (family needed money to cover the roof fix cost) to spring cleaning the whole house. This pretty much all happened since mid Jan. It was so incredibly stressful but it’s all over now. I am completely burnt out from cleaning, organizing and my part time job. Since then I got a lot more hours because one of my co-worker was really sick. Which I don’t mind because I needed the extra pay but now I am back to my original hours (…I have work in an hour -_-’). I am just happy to slowly pick up things up here where I left off months ago. Also my tumblr needs a spring cleaning too which I will eventually get to. For now here is the list of commissions I need to complete. The completed ones will be crossed off and image will be sent to the commissioner.

★ ★ ★ Dec. 2016 Commission Slots ★ ★ ★
1. TAKEN (progress: 100%)
2. TAKEN (progress: 75%)
3. TAKEN (progress: 50%)
4. TAKEN (progress: 50%)
5. TAKEN (progress: 50%)

★ ★ ★ Jan. 2017 Commission Slots ★ ★ ★
1. TAKEN (progress: 0%)

- - - - - - - - - - commissions are currently CLOSED - - - - - - - - - -


I really need to catch up with wtnv but!

THIS is my wtnv oc, Lilith! I’ve drawn him before but this is his new design! They used to have a far more feminine look, which I’ve now switched for this. Still genderfluid and still pretty much the same, though! I may keep the old design as how they looked in the past?

he’s basically a strexcorp OC, who makes a whole lot of explosives? he’s also immune to explosives and fire, for whatever reason. the things on the sides of his head are cybernetics, which is why it’s shaved.. he has verrrryy curly hair

he’s trash and i’ve missed drawing him


is it weird that i pretty much agree with this video

i mean the fact remains that jon has said some kinda weird things, especially in the sargon stream. like the stuff about “why would you make an enemy out of white males, the people who took down nazi germany” and “theres no discrimination in the US except in some small parts” stuff. i dunno, i havent watched the whole stream but i know some stuff was kinda blown outta proportion in tumblr posts

i dunno. i really dont know how to feel about jon


Ah I didn’t mean to make people worry like that. I’ll try to at least reblog something, I was just literally gone from tumblr pretty much for a month or so. When I get like that I don’t talk to anyone so it’s hard to post. ;;;


I’m going to save this comment for my whole life, lol I’m so glad you like the way I write omegaverse! I’m so picky on it hardly anyone will go as far as me, which is fine, but I worry sometimes others won’t be able to handle my extreme. Like even though I try to warn for it by labeling it traditional omegaverse they still won’t know what they are getting into when reading my stuff since omegaverse has become more popular, but I think people forget to really add the D/s dynamic it was intended to have. ANYWAY imma stop or I will ramble like always lol


hi i’m annie. i’m 13 years old (lol not really i’m 12, but you have to be 13+ to use tumblr, so i guess i’m 13. shhhh.) i was born in canada and i live in canada. my grammar & english isn’t the best and english is the only language i speak. sad. k thanks for reading¡!

i don’t really know how to use tumblr so bare with me~~ on my other account i found the whole studyblr community and was like ‘holy sh this is so aesthetically pleasing i’m ded’ @ their notes, bujos and stuff. which made mE want to start making my notes all pretty and start a bullet journal. i ordered mildliners and muji pens anddd much more online bC they’re just so pretty and the colours r so cute (especially the mildliners omg.) now i’m addicted to stationary thanks. oh and i don’t really take proper notes since i’m still in elementary. i will probably just post things from my bullet journal & other crap.

ok ok facts about me bc i know you wanna know (lol jk) i saw someone else do this so

- i have a dog
- i am asian
- i stan bts & blackpink
- i’m learning french
- i hate tomatoes

accounts that infired me! sorry if i did something wrong oops

@studypunked @elkstudies @studydiaryofamedstudent @sarcasticstudies @studeying @universi-tea @revisicn @study-bunni @arystudies @ayetstudies @hermionegoals @studyxnight @studyallure @byulstudies @jhonstudies @studyplants @academiix @katsdesk @logarlthms @studyrose @studyrelief @notefying @sushi-studies @sleepy-study @tbhstudying @studypetals @focusign @dangostudy @sweetnstudy @tazstudies

i know this account will flop but idk maybe it’ll be fun!!1

i am honestly so fucking happy right now. thank you guys for everything. i hit 1,000 followers. this is crazy. 1,000 people decided to follow me. my mind cant process it. thank you guys for literally everything. you guys make me so god damn happy. i made this blog back in a deep, dark time in my life. i’m pretty sure it was around september/october. i was extremely depressed. i discovered who eric and dylan actually were, and my whole mindset changed. i realized i could relate to them in some ways. like, i felt like i understood them. so i made this tumblr. now i’ve made a couple friends from tumblr. a few i’ve lost, a few i still have. i’m just so thankful for everything. i never realized how a tragedy could help me meet new people. i love you all so much.

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study-read-repeat  asked:

When you search your username on tumblr it comes up with moriel as related tags and I think that says a lot about your blog

I think what it says about my blog is that basically the “moriel” tag is a useless piece of garbage (for organizing my blog, I mean) because 75% of what I post about is moriel. Just like the “acomaf” tag, which is my default for anything acotar-related. Like… it’s pretty much my whole blog, and therefore serves no purpose. LOL