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Week Two: MOVIES
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Week Eight: PODCASTS
Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Nine: Hello again and welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project!

I had originally named this post ‘BLOGS + VLOGS’ but after the overwhelming amount of suggestions specific to YouTube channels, I figured to dedicate this week’s post entirely to YouTubers. Voilà, here we are!

The genres vary this week, as always. We’ve got beauty vlogs, lifestyle vlogs, cooking vlogs, music vlogs, talk show set ups, and a bunch of other types of content! One thing is for sure, and the whole point of this entire project: these are all LGBT+ YouTubers. A lot of them are here on Tumblr too! So I added their @’s for you as well. 

If you think I’ve mislabeled someone (as in, if I have put them in this list or in the gifs above when they aren’t LGBT+), please tell me immediately as there’s nothing I value more than accuracy - I will be sure to follow up. In addition! If you’ve got recs, don’t hesitate to send them my way (particularly LGBT+ YouTubers who are people of color - I was underwhelmed to see the vast yet not so diverse YouTube vlogging landscape when it came to popularity.)

Next week: LGBT+ HISTORY - a compilation of academic journals, articles, autobiographies, YouTube videos, and other types of media that cover the long and too often glossed over history of the vast and diverse LGBT+ community. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!


  • Pero Like - “Pero, like… You know what we mean. Weekly videos of tu vida.” A Latinx-oriented vlog in which one of the YouTubers is Salvadoran and gay, but LGBT topics are not the main thing they vlog about
  • Shannon @now-this-is-living​ & Cammie @the-2nd-star-to-the-right on their channel nowthisisliving - A lesbian couple who are “just sharing [their] story/love/life with anyone who wants to listen”
  • Claudia Boleyn - A bisexual YouTuber who makes videos about mental health and social justice issues
  • Miles Jai  (giffed above) - Posts improv sketches, parodies, “beauty tutorials”, as well as vlogs
  • Kat Blaque @katblaque (giffed above) - “Opinion Vlogger, Children’s Illustrator and Thrift Store Addict”
  • Sara @rnashallah(giffed above) - Totally not putting her up here because we’ve been mutuals on Tumblr for like mad long and I’m just very fond of Sara as a person. She vlogs about her life and tbh that alone is worth a sub in my book!
  • Eileen W. @peeves(giffed above) - Another good friend of mine (let me live). HILARIOUS, sarcastic, honest, and is pretty much always there to Validate You, so support her and subscribe!
  • Marina Watanabe @marinashutup​ (giffed above) - “Part time feminist vlogger, full time sass machine. Biracial, bisexual, bipedal.”
  • Kid Fury @signedfury - “Born in Miami and raising hell in New York City, Kid Fury is a media mouthpiece with a whole lot of nerve. This channel is one of many avenues Fury uses to cover life, pop culture and more with a unique and sharp flare of truth, shade, and fuckery.”
  • AriFitz @itsarifitz - Lifestyle + style vlog

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Layover (Detail crops)

I’ve never spent so much time on research and prelim sketches/studies on a single piece. Despite all the prep, I still managed to be super uncomfortable throughout the whole process and that resulted in a very intuitive hand and maybe some poor decisions. But a little discomfort is good and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Hi everyone! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now, and it has made such a huge difference! I remember feeling overwhelmed when I made this blog, so I thought I would make a little welcome-to-the-community guide for those of you who are looking to make a study blog of your own.

the basics

  • Why start a study blog (aka studyblr) in the first place? Because you want to be motivated to do better in school, want to find new ideas, or just because you like pretty stationery. There are a ton of good reasons to start one, so go for it!
  • What do I have to do to be a studyblr? Make a blog and follow some other study blogs. That’s pretty much it. There are no GPA requirements, supply lists, or complicated rules. 

how to start a blog

  • You can either start a whole new blog (make a new account), make a side blog, or start posting study tips from your current blog. It all depends on your personal preference and how much you use the blog you have now.
  • Your url is an important part of your blog because it lets people know what you’ll be posting about. Your name + studies is a common url to see, but you can get more creative if you choose!
  • I suggest avoiding tumblr default themes and instead finding one you like from @theme-hunter. If you don’t have any experience with coding, you can pick up the basics you need to install a theme from Youtube. 
  • After you have your blog all set up, make a post introducing yourself. Include a little bit about yourself like your name, grade level, major (if you have one), interests, and tag your favorite blogs so that they can help get the word out about you!

connecting with the community

  • Message/send asks introducing yourself to other blogs. It’s easy and it works, study bloggers are usually really friendly and welcoming!
  • Enter blog of the month or blog awards to get your name out there.
  • Send random asks, just because. It makes people smile!

creating original posts

  • You don’t have to make your own posts, but it helps to get your name out there and it’s nice to be able to share your own study tips.
  • For pictures, try posting your notes, study setup, or favorite supplies. Good lighting and editing with an app like VSCOcam will make them more appealing and get more notes.
  • Making masterposts is my favorite way to create content. Think of any topic that you know about or would like to learn about, and write out a post of resources or tips. 
  • Canva is a great free site for making graphics
  • Tag your posts with relevant tags like #studyblr #studyspo, as well as the urls of different blogs as people will usually reblog posts they have been tagged in. 

making your blog work for you

  • Above all, having a study blog is about improving your study habits.
  • Create a good tagging system so that you can find posts later. It should be simple and easy to remember (this post would go under #masterpost #new studyblr #tips for me).
  • Find a study buddy or group to keep you motivated
  • Reblog only things that you find inspiring, regardless of how you think your blog should look.
  • Start the 100 days of productivity challenge to stay accountable
  • Install a site blocker so that you can log off and focus!

Welcome to the community! I hope that you find it as beneficial as I have, and I look forward to meeting some new faces!


Of the sentient races that occupy the ocean, the merfolk are the most numerous, or at least visible. Merfolk are as fascinated with humans as humans are with them, most likely due to a physical resemblance combined with the allure of foreign lower body. However, any closer relationship between them is stymied by environmental requirements, though there are many stories of individuals using magical means to overcome that hurdle. Normally a marine race, freshwater variants have been sighted living in especially large lakes.

But the mischievous and playful nature of the merfolk doesn’t mean that they’re entirely harmless. Humans who abuse their waters or aren’t careful with their nets will find their boats more likely to sink, or suffer greater punishment as the merfolk appeal to their own watery gods.

Yay, I got this done just in time for the end of Mermay!

There’s a lot of legends about mermaids, but not so many that I’ve found about mermen. You get plenty of romances between fishy ladies and human men, but not so much the other way around. The British Isles have a whole buncha merfolk stories that mention the male half of the race, but while the females are pretty, the males tend to be less attractive (a design trend that continues to exist to this day). Think of it as the difference between the Zoras and River Zoras in the Zelda games.

Blanca’s Tumblr

anonymous asked:

Personally I like the rainbow flag with the raised fist in the middle of a circle, shaded in different colors to match the stripes of the rainbow. Much more aesthetically pleasing tbh and makes the whole issue front and center as opposed to just off the top/bottom

I also personally like the look of that flag more I also think it covers all poc groups better but again the one with the two stripes on top was very contextual to Philadelphia. And it’s actually really upsetting and telling to see people remove context and refuse to work in good faith. I’m pretty sure the other version was made on tumblr and when you open the floor to literally everyone someone will out design someone else. Again everyone, please respect or at least look up Philadelphia’s More Color More Pride. There is not one community there are countless ones and I’n going to trust that More Color More Pride made the exact flag they wanted. 

MBTI types as people I know

I know that this is not original at all, but I thought it would be super fun ahaha and also, I just found out the types of a lot of my friends.

-I know some that are naive and some that are really not
-always. So. Happy
-absolutely adorable
-great fashion sense
-can be sassy asf
-so talented omg

-my history teacher
-tries to be cool but secretly probably insecure
-hecka defensive
-really annoying…
-loves. Talking.about.politics
-tries to keep political views lowkey but everyone highkey knows hes a republican

-guy I like
-probably a future business man
-can be really salty
-resting b*tch face
-crazy smart
-i love you
-marry me

-also my friend
-So talented
-Really wise
-Nice to everyone
-So mature
-Really emotional
-Wants the best for everyone

-says the weirdest things
-loves sofia the first
-literally a little kid trapped in a 17 year olds body
-she can be moody
-when shes not in the mood, is really sassy
-adorable cinnamon roll
-cutest smile

-really really weird
-emotionally detached
-fashion senses vary
-really artistic and crafty
-really talented
-such a mystery. They intrigue me
-also two of my best friends

-my dad
-lowkey emotional
-will do anything for everyone
-showers me with gifts
-also can be strict tho
-funny in a corny way
-has so many friends wth
-can talk to strangers without having anxiety

-good style!!!!!
-cute and innocent asf
-one of my best friends
-her laugh is adorable
-loves her family and is loyal to everyone she loves
-so nice
-a literal cinnamon roll
-loves Hello Kitty
-soooo humble… Doesnt think shes pretty even tho shes so freaking gorgeous
-social media queen

-so smart shes a genius
-skipped a grade but is still smarter than all of us
-sassy and salty but can be sweet if she likes you
-“I hate everyone until they prove themselves worthy of my friendship”
-tumblr but hates tumblr
-lowkey sweet and nice

-my little brother
-so much arguing
-really annoying
-i always get in trouble cuz of him
-comeback generator
-always needs to be right
-radiating cockiness
-would be good at school but doesnt try hard enough
-addicted to minecraft

-so loud lmao
-a whole lot of friends
-always has the center of attention
-amazing fashion sense
-loves frisbee
-has had a lotta guys

-guy best friend
-amazing at photography
-hecka smart
-really wise- my go to counselor
-so caring and loving
-been there for me since day 1
-really deep
-Thinks hes ugly but hes cute
-good fashion sense… Also my fashion designer
-lowkey hopeless romantic

-highkey emotional
-tumblr asf
-so so nice
-good at taking pics
-amazing at singing


These are the only types that I know of people that are…. Lmao sorry that didnt make sense

…and have been wanting to say it for awhile now.

It was rather obvious, but this blog is honestly… pretty dead. I always had the intention of coming back, but with friends leaving this place behind, there seldom were people that I interacted with on a regular basis– and thus a lack of motivation to keep up with the influx of asks (of similar and repetitive nature– there’s really only so many things to do before things being to repeat themselves, especially if you’ve been at it for a really long time, not taking into account interactions and events.) I tried multiple times to get back into the flow of things, but it simply never worked out due to the aforementioned issue as well as things such as school schedule, the workload it presented, and now a job with the potential to grow into sometime promising– especially when it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, which is work on games.

This place has been a positive impact on my life and general existence. Tremendously so. I’ve been here since the very beginning as the second blog back in April 2015 (forgive me being a little prideful in saying so, it just means a lot to me) following in badlydrawnjotarokujo/kakyoyoin’s footsteps, and then being followed by badlydrawnpolnareff– both who became lifelong friends of mine, whom I cherish to the very end. This place has done a lot, even if only by setting certain things in motion. I had a lot of fun, and had a lot of opportunities– I improved drastically in my art, met a lot of great people who I still talk to, got a lot of attention for a blog filled with dumb doodles, and even met up with people at conventions– namely Katsucon– making good friends there, as well. I built a lot of confidence, learned a lot, went through some hardships, and was able to feel accomplishment whenever I got an ask saying I made someone laugh, brightened their day, or even helped them be happy despite how much life sucked, even if by just a little. I’m sorry for never answering them, but I do get those asks, I see them, and I want to thank you all for them. I might be a little dramatic, I suppose, but there’s just a lot I’m thankful for. 

I just really wanted to say a genuine thank you for all the support and love that  me and this blog has gotten over the past two years. To make people happy, give ‘em a laugh, or even inspire someone with my art; that’s really all I wanted from this. There was a huge timeframe where I got busy with school and wasn’t able to do much and I’m sorry for that, and I’m ever so grateful to everyone who insisted I take my time and take priority in my other work, and even followed me outside of this blog, which means so, so much to me. Thank you to everyone who showed me love and support in your asks and comments despite my inability to keep active. And for putting up with the feeble attempts to make stuff again.

To say I’ve been pretty absent from Tumblr as a whole is an understatement, although I’ve been AT LEAST trying to keep my artblog up to date w/ somewhat nicer pieces I do. I’m much more active on my Twitter, where I’m at least a couple hundred times less serious sounding than this, I swear. I also have been making use of Instagram as of late. Snapchat too, if anyone’s into that? I’ve been doing a lot of art and have been practicing on getting better and better, and have a lot of plans for the future, such as convention tabling and making art for games, and further down the line, a webcomic (hopefully with music and animations!) that I’ve been planning and developing for the past year, as well as run a coffee shop alongside bdpolnareff, my QPP. So, things have been looking up, even if I’ve been struggling with depression and the like. I have things I really look forward to. I’ve also recently graduated and have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts & Design! School ain’t over yet, though, since I’m spending another two years in school for a degree in Game Art. Then comes the student loans…

So, while I really want to say sorry for probably disappointing you all with a general lack of content here (which I really am), I want to focus on the positive. I want to express just how thankful I am to all of the 3,000+ people that decided to follow this blog (which was WAY past any expectation that I ever had, tbh) For just being there, validating and supporting me, whether you said something or didn’t,  ‘cause it’s something I really needed. Honestly, you all are the reason that I kept at it for so long, after all. I’m really, really grateful– probably more than you could ever realize. And if I could ask, if you liked my stuff, please follow me on other places and don’t be afraid to drop a comment somewhere, ‘cause I really appreciate them! (Although I’m kind of bad at conversation sometimes, especially in DMs, but I still appreciate–)

I honestly could say thanks and thanks again all day, and it’s probably getting really old by now if you’re still reading, but I just… really wanted to say how much all of this meant to me. So, as a final thanks, thank you for taking the time to read this. ‘Cause that means a lot too. This is goodbye! From here, at least!

I wish all of you luck and good fortune for the future. There are dark times ahead, but remember that it’ll always pass! Easier said than done, I know, but you can do it! Things may not go as planned, but sometimes those things happen so that something greater may come later. After all, we wouldn’t know what happiness is if we were never sad. You never know what’ll happen!

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King and Reaper

Read on AO3 Here

Allura had told them once that Voltron was their destiny.

If anything, Keith thinks, Lance had proven that while finding the lions might have been on the dime of some greater plan, compliance to their supposed fate was not strictly required in any remote sense of the word.

In fact, by Lance’s standard of doing things it was all rather bullshit.

(Or: The story of the destruction of Earth and its aftermath, feat. questionable science in regards to weapons of mass destruction, gratuitous Star Wars references, theoretical chess games with the emperor of most of the known universe, explosions, the greatest bromance of all time, the worst romance of all time, far too many guns, concussions, extreme misuse of the French language, awkward flirting, and Lance in an overly-dramatic trench coat.)

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Relationships: Keith/Lance, platonic Lance & Hunk and Keith & Hunk

Characters: Keith, Lance, Hunk, Allura, Shiro, Pidge, Coran, Nyma, Rolo

Written for @klangst-week‘s Day 7 Prompt: Destiny/Choice. A couple days late, but in my defense, this was a nightmare to power through.

Full thing + content warnings are under the cut.

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(mostly) andreil fic recs.

i’ve been binging on (mostly) andreil fics for the past couple of days and i thought i would give links to some of my favorites! if the author lists a tumblr, it will be added alongside their ao3 username :)

Foxy (series) - chelzischmidt

“In which all of the characters from the AFTG series are in the porn industry.”

an incomplete series of nsfw fics that includes (as of 6/16/17) andrew/neil, kevin/andrew/neil, jeremy/jean and matt/neil (with mentions of other interactions between characters).

neil is sappy (series) - judlane (tumblr)

an incomplete series of fics that include neil being all soft and sappy with andrew (aka the cutest thing i’ve ever seen).

neil is horny (series) - judlane (tumblr linked previously)

an incomplete series of nsfw fics where the title pretty much explains it.

light fires at night (to push back the void) - inthesea

“20+ times Andrew and Neil say I love you, and one time they say it out loud.”

my best friend’s mom recommended this fic to me and let me tell you, i made the right choice to binge read the whole thing at 2am.

the key to us. (series) - andreil (tumblr)

an incomplete series about andrew and neil overcoming bumps in their relationship.

your crown of thorns holds roses - quensty (tumblr)

“Three days after he signs his death sentence to Palmetto State, five after Andrew Minyard sends him flying breathless to the ground, Neil’s gaze snaps to the locker room mirror and stares, frozen, at the word threat scrawled along his spinal cord in terrifying, heavy bold.”

an andreil soulmate au where everything your soulmate sees you as is tattooed on your skin.

we might be hollow (but we’re brave) - stttmsbwa (tumblr)

“Andrew is looking to live his life in peaceful nothingness, but his new neighbor’s cat won’t stop sneaking onto his balcony. As much as he tries to not make it into something, Andrew finds himself drawn to the mysterious and tempting man next door.”

this is another fic that had me up until 2am. andrew and neil are brought together in the most unlikely of ways thanks to a bratty feline.

to know a man - moonix

“In which the Foxes all work at a coffee shop run by Wymack, Neil is their newest recruit with a dark past, Andrew is obvious, Neil is oblivious, and everyone ships it apart from Aaron, who just wants to study in peace. With guest appearance by a stuffed jellyfish called Josephine.”

a coffee shop au that exceeds the cliche and delivers a wonderful story about neil finding a reason to stop running and andrew finding a reason to stay alive. (this fic includes nicky/erik as well!)

i have (and will come across) so many more tfc fics that i love, so a part two of this is very likely! please support the authors and leave kudos on their works :)

Dear Skamily,

This is going to be long, sappy and generally weird, but I needed to say it.

Since this season, and with it the whole show, is coming to an end in less than 24 hours I want to say thank you.

I began participating in this fandom on tumblr sometime during january or february this year, after finishing all three of the already existing seasons, and my first impression was that you were a small and cozy fandom filled with creative, talented and nice people. I saw amazing fanfiction, drabbles, gifsets and edits everywhere, and I still do. While there is, of course, a bad half in every fandom, I haven’t seen much of that half in the Skamily. Pretty much all I’ve seen has been kind, smart and talented young people who all somehow happened to fall in love with this little tv show from Norway. And I’m incredibly grateful they did, because through this family I’ve gotten to know many amazing people that I never would have gotten in touch with if the fandom didn’t exist. I’ve learned a lot through the Skamily, and you’ve shown me new ways to view the world, especially when it comes to social justice. You’ve been able to criticize the problematic aspects of Skam no matter how much you love it, but you’ve also always been available for theorizing, discussing both the canon and headcanons, and screaming about shipping and how lovely the actors are in your ask boxes. And I love you for all of this. This season may not have been the ending we hoped for, but you’ve been absolutely wonderful through it all, and I am so, so grateful for that.

Skam has impacted us all in many ways. We’ve seen ourselves in the characters, we’ve been able to relate to their experiences. I personally saw myself coming out to my best friend (and former crush) in the clip where Isak comes out to Jonas. And I know I’m not the only one who feels that way about certain clips and/or characters. That kind of impact is hard to let go of, but letting go of the people you’ve bonded with through that experience is even harder. I hate knowing that the end of Skam as a show will be the beginning of the end of this wonderful fandom, and I hope it will last for at least a couple of years after this. I don’t want it to end, even though discussing already existing canon material is never the same thing as discussing a season while it’s still being updated.

Like I said, there are many amazing people in this fandom, and I’d like to tag some of them.

Firstly, there’s Mikki ( @skamfairy), Ciara ( @littlespooneven ) and Hel ( @evenerikkealene ). You were some of the first Skam blogs I followed and where I went to scream about the show back when I was new to the fandom and didn’t have a Skam blog of my own yet. You’re all lovely people, incredibly nice, and I’m so happy I found your blogs. Ciara; thank you so much for the advice you’ve given me when I’ve come to your inbox with my many problems. You’re so kind and patient. Thank you. And Hel, you’re so kind, seeing you on my dash makes me genuinely happy. And you’re absolutely stunning. I know I’ve already told you so multiple times but I really mean it. Mikki; I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know you a bit better through the Discord chat, and you’re so, so wonderful, cute, brave and funny. The fact that you remembered me still amazes me, to be honest. And I can’t wait to write the mall au with you!

Then there’s @tarjeisandvik, who I somehow managed to (accidentally?) start following before I was actually active in the fandom, but I’m so glad I did. You make some of the most amazing gifsets in the whole fandom, and you provide us all with such great content. There’s also @tiptopevak, who is so, so nice and has been making a timeline of season 4 so the rest of us can easily find it all in one place. Thank you so much for that!

And there’s @monstermonstre, who is a really sweet and smart person who is one of the most aware people I know when it comes to social issues. They’re also responsible for the Skamily chat on Discord, which has been an absolutely incredible experience for me.

Speaking of which, members of the Discord chat; I don’t know all of your tumblr urls, but you’ve all been incredibly important to me. You’ve always been up for discussing clips, theories, headcanons and metas and for getting excited over characters and pairings. But you’ve also been there for me when I’ve needed someone to talk to about sexuality, mental health or just my life in general, and to teach me all about birth control (looking at you Alyssa). As a teenager who doesn’t have any older siblings this has been very important, because sometimes all I need is talking to someone who is older than me but not the age of my parents, and you’ve been that someone to me multiple times. You’ve also been available whenever I’ve just wanted to talk about random things in my life or in the rest of the world, and you’ve taught me a lot about mental illness and islam, among other things, which I’m so, so incredibly grateful for.

Then of course there’s the wonderful people at @skamenglish. I’ve already sent you guys a few asks from my main (geekyyoungblood), but basically; thank you. Without your work this fandom wouldn’t have existed. And there’s @skamwlwnet, giving more attention to the many lovely wlw ships of this fandom. You’re doing holy work; keep it up.

Finally, Skamily, I’m going to say this once again; thank you. Thank you for being one of, if not the most wonderful, supportive, kind, creative, talented, smart and mature fandoms I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. You’ve honestly helped shaping me as a person, and I hope I’ll be able to spend as many more years with you as possible. Alt er love! <3

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anonymous asked:

Alright, different anon, but let's do the flipside of the miscarriage ask. How do the Chocobros react to holding their first newborn for the first time. If you have any questions about how tumblr works, don't hesitate to ask us.

Hello different Anon :D Oooh, interesting- so we’re flipping the switch and engaging fluff mode, aye? I can do that *grins maniacally*. Also, thank you- I will be sure to ask for help if I get stuck, but so far so good! Tumblr is actually pretty user friendly, now that I’ve gotten my head around the basics! Though… my tagging could use a bit of work LOL! Anyways, I hope I did okay with these- I had to cut so much out because they were all getting ridiculously long- I had whole backstories woven in before I realised that all I needed to do was describe the chocobros holding their little ones xD Anyways, enough from me- hope you enjoy this fluffy stuff!


Noctis would forget everything around him as he holds his baby in his arms- he’s so in love with the small, fragile thing. He wants to protect it and be with it forever. He stares down at the small being, examining it’s small button nose, it’s small yet pudgy rosy cheeks and the vivid blue of its eyes. Small strands of black hair adorn the baby’s scalp, but it appears that it had inherited his s/o’s curly locks.

But then Noctis would frown. Not that it matters, but he has no idea whether his child is a boy or a girl! (Aaaand father of the year goes to…). He turns his gaze towards his s/o, whose eyes are closed from the exhaustion of giving birth. Feeling guilty, Noctis would turn to the helpful midwife beside him with an openly inquisitive expression on his face.

Again, no words are needed. The question on his face is clear. The midwife would laugh openly at the young father’s expense, much to Noct’s embarrassment.

“Congratulations, your Majesty, it’s a boy!”

Noctis would quickly get over his embarrassment and stare down at the small infant in his arms with an expression clearly filled with fatherly adoration. He would want to press a kiss to the baby’s cheek, but he’s afraid his son would awake from the sweet slumber he’s just fallen into. Instead he would just beam down at his slumbering baby before sparing an appreciative glance at his slumbering s/o, a rare occurrence indeed- this surly king hardly shows teeth!

“He’s perfect.”

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i don’t think u guys understand JUST how much i love (meme-y) shinsou…
so yeah here’s my contribution to the fanbase

Rough-draft-ish timeline for book 1! BTW if you are visual like me, the closest we get to a calendar year for All For the Game is 2006/2007. It’s not 100% accurate, because not all of the dates match up perfectly throughout the whole series, but this is the closest one, with only a few dates off. It diverges in June, so I kept to the book for the rest of June because dates were easy to track; it meets back up with the calendar year in August and so far as I’ve checked sticks pretty close to it for the rest of the series?? The games do at least??

In the days that were too eventful (or I just typed too much for them), I underline the important parts tumblr removed my underlines?? i’ll think of something sorry!!, and for all of it I italicize direct quotes

The Foxhole Court Timeline - Rough Draft Edition

~Friday, April 7 (approx date): Wymack, Kevin, and Andrew come to Arizona to recruit Neil

Thursday, May 11: “Neil Josten” graduates HS

Friday, May 12: Andrew picks Neil up from the airport, he meets Nicky, Aaron, and Abby, sees the court for the first time, moves in with Wymack

Saturday, May 13: Andrew nearly stabs Nicky, Neil exhausts himself trying to score on Andrew

-it gets approximate again here bc it says 5 weeks should pass but only 4 do, so I’m using context to close out the gaps-

~Tuesday, May 30: Neil goes to the court at night for the first time & finds Andrew and Kevin there; Andrew shows Neil the knives hidden in his armbands, beautiful lines such as “exy is just slightly less boring than living is” and “I’m not a math problem” “I’ll still solve you” and “this was a dream he’d have to wake up from eventually” occur

~Wednesday, May 31: Wymack tells Kevin about the district transfer, tells Neil about the Moriyamas, Neil considers running but decides to stay until the match against the Ravens

Thursday, June 1: Raven’s district transfer effective

*Sunday, June 9: foxes move into Fox Tower, Matt offers to kick Kevin’s ass for Neil (and actually does until Andrew stops him), Dan and Renee give Neil tea and cookies like the princesses they are, Andrew goes through Neil’s stuff, Andrew admits for murder w/ no chill instance #1, Neil has a lot of panic attacks and fits of dissociation and decides again to stay because “one of us has to make it” and he’s decided to pick Kevin’s life over his

*Wednesday, June 12: Seth punches Kevin as soon as Andrew leaves for his meeting with Bee

*Friday, June 14: Columbia & all that that disaster entails

*Saturday, June 15: Neil hops out the window, calls Matt to ask him to watch his stuff, hitchhikes/walks home, tells Andrew half (most) of the truth, ends on “Hope was a dangerous and disquieting thing, but he thought perhaps he liked it.”

*Monday, June 17: Kevin comes to take Neil to night practice, but Matt and Seth send him away

*Tuesday, June 18: first night practice!!, “the master?” “Coach Moriyama”; Matt waits up for Neil like the precious and pure human he is

*Wednesday, June 19: Nicky asks Aaron (in German) if he thinks Neil will ever forgive them (it’s literally been 4 days, he needs to chill), and Neil realizes that Andrew didn’t tell the others he can speak German and wonders why

*Friday, June 21: ERC makes the official announcement about Edgar Allen’s district transfer; Seth says my person favorite of his lines: “Tell me, when’s the last time anyone cried for you?”

Wednesday, August 23: Team psych evals w Bee

Thursday, August 24: First day of classes, Matt wakes Neil up for practice and the following killer exchange happens: “I’m fine.” “You say that an awful lot.”

Friday, August 25: Game day, all of the upperclassmen take turns walking Neil to/from classes, Seth and Allison sit with him at lunch and tell him about the Renee/Andrew betting pool, Neil finds out Andrew goes sober on game nights, Nicky apologises for the Columbia thing 

GAME V BRECKENRIDGE JACKALS: Seth and Kevin fight on court 13 minutes into the game (no one took Nicky’s bet so he doesn’t win anything), Neil goes in at 20 minutes for Seth (”Hey Pinnocchio, time to run. This one’s for you.”), Matt punches Gorilla for Kevin and then runs and hides behind Andrew for safety (these nerds are such children I love them), Neil begins to feel a burning hatred for the jackals: “Gorilla had been trying to hurt Kevin’s hand his first day back on the court, which was unbelievably cruel. Neil hoped Matt had bruised some ribs with that punch.”; Neil scores his first goal!!; final score 7-9 loss (not bad tbh), and then the upperclassmen/Neil stay up all night partying like the nerds they are, I love these kids

Saturday, August 26: Kathy’s show, Neil’s 1st time on the bus, “Kevin’s smile was a brittle and bitter thing”; Kevin threatens to cut Neil off from night practices to force him to go on Kathy’s show (and Andrew laughs and calls Neil an idiot); “As complicated as Neil’s obsession with Kevin was, one truth was undeniable: he didn’t want Kevin to hate him.”; “I think of you as one half of a whole.” “At least I have room to stretch out now.” that is a SAVAGE BURN coming from Kevin wow; but then fuckface Riko appears, fuck him 5ever; “Renee was sitting sideways in Andrew’s lap, one foot braced against the ground to keep him from shoving her off”; Neil insults Riko on national television because “his temper couldn’t stomach any more of Riko’s cruelty”; Neil is actually afraid of Riko a little/lot because “Riko had the same stare that his father did: he looked at Neil and saw only flesh that knew how to bleed”; Andrew puts himself between Riko and Neil <3; back at home Andrew punches through his window; “Oh Neil, as unpredictable as he is unreal” wow Andrew you’re falling in love already aren’t you??; “running was only an option when no one was looking” & “You gave your game to Kevin. Give your back to me.”; Columbia: “Let Andrew buy you things if he wants to. He’s not usually the gift-giving type.” & “You’re one of us, which means we’ll never push you farther than you’re willing to go.” ; Andrew disappears for 30 minutes (so he goes and does the do with Roland in the back room!!!); Wymack calls with the news about Seth’s overdose (Andrew, Kevin, and Neil have too much chill about this news “keep up with the conversation” “what about the lineup” “that apathy doesn’t bode well for your sanity”); Andrew gives Neil the key

-end of book 1-

Book 1 covers 18 specific days days and spans ~5months

so @coldsaturn @glenflower and @unidentified-flying-outrage here’s the first draft!

Gruvia Week 2017

That’s right, our 5th annual Gruvia Week planning is underway in 2017! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


How does it work?

As the name says, the Gruvia Week is a whole week dedicated to Gruvia. Each day will be given a prompt­—a theme with which you can create fanarts, fanfics, fanvids, graphics or pretty much whatever you want, as long as it’s related to Gruvia.

When will it be?

It starts on April 1st and ends on April 7th every year.

How do I submit my work?

Just tag your post as #gruvia week, and all works will be reblogged by this blog. You can also use the submit box if you don’t have a Tumblr account.

What are the prompts?

You help us decide! Gruvia Week includes everyone, therefore you may submit ideas for the prompts here. Last year, we used a poll system via survey monkey to accept suggestions, but this year it’s a lot similar. Simply send a message to our ask box. We will be accepting suggestions starting today for the next 10 days (February 14th - February 23rd). Once we have the prompts ready, a post will be made announcing them.

Am I obligated to follow the prompts?

No. They are just ideas that you can choose to follow or not. You can create your own prompts if you wish. The point of the week is to spread the Gruvia love!

I couldn’t finish my work on time; can I still post it for Gruvia Week?

Of course! It doesn’t matter if you post it one month after the week ended; it will still be appreciated. The only thing you can’t do is posting the work you’ve done with a prompt before that prompt’s day.

Why hasn’t my work been reblogged by the Gruvia Week blog?

You should check if your tags are correct. We track the tag #gruvia week, so anything tagged differently might pass unnoticed. Don’t forget that a tag should be among the first five ones in a post to appear on the tracked tags, and be sure you are complying with the rules if you want to be featured on this blog.

If everything is as it should be, and yet we haven’t reblogged your work, just message us with a link (with spaces, or your ask won’t be delivered). For some bizarre reason, Tumblr doesn’t show some posts to us and that’s why we end up missing them. Just keep in mind that this blog runs on a queue and posts aren’t reblogged immediately after they are posted.

Spread the word! Submit your prompt suggestions, but please check the previous editions to avoid repeats. And most importantly, look forward to what’s next! The official Gruvia Week 2017 prompts will be posted shortly after the suggestion period has ended.