pretty much the same pic as before


The highly requested room tour is here! This has been my little corner of the universe for the past year and probably the most lovely space I’ve ever lived in. It’s pretty tiny but I don’t share it with anyone which is a delightful perk that is much welcomed after living with three girls in one room all of last year! I’ll be leaving this room in the summer but I’ll be in the same building throughout the summer months before I move out for good in the fall as I’ll be taking my talents back to the freshman quad to become a first year RA! (pics will follow that move of course) hope you all enjoy 😁


I’m reaaaallly behind on posting pics of these guys. These are from last Tuesday, and I just took some new ones today that I’ll hopefully get posted before I leave for ~Thailand~ woo, BUT… y’all, I got some tiny-ass caterpillars this year. The luna cats all pupated at exactly 4 weeks even though they were still pretty small, and it looks like the promethea cats are doing the same, though about half are still eating and growing. Kind of weird, but as long as they’re healthy, I guess? Considering how much trouble I had getting caterpillars to survive or even hatch this year, I’ll take whatever I get.

Unfortunately this means most, if not all, of the luna moths will emerge while I’m gone (I should still be able to get pics though), but I’ll be back just in time for the promethea moths to start emerging. And they will be so tiny. Soooo tiny.  

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As a totally disgusted fan who has lost almost ALL interest in OL (& respect for the ppl - plural - involved) I'm actually THRILLED you're getting to go to the premier!! Your enthusiasm following ECCC was infectious, as was your confidence they were the warm, decent couple we thought them to be. I'm glad a few shippers will be there to get a feel for them in person again. I feared w/ all the f*ckery, only known antis & a**kissers would get tickets. Enjoy! We'll look fwd to your reports & pics!

haha I think we’re in the same boat re interest. Mine is pretty much in the negatives but I’m gonna try my damnedest to rally and be excited for this, despite anything else that might happen before or during. I hope it’s a similar experience to ECCC in terms of my confidence and enthusiasm but it’s a very different event so I’m not expecting much from them, not gonna lie. esp with Lynette involved. we shall see! I’m glad others are excited for me haha, hopefully that’ll make me excited! ;)

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1, 15, 51

1, Selfie.  You would make me do this, behold the beard that desperatly needs a trim. And a glimpse of a pic of me with my niece and nephews

15. personality description, MBTI has come back as XXXX before, but mostly laid back mellow and rational

51. starsign, Tumblr I mean Cancer though they are pretty much the same thing


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What did Canada Graphs do to make the WA fandom hate him?

Here’s an example that happened recently :

But basically he regularly calls her a bitch, unfriendly & also implied on multiple occasions that everyone hates her, all because she didn’t sign autographs for him to sell. (He also regularly hates on Iris & WA)

He’s said the same thing about pretty much all the CW actresses. I know OFers hate him as well because he trashed Emily the same way before he switched to Candice. And same with Lindsey & most recently Melissa. He also THRIVES for attention so the best solution is just to ignore him.

Other instances : 

(If you want more, just search his name + candice or iris on twitter, you’ll find plenty)

Roided as fuck bros posing for a gym pic. Yeah, gotta get that post workout pump to show on film.
They weren’t always bros or as huge as that, no. One used to be overweight, the other extremely skinny. That was all before they found the JUICE GYM.
They were assigned under the same coach, and right after they got on their first free cycle, you bet all that changed, and fast. 
It’s funny how similiar they are to one another now. Both bulging with extreme muscle, both lost count of what cycle they’re on, arms looking all huge and pretty much the same, heck even the veins are alike. The truth is coach likes making them similar, like twins. Just two meatheads with a very important thing in common: MUSCLE.
Coach enjoys changing them together, so they form a bond. There’s something to be said when you grow together with another guy, watching both of you change into mindless muscle machines. The daily journey to the gym, the daily praise and miring, pushing yourselves to the limit, injecting juice on each other. Soon you’re doing everything the same, acting, dressing, saying and even thinking about the same stuff, in this case it’s usually one thing: muscle. That’s when they become true bros. And it’s no wonder why. Just imagine: putting your hand on your bro’s shoulders, feeling his huge traps while both of you flex your ridiculously huge arms, 40 inches doesn’t even begin to cut it. Pumping iron together, happily hugging each other after an exhausting gym season, feeling each of your juiced muscles pressing against one another… watching your bro flex and flex without intent as he lifts…
Coach loves watching their minds change too. It always, always starts out the same. Skinny or fat, shy and insecure. Then as soon as the muscles start popping out all over, so does their brain cells. They become more primal, agressive, cocky, in charge. A huge boost of confidence surges inside them, because when you look that fucking good you know you’re the real deal.
Many don’t want to be as big at first. Nah, just a body the ladies will like, some say. But that also changes pretty quickly. Roids make you feel and look so awesome they get hooked pretty fast. Can’t live without them anymore, really. And coach delights in pushing them to be bigger and bigger and BIGGER, no limit. Because they want to always feel like that, they make sure to follow coach’s order to the very last detail and have no choice but to end up as massive roidpigs.
Coach also likes to make them all about muscle and muscle only. Why bother with smart and complicated shit when you can simply use your body to get whatever you want and also feel amazing while doing it?  Besides, you know you will always be able to count on coach or your bro for everything.
Why bother with women too? Way too complicated, too much drama, too little muscles, not enough fucking and lifting and fun.
These are the lines of thought he seeds in their new meatheads, cause that’s what their heads are full of now, MEAT. And it does work, and how.
They love their new lives now, just thinking with their dicks and their muscles. Their muscles get them everything they could ever want, be it money or pleasure. No time worrying about the future, the now is all that matters. Just posing for a pic to be soon posted on the JUICE GYM site, with that vapid smile and empty eyes all of coach’s boys have.
Yeah, life couldn’t be better for them.
It could be the same for you too, if only you would take the leap and start your roid journey. It’s all in your hands.

People seem to like my Trollmetal Branch’s hair. I just now realized how much his hair actually reminds me of my oldest OC Puck(before he got dreads), incidentally the same color scheme as branch. These pics are like old as hell, also Puck is drawn in a style I usually reserve for quick Comics so there’s not that much detail in his face, I’m pretty sure of a drawn some trolls in this style to but I have to look in my art book.

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I love that you post so much Marilyn Monroe! She is such a role model to me, her joy and sweetness, and how childlike she was while at the same time so smart, too. Thank you for sharing her with us. When did you first become interested in her?

So glad to hear that! :^D

Same here! Her joy, kindess and determination is always such an inspiration! 

I think pretty much three years ago! I only knew very little about her before (sex symbol and alleged affair with a president) but we had three pictures of her hanging on the walls at home when I was growing up because my dad liked her. 

A TV channel showed some of her movies once because it was an anniversary of her birthday, I think. And I was curious, so I watched River of No Return, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How To Marry A Millionaire and was stunned and enchanted by her! 

Shortly after I bought a dvd collection and started following some really awesome Marilyn blogs on tumblr and already learned a lot. The last two years I’ve been reading a lot of books about her.

Btw, last year in November I was at the Marilyn exhibition in Amsterdam and got to admire a good chunk of her wardrobe, costumes and personal items in person! It was absolutely incredible!

Thats pretty much it. As I said before, they “re-created the scene” and made the pic. darker as it is in the reality. (Lily) I will double check the car. I do think its the same car in both pics.

Wonder what else will be found out there. We still don’t know the location.

So after the last week of semi hell between mouth bleeding and being just in pain. I got pretty much to this point. 

Not as far as I wanted but the background I went threw like 3 drafts/ideas before I went for a mix. Still debating on what to put in the grey area behind Riz and Meiroz but I have an idea. Just right now trying to get the lilies done. I used pics of tiger, orang and fire lilies (granted some may see them as the same but trust me when you look up each one they come up with some different flowers) and trying to decide if I wanna put the darker marks that wild tiger lilies have or just leave them be. 

Where I live wild ones grow on the sides of the road and they have the black marks. They are very pretty but still torn right now. I may put them on (but on another layer) and see if I like it by the end. 

january 5th - april 5th. 

never ever would i have considered taking a progress picture at this point in my journey, considering how much i have left. this week in particular i’ve felt pretty huge and discouraged. but today is the 3 month mark since i took my last “before.” i’ve been trying to wait until i felt slim to take an after shot, but this is as much of a mental journey as it is physical. here’s to learning to love the process. 

so here it is. same sports bra. same shorts. 3 months of weight watchers and running later. i’m not where i ultimately want to be but i am getting there. i can do it. 


These tweets might not mean anything. I thought it was kind of interesting that he answered the comic Andrea question by pretending not to understand and using a winky face. Same thing with playing dumb over the “could Beth live” thing. SG, AL, and NR have all done interviews about Beth’s death. They all seem to be going with the whole “Beth’s dead” thing. Why is the good doctor playing coy about it? He doesn’t seem like the type to troll. He also tweeted the pic of EK in her yellow polo before the MSF, then had to back peddle on it. And the thing about not being able to comment on upcoming episodes….idk. It LOOKED like his role was pretty much over since the group was leaving the hospital. Andrew J. West went on TTD after his last episode and said he didn’t know anything more about what would happen since he was off the show. It seems like maybe Erik Jensen’s role isn’t over yet.

I’m just rambling now. He was probably coached and this is probably nothing.

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So what's your takeaway from your post on the FB info? Do you think it was all a set up or is there a possibility he was really there to legitimately see her as his gf? I know it's all about the money and the big deal coming down, but this all seems like such a convoluted scheme just to make it appear like they're together. Does this make you wonder if maybe they are really dating? It just makes me sick.

Anon, I think if he was legitimately there to see her as a girlfriend there would never have been any information given out to local fan clubs that he was traveling to the area, and why. That PSA is going to get every fan in the area looking out for Sam and greatly increase his chances of being spotted. Hardly what a couple bringing home a man to meet the family for the first time would want. I should think they would want privacy instead of a media and fan circus surrounding such an occasion. And if she was his girlfriend I don’t see why the need to refer to her with such a cumbersome title as “female companion” that’s extremely impersonal, anon. And since we have ostensibly been told in the same announcement that Sam intends to travel there to join this “companion’s” family for a holiday meal I should think that the cat would be considered to be already out of the bag, so to speak, about there being a relationship- so no need to dance about with odd titles- why not just call her what she is, if that’s what she already appears to be. Unless she isn’t. So that odd style of reference to her as a “female companion” tells me that a “female companion” is all she is. Not a girlfriend. Not even a “female friend”. Not even by her name. Just a generic “female companion”. Reminds me of the generic “no one” Sam used when he went on her IG to throw some water on the fire in her comments section, and of her standing off the red carpet at the Baftas dinner.
And, it turns out that the information given to that fan group about his arrival date and plans were both wrong. Sam was spotted only leaving Glasgow on Friday and so would not have been able to join the family for their holiday dinner on Thursday. That makes it look as if someone was trying to make Sam’s appearance at that grocery on Monday look like part of a much longer trip than it actually was. For many people seeing Sam in those pics in NC on Monday whilst at the same time being told that he was there for Thursday dinner is going to make them believe that he probably was there on Thursday if there is no other competing information about his location for that day. But his being spotted in the Glasgow airport on Friday, along with his social media activity in the days before says that he wasn’t. He would have had to leave Glasgow on Wednesday to arrive in time for Thanksgiving in NC and he clearly didn’t do that.
So, anon, pretty much everything about that PSA, from the odd language that it uses to refer to Mackenzie that makes it seem to have come straight from a publicists desk, to the fact that there even WAS a PSA that claimed to be giving an inside scoop about Sam’s holiday plans to a select group of fans, all of it really doesn’t add up to a relationship for me. Quite the opposite, in fact. If there was a real relationship getting started here they would wish for privacy, not publicity.