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Lineart by @tasiams
Coloring is mine

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Viktor: I’ll stop recording so Yuuri can peacefully sleep, but ask away!

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Other people when they replay: Makes a new character, chooses a different background and class, romances someone else, chooses totally different dialogue options, takes different companions.

Me when I replay: Plays as the same character, romances the same person, chooses slightly different dialogue options, takes the love interest all the time.


scientists are saying we have about three years before all climate change effects are completely irreversible (meaning we are absolutely FUCKED). that’s just to avoid the worst of it (yes, all this shit with the fires and hurricanes is NOT the worst of it). so, i made a quick list of things people can do to start reducing their energy use and in turn, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and what not!

-line/hang dry clothing - dryers use so much energy as it is and switching to the actually makes your clothing last so much longer! aka less energy spent on manufacturing and shipping clothing.
-eat less meat - when i say this, it’s not specifically for the save the animals idea, but that is a huge bonus! factories that slaughter, process, and package meat use an insane amount of energy (another reason to switch to local as much as possible!!)
-use less hot water - wash clothes in cold water, take shorter showers (or cold ones if you can handle that)
-switch to reusable grocery bags
-efficient light bulbs
-carpool, walk, ride a bike, public transit
-unplug electronics not in use - don’t leave things charging for too long. unplug your tv when it’s not being used. 40% of an item’s energy use is spent when it’s on standby!!
-buy only what you need (look into minimalism guys, it’s real neat and saves money)
-get a reusable water bottle instead of buying cases of plastic bottles - i bought one at walmart for 98 cents and i use it every single day.
-plant your own garden or start a community garden!
-maintain air in car tires for better gas mileage
-drive instead of taking airplanes
-buy used items if they’re in good condition - why spend $20 on a shirt that you can find at goodwill for $1? same goes for books, CDs, and pretty much anything! save money AND cut down on energy use!
-yall know that saying “reduce, reuse, recycle”
-most importantly: TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT THIS ISSUE - i mean your friends, your family, your local government, everyone!!

these are all small things and it’s just a start but if we can get everyone in on habits like these, we could reduce the population’s carbon footprint by SO MUCH! we don’t wanna end up like that movie wall-e guys. this is serious!!

Shiro: I’m Japanese.

Lance: I’m Cuban.

Hunk: I’m Samoan.

Keith: I’m half-Galra. Dunno what my Dad was, but it doesn’t matter.

Pidge: Whoa, that’s so cool! I’m not entirely sure on all the details, but I’m probably, like, 25% Italian? Maybe less than that? Definitely have some British and Irish roots somewhere, maybe a little Dutch and German? A smidge of French?

The other Paladins:

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psst have you seen spiderman: homecoming yet?

yes!! I’ve really enjoyed both superhero movies that have come out this year tbh

You Know What I Love About Boku No Hero Academia?
  • this show fills me with so much goddamn motivation it’s insane
  • i’ve never been so emotionally invested so fast – i was crying in the first damned episode, and then right afterwards when all might told deku that he, too, can be a hero. i barely knew deku, but it got me so much.
  • the simplistic art style makes me want to squish deku’s cheeks also it’s just such a cute soft style which allows for dynamic and explosive action
  • these characters have their own goddamned goals, and you can bet they’re gonna damned do whatever it takes to reach them
  • amazing kickass poignant soundtrack by Yuki Hayashi, who’s also done the Haikyuu!! soundtrack
  • all the girls are Best Girls 
  • what a faithful adaptation ohmygoodness – especially the action scenes, Umakoshi (the character designer) keeps it pretty much the damned same as it is in the manga 
  • kudos to Nobuhiko Okamoto for destroying his vocal cords voicing Blasty McSplode he’s so invested in his character i’m just blown away
  • every single character (except Mineta ohgod but i’m holding out for him he does have the potential) is so lovable you’re gonna bet you’ve adopted all these kids sooner or later 
  • and they’re all so unique?? not just their Quirks, but their personalities, their designs … no one feels like a knockoff copy of another, the whole thing feels very dynamic and real
  • hello yes we have anime parents here who are involved in their kids’ lives
  • minimal fanservice that’s honestly mostly just a gag??? bless
  • does not focus exclusively on deku; while it is his story, other characters are given a fair amount of screentime as well, which adds to the dynamics as well as room for loads of character interactions and hence development 
  • Bakugou Katsuki
  • i’m so happy for Horikoshi he must be living his dream with such amazing people bringing his work to life (like Umakoshi and Yutapon to name a few)
  • villains who aren’t about petty stuff like revenge and world domination but who think society itself, and hence the system, needs to be changed in order to expose how fragile the justice system really is 
  • no deus ex machinas here folks it’s all about what you can do and if you can’t do it you’re gonna pay the price (well i mean you could argue about deku vs shinsou but shhh)
  • all these characters are so vibrant and exploding with personality it’s like locking yourself in an ice cream parlor and going insane 
  • females don’t take the back seat 
  • you can do anything if you let yourself, if you believe in yourself, if it’s what you want with all your heart and soul, you can do it and you will do it
  • older characters like coaches and teachers and even the pro heroes aren’t just figures of respect, the show actually makes fun of them and lowers them down to the same level as the kids so we can actually connect with them instead of them being these daunting, stiff-upper lip characters 
  • work hard, shed tears and sweat and blood and you can literally be anything you want to be, there is no limit to what you can achieve
  • class 1-A is a goddamned family you better bet they’re gonna show up at each other’s weddings 
  • bless this series what a gem 
  • bless Horikoshi what a gem thank you so much for creating this series
  • for telling me that I can do anything
  • and for filling me with such raw hope and inspiration that my chest literally aches with it
  • thank you 

she had the world || panic! at the disco

there he is, that space defending dude keith

I just keep picturing something like this happening. Like Lance is pretty badly hurt and Allura can’t get him into a pod yet, so she has to keep him from passing out…so of course she brings up the one thing he can talk about for hours. Allura listening to Lance speak about Keith with so much love just makes her tear up.



Print & vinyl stickers (stickers are transparent!) for Fan Expo Toronto at table A37! This is the first in a long time, where I’ve become so heavily invested in a series SO darn fast!! you can see a PROGRESS of this drawing HERE

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btas jay sketches for kal @kalreyno

(also before anyone says anything: yes this robin is technically called tim and theoretically an amalgamation of tim and jason, but pretty much all he got from tim was his name and having some interest in batman before meeting him, but personality and backstory are p much all jason so)

(click for clearer image!)


“ Ah- they’re actually right! “

andriel au:

Canon is pretty much the same but:

Neil and Andrew first meet in Oakland where Neil is enrolled in the local high school going by the named Alex.

Andrew is still with the Spears at this point and he becomes fascinated with Alex. After a few weeks they slowly become friends.

Alex finds out about Andrew’s scars and why he cuts, Alex lets Andrew believe he’s in the Witness Protection Program.

Andrew finds out about Aaron and talks about what he should do with Alex.

Mary finds out that Neil has been spending a lot of time with Andrew so she tells him that they have to leave.

Alex tells Andrew he’s leaving but that Andrew should stay safe.

The day after Alex leaves Oakland Andrew winds up in juvy.

A few months pass and Andrew winds up in Columbia with Aaron and Tilda. Seattle happens for Neil and he buries Mary in California.

Neil makes his way to Columbia because that’s where a safe house and a stash of fake id’s are.

Andrew kills Tilda and Nicky gets custody of the Twins.

Neil, going by Stephen, works as a busboy at Sweeties and meets Nicky.

Neil then sees Andrew for the first time in over a year.

They talk about what’s happened to them the past year.

Andrew: “I killed Tilda”

Stephen: “I figured. That was sloppy, you could have gotten yourself killed.”

Aaron instantly hates Stephen-for pretty much the same reasons as canon.

One night Nicky asks Stephen to come out to Eden’s Twilight with them. Stephen agrees and Andrew shoves a bag of clothes at Stephen:

Andrew: “Wear these.”

Stephen: “What I’m wearing is fine.”

Andrew: “It’s disgusting and I won;t be seen out in public with someone who looks homeless.”

They get to Eden’s Twilight and when they’re leaving a bunch of guys jump Nicky and Stephen helps Andrew beat the guys half to death.

When the cops show up Andrew tells Stephen to run because by this point Andrew knows that he’s not really in Witness Protection.

Andrew takes the fall for beating all the guys but Stephen makes sure that Andrew has the best lawyer money can buy and gets Andrew off with mandatory therapy and community service instead of the medication.

A week later Stephen sees on of his fathers men in Columbia and realizes he has to run.

At this point Andrew already turned down the Ravens and Coach Wymack just offered him a place at Palmetto. Stephen tells Andrew to take it when he tells him about it. Andrew forces Stephen to take a phone so they can keep in touch when Stephen runs off again.

Andrew: “You can’t run forever.”

Stephen: “I know.”

Andrew winds up at Palmetto with Nicky and Aaron.

Stephen, now Neil Josten, winds up at Millport and decides to join the Exy team. Neil and Andrew text occasionally, with Neil just letting Andrew know that he’s alive and whatnot. They open up a lot more over text and Andrew complains to Neil when he makes his deal with Kevin.

Andrew: “I’m going to kill him.”

Neil: “Don’t kill him. I don’t feel like bailing your short ass out of jail again”

Andrew: “Fuck off.”

Neil and Kevin were also-actually-childhood friends who’ve known each other for years before Neil went on the run.

Neil won’t tell Andrew where he is, but one morning Neil gets a text from Andrew telling him not to run. Neil is confused, but Andrew won’t text him back.

Two days later Wymack shows up at Millport.

Neil runs and Andrew hits him with his racket.

Andrew: “I told you not to run, rabbit”

Neil: “Fuck off.”

Wymack: “Do you know each other?”

Andrew: “I’ve never met Neil Josten in my life”

Andrew convinces Neil to sign with the Foxes and then canon remains pretty much the same except Neil and Andrew are close straight off the bat.


tbh these are still 2 of my fave homestuck doodles ive ever done
these are like probably 2 years old by now i think