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Fingertips kiss prompt with Bucky, please?

Follow-up to this!

5. Fingertips kiss + Bucky

Counting from the very beginning, it’s the 6th city they pass through and the 3rd city where they allow themselves to settle down for more than a night. 

She’s getting so good at pickpocketing random people on the street that they get enough money to pay for 3 nights in a fairly good hotel by the road, a hotel with a bathtub and warm blankets and a fluffy mattress which she beams about for 3 hours nonstop. 

Their routine is pretty much the same though. 

Wake up, check the perimeter, check weapons and supplies, go out to get even more supplies and maybe do something…fun when she’s feeling giddy enough. That means almost always, despite the situation they’re in. 

His nights also remain the same and he highly doubts that it’ll ever change. 

He’s just had the best Saturday night he could’ve asked for, filled with tasty takeout food, good music playing through the room’s small radio and her constant giggles whenever she tried to dance. 

Nothing between them in that day could possibly indicate that they’re HYDRA’s fugitives. 

But that doesn’t stop his mind from dreaming about it, dreaming about them. Again

And he hates to wake her up because she worries about him and he knows that she’ll do anything to help him, even staying the whole night up just to keep himself away from his mind. 

Like she’s doing now. 

“Are you even listening to me, Barnes?” She scolds him playfully with a smirk pulling her lips and Bucky can’t help but smile back, albeit a tad weaker. “I’m here pouring my heart out to you about this mattress and you aren’t even listening!”

“’M sorry, doll.” Bucky mumbles and shifts slightly on the bed, tucking his metal hand under his chin as she just raises her eyebrows. “It’s a very nice mattress though.”

She giggles softly and rolls her eyes, bringing her body closer to his so they’re facing each other fully. 

“You okay?” (Y/N) whispers, sounding careful and hesitant until he nods in response because, surprisingly, he is

Well, at least as okay as someone like him can be. 

“I’ve had worst.” He replies calmly and watches her frown, still looking worried for him and about him even though he knows he doesn’t deserves it. “I'm fine, (Y/N).”

He expects her to snap at him with a witty comeback. But instead, she just scoops herself closer to him and reaches out to his metal hand, pressing quick kisses to his fingertips as all he can do is just stare. Admire

“Then I’m fine too.”