pretty much the best warm up ever

Got7: attacking them w/ kisses

Mark: this tall tree will be knocked off balance by your sudden jumping at him. After securing you in his arms to make sure you wouldnt fall on top of him, he’ll be confused yet cheerful when you press kisses all along his jaw and with a final kiss to his nose, he smiles down at you, “what this about, y/n?” High key blushes and forgets what he’s going to say after you respond with a simple “nothing :))))”

Jaebum:  confused puppy bum is confused. He’d think that you wanted something from him to get this sort of affection out of you, so he’s sus!!!! Holds you tightly in his arms after you made sure to press kisses all along his face, and narrows his eyes when you smile sheepishly. “I could get used to this, y/n, but I gotta know what I did to deserve that ;;;;;;”

Jackson:  would rather be the one kissing you all over, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that doesn’t like it wink wonk. Gets excited and starts screeching if you literally jump on top him and tackle him w/ kisses, even when he doesn’t know what tf you’re up to. Might playfully wrestle w/ you on the ground and starts a tickle war rip.

Jinyoung:  forgets all about what he was doing and happily accepts your attack hugs and kisses. He isn’t used to this surprise burst of affection so his lil heart will skip a beat and he won’t even bother asking anything. Silently hums in your hair and smiles into the crook of your neck so you won’t see his cheesy smile and how much of an effect you had on him.

Youngjae:  happy!!! confused!!! giggly!!!! Youngjae is gonna lift you up from the ground as soon as he gets to hold you and you won’t even get the chance to pepper his cute face w/ kisses tbh he’s too excited. He does this all the time to you so you’re pretty used to it, and his warm embraces are the best. He’d laugh when you scrunch your nose in defeat, “you should know to never ever sneak up on me, is2g”

Bambam:  starts screaming in confusion? I think??? Just lots of hoarse screaming and unstoppable laughter from the both of you bc this is what makes your relationship amusing. Probably smacks your butt and starts laughing hysterically when you smack his in return. He loves receiving any from of affection from you, as it always never fails to make his day.

Yugyeom:  stays silent and frozen in place while you jump around, all hyper and cute. Blinks several times before collecting himself and smiles so wide at your puppy-like behavior. Tbh he won’t know if you’re being genuinely loving or just fooling around w/ him, so he’ll say some cheesy shit and have you blushing unexpectedly.

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can people stop pretending that azula stood any chance whatsoever of winning during sozin’s comet?

because azula stood no chance of winning during sozin’s comet. none at all.

even if she were at the very top of her game, like, i-just-conquered-ba-sing-se game, it would’ve done very little to change the outcome.

in fact, azula would’ve gone down far more quickly, since zuko wouldn’t have agreed to an agni kai, and katara would’ve been involved since the start and SHE WOULD’VE WRECKED AZULA.


but mars, i hear you say, what abt the comet? you mean that comet that gives all firebenders increased power? including zuko? he’d have countered any advantage azula may have gotten from the comet (but, lbr, katara wouldn’t have actually needed him for that, more likely that zuko would’ve been stuck taking care of all the guards and staff that stable!azula wouldn’t have banished).

but mars, you continue, azula has been considered a prodigy since a young age, while katara was doing nothing! you mean the young age at which azula had every possible tutor and teacher available to a firebending princess? while katara, the only remaining waterbender of her tribe, had to fend for herself while also taking up all the responsibilities of her recently deceased mother?

well, okay, you grumble, but azula mastered lightning at age fourteen, katara didn’t achieve anything extraordinary! ah, yes, my favourite argument. at age fourteen azula was a firebending master, after a lifetime of training by the best the fire nation could offer.

at fourteen katara was a waterbending master, after a MONTH (at MOST) with a teacher and a few weeks of learning from scrolls.

katara has, in a matter of months, gone from “lol, i can’t even make a wave“ to being at the same level as extremely, extremely talented people with YEARS more practice than her.

katara has, on her first try, bested a MASTER with a skill she invented (compare that with ”azula’s nearly perfect”).

like, think what u want, but the simple, indisputable fact is that katara is the single MOST POWERFUL BENDER IN THE SERIES.

the only people that might stand a chance against her are toph (and that depends solely on the earth to water ratio of their environment), and aang in the avatar state, and even that is only because katara won’t bloodbend.


just think of what could’ve been if bryke hadn’t decided that katara should spend the rest of her life as someone’s shadow. just think how AMAZING katara could’ve been if she had a chance to reach her full potential. just THINK as to how more interesting further stories in the atla-verse would’ve been if katara hadn’t been replaced with a stepford wife.

seriously, who is that? do you honestly expect me to believe that that sad, scared, passionless, ambitionless, agreeable arm-candy is katara?

but, that’s going off topic.

tl;dr: katara and azula had fought multiple times, even when azula was at her best, and until they were interrupted, every single time, katara was winning*

Let me repeat that: even when azula was at her best, katara was winning. and pretty convincingly at that.

so y’all can just stop comparing azula and katara and having katara come up short, like the only, really only single thing azula beats katara in is how much influence she holds over zuko.

but, since u kno, book 4 never happened, and zuko and katara literally never ever spoke to one another after the comet, nothing ever came of that particular parallel.**

*also interesting to note, every time katara would immobilize her in water, even in book 2

**passionate, impulsive, warm katara and detached, calculating, cold azula as the principal female figures in zuko’s life (i’m not counting ursa bc she only exists in flashbacks) and again, bc zuko & katara aren’t even friends after the comet, nothing ever came from this

His messy work clothes were gone, replaced by clinging black fabric and mesh. The material seemed to sparkle as he flipped his hands over to examine it and there were crystals adorning one hip and the opposite shoulder. Yuuri did his best not to panic immediately. “Phichit! This—this is, uhh, I can’t wear this! …What even is this?!”

“It’s hot, that’s what that is!” Phichit chirped in response, smile stretched clear across his face. “You’ll have the prince seduced in a second flat in that!”

“I don’t want to seduce him!” Yuuri protested, flushing at the thought. He wrapped his arms around himself, feeling exposed with the slit of mesh traveling up part of his chest. “And this really isn’t ball appropriate wear! What else are you going to make me wear, glass heels!?”

Phichit’s expression twisted in confusion. “Why would I give you glass heels, do you know how uncomfortable that would be for a ball? Hell no.”

Like a Fairytale, by lucycamui. 73412 words (complete), rated T.

I’m not sure what sort of rock you’ve been living under if you haven’t read Like a Fairytale yet but if you haven’t read this you really need to. It is the fic equivalent of biting into a really sweet cream puff in a soft pastel cafe in Paris with fairy lights all over the ceiling. It is a mug of hot cocoa that will warm your heart in the best ways. Each chapter ending will leave you wanting more. It’s pretty much the fuzziest and sweetest Cinderella AU I’ve read in any fandom, ever.

Queen’s Gambit- Chapter 3

I Hate the Name Claudel 

Claire let the events of the past hour go leaning back in a daze as Jamie’s warmth seeped into her, and, lulled by the gentle rocking of the horse, let herself relax, her head thumping against his chest as they made their way down the mountain.

As they rode, the companionable silence would be broken by scatterings of conversations among the other men, discussing the preparations for upcoming matches. Jamie listened but did not comment.

“Not on the team, are you?” Claire asked trying to puzzle out the connections between them.

“Ah, polo? Nay. I am a fair rider, mind, but no, I am a trainer, mostly horses, ken but sometimes mules and donkeys, though a few of those are of the two legged variety.” Claire snorted.

“Are you by any chance associated with Fraser’s Friesians?” Claire suddenly realized the significance of his last name. The stables were known everywhere for dressage.

“Aye, one and the same. Though we breed and board lots of different animals and train for more than just the fancy stepping. I train pack animals to ride backwoods trails and mules and dogs for therapy and work. We also bring the dogs to visit the hospital and rehab centers too.”

“Oh, I think I saw a recent visit at Children’s Hospital, the children were so happy and the dogs were very loving.” She said.

“That would have been Jenny, my sister, she takes the dogs round for visits every two or three weeks. She says whenever her husband Ian is getting on her nerves it gives her proper perspective.” Claire laughed.

“And you are working with the National Polo Club this season?” She asked.

“A wee bit. I travel a fair amount with the work I do so I canna commit to a full season. Do ye ken much about the sport?” He asked.

“Not a thing, except there are horses and mallets and tall boots.” Claire admitted.

“Aye, true enough. The horses are called ponies but they arna’. A good polo pony is verra fast, smart but needs to be taught the sport, same as the rider, or maybe more so because they are switched out every few minutes and so a pairing of horse and rider changes often. The horse has to respond correctly even when the rider is unfamiliar and gives imperfect signals. So, I come in and work wi’ them so they keep sharp.” Claire was looking straight ahead but could feel his smile nevertheless.

“Today though, had nothing to do with polo? I mean you are all a bit far from a field up here, aren’t you?” she asked. He grunted in acknowledgement.

“Ach, I have a string of horses I’m breaking for trail riding. Dougal is my uncle, Rupert my cousin, ken? So out here in the mountains I’m no’ the owner of Fraser’s Friesians and they’re no’ the best polo riders to come out of Scotland in a decade. We’re just lads out for an afternoon of fun.”

“Do you like your work?”

“Aye, I do. We’re still building the bloodlines – cattle cost dear, ye ken? But my life is my own and I like to think I do a bit of good in the process.”

“It sounds lovely, you have a unique skill set.” She complimented.

She shifted a bit, trying to get comfortable. The movement made Jamie notice things about Mistress Beauchamp he had not been aware of before.

“Ach, no’ really just a little exotic maybe for the times we live in. No so impressive as the doctoring ye do.” He said and Claire inclined her head in acknowledgement.

Their sunny day was fast disappearing in a windy rush of clouds overhead that had the temperature cooling considerably. Jamie could see goosebumps appear along her arms. He pulled her to him, adjusting her seat to ease her position.

“Better?” he asked. She nodded.

Neither of them commented on the fact that she was now sitting pretty much on his lap. Jamie because, despite the fact that between her lovely round arse lodged firmly between his legs and the smell of her hair in his nose, he was in danger of getting an erection which the kilt would only hide for so long, she was the best thing he’d ever held in his arms. Claire because she felt like she had just curled up into a furnace and reveled in the solid, warm heat of him.

An hour later, the stables came into view. Cell service was regained and Claire was able to reach Joe on his mobile to arrange for a ride back to her flat.

After bidding the riding group goodbye, Jamie settled her on the small sofa in his office to await her friend while he tended to the horses, allowing the rhythmic movement of curry comb calm his jumbled thoughts but his mind kept turning again and again to Claire Beauchamp. Finally he tossed the comb down with a sigh.

“Mi’lord?” came a surprised inquiry in a bit of a French accent.

“Fergus, lad, can ye put Donas in the paddock and see that Thistle’s hoof is tended to?”

“Where are you going?”

“To see if I can talk a lass into a date.”

“A date, with wh– oh in your office? The lady with the big —” Fergus made a bawdy gesture in front of his chest. Jamie smiled before he caught himself and schooled his features to a more respectful neutral.

“Her name is Claire, and as she is indeed a lady, ye can keep yer mind out of the gutter, wee little gomeral, ken?”

“Oui, Mi’lord!” and all but muscled Jamie out of the way and off in the direction of his office.

Jamie had long since given up trying to get Fergus to call him Jamie. It had started years before. Fergus was one of several children participating in a community service program at the stables. They were part of a special group of at risk youth who spent time at Frasers caring for the animals, training them, being responsible for their needs.

It was one of Jamie’s favorite endeavors. For most of their lives these kids had not been asked to take initiative or responsibility. Most knew about dogs, of course, but not given the chance to work one on one teaching them specific tricks and very few had contact with larger animals.

During the first couple of weeks, this boy had been very quiet, withdrawn.

Jamie had learned a bit about all of them, that was part of the process.

His name was Claudel. His mother had moved here from Paris following a boyfriend when he was around ten and he was fourteen when he first came to the stables. Increasingly getting into trouble, shoplifting, petty theft, hanging out with an older, more troublesome crowd.

After being caught joyriding in someone else’s car, he was offered a diversion program instead of jail. His protection officer had recommend Frasers for his community service hours.

As the weeks progressed, Jamie watched him. He was very good with the horses. Donas, who was a prima donna and difficult for anyone but Jamie or Murtagh to manage, tolerated Fergus very well and Jamie trusted the instincts of the animals.

He also had very clever hands, which Jamie discovered after Fergus had picked his pocket, taking a small metal pin, called a snake, which fit the latch mechanism of the paddock gate. He needed that pin but he also wanted to help the kid.

“Claudel, is it? That’s my snake!” Jamie grabbed the snake back.

“I hate that name,” he retorted, rigid and white with apprehension, thinking his next stop would be a police car.

“Mmmph,” Jamie considered, trying to find a way to connect with the boy.

“Well, I dinna have to call ye that but I must call ye something. How about Fergus?”

“Fergoose?” He responded in his lingering Parisian accent.

Jamie nodded and so did Fergus. Jamie then surprised him with a proposal to hire him to work at the stables after school, during weekends and breaks.

The offer was so welcome and unexpected that the newly christened Fergus had exclaimed, “Dieu soit loue!” an expression of habit he used with some frequency.

Over time Fergus applied it to Jamie himself, anglicized and shortened, to Mi’lord.

In the half-dozen or so years since, Fergus had been by Jamie’s side as he built the international reputation of the stables. As his mother grew more and more unstable, Fergus started living with Jamie. After she died, he changed his last name to Fraser.

An unfortunate accident while in the line of duty resulted in Fergus’s losing his left hand. He’d saved Jamie’s life that day and Jamie and Jenny had rallied around him to support him as best they could under his new circumstances. They’d not let him wallow in self-pity but forced him back to work as soon as they may, mostly to give him confidence that he would find a new future.

The injury had limited his horse tending duties but resulted in discovering what an exceptionally gifted riding coach Fergus was. He was light boned, incredibly graceful and sat atop a horse as if the the manor born.

More importantly, clients respected him enormously, he had the haughty disposition of a nobleman condescending to impart some of the wisdom running through his blue blood.

The irony of the entire matter was that as Fergus picked up more clients on the continent, he came to the attention of the family of the Comte St. Germain. Claudel St. Germain might– or might not– be the first son of the recently deceased Comte and his first wife– a circumstance which was of grave importance to the current widow and second son of the Comte.

The investigation and attendant court battle, none of which Fergus had much interest in, had been raging this past year and a half. No one in high society knew what to make of this extraordinary turn of events. How does one address a former one-handed stable boy turned riding coach and possible heir to one of the greatest fortunes in Europe?

As a result, Jamie and Fergus, who had been familiar sights at equine functions for several years found themselves now welcomed in all the society functions surrounding them as well and with open arms. No one wanted to be on the wrong side of a perceived insult to either Fraser.

Both Frasers, though, still spent a good part of each day generally razzing on one another. Neither of them- Lord Broch Tuarach nor the putative Comte St. Germain– took their titles seriously.

After all, horse shite needs to be mucked out of the stable no matter what name is stamped on the back of the man holding the pitchfork.

Fergus now watched as Jamie made his way into the main offices adjacent to the paddock. He had observed that while Mi’lord was generally a great judge of horseflesh, he knew squat about women.

When he dated, he had the unfortunate habit of picking immature, superficial types, ones whose personalities would start to grate just as soon as the flirting attraction wore off.

The woman he rode in with was something else entirely. She was attractive to be sure, beautiful pale skin, lovely figure and a smile that reached her eyes but she was no model.

She also, in a refreshing change, was witty, exchanging banter as the clan all rode in and clearly holding her own.

He watched from the paddock some time later as she was escorted to her friend’s car and smiled in satisfaction as she and Mi’lord exchanged their contact information.

☪ Solar Eclipse with Peter ☪

☼ okay let’s be honest this boy is a grade A science space nerd

 ☼ but everyone knows that right? Wrong. 

☼ everyone thinks he’s that geek kid that plays with star wars action figures and while that part is true it wasn’t the whole story

 ☼ no he was actually fasinated by space real space he loved everything about it and he really loved learning new stuff about it and he really really really loved experiencing it 

 ☼ he went to a space museum for his birthday it’s canon 

☼ he also really loves astrology and constilations and he’s really into horoscopes but I’ll get into that another time 

☼when you first met Peter you knew he was a dork after all that’s what made you drawn to him 

☼ but this oh this was a whole new level of geeky-ness even for you and Ned

 ☼ I’m talking researching months ahead of time for the best view in town 

☼ of course it was almost two hours away 

 ☼ buying those glasses 

☼ him literally jumping up and down when he got them in the mail 

☼ Tony offered him his penthouse for the night 

 ☼ yeah it was a good view but it wasn’t the best 

 ☼ after you heard this you were totally and utterly mad at him 

 ☼ “Peter! You’re telling me we could’ve watched it at THE Tony Starks hou- no mansion and that wasn’t good enough?”

 ☼ “Trust me (y/n) I know what I’m doing! I just want to experience it the best way I could with you.”

 ☼ this warmed your heart and you realized how much it meant to him and gave in 

 ☼ “okay you got me, but how are we going to convince May to drive us all the way up there?" 

☼ "Don’t you worry you’re pretty little head, I got this!" 

 ☼ "Please, please, pleeease, Aunt May! I larb you with all my heart! This is all I ever wanted in my life! I’ll never ask for anything ever again!”

 ☼ after a quick stop to Mr. Delmar’s for some snacks

 ☼ matching glow in the dark solar eclipse shirts for everyone this is a real thing o k

 ☼ “I don’t like the way mine looks on me” “Here take my hat, it gives me all the confidence I need.” “Stop Ned, you look beautiful (y/n).” “Thanks Petey.”

 ☼ many Peter dad jokes Parker moments

 ☼"Why didn’t the sun go to college?“ "Why Peter?”  "It already had a million degrees! hahahaha!“ 

 ☼"How does the man in the moon cut his hair? Eclipse it!" 

 ☼ "Peter, dude it’s not that funny." 

 ☼ "Hey! shut up Ned. It’s funny right (y/n)?”

 ☼ a session of karoke curtiosty to Aunt May’s iPod 

 ☼ “Maaayy driver faster we’re going to miss it!!!” “Peter, if I hear one more word from you I’m turning this car around and we’re going home.” “…sorry…" 

☼ Can’t forget about Peter’s random facts 

 ☼ "Did you guys know Orb Weaver spiders dismantle their webs when the moon crosses over and rebuilds them once the sun comes out again?” “Guys!!! did you not hear me?" 

 ☼ you reach your destination and you honestly didn’t expect this many people 

☼ Peter couldn’t get out the car faster he literally jumped on your lap and fell out when you opened the door "Oww!” “Sorry babe." 

☼ there were people on their phones ready to take pictures, people in the beds of their trucks, people laid down on the ground, and Peter and Ned talking to to a news castor, Aunt Ma- wait what Peter and Ned talking to a news castor? "So wait, they actually disregard all of their webs and start clean?” “Yup, right from the beginning! Cool isn’t it?”

 ☼ Ned and Peter made their way back to you “See he thought my spider facts were cool!" 

 ☼ Ned and May eventually found somewhere to settle down and set up the blankets on the ground

 ☼ Peter started explaining everything that was going to happen and honestly you weren’t paying much attention to what he was saying

 ☼ in fact for the first time in probably forever you didn’t understand a word he was saying 

 ☼ no not a bit you were to fasinated by the way he was talking

 ☼ the exciment on his face 

☼ his hands flaying around

 ☼ the way his eyes lit up

 ☼ him laughing at another one of his own dumb pun jokes

 ☼ then suddenly it got dark and cold fast 

 ☼ "oh here babe! Fast put these on, we don’t want you hurting those beautiful eyes.”

 ☼ once you put on your glasses you understood it was amazing

 ☼ “I’m sorry I’ve been acting like a whiny baby. I’m really happy you brought us, me." 

 ☼ "How could I not bring my favorite girl?”

 ☼ “Wow it’s so beautiful.” “So beautiful.” “Peter, that’s so cliche. Now stop looking at me! I did not come all this way for you to stare at me, we could’ve done that in your room." 

 ☼ "Hmm, true.” He stood behind you with his head on top of yours and his arms wrapped around you. Nothing can get better than this.

 i rushed with this bc im done with everything but hey pls spare me I wanted to get this up earlier this is my first time writing something like this so pls be nice and if this works out maybe I’ll do the astrology one and the road trip one too but we will see o k 

nights--light  asked:

you should give our boys a break and do no.6 brotzly because i’m your favourite and you love me

6. lazy morning kisses before they’ve even opened their eyes, still mumbling half-incoherently, not wanting to wake up

Dirk was not a morning person Todd had found. But really neither was he. This fact meant they often woke around the same time and instead of either of them getting up they’d lay in bed for a while. It often made them late for work, which annoyed Farah. But today was Saturday and they had no cases. It was a rare day off when they had nothing at all they needed to do. And Dirk was still fast asleep and snoring lightly as the sun glowing through the curtain brought Todd out of his state between sleeping and awake. He pulled a hand out from under him and patted the space beside him to find Dirk. He found Dirk’s hand laying on the bed between them and threaded their fingers together before moving close enough that he could rest his head on Dirk’s shoulder.

“You ‘wake?” He mumbled, pressing a kiss to Dirk’s bare shoulder, not wanting to open his eyes just yet.

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Conflict of Interests - Part II

Requests:  Please do a part 2 of “conflict of interests” I really loved it!!

OHMYGOD “Conflict of Interests” was soooo gooood!!!! Pleeease weite part 2❤❤

Conflict of interest. I loved it. Loved the tension, loved the agony, omg the feels. Could you by any means write a second part? Please please please. 😘😘😘

“Conflict of Interests” was so awesome! It would be so great if you could turn it into a series, I mean, I could literally beg you for it! Lots of love <3

Word Count: 1,465

Part 1

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Despite all your friends agreeing that you were right and understanding you wanting to be as far from Sirius as possible, you still couldn’t get past what happened during breakfast. Several girls came up to you, some thanking you for speaking up for their broken hearts others telling you how foolish you were for rejecting the hottest boy in school. Everyone kept reminding you of what happened, even your friends with their worried looks and their attempts to spend time with you and Sirius separately, but even if people didn’t keep reminding you, you would still remember it.

Sirius’ words would haunt you at night, and sometimes even during the day. Whenever you talked to someone, his voice echoed in your head telling you how awful you were and how you only had three friends. You hated yourself for letting his words get to you, it didn’t make sense that you would care about what he said when you pretty much despised him, yet you had carried his hateful words with you ever since he spoke them.

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okay so me and @thelast-dodo are crying over musically inclined + adhd Lance McClain, and just voltron characters + music in general so I just…

•  Lance is great with string instruments, especially the ukulele and the guitar
•  He’s had an undying love for the ukulele since he was like 9 because he managed to strum a chord and half his family cheered and his dad stuck a sticker on his cheek
•  Both his guitar and uku are a mess of bumps and dings, and they’re both plastered with stickers all over
•  He plays when he’s stressed
•  He plays when everybody else is stressed, too
•  He’s constantly strumming similar patterns when morale’s low and urging the others to input their own lyrics, anything at all
•  “C’mon, Keith, you usually never shut up!” “Aw, please, Allura, I never hear you sing!” “Shiro you know you wanna”
•  Hunk’s the first to try it out, and pretty much after that they’re doing their best to sing something even slightly coherent
•  It’s never coherent, ever, but that makes it extra fun
•  Lance has so many lyrics stuck in his head at all times
•  Lyrics he doesn’t understand ‘You’re a constellation and stars mean everything to me, you’re the sun and being warm is everything to me-’ and lyrics he does understand ‘Playin’ word catch with you is like a dream, I’ll tell you-’ and lyrics that chime and ding and lyrics that feel like sparklers and feel like Summer or scarves or cat purrs
•  He makes up songs all the time and he knows he has a good voice so goddamnit, he’s gonna sing all the time if he wants to!
•  Keith is the first to learn one of his songs off by heart and gosh, can those two boys harmonise
•  It nearly brings Lance to tears when Keith’s able to join in with one of his songs all the way through, he hadn’t been expecting it
•  There are notes everywhere with stray lyrics on them
•  Hunk starts collecting them first, and putting them in Lance’s room for safe keeping
•  Soon enough everybody’s doing that too
•  Sometimes Keith and Lance are handing out in Lance’s room, Lance strumming away absently and Keith just letting the sound wash over him
•  Lance’s words might get stuck and Keith just pulls a suitable lyric from his notes and sings it, and the song carries on
•  Lance’s music is sporadic and unpredictable in every way, and moves and changes unexpectedly
•  His train of thought changes a lot while he’s thinking about the music and the words together
•  Allura once asked if that was how Earth music worked normally. Shiro just grinned at her. “No, that’s just how Lance music works.”
•  The boy cant read sheet music for the life of him, he just kinda knows where chords fit together and the boy just gets it without really getting it
•  Pidge once called him the “Mozart of the ukulele” but Keith rejected that real quick, because Mozart relied on sheet music, and anyway, Lance is the Lance of the ukulele because nobody else can play like Lance can
•  Lance blushes at that. A lot.

asdfghjkl; I love my music family, guys

Best Dad ever!

Hands down one of my favorite characters, and show I ever saw growing up. The love they showed between Darkwing and his adopted Daughter was so heart warming and believable.

Growing up, I hadn’t realized that the whole show was primarily built around watching these two interact and develop together. They go even farther in the comic books to show that she is pretty much his whole world, and he would not be the same without her. <3


I just want to say thank you guys s O much for 500 followers !!! that’s honestly crazy bc this blog is like a month old thank you all so so s o much but onto the AU, it’s time for our hope, our sunshine, our J-Hope  

  • Everyone loves him
  • He remembers everyone’s orders and their names and it makes him that much more liked amongst the customers bc it feels like you’re just hanging out with a friend
  • Honestly some people come just to talk to him bc he’s so !!!
  • He’s definitely one of their most social workers like when he’s not there people are like ??? hey man where’s bubbly kid at
  • He also makes some really nice coffee and he always includes a free cookie bc he just wants to make everyone’s day a bit better
  • He normally works the morning shift bc he’s the only one cheery enough for it
  • You’re one of the regulars and he happens to lowkey (not lowkey at all) have a crush on you
  • You also lowkey have a crush on him
  • When you two first meet, you’d had a really bad day and you had dried tears on your cheeks and you’d seen the café and remembered your friends say they have the best coffee so you decide to go for it
  • When you go in, you’re immediately greeted with the aroma of coffee and freshly baked desserts and it kinda helps calm you down a bit
  • He gives you his usual wide smile but it falters when he notices the tears and the way you sniffle before you talk
  • He doesn’t comment on it until he’s walking your coffee out to you
  • It's pretty late so no one’s really there so he can get away with sitting next to you and his voice isn’t the usual upbeat loud voice bc he understands now’s not the time for that
  • His voice just gets really soft and he hands you a cupcake and you’re like I didn’t order this??? and he just gives you a lil smile and is like “it looks like you need it”
  • You just smile back and he launches into this story about the time he spilled coffee all over his white shirt five minutes before he went on a date
  • You somehow find yourself laughing along with him bc he makes these voices when he’s talking and he knows how to laugh at himself 
  • You’re actually really grateful you bumped into him bc you completely forget about your bad day
  • You end up coming back the next time you have a rough day and he surprisingly still remembers you even though it’s been like a month since you’ve been there
  • This time he sits even closer to you and offers a hug and you’re just like you know what a hug is perfect rn and you two just end up sitting there hugging and he seems like the type of hugger to just hold you close and stroke your hair and he’s so warm and he does kinda smell like coffee but also like sweets and his cologne and it’s actually really nice
  • He gives you his number and tells you to text him or call him whenever you need cheering up “or just you know, if you ever wanna talk about like plants or music or anything, I’m always up for a conversation”
  • You two somehow end up becoming best friends
  • You go to the café pretty much everyday bc you always get free coffee and a “special” cupcake
  • “What’s so special about it?”
  • “I added in a touch of love when they made it”
  • “I’m leaving”
  • He has a million and one bad coffee puns and just bad jokes in general and he’s not afraid to tell you all of them
  • “Hobi if you make one more pun or tell one more joke I will walk out of this café”
  • “…hey Y/N, why’d the chicken cross the road”
  • You never end up actually leaving the café though bc it’s Hobi and you secretly love his horrible jokes
  • You also somehow end up dating??? like when did that happen no one knows tbh
  • He kinda nonchalantly asks you to come over to the café after hours to help him clean up but he’s all done by the time you get there and he feels bad so he takes you out to dinner so you wouldn’t have driven all the way out (even though it’s like a five minute drive from your apartment) for nothing
  • He’s sat next to you in the lil booth at the restaurant and he finds himself really wanting to lean in and kiss you bc being alone with his crush is something new and so he kinda just does it and you kiss back
  • He confesses right after and it’s honestly the cutest thing bc he speaks so quickly and is trying to find the right things to say 
  • “I like the way your hair always smells really nice…wait no that’s creepy, I really like the way you smile. Yeah that’s better”  
  • When he comes into work the next day he’s extra happy and everyone’s smiling even wider bc like a happy hobi means a happy café
  • Now when you go to the café, you get a free coffee and a kiss from your boyfriend ten points for you go you

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Summary: Reborn still has a job to do. Tsuna makes it impossible.

Continuation to this part.

“This is Tsuki,” Tsuna introduces to Reborn. It’s pretty clear the baby hitman isn’t going to be leaving anytime soon so it’s best to get the introductions sorted out first.

“Tsuki,” Reborn repeats flatly, eyeing the black cat dubiously. “Cute.”

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wobbleturtle  asked:

AHH THANKYOU FOR REPLYING TO MY LAST ASK~! I heard that you both like these guys.. so could I also request some Niles and Shura relationship headcanons with a female s/o? It can be Fluff, angst, both- anything like that would be great. Thanks! :D

Haha, it’s no problem at all~ Thank you very much for requesting these two, especially since they’re my favourites! Also, this is gonna be my first contribution to Niles’ birthday today, so hopefully, these prove sufficient enough. ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯

~Admin Vivi-tan


- Unless he’s busy, Niles is the type of lover who would never leave you alone. He’ll always attempt to have a conversation with you, and even if he doesn’t have anything to say, this guy still wants to hang out.

- Aside from buying lingerie with you, one of his favourite activities is watching the moon. Bonus points if you cuddle against him or let him place an arm around your shoulder, though he’ll still come close to occasionally copping a feel with attempted subtlety.

- He’s very sadistic towards those that don’t treat you right… especially bullies. Sure, he might not fight any battles in front of you but when you’re nowhere to be seen, he’ll secretly go off to rip out their arm or two and relish in it.

- Instead of being a pacifist, Niles would always be in for vengeance with you, so pranks are pretty much fair game, whether or not it’s through ill will or just for fun. As long as it’s not too much, like stealing, that is.

- If your things get stolen, then oh, you can rest assure Niles will somehow retrieve it back for you… either by stealing it back or taking advantage of his underground connections.

- He can instantly make you putty in his hands with even one of his most innocent massages. Honestly, since he has such immeasurable skill, you swear that Niles should be a masseuse in Nohr.

- Niles will never push away your affection. Chances are, he’ll always return your embraces and kisses even if it does turn into a touchy make out session half of the time.

- You can never keep your secrets around him for long. Since he’s already interested in you, he’ll continually pry and observe you until he pretty much memorizes all your favourite foods and kinks to your best lingerie sets which he’ll bring up ever so teasingly.


- Shura never lets you get cold at night. He’ll always drape his cape over you for extra warmth and if you insist, he might even cuddle with you. He’s actually quite warm like this and when his breath ghosts over the crook of your neck, it’s more of a soothing sensation than a ticklish one.

- Though Shura’s convinced he doesn’t deserve you, the man can still get pretty jealous, which he won’t easily admit without much prodding.

- Shura would always like how soft your hand felt, compared to his rougher, calloused one. Out of embarrassment, on the other hand, he doesn’t do it too often… only sometimes, but when he does, it’s always timed in such a deliberately smooth move.

- Still, when it comes from you, Shura actually likes affection… and would prefer you to initiate it than himself. He tends to be impatient if you don’t give him what you want.

- He actually enjoys listening to you talking about your dreams, unless it’s something really ridiculous like wanting to be a mushroom when you grow up.

- Unlike Niles, Shura isn’t really good with massages. Without even intending to, he might be a little too rough upon using his hands onto your shoulders… but I have a feeling he’s pretty proficient at giving you blanket burritos.

- Though he finds it childish, Shura would still make the best blanket forts with you and actually make it look comfortable.

- You just so happened to drown? Oh, then Shura is definitely the best guy to rescue you. He’ll use his manly arms to quickly swim over and carry you back to safety, though afterwards, he’ll still scold you for not being careful enough.

- Shura really likes seeing you in sweaters and large baggy shirts. It just… does things to him, to say the least.

I Can Hear You (Deadpool x reader)

smginger1131 said: Could you do #3. “I can hear you.” with Deadpool

“Yes, Mr. Stark.  Yes, of course.  No, I don’t think we should move forward on that just yet…” you paused, pulling the phone from your ear and listening for what you thought you may have heard, but coming up empty.  “Okay, yes, we can meet tomorrow.  Certainly, Mr. Stark, thank you.”  You hung up the phone and stood, walking to the door of your office at Stark Industries, peeking out to make sure that you were actually alone.  It wasn’t often that you stayed this late after hours, but Tony had assigned you to an almost impossible task that required every minute of your time.

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anonymous asked:

Congrats on hitting your milestone!! That's so exciting! Quick q: I'm a pretty recent addition to the b99 fandom on tumblr (I've been watching the show for a while though) and I was wondering if you had any fic recs? Or knew anyone who would? (preferably Jake x Amy, but I'm not picky) I'm working my way through phil-the-stone's stuff right now but nearly done.

thanks! i haven’t read a lot of fic recently, but both @phil-the-stone and @elsaclack have fantastic stuff :) and here are some jake/amy fic recs, in no particular order… 

this is obviously not an exhaustive list and i’m sure i’ve forgotten a few, but hope this helps!

Kuroo Tetsurou's Less Than Fabulous Love Life

Kuroo/various. Mainly Kuroo/Tsukishima, also Kuroo/Bokuto, with added Kuroo/Daichi, Kuroo/Oikawa and a hint of KuroKen. Haikyuu. also on AO3

I wanted to write something and include like all the pairings I’ve ever seen Kuroo involved in. (except for Yaku and Hinata, I guess. Sorry.) This took me ages and gave me so much work and then I also did pictures for it and it was crazy and I still hate most of it and it’s ridiculous. I’m letting go of it now c:

Warning: kinda nsfw’ish at times, though not explicit (except for that one pic at the end). Also huge, like, 10k huge. Also a little bit of bad japanese (blame

It all started when Kuroo was 12.

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anonymous asked:

Felicity/Steve Rogers

“I had a Captain America lunch box when I was growing up,” she informs him. 

He still has his hand out for her to shake and his eyebrows hike up high on his forehead.

She winces, giving her head a shake. “Sorry, sorry, you probably get that a lot. And I know, obviously, from personal experience with heroes, than there is a distinct difference between Captain America and Steve Rogers. And I’m sure you’re not exactly what the history books say you are, or what entertainment news has to say these days, not that I watch a lot of TMZ or anything. Except when I’m having trouble sleeping and it’s the only thing that’s on, but that’s because Harvey Levin’s voice tends to put me to sleep and I have no idea why. But that’s random, and totally unnecessary information. I just, sorry, what I meant to say was, it’s really nice to meet the man behind the legend. Please totally ignore most of what I just said…” 

His smile has steadily grown over the course of her babbling, and she’s fairly sure he’s only doing it to be polite. She’d redder than a tomato and she can see Digg muffling a laugh into his fist. This is his fault for introducing her to a national treasure with very little notice. 

“It’s Felicity, right?” Steve asks calmly.

Biting her lip so she doesn’t word-vomit anymore, she gives a short nod and reaches out to shake his still proffered hand. 

“I can’t say I had a Felicity-themed lunchbox when I was growing up, but I appreciate that you thought I was worth guarding your PB and J.”

“Oh, I’m allergic to peanuts. So it was strictly jelly for me.” She laughs awkwardly. “No crusts.“ 

He ducks his head a little, and she wonders if he’s laughing at her, but he merely grins. “John said you were good with technology.” 

"I am, yes. Why? Did you have something you needed help with?" 

"I think I’m getting the hang of most of it, but I’d be happy for any pointers…” He stared at her a moment, his warm eyes washing over her face. “Maybe over coffee?" 

"Sure, yes, I… I’d like that." 


John doesn’t laugh so much after that. But he does give her a thumbs up when she leaves the foundry early to meet Steve on their first date. She’s pretty sure that’s the best outcome of one of her rambles in ever

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve and Bucky going to an outdoor Christmas market and buying gifts for everyone, drinking mulled wine and clasping their hands together from the cold <3

One of the best upgrades Tony had made to Bucky’s arm was the little sequence he could tap on the palm that made the thing warm up. It never got hot, certainly never hot enough to burn, but it was warmer than skin and pretty much the best thing ever when it was cold out.

Steve taps out the sequence then curls his hand into Bucky’s. Bucky gives him a knowing smirk, but doesn’t say anything as they wander along. Sipping at his hot cider, Steve draws Bucky toward a booth selling soft knitted hats. “Think Thor’d like one?” he asks.

Bucky shrugs, sticking his hand–still holding Steve’s–into his pocket. “Are you trying on purpose to turn him into one of them Bed-Stuy tipsters?”

“Hipsters, Bucky,” Steve laughs, putting his cider down on the table so he can sift through the pile. “And no. He’s turning into one without my help.”

“Sure, yeah, then I guess he’d wear one,” Bucky says. “Damn tipsters.”

Pulling a white hat with green polka dots from the pile, Steve leans in and bites at Bucky’s ear. “Says Mr Man-Bun over here. Give me my hand back, I need to pay for this.”

anonymous asked:

Hi I wish you luck on your blog!!!!!☺ can I request. In where Aomine turns down a flat chested girl and years later like in college he sees her again but she has nice devolped boobs ( theyre natural no surgery ) but she dating Kagami. Will he regret turning her down?

“W-will you go out with me?” You say in a small voice, holding out your Valentine’s Day chocolates. Your heart was fluttering. You had admired Aomine from the sidelines of the school’s basketball matches for the longest time and had even joined the girl’s team because of it. It was today that you were finally going to act on your feelings, and you were tense.
Aomine looks down at you, where his eyes immediately snap to your chest. Flat. In his hormonal high school mind, that’s pretty much the deciding factor in his answer. He turns around and replies, “Tsk. I’m not into girls with flat chests, sorry.” 

You’re waiting for your boyfriend to come out onto the courts, dribbling the basketball in your hands to keep you from fidgeting in other ways. You knew from his text that he was going to be late, but you couldn’t stop yourself from being a little worried. 

Still, you suppose, there’s no real harm in warming up. He is the best basketball player that you had ever met, after all. 

The sun beats down against your skin as you continue to play, wiping the sweat from your brow. You’re just about to sit down and take a rest when you hear footsteps behind you. Expecting it to be your boyfriend, you turn around with a large grin, hoping that you didn’t look too messy from your warm up.
Instead, you’re faced with a tall man with a dark complexion. Definitely not your boyfriend. You almost want to apologies, but the man says something before you can.

“I didn’t know cute girls could be decent at basketball." 

The voice is what sets you off. You knew he looked familiar, but it was only now that you had heard him that you knew.

You turn a cold shoulder, especially when you saw him ogling at your chest. You pull your tank top up and ignore the boy, walking past him to sit on the bench near the court. 

He looks at you, confused. Aomine knew that he was bad at flirting, but he didn’t know he could mess up that badly. He hadn’t been that off the mark since high school. 

"O-oi… I didn’t mean it in a bad way,” he says, approaching you once again. “I just thought you were good.”


He doesn’t get it. His eyes scan over you once more, tilting his head to look at your face when it hits him.

"Didn’t you go to Tōō?”

You sigh. Did this really need to be happening right now? “Yeah, I did.”

“… You’ve changed.”

“Only in appearance.” You snap. If he said one more word to you, you were just going to leave.

“Hey! _____!” A voice says from behind you, giving you a small peck on the cheek. You turn and breathe a sigh of relief when Kagami is there, a bag of both of your things slung around his shoulder. ” I got you some water and clothes from the apartment, so I was running a little more late than I thought I would- Aomine..? Why are you here?”

Aomine gives a small scoff, running a hand through his hair at the sight in front of him. So Bakagami had gotten himself a hot, full chested girlfriend who likes basketball and he couldn’t even get one to talk to him? He shakes his head, looking away from the two lovers. “I was just leaving, actually.”

He hears Kagami whisper something to you, but he pays no attention, going back to the court he was originally playing on.

There’s a sting of regret that passes through him, and he balls his hands up into fists as he walks way. He shouldn’t have been such an asshole. He should have given you a chance.

“… Dammit…”