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Why do you want to fight Nicholas Sparks? And how would you challenge him (thrown glove, e-vite, etc)?

Thrown glove, definitely. This has to be PERSONAL, even though my problem with him is really everything he represents.

I have talked before about how his brand of dreck has basically killed the romcom, but I don’t think I’ve talked about why I hate his brand of dreck, so gather around, chickadees, for “How do I hate thee, Nicholas Sparks? Let me count the ways.”

1. Tragedy porn. Look, honestly, I liked “A Walk to Remember.” Mostly because of “Only Hope” and Shane West’s face, but I liked it (if I watched it today, even divorced from the whole of Sparks’s canon, I would hate it, but that’s a separate issue). But as time went on and I watched a couple more of his movies and then heard about the others, it’s just … look. I know that we make stories to make people feel a certain way. We want to elicit an emotional response. And that’s a good thing, you know? And I know I rail about darkness and sadness a lot, but I’m not even saying that stories should only try to elicit good emotions. That feels shallow.

But with Nicholas Sparks and other tear-jerker-type stories (see: reasons I never got into Grey’s Anatomy, reasons I’m more likely to read straight-up darkfic than what people call “sads”), the emotional manipulation is incredibly blatant and formulaic and … I don’t know, is “cheap” the word I want? I don’t see the point in a story that says “Here’s a thing you love. Fate is going to take that thing you love from you. The main character is going to lift their chin like Scarlett O’Hara and say ‘tomorrow is another day!’“ I don’t feel like it’s something the creator is sharing with me, I feel like it’s something they’re trying to do to me, and I don’t take kindly to that.

2. White Cis Hets Touching Foreheads.

3. His whole brand is marketed to women, books and movies both, they’re chick flicks, date movies, stuff For the Women, but he sure is a dude. Not that men aren’t allowed to write romances, but it’s just that slimy feeling of “a wise man making money off all those silly weepy romantic women” rather than “a wise man showing that it’s okay for both women and men to cry over a love story where tragic things happen.” Like. Nora Roberts sure doesn’t have this kind of franchise. And I can’t say I enjoy reading Nora Roberts, but one could excise the sex from her books and make movies and market them to women, but somehow nobody got to be a romantic-book-adaptation juggernaut until Sparks. Partly because he’s a man and partly because

4. Happiness Isn’t Art. There seems to be this implication that because things end badly, because they’re sad, because they make you cry, it’s okay that they’re romantic. The sadness makes sure that they’re art. And fuck that, honestly? Tearjerkers are fine, whatever, they can (and should, I don’t want to stop people writing for the genres that appeal to them) exist in the world even if I don’t want to consume them, but nobody in this world gets to tell me that the unhappiness elevates them higher than the romcom. That it’s better than Nora Roberts not because he’s a man but because the sadness makes it somehow more worthy.

5. Look at that face. Tell me you don’t want to punch that smug face.

6. Sometimes you just read a book or watch a movie and know that the person behind the story is ideologically opposed to you in pretty much every possible way.

Just to sum up, I guess … I’m a person who loves reading and writing love stories. I always have been, since I was a little kid. If there’s tragedy and difficulty along the way, sure, I’m willing to go along with that, but when there’s someone who consistently says “no, this is only worthy if I take happiness away from you, because happiness isn’t art, because romance is only worth of attention if tragedy interrupts it,” then I get ready for a fight. And since he’s very much the trend leader there, I am pretty much ready to meet him in the pit at all times.

Looking at Moana and saying “It’s just the same story that Disney’s made before” is like looking at Starry Night and saying “It’s just a picture of the night sky.”

Yes, Moana is the story of a girl who wants to leave her home and controlling father and sneaks off with an animal sidekick to meet a magical companion and go on musical adventures before living happily ever after. And yes, Starry Night is a painting of a town and stars and a moon and a…mountain? Tree? The descent of the Dark Lord Chernabog in a plume of black flame? 

But Starry Night is a night sky revered for its beauty. It’s a mix of dots and swirls of pigment, all woven together into one picture that ultimately ends up being Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Technically, anyone could replicate it with a late-night roadtrip and a Polaroid camera. Moana doesn’t use oils or pigments, but instead computer-generated images and an all-Pacific-Islander cast to tell the same story we’ve heard before. It’s a tribute to a culture, an inspiration to children, and a message that says “Hey, you’ve seen this story, but have you seen it like this?” 

Yes, if you’ve watched Hercules, The Little Mermaid, Return of the Jedi, Lord of the Rings, Prince of Egypt, Pocahontas, Aladdin, The Neverending Story, Mad Max, Jaws, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, you’ve pretty much seen this movie. But you haven’t seen all of their story elements picked out and swirled back together like this before, using the oils of a Polynesian Disney Princess upon the canvas of a full-length feature. 


1933, QUEEN CHRISTINA, dir. Rouben Mamoulian

The queerest eyes and fullest hearts stuffed into straight breeches. This nonetheless incredible movie can pretty much be summed up with the above images and the following exchange:

“But your majesty - you cannot die an old maid!”

“I have no intention to, chancellor. I shall die a bachelor!”


So I feel like this sums up most of my opinions on having an Obi-Wan movie. Jeremy pretty much hit what I want on the head.


“You’ve Already Seen The Emoji Movie”

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Erumike for the ship thing please :)

Who was the one to propose: 
Honestly, Erwin would probably mention marriage at some point, and then the next day Mike would propose.

Who stressed more over wedding planning:
Mike would be stressed over it. He doesn’t know anything about wedding planning so he leaves it to Erwin, occasionally giving some input here and there.

Who decorated the house:
Erwin has a better eye for that kind of thing.

Who does the cooking:
Mike is a great cook!

Who is more organized:
Erwin, but not by much. They both tend to have “organized clutter”

Who suggested kids first:

Who’s the cuddler:
Mike is pretty touchy-feely, but Erwin appreciates it.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
Mike is the big spoon.

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
They like to curl up and watch movies together.

Who comes home drunk at 3am:
They’re too old for that shit!

Who kills the spiders:
Whoever sees it first.

Who falls asleep first:
Mike, because Erwin would stay up late working.

A headcanon:
^ Going off that, Mike has totally carried Erwin to bed on several occasions after he fell asleep at his desk.

Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

Do they have any “rituals”?
They go for morning runs and then shower together. Saves water, u kno.

Who has the most patience?
They’re both fairly patient people, but Mike a little more so.

Fanfiction Recommendation

7/17/17: So if anyone missed it, I have been buried in Hello Dolly rehearsals and babysitting a four and half month old baby all week which is why I haven’t gotten the next chapter of I’ve Been Waiting My Whole Life out. I’m going to try and get it out tomorrow and whatever else happens this week will literally just be what comes to my head. I love you guys and enjoy!

Last Week’s Recommendations

My Masterlist

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  • The Reunion by @jelly-beans-and-gstrings - You and your boyfriend Sam attend your high school reunion.
  • Safe Haven-Part One: Welcome to Southport by @samwinlover - Having just fled to a far away beachy town, the reader struggles to rebuild her life. She remains a mystery to the rest of the small town until Sam Winchester, a local business owner and father of two, tries bringing her out of her shell. Will he be able to do it, or will the reader remain stuck in her troubled past? And, when that past finally catches up with her, how will Sam react?

Cas x Reader

  • A Promise I Intend to Keep by @sweethomelebanon  - Prompt: “Well, there’s the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep…”
  • Colours by @buckyodinson - Can you please do a winchester!sister x Castiel fic where she is explaining to him about her synesthesia? It would be great as I have personality -> color and color grapheme synesthesia and there is absolutely no fics about it thanks I love your blog!

Crowley x Reader

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  • Concuss and In Love by @wayward-marvel-sommer1196 - You are enjoying a nice relaxing morning in your home, when your husband Jensen comes home early scaring the crap out of you. This fright, however, may have been a little more dangerous than Jensen thought. 
  • Super Star (Mini-Series- All Parts Linked) by @luci-in-trenchcoats - “Request: Can I please request one where Jensen is a huge movie star? He’s out one night by himself and starts to get mobbed by fans/paparazzi. So he runs and hides in a shop that belongs to the reader. She doesn’t see it happen so she closes up the store with him inside. Then Jensen pops out from his hiding place and freaks her out lol. Maybe she doesn’t recognize him?”

Jared x Reader

Misha x Reader

  • It’s No Secret by @paigeinastory - “This was a request I received from @mysteriouslyme81…and this is also my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing New Year’s Quickie challenge! This is also based off of ‘Secret Love’ by Hunter Hayes.”
  • Set In Stone by @soberrnatural - It’s been five months since Misha and Reader last seen each other. With Misha being busy filming the new season for Supernatural and going to conventions and Reader being busy with writing her new book, timing was tough. After a stressful day of paperwork, reading and writing, Y/N wants nothing more than her boyfriend to come home.

Bucky x Reader

  • No More Nightmares by @buckywintersoldierbarnes2017 - “Request for a nightmare one shot where like Bucky and reader are dating/married and reader has a child from another relationship and Bucky has a nightmare when reader isn’t home (possibly on a mission idk) and the child comforts him or the other way round with child having nightmare when reader out with Bucky comforting them but ends with reader walking in on them being all cuddly or something like that.” 
  • Wrong Number by @t-holland2080 - Clint is asking for a death wish by deciding it would be fun to change all of the contact names in your phone. You call who you believe is Natasha to complain about your “issues” with Bucky, your long-time crush. You’re in for a pleasant surprise when you figure out who the call really went to.

Ok, I’m yelling about this on twitter for pretty much weeks now and I realised that sooner or later I’m going to do that here too, so:

- ever since I saw that villain from newest ‘One Piece movie Gold’, Gild Tesoro, on first sketches/drawings that we were shown by Oda, I was immediately like - …so..this is pretty much how a Dofladile offspring would look like…-

Because, seriously:

The glasses - the rings, flashy colors - Croc-like hair, pink-green color scheme, etc. It screams DoflaCroc fusion. Or as I like to say - Dofladile offspring. (…….)

- Then the trailer got released and it convinced me even further in all this. Examples:

Like fathers, like son. (….)

- Then, minus Crocodile-like hair and ascot, just how much this is Doflamingo:

just for example.

- Then, this face:

so Crocodile:

And so on. I mean, at this point I’m pretty much telling the obvious but whatever - to somewhat sum it up - he’s Doflamingo-like eccentric, while having expressions like Crocodile. While also having parts of the clothing-styles, or whatever kind of stlyes, of both of them. And that’s just for now, who knows what more movie can give us. (I’m so eager to see it, I can’t believe)

- And also, shipping-googles or anything shippy aside, I’m so glad Oda decided to make a villain that will be such an obvious combination of these two. I’m just so glad and I’m having so much feels and again I’m. so. glad.


Numbers never lie, but they rarely tell the whole story.

This video pretty much sums up issues with applying statistics to the real world–in particular measurement and interpretation. We want numbers to tell the whole story but they almost never do. You have to take it for what it’s worth.

Alright, it’s time for my very first request! This one is for 105northtower, asking about Knight of Heart.

Heart indicates personality and individuality along with romance and emotions.

Knights are insecure about their Aspect, and craft an Aspect-related persona to cover it up.

A Knight of Heart would feel insecure about their sense of identity… which pretty much just sums up being a teenager, doesn’t it?

You know that guy who sorta hangs out on the fringes of those counter-culture cliques, like the goths or the geeks or the hipsters? He technically wears the right clothes, knows the right stuff, and would really really like to get involved in the community, but… he doesn’t quite fit in? He the guy who tries talking X-Men with the comic book nerds after watching the movies, or hangs out at Starbucks and wears a scarf to try and fit in with the hipsters. That’s the Knight of Heart.

The Knight of Heart desperately wants to be interesting. They want to be recognized as a unique individual. They love in-jokes, something that is special and shared between two people. Relationships are important to them, especially romantic ones, because that means they are recognized as somebody you want to spend time with above other people and that. That just makes their day. The fastest way to a Knight of Heart’s… heart is to remember their interests. If you say “hey, KoH, I saw this thing and I know you like things so I thought of you”, or better yet “Hey KoH I had a question about this topic, and I know you know a lot about this topic, can you help me out?” they will be. SO. THRILLED. You don’t even know.

It’s hard to say what exactly the Knight would be like under the armor - Heart is the Aspect of Individuality, after all. Chances are they have a few special interests that they are sort of low-key interested in, and they would be ecstatic to share them if someone showed interest. 

Once the Knight grows up a bit and learns to integrate his armor with his personality better, he’s likely to grow up into one of those people who fits in basically everywhere. A social chameleon, the full realized Knight excels at filling in for missing roles in a team. Friendly, gregarious, and helpful to the extreme, the Knight of Heart is happy to be all things to all people.

…Wow that personality analysis sure went on, huh? Didn’t mean for this to get so long. Let’s talk powers!

Knights arm themselves with their Aspect.

Heart gives power over the soul.

A Knight of Heart arms themselves with their own soul. That’s… weirdly deep. Feel like there’s a poem in there somewhere.

Knights have very varied powers, and Heart is a very individual Aspect, so there’s a lot of potential here. However, my first reflex is that the Knight can harness the power of their own soul as a sort of psuedo Ki energy. In this case, they’d be able to create shields and weapons out of their own inner energy. Their emotions would have a heavy impact on this power - if they’re feeling uncertain, their power would peter out, but confidence makes it roar with power. Their interests and personality would also influence the exact manifestation - I can’t get this image out of my head of a Knight of Heart who’s really into entomology manifesting insect body parts out of their own soul to fight with.

Their full realization power would be pretty simple, actually. When their own energy is running out, they can call for aid from their friends and loved ones, allowing them to provide energy to the flagging Knight. Heart has a lot to do with relationships and bonds, though not to the level of Blood, and so a strong relationship would allow more energy to be contributed.

That’s right. Knights of Heart can pull off a Spirit Bomb. How’s that for awesome?

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Assign a food that represents the ninja. GO

For Lloyd, I associate him with gummy bears. They are one of his (very many) favorite candies and honestly they’re just so cute how could I not compare him to them.

For Kai, obviously a spicy food is the choice to go, and he’s a huge fan of sushi rolls. I’m also thinking about the ones with the crunchy stuff on top, and with some wasabi to add on to it, that’s Kai.

Jay is an actual war head they are just sour and make me feel really energized so.. It just makes sense, okay. 

Zane is also pretty straight forward, he’s fresh and clean, haha. Not to mention cold. 

Nya has more of a serious reason behind it, I guess. Miso soup is really comforting and hearty, and that pretty much sums Nya up. She’s truly the glue that keeps us together, haha. 

and if you were interested, I am entirely chocolate cake.


Reylo/TFA: The Hidden Message, a comparison

A lot of thought must have been put in choosing Rey’s profession while making the movie, and I am convinced that it foreshadows her future. “A scavenger” is not a first thing that comes to mind when you think “a girl in a desert”.

What’s important is that, thus far, the childhood “profession” of the movies’ main character can be linked to how they end up. I do not believe that the people working on the original trilogy had this in mind, but what I do believe in is that the crew working on episodes vii-ix analyzed the predecessors a lot in order to make a sense of continuity (many scenes are homages to the original trilogy and the prequels).

First, there was young Anakin Skywalker, a slave. Becoming Darth Vader simply pushed Anakin further into slavery – owned by Watto, then by Palpatine.

Being a farmer, Luke Skywalker had a job that has to do with preserving, gathering. He is the one who later ends up gathering new Padawans in his school, trying to preserve an old tradition. More tangentially – a moisture farmer ends up on an island, surrounded by water, something he had searched for throughout all of his youth.

What about Rey? Well, what Rey has to do in order to survive can be pretty much summed up as -stumbling into damaged metal carcasses and finding what’s still good in them OR fixing them. Now, does anyone know a damaged piece of metal? With something that needs to be fixed inside? Guess what Rey is doing?

Disclaimer: I own nothing, entertainment and educational purposes only

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can you give your opinion on the (endearing) shitshow that was cult of chucky?

“endearing shitshow” sums it up pretty perfectly. It was a lot of fun, definitely a bit underwhelming in places and some of the plot points felt a little odd, even for the 7th movie in a series about a killer doll. I certainly had fun and I’ll always be hyped for more sequels, just sometimes feels like there’s too much focus on certain parts of the narrative whereas a lot of the questions I had watching were kind swept under the rug haha

You already know what’s number one.

There’s no avoiding that.

But, let’s celebrate the many, many times we’ve been left sobbing by one of the most charmingly realistic depictions of life in the future as there’s ever been.

It’s been a pleasure growing up with this series. Like it’s sister series The Simpsons, the later seasons lost the comedic magic of the original 4, but god is it still worth it for these, and with this one, we can rest easy knowing it ended with dignity.

So, let’s honour it by sobbing once more for the episodes that ripped us apart.

Oh, and, uh, spoiler warning. Like, HUGE spoiler warning. Like, if you haven’t seen these and plan to, this will ruin the episodes for you.

But first, our honourable mentions:

Bender’s Big Score

I can’t count it since it’s a movie (even if it was divided up into episodes for tv), but damn. Lars’s life sums up pretty much the whole spirit of this list. 30th Century Man by the Jigsaw Seen says it all, and it’s a gut-punch to hear it play over the end of Lars’s story.

The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings

Ah. The original finale. I almost wanted to include it because of how nice that ending is, but since it’s a happy ending and Fry’s sacrifice is rewarded, I couldn’t. This list is all about tragedy (or, stories with elements of tragedy). 

With that said, onto the real list! Crack open a can of Slurm and watch your friends for brain slugs because this is the Top Ten Futurama Heartbreakers!

10. Lethal Inspection

Finding out a character we know and love should’ve been destroyed after birth because he’s defective is one thing, but seeing that it was one small act of selfless sacrifice that kept him alive? And that Hermes didn’t want Bender to know it was him?

God, damn it, this list isn’t going to be easy, is it?

This one’s so low on the list just out of personal preference, but it’s still a seriously lovely ending. Little Bird Little Bird by Elizabeth Mitchell makes a startlingly good soundtrack to my tears. 

9. Tip of the Zoidberg

Here’s one thing that the last two seasons of the show did after it came back from hiatus that the New Simpsons never did (or, very rarely). Go into the backstory of the characters who didn’t get a chance to have their story told in the original run of the series. #10 kinda did this, too, and we actually got to find out what Amy’s job is at Planet Express in another episode, but this is the best example of it: Zoidberg’s story.

This isn’t great from a comedic perspective, so you have to know that going in, but seeing how fiercely protective John was when the Professor called him a friend breaks my heart– and then having to promise to kill his best friend whenever he started showing symptoms … it’s just a great concept.

Not the best execution there could’ve been. I would’ve actually liked it if instead of trying to go for the comedy route in the ‘killing-the-professor’ montage, they would’ve shown him struggle with it more, but still I appreciate knowing the history behind these two, and why the Professor would keep around a grossly incompetent doctor all these years.

8. Overclockwise

Ah. The third series finale. You know, this is one show where not knowing if they’d be cancelled or not actually worked in our favour. It gave us gems like this.

Simply said, it all comes down to Fry and Leela, and their subplot turned main plot about the uncertain future of their relationship.

The end, where their given their Ultimate Fate on a piece of paper, and all we get to see is their reactions, is just wonderful. If it’d ended here, I would’ve been happy, but thank god it didn’t.

(I’m counting it as a heartbreak just because it rips your heart out with the same sort of ambivalent happy-sadness that the others on this list have, and a little more than The Devil’s Hands)

7. The Sting

I know, I know, this one ends happily, too. But the constant misery and questioning of sanity really brings you along for the emotional ride- even when the jokes are still hitting hard.

So, everyone knows this classic. Fry dies and Leela goes insane, hearing his voice in her dreams, when really in fact she’s hearing him talk to her in the hospital. You might be able to predict this one, but that doesn’t make it any less touching to see it play out on screen.

6. Leela’s Homeworld

And so, Leela finally gets to meet her parents. But the real heart-strings yank is watching her grow-up totally unaware that they were watching over her her entire life, wishing they could be with her, but letting her try to have a normal life without them.God damn it.

Baby Love Child by Pizzacato Five never sounded so sweet.

5. Cold Warriors

Everybody wants to know their dad loves them. In this spiritual successor to Luck of the Fryrish, we get a closer look at what Fry’s relationship to his dad was like, and even why it was that way.

God, I love this ending. It’s a rare moment of connection and understanding between the two, and it let’s us know that even though Fry’s dad seemed to give up looking for him pretty fast once he disappeared, he cared. He loved him. That last line says it all.

“Bundle up. I don’t want you getting frozen.”

4. Game of Tones

In the same vain, here’s another one that made me cry.

The plot of the episode, where they go around in Fry’s memory looking for the right sound feels way too much like Dora the Explorer for my liking, but there’s a real, gripping story going on around it. 

The twist ending, when Nibbler transports Fry into his mother’s dream 1000 years in the past, just kills me. It’s yet another moment where the music does all the talking when words really can’t– and honestly it made me bawl when I first saw that Fry couldn’t say anything in the end. 

With the frozen window in the background, and the broken sounding Manchild by The Eels playing, this is a moment I’ll never forget.

3. Meanwhile

Ah. The final series finale. And I’d argue the best one. 

It’s everything Futurama was brilliant at– heartrending story, glorious sci-fi structure, and good comedy. What more could you want?

If ever there was an episode to end it on, I’m glad this was the one it finally did. You can’t go on indefinitely after this, it’s just too final, even though Fry and Leela live a whole other life together after this. It’s too sweet and too satisfying not to end on. 

2. Luck of the Fryrish 

I’ll always hold this one in high regard. I grew up with it as a staple of what makes for great television, and it still holds up to this day as one of the most beautifully structured stories I’ve ever watched. 

It’s changed me as a storyteller, and touched me as a viewer. I can’t say anything more than bravo. 

1. Jurassic Bark 

I’d have to be heartless. You can’t make this list without putting this episode at number one, it’s just impossible. 

Whether or not you like the show, heck, whether or not you’re even a dog person, this episode’s ending is a hard, but beautiful thing to watch. It rips you apart, especially if you’re not expecting it. It’s the ultimate in surprise endings.

And I’ll never stop wanting to hug Seymour. Ever. It’s my constant state of being now.

So, with that said, take care of yourself. It’s been a hard one.

madtumbleson replied to your post “We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 today, which I have a lot of…”

Man, Ursula Vernon summed up my thoughts on GotG2 with “Fun, but I think its impact is largely predicated on how much you care about Star-lord’s man-pain.”

I’m not sure I’d entirely agree – the manpain is a big segment of it, but there is a lot going on in that movie, and I feel like everyone got a pretty meaty portion. Even Rocket had a real arc in the film, which surprised me.

On the other hand, it is true that I would watch an entire movie that was just about that moment in the caves between Gamora and Nebula. I would have loved that conflict to be the major arc of the film, and I do think it got eaten up by Peter’s Dad Issues.  

hyvetyrant replied to your photoset “I took my parents to the awesome local culinary school, Kendall…”

We tried to get reservations there this weekend too - I’m jealous! (Off topic. I drove past the baboon that was your old icon - I never realized how big it was! Small children were sliding on it!)

Oh yeah, it’s a behemoth (the image was just a little plaque illustration of it). Kendall College is so worth it; even at $30 a plate it’s hard to beat the value. Mum got reservations for it like three months ago. (We ended up at the table next to someone I’m relatively sure was the president of the school given he seemed to know everyone and was doing a lot of glad-handing.) 

What kind of boyfriend would Johnny be?

- Johnny is honestly such a troll
- He loves playing pranks on you whether it’s sabotaging your cooking or switching out your shampoo
- He’s always cracking jokes
- He loves taking advantage of his height
- He purposely puts everything out of your reach, so that you have no choice but to ask for his help
- As payment you always have to either kiss him or give him a massage, one time he made you take a shower with him
- He might be a troll, but he’s a very calm and collected individual who works well under pressure
- He always knows just what to say when you’re having a difficult day
- When you’re on your period and in pain he’ll make you tea and sit with you all day massaging your lower stomach
- He’s big on PDA everything from pulling you into his lap to kissing you, he loves to watch the other members cringe
- He isn’t clingy, but he’s really touchy he can never walk past you without slapping or grabbing your ass
- He loves to read, and he’s always recommending books to you or asking for recommendations
- Netflix and chill pretty much sums up your relationship
- He loves going on all sorts of dates everything from picnics to amusement parks to art museums
- His favorite thing to do is stay in bed with you all day watching movies and snaking away
- Neither of you are particularly good cooks, so you guys usually order in or go out for dinner
- Johnny loves going to clubs with you and getting down on the dance floor
- Loves to go jogging in the park with you
- You guys have a big, fat, fluffy pet cat that you both love to spoil
- Johnny loves to surprise you with presents like flowers or tickets to your favorite band
- When he’s on tour he always sends you a bunch of snapchats documenting his day
- And every time he goes on tour somewhere he brings you a sovereign magnet, your refrigerator is covered in them
- Every day is Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation at your house
- He snores so loud at first it was impossible to sleep in the same room as him, but now you’re so used to it you don’t even notice
- He can get on your nerves at times, but you can’t imagine life without him


“Acceptance tells the true story about a scholar from India who lies about getting into Harvard. It brings audiences into the world of elite international schools, VIP night clubs and the college admissions rat-race.” - Youtube

This movie pretty much sums up how top students are like these days. I can relate to this so much. Hope everyone enjoy it through the whirlwhind of college application!