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Jared’s Baby Sister

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Pairing: RichxReader
Word count: 1,358
Request: Anonymous. Request ! How about Richard X reader. She could be a co-star or relative of a co-star and goes to the cons with the cast and he’s secretly in love with her and finally tells her when he sees another cast member flirting with her - and that person flirts with her on purpose to get Richard to confess his feelings
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Being Jared’s “baby” sister (why did he still call you that at 23?), had it’s ups and downs. People heard your last name, and they knew. After him being so well known for so long now, you were pretty much used to it. Jensen was like your brother, as well, and their wives were amazing. You loved getting to visit with them. You’d baby sit the kids while they would go out for dinner. Almost always they’d come home to the four of you sleeping in a blanket fort in the living room.

While you visited him on set numerous times, you really didn’t do cons a lot. Until this year. He’d pestered you over and over until you threw one of Thomas’s stuffed bears at him. Of course, he walked around like an obnoxious older brother for the rest of the day, making you regret that choice.

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The Awakening of the Dwarves

((So, a couple days I wrote this post about Durin’s wife. Exhibiting deplorable laziness, I didn’t properly research the issue, and so the post is actually missing quite a bit of information. So here I’m going to write a properly-researched post about the first days of the dwarves.))

When Aule first made the dwarves, he made seven in total. Now, there are five different versions of the next part of this story, but they’re all basically the same: after making the seven dwarf fathers, Aule started making dwarf women - the theory being that each dwarf man would have a wife. But after making six, Aule got tired, and so the oldest dwarf, Durin, was left without a wife. So, when Iluvatar set the dwarves to sleep until the elves awoke, each was laid next to his wife, except for Durin, who was alone.  (There’s actually another version in which Iluvatar made the dwarf wives, but since he didn’t want to alter Aule’s work too much, he made the dwarf women almost exactly the same as the dwarf men. But this version doesn’t account for why Durin didn’t have a wife…)

Now, in the published Silmarillion, the story is pretty simple: there were a few dwarves, Iluvatar scattered them across Middle Earth, and they woke up and established seven dwarf clans. We know that Durin’s clan was the Longbeards, and that he eventually established Moria. In the Blue Mountains were the Firebeards and Broadbeams. And somewhere to the east (most likely in the Orocarni Mountains) were the Ironfists, Stiffbeards, Blacklocks, and Stonefoots.

But one of Tolkien’s notes on an earlier draft adds these details about Durin: “He wandered widely after awakening: his people were Dwarves that joined him from other kindreds east and west." The note also mentions that other dwarves were laid to sleep along with the dwarf fathers (so, basically, more similar to the awakening of the elves, in which there were three original elves, who then discovered dozens more elves sleeping nearby. This would be significant in several ways. Not only does it answer how only thirteen dwarves were able to establish an entire civilization (with the inclusion of an unspecified number of other dwarves, such population growth is much more believable), but it also gives us an answer for where Durin’s wife came from - obviously, she must have been among those dwarves who started following Durin.

(Now, mongo62 mentioned seeing somewhere more detailed information about Durin’s wife, perhaps in a linguistic essay not included in the Histories of Middle Earth. I haven’t been able to find it, but if anyone knows what where I could find this version, please let me know!)

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 11 ("The Later Quenta Silmarillion”), vol. 12 (“Of Dwarves and Men”)