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this might just be me, but do you see a huge difference between the number of people reading your fics and the number kudos-ing/commenting? i posted a fic on ao3 that has nearly 3k reads/hits but only like 230 kudos and only 5 comments, and its kinda discouraging me from writing? i know i should be writing because i like it, but if i don't get validation, i don't want to write more, ya feel? idk sorry for the random rant. i just kinda hate this about fandoms in general (also ur writing is fab)

ohhhh man do i feel this. whenever i post a fic, the number of likes always vastly outnumbers the amount of reblogs, and the reblogs don’t always tag comments. it sucks, and it’s discouraging. i absolutely get how you feel right now. it’s a pattern across pretty much every fandom, and it’s really awful for content creators.

you wanna know my advice? don’t be afraid to ask for recognition. seriously. reblog your own fic. ask for comments and kudos. a lot of the time, people honestly just forget. if you remind them, they’re a lot more likely to give you the recognition you deserve.

i understand the purity of the whole “art for art’s sake” thing, but let’s be honest: we’re human! we put something we love out there in the world, something we worked hard on, and it sucks when people don’t appreciate it! there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be appreciated! so you know what? ask people to comment/kudos. do it, seriously. sometimes all it takes is that one little push.

i hope you keep creating, pal.

Work Sucked || A Sam Drake x Reader fic

A/N: Sooo I would have this done way sooner, but well Pokemon GO has pretty much taken over my life.  It’s all I do, well that and work.  Anyways, here is a random Sam/Reader fic that an anon asked me to do a while back.  Also I’m so sorry if the writing is awful, it’s been 3 years since I wrote anything.  So yeah …. enjoy?

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Fandom: Uncharted

Words: 1409

Warnings: NSFW

You can also find this on Ao3

Work sucked. You were sitting at your desk where you kept looking at the clock every few seconds.  It felt as if the day went on forever.  You just wanted it to be over.  You only had five more minutes until the end of your shift, so why was it taking so long? After what seemed like forever those five minutes were finally up. You were finally free and all you could think about was going back home to Sam. After the day you had, you wanted nothing more than to curl up in his lap and watch mindless television.

The drive home felt as if it would never end. The familiar stretch of road leading from the highway into your neighborhood seemed to stretch on forever.  You finally pull into your driveway letting out a sigh of relief. You reach over and grab your bag from the passenger side floor board.  Only a few more steps until you would find yourself wrapped up in those arms you’ve grown to love so much.

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