pretty much perf

Bad boys who love rock n roll, fast cars, and getting wasted, but are low key sweet hearts who are really good with children and small animals will be the death of me.

Nerdanel the Wise
Daughter of Mahtan
Wife of Fëanor

I wanted to try out my new PanPastels so obviously I did so by drawing a portrait of Nerdanel aka she who deserved so much better. I still haven’t learnt how to draw freckles but the paper helped so I think she’s perf 👌🏼✨ pretty much exactly how I imagine her!


so i wanted to add something new to my dream diary and when scrolling through the dream tag, i saw this stunning town which really stood out to me, a gorgeous sailor moon themed town belonging to pixelaluna

this town is pretty much perf. everything is laid out beautifully. it has an organized yet natural feel to it, and holy wow those paths are cuuute.  adorable/unusual yet creative flower combinations plus all the flowers are WATERED which instantly perks up any dream town

i spent a long time exploring this colorful, unique little town. visit, you won’t regret it! c:

town ~ lotus-3

mayor ~ sesame

dream address ~ 4100-4719-2063