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Lacrosse Werewolves

Pretty much from the get-go, Lacrosse Werewolves has been a show with a lot of moving pieces that could have been a thousand times better. Five things I’d change:

  1. Pick and focus on a primary cast and ensure that working conditions and on-set atmosphere encourage them to stick around. Particularly in the case of characters like Boyd (Sinqua Walls), who got nothing to do and then were killed off presumably after they got tired of waiting around.
  2. Limit the number of supernatural creatures beyond werewolves because hoo boy.
  3. Comedy. The show was always the best when it was comic.
  4. Don’t treat Lydia Martin like a Endless Victim to be dumped upon. Really.
  5. Bring back Danny.

All Good Things

“So. Five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky’s the limit.”

It felt weird drawing them for the last time this year, the TNG crew were certainly instrumental in my decision to kick off Star Trek 365 having drawn several silly Worf cooking pictures and Picard and Riker fighting over slices of cake (Picard pulls a knife so watch him).

They are along with the original crew the only ones I don’t have to check reference material and could pretty much draw you the whole crew on the spot without drama.  Neelix and some of the bits and pieces such as Chakotay’s tattoo and Seven borg implants will occasion cause me brain freeze and I’ll have to go check them.  I’m always messing up the Enterprise uniform colours and Phlox and I still struggle with getting Odo right or the Bajoran uniforms.  But the Next Gen guys are like comfortable shoes, even Dr Crusher who I admittedly did struggle with, she’s actually my favourite in this piece.

So ummm gulp.  This is it.  Tomorrow is the last day and it’s the last crew to visit.  This has been amazing this trip, I’m almost at the end…  Once more unto the breach, dear friends.

See you tomorrow.

The original is available (for however long) over on the Etsy store.

Hey Lovelies: I’m making a best of Suzy video!

So there’s like only 1 best of Suzy, so I wanted to make one for her! :D Obviously there’s a lot of Suzy content (Mort3mer, KKG, and on Grumps), so I need your help!

Send me your favorite Suzy moments from any of her channels. I watch KKG and GG pretty regularly, but while I do have a few fav vids from Mort3mer, I don’t watch nearly as much of that as I do everything else.

Please send me (message, submission, or ask) the name of the video, what channel it’s on, and the approx timestamp. If it’s unclear exactly what it is, then give me a description of the moment as well. I want to make sure to use as much as I possibly can of Suzy, so nothing is off limits, though I do prefer comedic moments. Any moment submitted by someone else will be credited.

Thank you!

When you’re bored, have exams tomorrow, and do nothing about it :D

Finally tried out CSP’s animation feature and it’s pretty good! Although the 24 frame limit in Pro does’t please me ._. I had to fix timing in PS (and is still off…)

I can’t do long animations щ(`Д´щ;) 

Just One Yesterday || Ryan & Elena

“Nothing to apologize for” she strains, moving into the kitchen with the pizza box and their plates. The plates are thrown into the trash, the pizza left on the counter to be dealt with later. It wasn’t hard to set her off most days now, but she’d been pretty adamant when it came to talking to Caroline. She had even limited contact with Matt, as he and Caroline pretty much agreed on everything it seemed. Tyler kept his mouth shut and Bonnie usually kept Jeremy off of her back. Making her way back over to the couch, she sits down and props a leg up, her elbow resting on her knee as she bites her thumb nail.